If they drown then they are innocentIf Florida Representative Allen West says there are 80 Communists in the House, then there are 80 Communists in the House! (Allen West is not talking about your garden-variety Barack Hussein Obama Communists; he is talking about actual members of the Communist Party!) But he leaves unanswered the very important question of WHO THE FUCK ARE THEY! You cannot just say there are Communists in the House and then coyly leave out who they are and what their Queen of Diamonds will be! We cannot restart HUAC all on our lonesome, we need brave and fearless leadership to restart it for us! Otherwise, the children will not be able to sleep in their beds for fear of being grabbed by 1952!

So who are Allen West’s 80 House Communists? Let us witch-hunt together, after the jump!

John Boehner.
Ben Quayle.
Gabby Giffords.
California (all of it, Katie).
Ralph Nader.
Alec Baldwin.
Fidel Castro.
Steve King.
Jim Sensenbrenner.
Jerry Nadler.
John Dingell.
Jean Schmidt.
Jean D’Arc
Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
Margaret Thatcher.
Ronald Reagan.


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