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President Obama Now Your Sister-in-Law, Wasting All His Time on Pinterest

He's a PCHow is Barack Hussein NOOBAamA disgracing the Oval Office NOW? He is cold just sitting on Pinterest, swapping recipes for Obama cakes and “pinteresting” (?) dreamy window treatments and the softest pashminas! Why is Obama Pinteresting when gas prices are so high? Shouldn’t Obama be transmitting to his Russian masters instead of gawking at adorable ways to decorate with pumpkins? IMPEACH!

Here is the Great Impostor’s Pinterest wall (board?), which is supposedly run by his campaign. It has recipes, and cakes, and “Obamart” and job growth charts. But why hasn’t Obama pinned the New Black Panther Party, huh? Why hasn’t he pinned his father, Bill Ayers? Most importantly, why, under “Obamart,” is there a Shepard Fairey portrait of Tom Hanks? Is it because Tom Hanks is racist? (Yes.) [CNET]

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          1. elviouslyqueer

            Their Strawberry is my fave of their seasonals, and it's hella hard to find outside of Louisiana. I would willingly blow David Vitter for a six pack, if only I could get Bobby Jindal's head out of the way.

          2. WiscDad

            Sorry for the delay in responding. That is my very own Extra Special Bitters…my favorite Fall brew. You know I've had a few when I take beer porn pics :)

          3. Barb

            5' 10" here and well worth the climb!
            I just made lunch for Jeff to take to work and I always write a little love note for him. I wrote "BALLZ" and kissed him goodbye.

          4. Barb

            Yes Actor, I make Jeff's lunch every morning after I shave him. It seems that the 17 restaurants in his company don't make what he wants, a lunch made by me. I write him a love note every day. Today's note just said "BALLZ!"

          5. dubyatf

            Okay, Barb, this is getting scary. I'M 5' 10" ALSO TOO.
            Okay, so I'm not. But it's always been my fantasy height. I stopped at 5' 8 and 3/4. Story of my life, now that I think about it.

          6. Lascauxcaveman

            LOL, it's like you were a fly on the wall the day Mitt convinced Ann to finally stop porking her boyfriend-on-the-side.

  1. skoalrebel

    Well, there ya go [spit!] Pintrest rhymes with "interest", which is what the banks charge in order to take money from us. [spit!] So, Obama is being controlled by the Fed and the World-Wide Jewish Commie Conspiracy through the Pintrest program. Interesting….. [spit!]

    1. sewollef

      They ain't Muslim…. they's Persian. Which is much worse given we're at war with Persia.

      We are, right?

  2. SorosBot

    Um, what the fuck is Pinterest? I've never heard of that before; does that mean I'm somehow out of the loop or not hip enough?

    1. actor212

      It's like a giant bulletin board and you can post recipes and talk slime about icky boys and…

      In other words, like Facebook and other mommyblogs, you get to post all sorts of interesting things that other people can comment on, and in exchange, the Editrix proprietors get to exploit those interactions for profit.

      1. anniegetyerfun

        The problem is that once you comment, you get an email from everyone else who comments on whatever was posted (maybe there is a setting for this – I just deleted my entire account, because MY GOD, how useless). The constant emails wouldn't be a big deal if the women (always women) posting them could come up with something other than "So cute!". But no, it's always "So cute!"

        We should go post this all over Obama's boards.

    2. Jus_Wonderin

      This is where is it good to have a daughter in publishing/design. She keeps me up-to-date on this stuff.

          1. flamingpdog

            Sorry, dude, it was just the part about people sitting at the computer in their underwear/nude that was me think of your status.

          1. Dashboard Buddha

            Someone, in a factory somewhere is on the assembly line for these things thinking, "what the fuck have I done with my life".

  3. terriblyfamous

    The Merch board has some pants that are allegedly "great for running or sun salutations." What a fucking hippie.

    1. prommie

      Anyone know where I can get some capris? For a dude, I mean; I am looking for pirate-type capris, with flared legs. Hey, you mentioned pants.

  4. Allmighty_Manos

    Just missing a pic of the big bag of salted dicks that Obama will soon be asking the Supreme Court to choke on.

  5. Goonemeritus

    Pinterest I think our President’s advisors need to focus on their Kegel exercises and leave this reelection campaign to people that eat raw meat.

  6. FNMA

    Fucking Pintrest. One of these days, I'm going to invent anti-social media. You just wait….what?…It's called Twitter…shit…

      1. flamingpdog

        At least we're finding out now who are really the chicks on Wonkette and who've only been pretending.

      2. FROTHY

        I understand it's a way for the percentage of the population with malfunctioning opposable thumbs to "share" Justin Bieber's coif shots.

    1. LesBontemps

      Wow, that is one the the creepiest families I have ever seen. Is that the native costume of the tribe?

    2. Dashboard Buddha

      Those can't be all of their kids, can it? Tell me there are some nieces and nephews in the mix.

    3. flamingpdog

      Back in the day, the Kennedys used to get the whole family together and play a touch football game. Mitt could start a new league.

      1. FROTHY

        Dood, my fuckin' *genitalia* are bleeding, after looking at that. Because I ripped out all the working bits and pounded them with a GIANT mallet to make sure no progeny of mine would ever sully what's left of this beautiful earth.

        "People" like this make me sick. He has a $100 million trust fund for his kids. Given how many kids each of *them* has had, their grandkids will be lucky to inherit two pennies. Unless, of course, they can rob the rest of us blind.

    4. Gleem McShineys

      How is it possible that just his head is about the same size as a couple of those actual children?

    5. FROTHY

      Fucking breeders. In other news, we're at the tipping point on global warming, and it's due to the Duggars and these Gumps, mostly.

  7. vodkamuppet

    I still don't know what pinterest is but I haven't figured out this MySpace thing either. Is pinterest on the AOLtubes or is it a store you go to?

  8. BaldarTFlagass

    Well, if that's what the President, as my commander-in-chief, is doing instead of working, then I don't feel so bad about fucking off here at Wonkette during work hours.

    ♫ Nothing'll stop the US Air Force!! ♪

    1. Chick-Fil-Atheist™

      …the anonymity helps. I stay off Facebook during work hours, but I'm keenly staying on top of things here.

  9. Chick-Fil-Atheist™

    Can someone get him a bigger fucking monitor? Do you want your Preznit to squint and enfeeble his eyes?

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      If he got one, the wingtards would be howling about how it was made overseas, and the bigger it was, the more elite (and waste-of-taxpayer-munniez) it would be.

      Which is why he should get a 27" iMac, and let 'em all go fuck off.

    2. ElPinche

      Here I am on my 32" Mac display playing Zuma. Meanwhile Barry is on his 17" preparing a powerpoint presentation on how he will personally take everyone's guns away starting in 2013.

    3. flamingpdog

      Dude, the Rethugs already got his hair going bad, now his eyeballs are gonna start melting? Hey, in my own personal experience, that's how it works anyway.

      1. FROTHY

        Dood, you KNOW it's all that, um, self-pleasuring you're doing in your burrow.

        ETA: And just LOOK what it's done to your hairy palms!

  10. randcoolcatdaddy

    Hmmm … I always thought Obama was more of an Angry Birds kind of guy. This whole "Pinterest" thing sounds kind of fruity.

  11. Chet Kincaid

    OT: Is there any rhyme or reason to the big fucking box of links now attached to the bottom of every post? Because I don't understand why I would be interested in months-old links that have no discernable connection to the article I just read. And why is the type so huge, for Christ's sake?

    1. Gleem McShineys

      The type is huge so the President can read it on his dinky little monitor, as you can see in the picture.

      That, or I guess someone who now owns the place is fiddling with some of the levers and dials on the Intensedebate machinery.

    2. not that Dewey

      The rhyme and/or reason, according to the Outbrain Content Recommendation FAQ, is thus:

      Outbrain is the leading content discovery platform, recommending content you may find most interesting. Our platform provides publishers a service for recommended links to increase traffic and generate revenue, and marketers a way to distribute their content alongside publisher's own editorial recommendations in order to grow their audience.

      Because I for one am extremely interested in "5 Celebs who regret their plastic surgery". Winning the advertising future!

  12. chicken_thief

    What, no tips on how to forge a birff certificutt or how to weasle yer way into Harvard? Fucking asshole…

  13. ManchuCandidate

    GOP lojik: Taking many vacations while pretending to clear brush and going all blinky on the world when the economize is about to shit the bed = Good.

    A simple webpage for mostly family = bad.

  14. Not_So_Much

    The only reason a dude would be on Pinterest is to refer to it later in an effort to get laid. "Pretty busy day, you know, just cold Pint-ing some preeeetty interesting shit."

    1. anniegetyerfun

      Jim got me started on the "just cold [verb]+ing" statements, so I've been just stone cold dropping them all over Facebook, and I have yet to start a trend. Haz sadz.

  15. dubyatf

    I've never seen his signature before. . . Can a signature be hott? Because <fans herself before swooning> mmhmmm.

    1. CountryClubJihadi

      Draw a line from the top of the B to the top of the O, and it gets even more exciting.

      1. dubyatf

        Dude. I totally see what you did there. What Barry did there. No wonder I felt feverish and, um, squishy.
        That signature gets today's highest pness factor. Or is it largest? Hard to wrap my hand around it. The distinction.
        I'll catch you guys later. I have to go take a cold shower and look at pictures of Haley Barbour.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      I was on it when I was deployed in the Middle East, but have not been on it in 3 years now. I wonder if I'm missing much.

    2. ThundercatHo

      I also too hate facebook. I made a fb page but never go there because it's always stupid shit I don't want to deal with or people I don't really like/know want to "friend" me.

    3. fuflans

      my bff is not on facebook, i'm on it and hate it and no, you're not missing anything.

      i've said this elsewhere but it's like picking a scab.

  16. Dashboard Buddha

    Why do I have the feeling that there's an adult friend finder social media thingy called "Sinterest" in the making?

      1. sewollef

        Whatever you do don't 'bookmark' it though — Facebook ©®™ will rip you a new asshole and feed it to the pigeons, since they own all rights throughout the known universe to teh word "book". Oh fuck, I'm done for now…

  17. dubyatf

    Wow. Apropos of nothing here at Wonkette, I just typed the words "pictures of" (because I'm trying to stalk the new Affleck baby and then later today I'm going to have the letter "L" tattooed on my forehead) into the Google search box and here were the first two returns:
    Pictures of Jesus
    Pictures of herpes


    1. SayItWithWookies

      Maybe when Jesus visited the New World and traveled among the Mormons, he brought herpes back with him to Lourdes or Rome or wherever he ended up before founding the Merovingian dynasty, just like Columbus did for syphilis.

  18. DaRooster

    Can not have automatic ads popping up… especially ones that I can't shut off… with no sound card and a crap video card I just get jumpy static.
    Please… make 'em stop.

  19. James Michael Curley

    New "Jobs Act" goes to Obama today or tomorrow and will allow "Crowd Funding". By Saturday we should all have a hundred emails asking if we want to invest in the next greatest social media disease.

  20. Barb

    No Terry, I am not trying to curry favor. Hey Rebecca! I finished licking your car clean. Now what?

  21. owhatever

    Notice that the photo shows Nobama only from the waist up. The minute the Pinsanity thing was done, he was back at the pornz.

  22. DahBoner



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