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Barack Obama Hates Your Mom

Stop insulting moms BARACK OBAMACoffee to wash down the valium, amirite? Sure, this is from yesterday, and the RNC clearly isn’t aware the news cycle has already changed. But we particularly liked that their patented guilt-by-guilt is calling out one Barack Hussein Killyourmama as personally going around insulting women’s choices, because everyone knows that is just a thing that he does. Yep, a CNN employee said on CNN some bullshit about stay-at-home moms and everybody in le Prez’s orbit immediately dropped whatever shit they were doing (we’re sure it was nothing important) to condemn it, up to and including the First Lady and President Stalin, but the lady in this stock photo is SO MAD you guys, at Obama just cold going up to her, individually, and asking her if she really thinks she needs that brownie.

And then he started being all underminery and on the side of that condescending witch Sherry at book club, saying, like, “She just really has high standards you know in the way kids are raised and maybe thinks you’re … well [trails off].”

Yup, that’s him all right. Anyway, everybody knows the only good “choice” to make as a mom is to stay at home, because “child abuse.” So just don’t be a working mom (unless you’re Sarah Palin) or a single mom (unless you’re Bristol Palin) and you can make any choice that you like! [GOP]

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    1. finallyhappy

      My mom didn't but she was dead- although that shouldn't have stopped her as she is buried in Philadelphia

    2. Lascauxcaveman

      My mom didn't, but she's coming around. I was heartened to hear at our big Easter dinner gathering that she was "disgusted" with the current crop of GOP leaders. I had to crack wise, "Glad to see that you're finally paying attention, Mom."

      Not that it means anything electorally in my very blue state, but if my cloth-coated Republican mom can see the light, then there's a pretty good chance Mitt is going to lose the nice-old-lady vote nationwide in 2012.

      And it didn't come up specifically, but I think she's *finally* stopped listening to Rush Limpballs; having been turned off but the whole slut-name-calling thing. So uncivil.

    3. hagajim

      My mom voted for him once – she won't in 2012 – but only because she passed away. Maybe we can get Rahm to add her to the Chicago voter rolls?

      1. Terry

        One of our elderly relatives was in the hospital right before the last presidential election and he insisted an absentee ballot be brought to him there. One of the last things he did before he passed away was to vote for Obama and he said that he was proud to do so. Ethnic white man who worked all his life in the Pittsburgh steel mills and had the broken body to prove it. Bless him.

        1. Jukesgrrl

          What a great story. My father was a steelworker, too. Unfortunately, he wasn't quite so enlightened. My mother used to say her most important job in life was canceling out his vote. When she voted for Obama in the first presidential election after Dad died, she said, "This is the first election in which my vote actually counted."

    4. Terry

      My Mom did, as well.

      She also prays for him every day, particularly his safety given the number of wingnuts in this country. Given a couple of glasses of wine, she'll start talking about Obama and "what they did to the Kennedy boys". Tears often follow that line of thought.

    5. GOPCrusher

      My Mom doesn't vote, thankfully. And she refers to the President as "that god-damned nigger, Obama."

    1. freakishlywrong

      No. Only mothers who exercise choice, because they're wealthy enough to stay home "work".

    1. Operalala

      Can't imagine they're even trying – amusing the choices that went into that banner – clumsy apron, and a baby as boy as you can make a baby look. Sorta psycho-looking mom, too.
      Guessing the idea is to guilt men into voting republican for the sake of women.

      1. Native_of_SL_UT

        Love the subtle "get back in the kitchen, bitch" dog whistle messaging there. Wonder if this woman is pregnant and barefoot too..

    2. Millennial Malaise

      Can they though? I want to believe you but how sure are you that this bullshit won't work? I can't remember how effective those Swift Boaters for Truthiness were but that seemed like any equally stupid pander considering Kerry was an actual medaled veteran.

        1. Millennial Malaise

          Well obviously, my mom's too smart to fall for this. She raised me socialist and agnostic for Christ's sake!

          But it's hard to keep the faith (har har) in this electorate especially since Fox et al probably won't let this die EVER since Romney is polling so poorly and then they'll forget about the laws in MS and AR cause those aren't swing states and the Dems/Librul Media will be too nice to bring it up again, but the Rethugs have no sense of holding back. And You know how much Republican's love white ladies and babies! This stupid ad is full proof! And then Obama loses in Nov! Ack!

          I don't know why but I'm just kind of freaking out about this.

      1. Chichikovovich

        Well, yeah, that worked, but largely because Kerry really had a lot of Vietnam-era soldiers angry at him over various post-Vietnam comments, and that meant they were not inclined to step up to the plate to defend him.

        This seems more in the category of moronic themes that didn't gain any real traction, like the "lipstick on a pig" — OMG! Obama called her a pig!" or "Here's your free tire gauge because Obama totally has nothing but inflating tires as an energy policy and nothing else!!" that fooled nobody except the 27%ers who would believe anything contra Obama.

        1. George Spelvin

          Also, Kerry let it get away from him before responding. Somehow, I don't see that happening with Team O.

        2. heathenette

          AND the GOP stoled the election and Kerry didn’t fight about it. So it didn’t really work.

      2. Gainsbourg69

        They can try to paint Obama as a mommy hater all they want, but he's not the one pandering to the far right by making women out to be moochers for wanting their health insurance to cover contraception or by saying he'll defund planned parenthood. When these issues come up during the election, and they will, Romney will have to repeat what he said during the primary and women will see who is who.

    3. fuflans

      oh please. these people don't believe in EVOLUTION.

      plus, you know, the president is a blah.

  1. slithytoves

    My mom, who worked part time as an RN raising four kids while my dad was constantly deployed overseas says, "Rich people, shut your fucking mouths." Really, what a mouth for an 80 year old.

    1. not that Dewey

      My mother is 65 and an ER nurse and says "fuck you, republicans"

      She and I went to see Barry speak in Oct 2008. She had just flown in and driven the hour from the airport to my house, and I said "get in the car, Mom! We're going to see Barry!" She loved it.

      1. slithytoves

        Nurses are something else – my mom still calls me up everyday to tell me a dirty joke. God bless 'em!

        1. Geminisunmars

          Gah – you are making me miss my Mom. She was the master (mistress?) of the double-entendre.

    1. Geminisunmars

      Nah. If your were a repug you'd have him incarcer… woops, I mean enrolled is a special boarding school that you could afford.

    2. BerkeleyBear

      I'm at home with a teen and a seven year old, and doing my best not to ignore whatever they are getting up to (the fighting, once started, won't stop and none of us really wants that). So I guess I'm voting double for the Dems, since my wife is off at her "job" leaving me here with them.

        1. BerkeleyBear

          More like she keeps a stack of pots and vases to throw at my head if her dinner tastes too much like what a dressage horse leaves behind.

    3. pdiddycornchips

      Have you threatened your teen with a week at the Marcus Bachmann re-education camp nearest you? If not, you're at best a RINO.

    1. DetectiveGrey

      Your mother is so fat that when she went to the doctor, he warned her that she was at an increased risk of diabetes and heart disease.

    2. DetectiveGrey

      Your mother is so overweight that only seven of her would fit on an elevator because eight would violate the elevator's safety inspection standards for maximum allowable weight.

    3. DetectiveGrey

      Your mother is so obese that when she shops at the store for clothing, she has to head over to the 'plus-size women' department in order to find clothes that fit her properly.

    4. DetectiveGrey

      Your mother takes such poor care of her physical health that when she steps on the scale, it's unable to register her weight properly because it's a cheap Wal-Mart bathroom scale that only goes up to about 260 pounds.

    5. Generation[redacted]

      Yo momma so fat every time she goes to McDonalds they have to update the "Billions served" sign. Now she can't get health insurance because she has a pre-existing condition.

  2. Dudleydidwrong

    Barry, this hatred thing just has to stop. My Mom is in her 90s and she voted for you and gave money to your campaign. So make sure that you make up to her and "Like" her on Facebook and keep sending her those Socialist checks and other guv'mit thingies. Let Mittens do the hate stuff–he's much, much better at it than you are and to him it comes natural-like, as for all true Repubes.

  3. Barb

    I hear Barack is also trying to take away our driver's licenses. There is no road from the bedroom to the kitchen, so we shouldn't need them.

      1. Barb

        Well, the elevator wasn't the first choice. We had an ill fated Escalade escalator idea that really made no sense.

        1. James Michael Curley

          When I was in college in 1971 Duquesne University’s Music School had a plaza out front that had a short very shallow stair case. (Pittsburgh, hills with stairs a little like SF) I made $20 and free beer at all the upcoming frat boy keggers by betting them I could drive my car up the stairs. It was a 1947 MG-TC with 19 inch wire wheels so it was a piece of cake.

      1. sullivanst

        Of course, reading street signs isn't that much help anyway when you can't read a map either.

      1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

        Having Sex with Mitt can't be that easy either. I'm pretty sure she has to do all the work.

      2. Generation[redacted]

        It's called management experience. Something a lot of working moms don't have.

    1. Abbystinence

      I beg to differ. I myself am a Home Executive and I work really hard all day ensuring that my house is spick and span when my unzipped husband (he is actually just like my sixth son) gets home from work. I have to do really dirty jobs like making sure Rosario cleans the bathroom and one night a week I have to load the dishwasher full of icky used dishes. I also have to make sure the white wine is cold and the red wine is out of the cellar, and that the car elevator is properly serviced. I supervise not only Rosario, but also Ilga, the nanny, and Manuel, the gardener, and Betty, the cook. I keep up to date on all the professional journals in my field, like Good Housekeeping and Family Circle, and I have to shop oh so very often. It's such hard work, especially now that my youngest is 29, and I'm happy that people like Mrs. Romney are speaking up for us in the trenches at home.

        1. C_R_Eature

          Hey, good for you! He'll probably sign your guitar, or something.
          The last time I say him there was a 10 year old girl in the audience who saw every one of the shows and loved them. He made a point of seeing her post show, signing her ticket and having his picture taken. Cool guy.

          1. Steverino247

            He certainly is. He could run off stage, but instead he jumps down into the crowd, talks to people,signs autographs, etc. until EVERYONE has something signed or gets a hand shake. I even e-mailed his mother and told him what a nice young man she raised, so take that (!) you GOP bastards. LOL!

            I'm learning flute, but I just want to be around creative people for a week instead of the People of Family Law I mentioned elsewhere.

          2. C_R_Eature

            Frank and Gail really raised some stable, talented sane kids. Compare them to the average celebrity industry child.
            Flute, huh? Excellent. It's portable, that 's for sure. Music is the Best.
            You might like to check out Chris Norman. Enjoy.

          3. Steverino247

            It would certainly seem so. I may ask Dweezil what kind of toys he had since it was brought up at the Senate hearing.

            Thanks for the flute video. That was nice. Yes, it's portable, but this will be the first trip through TSA land with one so we'll see. I'm prepared for "what's this?" or "play something so we know you're not a terrorist." My response to the latter will be "Since I'm new at this, my playing WILL terrorize everyone who hears me play!"

          4. C_R_Eature

            I remember that bit from the PMRC hearings! Frank was all "You wanna see 'em?" when one of them wondered aloud what kind of toys his kids had growing up. He sure had a quick wit.

            You're welcome. Chris is from the Baltimore area and, along with Ken Kolodner (Hammered Dulcimer, Ph.D. in Public Health) and Robin Bullock (Celtic Guitar God) plays in the traditional band Helicon. They're all awesome and back together after a long bit of solo work.

            You should stick the flute down your pants, like Derek Smalls. See if they notice.

  4. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    But, didn't Alan West say that up to 30% of all Moms are card carrying Commies?

    Or am I getting my news cycles all messed up?

    1. freakishlywrong

      Yep. That hateful comment was far less incendiary than a librul suggesting the wife of a gazillionaire may not be the best spokesperson for the average working mother.

    1. Terry

      Yeah, but think of all the interesting and horizon-broadening TV shows you got to watch that she'd have turn off.

      1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

        Nope, we lived too far out of town to get cable and this was pre-Internet. I was pretty much limited to the neighbors dirty magazines and lighting stuff on fire.

  5. BlueStateLibel

    I guess moms work, if you consider "watching their afternoon stories" on the teevee "work."

    1. Chet Kincaid

      Haha, Preacher Dad and his secretary used to watch "General Hospital" on a little black and white TV in the basement when I stopped by the church on the way home from school, in the early '70s. This was quite un-Fundamental, since in the '50s, he didn't let my older siblings watch TV at all.

  6. Callyson

    And the Reeps accused *us* of milking the War on Women? At least we were/are fighting against godawful policy proposals. They are making coffee mugs over one person's ill advised remark? One for which she apologized, and from which Obama distanced himself? Unlike Mittens, who stood by the slut shaming and the birth control brouhaha and had to think about whether he supports the Lilly Ledbetter act?

    On behalf of my mom (RIP, mom), who worked outside and inside the home, you bet your ass I'm voting…Democratic, that is…

    1. pdiddycornchips

      This is how the Republicans do things. They want control of all the female lady bits because they think women can't be trusted, A Dem lobbyist insults Mittens' wife. Even steven! The "women" issue is now off the table.

  7. BaldarTFlagass

    GAAAAH! God I hate these motherfucking motherfuckers with the motherfucking heat of 10,000 motherfucking supernovas!!

    1. dinkybossetti

      I first scanned this as, "the heat of 10,000 vaginas," which seemed apt.
      It might be time for me to stop trying to be a speed-reader.

    2. reliefsinn

      But wait, I think Mittens is preparing an apology, bit late though, pal, for LimpDick's insults to women, from Sandra Fluke going all the way back to Chelsea Clinton. You know, I would still hate them as much.

  8. metamarcisf

    Since taking office, Obama has fired 92% of the stay-at-home moms in congress who are communist because they have never worked a day in their lives.

    1. Geminisunmars

      Somebody named HILARY said something something about somebody that was construed to be vaguely anti-woman, somehow.

  9. littlebigdaddy

    In my line of work I have the occasion to be around 20-something women quite a lot. (No, not what you're thinking, perverts). They have all said that for them and everyone of their generation the idea of being a stay-at-home mom is not even remotely on their radars. (Admittedly, I have not spoken to the subset of millionaire Mormon women). So, however this plays out in the current election, the best possible outcome for the goopers is some short term gain in exchange for long-term erosion of the party brand. If they do win this election due to an economic downturn or the like, the victory will be Pyrrhic indeed.

  10. noodlesalad

    I'm hoping the Mayans were a few months late with their predictions. Can't……last…..until……November…….

  11. gullywompr

    And when Mom plops downs on the couch for that mid-afternoon break, she envisions Barak swaggering down the carpet to tell the nation that he just iced Usama Bin Laden, his posture full of confidence, his eyes gleaming… and her fingers wistfully drift southward.

  12. Oblios_Cap

    The GOP is like a bunch of little schoolboyz, thinking they're all clever and shit. "Send me $15 to show those nasty liberals".

    At least they're too scared ot wear hoodies. So they're really less than Chavs.

  13. finallyhappy

    no one said anything about real stay at home moms- someone said something about rich bitch Ann Romney. And of course, she worked at home- supervising a large staff of household help is not easy even with a really excellent housekeeper-and then they go wrong. you find something not placed in exact order in your closet(that teal shirt is next to the Kelly green instead of the aqua!) or one night at dinner, there are no quail eggs in your consomme. You have to tell the housekeeper to fire the laundry maid or the cook and find a new one.

  14. freakishlywrong

    I believe that Moms do work and can’t stand liberals who think that Moms don’t. To show my support for the hard work done by Moms everywhere and to help defeat elitist liberals like Barack Obama, I would like to purchase a “Moms Do Work” travel mug.
    Do they really think other that the 26% ANYone is buying this horseshit?

    Edit: and they're calling Obama an "elitist"? Compared to RMoney, he's a hood rat.

    1. Terry

      It was very elitist of Obama to have a single mother and be raised in large part by his grandparents.

    2. pdiddycornchips

      " I would like to purchase a “Moms Do Work” travel mug. "

      Don't forget, 90% of every dollar raised will be used to control what goes into your vagina. For Freedom!

  15. CogitoErgoBibo

    I am hereby declaring this whole stay at home/don't stay at home thing a non-gender-specific issue, so that we can start discussing what the real problem is: how a parent is supposed to be able to raise a fine, upstanding future member of the community while still paying the bills. Moms can stay at home. Dads can stay at home. Adoptive uncles 3 times removed can stay at home. If they have the financial means to do so. This isn't a gender issue. This is an economic issue. A 99% versus the 1% issue. Where the hell is that conversation?

    Sorry. I got a little cheesed off this morning when Mika refused to engage my dear sweet little love muffin Jonathan Capehart on that very topic on "Morning 'Drink Your Starbucks Or You're Un-American' Joe." Yes, Mika. We know you work hard at mommying and the rest, but address the economic issue regarding choices that you have, but others don't. Sheesh.

    1. Fare la Volpe

      I get so tired of how spineless Mika can be. I know she's trying to be taken seriously as a journalist in her own right and not as her father's daughter, but part of being a journalist is finding the real story, not parroting what your co-host or the rest of the twatosphere are bitching about.

      1. MoeDeLawn

        Sadly, Mika is never going to get there. I had some hope for her, but she just doesn't have the spine OR the journalistic chops to do that job. Well, not THAT job. THAT job is the role of Margaret Anderson (Jane Wyatt), Joe Scar is Jim Anderson (Robert Young), and Willie Geist is Bud (Billy Gray). Joe Knows Best.

    2. Chet Kincaid

      I am still waiting for offers from Ladies Of Means so that I can enjoy that sweet lifestyle of horses, vacation homes, secluded cottages where I can do my art and record my demos, vegetable and flower gardens, domestic staff management, and frequent foreign flyaways. BYOKids, and I'll supervise their upbringing!

      (For snark purposes only, Mrs. Kincaid and I are perfectly happy looking forward to our retirement with dread.)

    3. Sue4466

      It'd also be nice to discuss how someone who wants to work can do so while having more than a passing acquaintanceship with their children or homelife. At some point, we were convinced that 40 hour work weeks were for slackers and that work/home balance was achieved by spending less time at home.

  16. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    The GOP might have a point, how hard did Ann Romney have to work to support her two Cadillac?

  17. SoBeach

    Anyway, everybody knows the only good “choice” to make as a mom is to stay at home…

    Although to be fair Ann Romney supports the "choices" other women make, like choosing not to marry a mega-rich, politically connected, Harvard grad son of a governor who will keep her in Cadillacs while she spends her days raising children and riding her horses.

    Ann understands that some women choose instead to work a series of shitty jobs trying to keep a roof over their kids' heads. And that's okay. Because whatever a woman chooses is just fine by Ann and Mitt.

    1. pdiddycornchips

      Soon many women will make the choice to live in their minivans after the house is foreclosed on and they no longer have a job. These women understand that their sacrifice will help keep taxes low for rich people and really, isn't that what really matters?

  18. hagajim

    So some dummie says something vaguely offensive about Richie Rich's wife and now all women are supposed to forget everything the GOP has tried to shaft them (literally) with over the past year….yeah, I can see that working.

    1. SorosBot

      More like some smartie said something entirely accurate about Richie Rich's wife and so the GOP twisted her words around to say "she hates 'stay-at-home moms'" even though that was obviously not what she meant.

      1. C_R_Eature

        Oh, no, I wouldn't do that to you. Or me. I did have to wade through "Octomom" photos in the Google search but I'm trying to forget about them.

        1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

          I have a running joke with my bf in which every few months she tricks me into opening a picture of the octomom showing off her giant belly which totally grosses me out. And I still clicked your link thinking there would be a good chance that is what I would see. I must be some sort of sick masochist.

          1. C_R_Eature

            I understand completely, it's human nature. "Don't open this door". "Don't push this Button." Don't push this Button Again."
            Don't worry. I only do that kind of disgusting Rickrolling to deserving RW'ers. Usually.

      2. BaldarTFlagass

        Or a fucking cuttlefish. (which it could be for all I know, it's blocked here at work)

        1. C_R_Eature

          Shocking. There's nothing Porno about a Mom and her cute little stack of embryos. I'd complain, if I were you.

    1. SorosBot

      She's working now, but she's gonna go off and die shortly after the eggs hatch, after the father already went and died shortly after fucking. Deadbeats!

      1. C_R_Eature

        Dad was a Promise Keeper. He kept his promise to go fuck off and die. 'Course the kids will be let loose to run wild and get eaten, but that's life in a Capitalist society. Freedom!

    2. ThundercatHo

      Octobabbies are so cute. How about some trippy cuttlefish camo video next? Or maybe a Kraken taking down a boatload of douchebag RNCers.

        1. ThundercatHo

          Cool! I like how Big Daddy just moves in and the little guy is all, "Hey man, I thought she was here by herself."

  19. friendlyskies

    I wonder what working fathers (by working, I mean paid employment) would think if Obama found a super handsome stay-at-home dad, married to a successful billionaire woman, who had never held a paying job but instead devoted his life to raising their five children, with the help of nannies, maids, chefs, etc. Then held that guy up as an example of someone who was an expert on the challenges that the average working dad faces.

  20. SorosBot

    Hey, my mom doesn't work; but that's because she's retired; until about a year and a half ago she worked as an accountant. And yes, she worked much harder than any "stay at home mom" married to a billionaire with multiple houses and domestic servants ever has.

  21. An Asexual Ungulate

    Any choice… as long as it's not to use contraception. Or speak out in public in a way that's different than your husband. Or not have the roast on the table by 5:30.

  22. el_donaldo

    Of course if you're a woman and you're not a mom, why then you deserve every insult and uterine prodding you get.

  23. el_donaldo

    Hey, look, we've had three posts in a row about the female reproductive function. Needs more body part visuals, though.

    1. DahBoner

      Muslims have indocrination centers for kids.

      White crazy people have "charter schools"…

    1. sullivanst

      It's hard remembering which of the stableboys taking care of your undisclosed number of dressage horses you've tipped this week.

  24. Fare la Volpe

    Does anyone else remember Mrs. Brady? Her husband was rich as hell, all 6 of her kids were in school, and she had a maid to cook all the meals and clean the whole house.

    What the hell was Mrs. Brady doing all day? Writing saccharine speeches about responsibility? Chopping up old curtains into new bell bottoms? Tokin' the ganj?

      1. Fare la Volpe

        Bitch don't hold a candle to Barbara Billingsley's baking pearls.

        Drink that image in. A grown woman is baking a goddamn cake in full jewelry, a fresh manicure, and no apron.

        1. Generation[redacted]

          And the thing about a 1950s TV housewife is she's got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll's eyes. When she comes at ya, she doesn't even seem to be livin'… until she bites ya, and those black eyes roll over white and then… ah then you hear that terrible high-pitched screamin'.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      What I'd like to know is what the fuck she did for a living before she met Mr Brady.

      1. BerkeleyBear

        Professional widow of leisure, of course (I assume, since somehow her girls never missed dad).

  25. Troglodeity

    Democrats 1932: A chicken in every pot.
    Republicans 2012: A transvaginal ultrasound wand in every twat.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      Not to quibble, Trog, but "A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage" was actually an RNC line that was incorporated into Herbert Hoover's 1928 presidential campaign.

      1. BerkeleyBear

        And then mocked mercilessly by Dems in the 32 campaign (along with prosperity being just around the corner).

      2. Troglodeity

        As John McCain once should've said: I am deeply, deeply ashamed for making such a terrible mistake.

  26. JustPixelz

    Being a stay-at-home mom (or dad) can be wonderful for a child. Unless the extra money from his or her paycheck was for the college fund. Or for food and clothing. Or for health insurance. Ann Romney — who the Repubicans want to be a symbol/target in the campaign — never had to make those difficult financial decisions.

    Anyway, if the Repubicans are sincere about stay-at-home is work they will support adding the value of a mom's (or dad's) labor to family income for tax purposes. True, that's effectively a tax increase, but work is work, right?

  27. fuflans

    i never wanted to be a mom (except to cats).

    this i know makes me a very bad person.

    and that's just the way i like it.

  28. SayItWithWookies

    Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act? Opposed it for five years.
    Planned Parenthood and its access to reproductive healthcare of all sorts? Shut it down.
    Equal Rights Amendment? Communism.
    Affordable healthcare for working parents? An attack on the very fabric of our society.

    Someone pointing out that Ann Romney doesn't have a job? To your tents, O Israel!

  29. valthemus

    It's a Reince Priebus joygasm! "Hooray! A chance to spout worthless platitudes about motherhood instead of trying to defend our constant efforts to bring back feudalism! Wooooo!"

  30. Dashboard Buddha

    Props to HistoriCat.for the shit flinging circle jerk comment. This will affect absolutely nothing. The women that are going to vote for Barry know that this is bullshit and taken out of context. The women that are all in a huff were never going to vote for him anyway..

  31. Steverino247

    And let me add that the GOP jumped on this more effectively than I thought they would yesterday (see those posts, if you dare/care). This is why the apology was a must and why the GOP fucked up by jumping on this and displaying their capacity for meme-fucking. They should have waited for another issue closer to the election.

  32. Gleem McShineys

    How much longer will it take before someone uncovers just how much job-creating the Romney household used to do, what with au-pairs and nannies and manservants and such?
    I hope it is not until after the GOP screeching has gotten a few decibels louder and even more unbearable.

  33. whiterabid

    I saw the debate on Fox News Varney this morning. The conservative was a Barbie Doll who tore apart an inarticulate liberal Rachel Madow look alike.

  34. WonkCynic

    Relax, leftist piggies! Obarmer doesn't hate YOUR mama. He only hates the ones that he be droppin' ordinance on overseas! You know…kill a foreign mama for Obama! That's what all the peaceniks and niggaz be sayin' these days. How a nigga gonna gits himself a Nobel Peace Prize if'n he can't be droppin' dem bombs on those bitches in Afghanistan? What's a few hundred thousand dead Afghani Bitches matta? Nigga got a job to do. And his peacenik supporters just loves him to death even though they USED to protest and pretend that they hated dem bombs bein' dropped when it were a Republican doin' da killin'. Now that the murderin' bastard be they nigga, dey don't mind a few hundred thousand dead mamas and babies.

  35. Dr. Nick Riviera

    This just smacks of desperation and I hope women don't fall for it. It's so depressing it fractured my snark bone.

  36. The_Trainman

    If I owned a SUV that got six miles per gallon I'd be slapping that bumper sticker all over it.

  37. donner_froh

    The thing about this bullshit is that it would be over quickly if the Democrats would just back off from it completely and let the right wing jerks foam at the mouth.

  38. lulzmonger

    Ah yes, the cunning "I know what you are, but what am I?" gambit.

    Teh GOP – We're Not Motheruckers, We're Mother-RATfuckers!

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