UglyLook what he’s done now.

Nothing is ever too shameless for our dear Celebrity in Chief, who couldn’t even finish his basketball game at the White House Egg Roll today because he was so busy making out with his own basketball face. From the pool report:

Four players on the court are wearing mostly red Harlem Globetrotters sweats while a few others are in black and navy. Some of the balls they’re playing with are red, white and blue with a presidential portrait …

Kids on the court practiced with some shooting and stretches until the president arrived at 11:13 after visiting a storytelling station …

Sounds like fun for everyone. Does this deserve any further reporting? Definitely not, which is why we now have further reporting on it:

Well, who was it, the Globetrotters or the NBA/WNBA players? Your story’s collapsing, White House. You’re finished.

[The London Review of Books, maybe]

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