Just cold bein' a dickMonocled toff Mitt Romney went on the Jay Leno Ha-Ha and Teevee Newz Hour to explain some cold hard FACTS to The Chin: You cannot wait until you are ill to buy insurance, gentles, even if there is no human way to afford it on your sad loser unemployment check! It just doesn’t work that way, good fellow! And if you work in a brake shop, and are uninsurable because you work in brake dust all day, the owners of the shop have already bought you insurance so just what is your problem, kind sir! (It is cute that Mitt Romney thinks that just because you work full-time, your job gives you “benefits.”) Oh, superrich “bubble.” How you delight us. Big cheers for “waivers for all 50 states from Obamacare” and big cheers for “covering pre-existing conditions through Obamacare” from Jay Leno’s feckless and easily led audience, plus Mitt Romney just cold bein’ a dick, after the jump.

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