Gross, Bill O'Reilly. Gross.Admit it, sometimes you have fantasies about going on The O’Reilly Factor and schooling Ol’ Falafel Breath. But then you realize that as soon as you started with your O’Reilly School, he would just cut your mic, so you change your mind and fantasize about a nice cup of soup instead. But this brave lady from the American Constitution Society managed to make it all the way through a segment even with O’Reilly telling her he didn’t have to let her speak; introduced Billo to a few new things called “facts”; and got him to deliver a rare promise: that he would apologize “for being an idiot” if she ended up being right about the Supreme Court finding Obamacare constitutional. More plus superfun video, after the jump!

Here is Caroline Fredrickson. You can pretty much just fast-forward to about three minutes in. But be ashamed, dear Wonketeers: Bill agrees with you that the final vote will be 5-4.


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