Could have fathered a black guyBarack Obama has done it now, you guys. In sober, halting, and very carefully chosen words, he addressed the Trayvon Martin case and implied that there might have been something wrong with an unarmed black boy being shot down in what appears manifestly to be cold blood. He also reminded America that he (President Obama) is a black man who could have fathered a black boy like Trayvon. But how can a black man be in charge of the Executive Branch when the Justice Department is investigating a possible hate crime against a black boy? That would be like a black man pointing out that it’s stupid for a cop to arrest a black man in his own home for suspecting him of being an intruder, or a gay judge being in charge of a case about gayness. Unpossible! Racism! Bias! We will let you know what Tucker Carlson’s Daily Callgirl has to say about this, just as soon as they figure out which impossibly stupid, disingenuous, and incoherent tack to take. In the meantime, they’re still in a tizzy because race-hustler Al Sharpton used “harsh rhetoric” and “riled up” a Florida crowd by saying:

“I want our people to understand that how you behave is going to be a reflection on this case,” Sharpton instructed the crowd. “[No matter] how angry we get, don’t let them make you act in a way that they will say, ‘see, that’s what to think with Trayvon.’”

“We are going to act intelligent,” Sharpton said. “We going to act dignified. And, we’re going to be determined. We may be angry, but we’re not mad dogs. We’re too smart to fall for [that].”

Where is our fainting couch? Wherever are our smelling salts? Video of Barack Obama talking about Trayvon Martin, after the jump. Go ahead, if you love crying.


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  • Barb

    Not since Ryan White died have I felt so sad over a young man dying.

  • chascates

    Wait until Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers weigh in on this! Too bad Saul Alinsky and Andrew Breitbart are still dead and unavailable for comment.

    • Come here a minute

      Ghost Andrew Breitbart has the (ever so slightly edited) video of Trayvon Martin threatening, "I'm gonna git you sucka!"

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Barry should've left this one alone? I mean, I do admire his courage, but I have the feeling that he is gonna get more heat than praise.

    • Concern trollish. He can take the heat.

      • No trolling intended and yes, of course he can take the heat. But Wingnuts have been smart enough to stay away from this case for obvious reasons, now Barry just opened the door for them. Expect the usual "when is the President going to have a serious conversation about race" or "shame on the President for using this for political gain" bullshit to begin (along with the media covering "both sides of the story," of course).

        • iburl

          I'm sorry is there any circumstance at all that Obama could say or do anything and not come under withering criticism? 4 years into it, I think we're all used to it by now.

        • Biel_ze_Bubba

          Is he opening the door for the nutbars, or just offering them some rope?
          (Some people might take offense, but I don't think that way.) *cough*

        • I feel for Obama in these moments. He's in a tough place, as our first black president. He needs to reassure everybody that he stands above racial discord and represents everybody, and at the same time he must feel a responsibility to speak out for blacks and their concerns. That's got to be a difficult line to walk.

          I think he handled as best he could, and he didn't have the option of ducking the question. He basically said that it was tragic and we need to investigate what happened and get to the bottom of it. And he expressed compassion for the boy's family and reminded us and them that he's black and he has children. So he covered all the bases, very delicately.

          Obviously there are opportunities here for the right to exploit, and some of them will. But we can't let them dictate discourse.

      • Numbat_Dundee

        He coulld have gotten around the legal problems with commenting on the case. Now we know he can sing. He should have broken out with a rendition of "Strange Fruit" – the angry Nina Simone version.

    • GortRay

      At this point it doesn't matter. Big O could say he likes sunny days and the fascist pundits would cook up an outrage fest. It's all so pathetic and I want to go to bed now.

      • "Sunny days? Why does Obama hate the rain that farmers need in order to feed Americans? He wants more food stampers!"

    • freakishlywrong

      No. And the assholes are assholes about everything. Why stop with this?

    • HippieEsq

      I wish he had said more. I wish he would say what every lawyer in the country knows: that even under STAND YOUR GROUND, this guy is guilty of homicide (probably of the 2nd degree or aggr. manslaughter).

      • BerkeleyBear

        Sadly, not as clear as it should be based on history in the crazy state of Fla – such as the case where a guy had a fight, went home, got his gun, came back and shot someone (and got off); or the case of the man who shot teenagers in the back after one hit him in the nose and got off; or the guy who grabbed a gun, went outside to confront a skateboarder, when a man with his daughter tried to intervene the father got shot and the shooter got off. These laws are basically cheapening anyone without a gun's right to life – which upsets me greatly.

    • Tundra Grifter


      I certainly see you point. However, I'm with CK on this one.

      The right wing nutz dog our President no matter what. If he used armed force in Libya, they whine about it. If he didn't, they would whine about it.

      For my money, this is the gentleman I proudly voted for in 2008. Welcome back!

      • sewollef

        Hear, hear.

      • nonbeliever7

        Absolutely. The President's comments were thoughtful, inclusive, intelligent and sympathetic. When is the last time a repub politician sounded like that?

    • Dashboard Buddha

      He's going to take heat however he responds. Hell, he could go back in time and physically stop the shooting and haters would yammer on about how he's trying to block free and inexpensive access to firearms, or at the very least ask why a black man should put the space time continuum in such danger.

      Then, over on Yahoo "discussion", people would be asking why Zimmerman didn't take advantage of the new target.

    • LiveToServeYa

      I can see your point. When the president condemns something, it appears he's short-circuiting the system. The question remains whether the system should be short-circuited because it's broken.

      We don't want to lynch anybody without due process. That's the other fellow's tactic.

      • Biff

        That's the thing–this WAS a lynching. The trees weren't the right height, so he used a 9mm.

        • fredbell

          The trees are the right height in Michigan….

    • It concerns me that Obama's first instinct is to have everyone over for a beer.

    • FJL

      His only other option was "no comment." How do you think that would have gone over? He can't win with teapublicans no matter what he does so he might just as well do the right thing and express his sympathy to the family. If some rightwing fuckwit has a problem with that it says reams more about them than it does him.

    • Callyson

      Could happen, but I say let them bring it on if they want to go there. Let they try to defend shooting an unarmed and nonthreatening kid who was trying to get away from his attacker. That'll work as well for the wingnuts as the War on Women did…

    • I am more concerned that a law was passed that apparently is being used to make premeditated murder legal, especially when incidents like the Martin case were brought up when people were trying to get the law shelved.

      Given the background of the writer of the bill, it is sadly "working as intended".

    • Warwhatgoodfor

      Mensch speaks from the heart, doesn't give a rat's ass what dumber than a box of rocks some people might think.

  • memzilla

    Yes… but still blah.

    • NorthStarSpanx

      Barrack, Barrack, they don't want to imagine you having a son.

      Que the outrage that Obama would try and protect the rights of a boy he can see as his son over the rights of cold-blooded-Richard-Jewell-Wannabe.

  • if you love crying

    Two simultaneous yet opposing thoughts — what is the name for that? —
    * Thank mercy I have youtube/ video blocked at work
    * D@mmit why does video/ youtube have to be blocked at work?!?

    • memzilla

      The term you are looking for is Unbribed System Administrator.

    • Tundra Grifter

      'Cognitive dissonance."

      F. Scott Fitzgerald famously said it was the sign of a first-rate mind to be able to hold two opposing thoughts in the mind at the same time.

      Personally, I think that's just one more quote from him that sounds good when you first read it, but on reflection really doesn't make sense.

      I believe the mind will settle on one or the other view. Cognitive dissonance describes the discomfort caused by the process. Over the long term, the brain can't handle it.

      This, of course, explains why so many right wing nutz are angry all the time. Reality, with its obvious libural bias, keeps rubbing their faces in the fact their cherished beliefs and opinions don't mesh with the real world.

      • sullivanst

        Cognitive dissonance is simultaneously holding contradictory beliefs about the world.

        What Mumble describes is less about beliefs about the way the world works and more about feelings and courses of action. That's correctly called "ambivalence", although that word is often used to reflect a more passive feeling, and its dictionary meaning expressed using the word "conflicted".

        F Scott Fitzgerald is resoundingly contradicted by the Tea Party. They're first-rate morons, and exhibit the ability to simultaneously believe multiple contradictory thoughts with breathtaking ease. It's smart people that find that impossible, because they understand the problem. Cognitive dissonance is a sign of a weak mind, not a strong one.

        • Tundra Grifter

          The Tea Partiers are able to do this because they haven't thought their beliefs all the way through? Some people believe and then think about it. Others just believe and that's more than enough.

          The T-Baggers have one foot on the boat and the other on the dock – and they don't realize they are about to go into the drink.

  • memzilla

    I hear the Tea Klux Klan is going to have its own variant of a Million Hoodie March.

    • The Million Depends March?

    • freakishlywrong

      The million scooter march?

      • memzilla

        The ones with eyeholes.

  • tcaalaw

    Countdown to Rush Limbaugh making a crack about coon hunting season in 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 —

    • nounverb911

      And Alan West will approve of it.

  • Barb

    Now does Obama have to apologize to Bristol again?

    • nounverb911

      Why, what did Bristol do now?

      • wakkumph

        She was shot, unarmed, in her own neighborhood, by a self-appointed Neighborhood Watch president, just because she was black.

        Wait. No.

      • HarryButtle

        The Palins have been thoughtlessly stalked and shot in the chest by the Libruls and the Lamestream Media. OK, not literally, but still…

  • skoalrebel

    Isn't Zimmerman a Jewish name? [spit] I've been reading about stuff like this in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and on Wake up, sheeple! The Illuminati and the Federal Reserve are scheming with the World Bank to start a race war, then the Jewish illegals will use their anchor babies to replace the dollar with the Amero. Secure the border!

    • paris biltong

      Not all people with German names are Jews. Some, as in this particular case, are Hispanics.

      • skoalrebel

        You sayin' Josef Goebbels was Hispanic? [spit!]

      • Chichikovovich

        Salut! Tu m'as manqué!

      • MegPasadena

        According to his dad, his mother is Hispanic, but his dad is not.

        • horsedreamer_1

          Señora has shiksappeal.

    • HippieEsq

      1. real skoal rebel wouldn't read the Protocols, he'd read the KKK 2-page pamphlet about the Protokkkols.

      2. If all Zimmerman's were jews then the Nats would sell a heckofa lot more National Logo Yamulkes (that's Yah-Muh-KKKuh, skoal reb).

    • Dashboard Buddha

      And that's wisdom one can spit with!

  • anniegetyerfun

    Wait, you want me to actually visit the Daily Caller and find out what they are gnashing their teeth about? No! Won't click the clicky!

  • Nopantsmcgee

    Talking Mustache Geraldo Rivera says if the kid wasn't wearing a 'hoodie' this wouldn't have happened. he then cautions about wearing hoodies. Seriously.

    • Barb

      Morning NoPants!
      I cry bullshit! My age is thirty-nineteen (49 for those who are "technical" about it) I have hoodies and so does my husband.

      • Lascauxcaveman

        I'm old too, and have a hoodie. I never wear it, though. My hair's too perfect to cover up.

    • SexySmurf

      Old Navy Libel!!!!

    • OkieDokieDog

      Oh darn it. You beat me to the Geraldo punch. And I really would like to punch Geraldo.

    • skoalrebel

      Y'know, it's true. [spit!] I get hassled all the time when I go out wearin' my white hood.

    • chascates

      Kind of like dressing in a manner to invite rape?

      • JustPixelz

        Exactly like! Except after rape the Repubicans don't want you to get an abortion (if you also get that gift from God). Whereas after being shot, the Repubicans don't want you to get medical treatment without insurance and/or cash.

    • I get all my fashion advice from Geraldo.

      • Gleem McShineys

        "Wearing an ugly man underneath your moustache is a sure way to get hit with a chair and break your nose."

        That is good advice!

    • BlueStateLibel

      You just made the stock price of Hoodie LLC drop by 400% by saying that. Thanks, I had a lot of money invested in that.

    • freakishlywrong

      Yes. Blame it on the hoodie and not a dumb-ass NRA wet dream of a law.

    • Jerri

      This is bad news for Michael Cera.

    • We're all hoodies now.

    • ElPinche

      I blame Old Navy.

    • JustPixelz

      Which one of The Village People was Geraldo? The vacuum salesman, right?

    • SayItWithWookies

      How does the saying go? Guns don't kill people — and people with guns don't kill people — people with hoodies make the people with guns kill them. Yeah, that sounds Floridian enough to pass muster.

    • horsedreamer_1

      In the film version of the rise & fall of NEWS CORPORATION, the part of Geraldo will be played by Jim Broadbent reprising the role of Frank Butterman.

    • fuflans

      i found a hoodie dress in a winnetka RESALE shop today.

      winnetka is v v white.

  • nounverb911

    I wonder if Alan West is comfortable wandering around Plantation, Florida at night in a hoodie?

  • OkieDokieDog

    Geraldo Riveria has solved this "crime" already. That blah boy was wearing a "hoodie" and thus was asking to be shot.

    • nounverb911

      I wonder if Alan West Geraldo is comfortable wandering around Plantation Sanford, Florida at night in a hoodie?

      • horsedreamer_1

        He's Jewish. He's circumcised. Does that answer your question?

        He's never not in a hoodie.

    • Tundra Grifter

      I've noticed an astonishing number of people running around in blue pants. Prisoners in San Quentin not only wear those same blue pants, but it is my understanding they manufacture them there!

      What's up with all these "jeans?" Criminals wear them!

      • James Michael Curley

        And you know who invented 'jeans'? Yep, another of those Elders of Zion.

    • JustPixelz

      Don't forget Trayvon was also wearing that dark skin.

  • vulpes82

    How uppity!

  • paris biltong

    I've been away for a couple of weeks – not physically away, just not visiting the site, for a variety of reasons that I won't go into here, except for one (other than the fact that the site sometimes takes forever to load): After I read some time ago about the success of Fifty Shades of Grey, I checked out that dismal piece of *writing* only to find that its awfulness exceeded even my most pessimistic expectations. It got me more depressed about American culture than even the events of the past several months and I found myself unable to connect to my spiritual brethren at the Wonkette.
    A few murders and assassinations later, I now hesitantly test the waters again, ready to perhaps return to the fold and sarcastically share my views with you.
    Someone please give me a little hope.

    • What the hell are you talking about?

      • freakishlywrong

        That's Wonkette hope for ya, right there!

      • MoeDeLawn

        It took me a five minute trip to google, then a re-reading of the post, and Chet? You got the point immediately. A tip o' the hat to you.

    • Barb

      Paris, welcome back!
      Please, do not give up hope. I'd go Google some cute kitten pictures for you if I thought it would help. This depression that you are feeling will last as long as you allow it to.

      Welcome back to the society of childlike grown up people, Wonkette.

    • GortRay

      Feel the force and come back to the snark side.

    • Your choice of "comeback thread" is … interesting.

      How about a video with very cute black bear cubs?

    • Dirt_Dog

      Hope? You want room 12A just along the corridor. This is abuse.

    • You lost me with the "50 Shades of Grey" reference but I'm glad you found your way back to teh wonkettes~

    • Dashboard Buddha

      Hang in there PB. Here…this is the picture I have on my desktop background. It helps.

    • GreatChristiano

      My goodness, you know what happens when we choose Hope…

    • I got four pages in, saw a huge plot hole already, and put the book down.

      I mean, really: you're asked to ad hoc interview an executive because your girlfriend/co-worker is sick, and handed a list of questions.

      You spend four paragraphs wondering about his age– is he old? He must be, to have so much money– and the first fucking question you're given is "How does it feel to be so successful so young?"

      A reporter who doesn't read the questions ahead of time? Who does she work for, Fox????

      Doesn't anyone outline anymore??????

    • DonnyKerabotsos

      Welcome back. I'll give you a thumbs up and a friendly warning:

      There's a new sheriff (editrix) in town.

    • ChessieNefercat

      Welcome back. I know the feeling. Roll around in the comments for a while and I'm sure you'll feel, uh, more hopeful.

    • James Michael Curley

      You know who else had their followers where fifty shades of grey?

    • GorzoTheMighty

      All hope abandon, ye who enter here…

    • Nopantsmcgee

      Here, try this. It always cheers me so.

    • Nothingisamiss

      Paris, welcome back. I've suffered through a few hope deficits myself. Come on in and join the fun.

    • Gleem McShineys

      other than the fact that the site sometimes takes forever to load

      I use Google Chrome for my Wonkette reading. It's the only one so far that actually doesn't bog down after opening a few comments.

      (oh and welcome back)

  • lefty74

    The opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest of violence.

    • Tundra Grifter

      lefty74: Is that original? That's first-rate!

    • sewollef

      Seriously profound…

  • Schmannnity

    So polarizing. Nonwhites are allowed to talk about race and those in the lower 99% are allowed to talk about class and income disparity. Agitators like Rev. Al urging nonviolence. When will America united behind a wealthy White guy as God intended?

    • chascates


  • x111e7thst

    Kid should not have been Walking while Black.

  • The shooter was an isolated, half-latino nut, so don't make white people the victims, you black racists!!

    • Tundra Grifter


      As I've watched the reaction to this terrible event unfold, it has been very interesting to see the general confusion so many people share regarding race vs. ethnicity.

      Since the whole idea of different races is largely a cultural myth one could well correctly argue there is only one race (human) and everything after that is ethnicity.

      But, we are where we are, so I guess we're stuck with having a few different races. Hispanic and Latino, however, are clearly ethnicity – not race at all. And the key there is self-identification (which can largely be true of race, as well).

      Many, many people don't get it. They may have strong opinions and points of view on the subject, of course. But those simply are often not founded in fact.

  • James Michael Curley

    The Sanford City Police Chief and the Florida State Attorney both of whom found no wrong two weeks ago have 'stepped aside'. There's a whole lota smoke collecting over this.

  • SorosBot

    The Daily Caller commenters are just – ugh. Why did I read them? They are very angry that people are claiming that shooting a black kid because he was black was in any way racist. While of course being incredibly racist themselves. Fuck them.

    • freakishlywrong

      I just can't do the fever swamps any more. It's like being bludgeoned with a hate bat.

    • gullywompr

      Their world has already ended, they just won't admit it.

      "You feel that sting, big boy, huh? That's pride FUCKIN' with you! You gotta fight through that shit!"

    • Barb

      Soros, Jeff started reading the Yahoo news comments last night and I saw him go pale. I whipped off my shirt to distract him, handed him a beer and closed the laptop. Yahoo news is a dark whorey world that no one should enter.

      • "Barb", I'm reading Yahoo news comments right now. will you take off your shirt?

        • Barb

          I'm not wearing one. It's going to be 80 degrees here today and I am going to slip out on the balcony and work on the freckles on my butt here soon.

      • Steverino247

        You had me at "whipped off my shirt…"

        Seriously, that Yahoo! shit is fucked up. I almost gave myself carpal tunnel problems reporting them all for abuse, but I know it does no good. Yahoo needs the advertising revenue to they won't ever block any of those accounts.

  • Fukui-sanYesOta

    Free Republic:

    Is the trayton a boy scout? we are hearing nothing about why a 17 year old was out at night at that time in that nbeighborhood

    yeah… skittles

    O. M. G.

    That man is TRYING to foment racial civil war. This is unbelieveable. Can he really be that stupid, or is this intentional?

    This is the democrat way; publicly parade the corpse as long and as often as possible to support your regime.

    I got into trouble for giving my opinion about these people before so I won't.

    • Guppy

      publicly parade the corpse as long and as often as possible to support your regime.

      9/11! 9/11! 9/11!

    • dinkybossetti

      Has that first commenter ever met a 17-year-old? They're basically nocturnal. I know this might sound crazy, but many parents allow their 17-year-olds out of the house after the sun has gone down!

      Shit, my parents dropped me and my belongings on a curb in NYC when I was 17 and left me to live there. I was out at all hours of the night. Would my presence on the street at night at 17 have meant that it was justifiable for someone to shoot me dead? UGH!

    • CivicHoliday

      If your opinion involves someone passing away by non-natural causes followed by a certain act of not-so-loving lovemaking in a certain bony structure in the head, I think even our new lady overlord would agree.

  • hagajim

    If the hoodie is the culprit then its no wonder the police in Portland (OR) keep shooting people like mad walnuts. Everyone in the NW wears a hoodie…holy race confusion Batman!

    • PubOption

      They shot McCain?

  • Zombie_Reagan

    Meh. I'm much more interested to hear Sarah Plain's insightful comments about this case.

  • Zimmerman's (white flighter's) math:
    blah ≧ 6 feet ✚ hoodie = gangstah ∴ shoot first

    • Nostrildamus

      ∀ F ∊ coons

      (for all F in coons)

      • Pretty much…game, set, where are the matches?

  • joobajooba

    "But how can a black man be in charge of the Executive Branch when the Justice Department" (with a black Attorney General no less) "is investigating a possible hate crime against a black boy?"

  • Goonemeritus

    Why doesn’t he reach out to comfort the NRA aren’t they the real victim here?

    • Tundra Grifter

      Time will show, I'm sure, the real victim here is Duh Gov'Nuh. She just hasn't told us that yet.

  • mavenmaven

    "All of us have to do some soul searching to figure out how something like this happened," Obama added.
    Immediate panic on the right wing blogosphere as Obama uses the word "soul", which immediately links him to the Black Panthers, Stokely Carmichael, and the counterculture program "Soul Train". Glenn Beck is rushing to his blackboard!

    • Biff

      Even worse, Air Force One renamed Soul Plane.

  • Sue4466

    Meanwhile, Geraldo Rivera has solved the real problem here: Black kids shouldn't wear hoodies:

    • James Michael Curley

      Old Geraldo thought a black hoodie and sun glasses were OK when worn by that white guy Ted Kazinski.

  • James Michael Curley

    I'd like to hear some one invited Zimmerman to a bier.

    • PubOption

      To quote Bernard Shaw "Oh subtle one, oh cynic."

  • Other than completely disappearing without any trace of his whereabouts, the only thing Zimmerman could do now to piss people off even more would be to change his name to "Dylan."

    • C_R_Eature

      You're forgetting three little words:

      "FOX News Commentator"

    • PubOption

      His 'fans' are already debating if his excuses make sense.

      • James Michael Curley

        Even more so when the Sanfod City Skyline album comes out.

  • It seems all the Daily Crullers are jumping on the "Zimmerman was Latino, and therefore olly olly in come free" as far as their raging, racist hardons go.

    Sometimes you just gotta type what you feel.

  • Tundra Grifter

    That photo of Mr. Martin in the Hollister t-shirt breaks my heart. I am very partial to Hollister clothing. This may sound strange, but it makes this tragedy personal, even though it happened on the other side of our nation.

    That well could have been my son.

    I also find it ironic that, although (once again) I like the Hollister line of clothes, I have yet to see a Black or Asian model on their website.

    • Biff

      I've never worn Hollister clothing, but I've spent a lot of time in Hollister CA. Far more Mexicans than the Hollister clothing line's website would seem to indicate. Where were you taking this?

      • Tundra Grifter

        I've also been to Hollister, MO – just a wide spot in the road.

        I'm not really taking this anywhere. I find it ironic that the heart-breaking photo of Mr. Martin is in a Hollister T when that company doesn't show many (if any) models other than white folks on its website.

        That's pretty much it.

        Oh – once again – Mr. Obama has stood up and said the right thing. In my heart of hearts I can not imagine any major Republican figure making any statement that would close to his. Gov. Huntsman, maybe. But thanks to the right-wing fringe he isn't a major GNoPee figure, now is he?

    • James Michael Curley

      American Apparel also. Though I haven't seen their ads for quite a while.

      • Tundra Grifter

        Actually, I've seen quite a few print ads with nubile young Asian and mixed-race women without much on other than one or two articles of American Apparel.

        I think this company kinda has the opposite problem.

    • sewollef

      I used to wear Urban Outfitter clothing — "clothing for the New York hipster" — until I found out the CEO is a raging right-wing republican with a hard-on for fucking stupid causes.

      They don't get my pesos anymore… and I'm no longer a New York hipster. So there…

  • C_R_Eature

    Barry's the President of the United States of America and it's well within his right to address a local tragedy that's blown up into a National scandal. I'd say that it's also his duty to opine and try to lead the discussion positively.

    Perhaps it's just me – but I'm more concerned that the hand on the wheel in the pilothouse is steady and competent and I don't give a shit whether it's pink, brown or purple. I forget half the time that Barack Obama's Black.
    I only have the luxury to forget about Race, though, because I'm not a black teenager in a hoodie walking back to Grandpa's at night.

    What really gets me about these Right Winger race reactionaries is that they really have to have someone or something to direct their hatred at. It's as it they define themselves entirely through their hate. Are they truly that hollow, inside?

    • MosesInvests

      Yes, they are.

      • C_R_Eature

        Thought so. It still confounds me, though.

    • horsedreamer_1

      "Bengali in Platforms" is Nikki Haley's favorite song!

      • C_R_Eature

        Really? I thought for sure it would be "It's a Beautiful Day!"

        Go figure.

  • Toomush_Infer

    Snark off/ I can't remember when I wanted a president (any president) to weigh in on something….why do I feel so relieved now when one says something thoughtful, realistic, intelligent and kind?….whew………………………./ok, snark back on….

  • Sassomatic

    Oh yeah, of course the black guy is going to take the black kid's side in this. Fucking typical. If that kid had been white, Obammers would be all "Serves him right, all walking down the street with skittles."

  • Gripped by a fleeting bout of insanity, I made the mistake of looking at the comments left for the Daily Caller article. I'll be spending the rest of the day in the tub trying to scrub the vile off myself.

  • GreatChristiano

    The binary created with "I want OUR people to understand…" and "don't make THEM…." equals very divisive language. I'm opposed to the killing of youth no matter their color, but I certainly cannot align myself with a race-baiter like Sharpie.

  • Sassomatic

    If you don't want to be raped, do't dress like a slut, if you don't want to be shot, don't dress wear a hoodie and also be black. Got it.

    • Redhead

      Even more simple – if you don't want to be raped or shot (or taxed), be born a white male.

  • Redhead

    I think the teabaggers' outrage has less to do with "how can a black man be in charge of the executive branch during an investigation into a possible race crime by the justice department" and more about "how can a black man be in charge!!!!!!!!!!111111eleven1!"

    That, and I imagine that there some heads a'splodin' after "we’re not mad dogs. We’re too smart to fall for [that].”"

  • PubOption

    Am I the only one who thinks that Sharpton frequently acts intelligent, but rarely acts intelligently.

  • HarryButtle

    Drudge breaks the story that Trayvon Martin was actually Barack Obama's bastard son in 3…2…1

    • bikerlaureate

      Yup, my thought also when reading our Editrix's words, "He also reminded America that he (President Obama) is a black man who could have fathered a black boy like Trayvon."

      It's an October Surprise that just couldn't be kept under wraps!

  • ttommyunger

    Fuck me running…a hoodie? Geraldo should have been shot long ago for wearing that muskrat on his upper lip.

  • JustPixelz

    "Stand Your Ground" is basically a Republican initiative to motivate single-issue, Second Amendment voters. Effectively, the law grants the shooter a presumptive immunity from prosecution for his or her actions. This is troubling because when the victim is dead, we may have only one version of events. Legally, the shooter is better off if the victim is dead. The law encourages using more bullets — as many as it takes.

    And, once again, the Republican love for "innocent human life" — which leads them to all sorts of interference in medical treatment — has a clear boundary. Life in the womb is sacred; life after birth is expendable in the interest of lower taxes, more guns, war, slipshod criminal justice, decreased safety regulation.

    • YasserArraFeck

      "The law encourages using more bullets"

      More jobs in the bullet industry – yay!!

  • smitallica

    Everybody who loves America knows that "Stand Your Ground" really means "Chase that Darkie in the Hoodie with the Skittles Down the Street and Blow His Black Ass Away."

  • For all their rants about "racism", the fact remains that if a black guy had shot an unarmed teenager to death, he'd be on his way to death row, and this fucker hasn't even been arrested. The fact that he's hispanic is completely beside the point. The point is that black lives are not valued in our society.

  • Steverino247

    OK, Geraldo. Let's disband the Air Force and re-distribute their parkas to young black males in a Hoodies-for-Parkas program. I know that will disappoint many in law enforcement, taxi drivers and Neighborhood Watch Commandos, but we've got to do something.

  • This has become (rightly) a national issue. The President's job is to lead. For him, not to have said something, would have been cowardly.
    Sorry, about the lack of snark.

  • YasserArraFeck

    "Stand Your Ground" means that, for the nano-dicked gun fetishist, it can be "High Noon" 24/7.

  • GreatChristiano

    I'm tellin' you guys, there is something creepy about the whole "Treyvon could be my son" thing. I mean, would he be saying that if it was a white kid?

    It's like I forgot O'bama wasn't white until this…

    • horsedreamer_1

      An anonymous federal judge in Montana would suggest Trayvon as the son of Stanley Dunham & a Led Zeppelin song.

    • Tundra Grifter

      I was with some good friends and we were talking about going out to dinner.

      "How about Chinese?" I asked. "We had Chinese last night," said my friend.

      "In my family we had Chinese every night," said his wife.

      He'd forgotten his wife was Chinese. It was pretty cool.

  • Tundra Grifter

    My only suggestion regarding Mr. Obama's comments is that it would have been nice if he could have mentioned George Zimmerman's parents are going through a pretty tough time right now, as well.

    I understand that if he'd said that some people would see it as making an excuse.

    There can be no doubt that the Martin family is going through an extraordinarily difficult situation. Every parents' nightmare is to lose a child. Horrible.

    But this isn't a day at the beach for Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman, either.

    • Warwhatgoodfor

      Cry me a river

      • Tundra Grifter

        In your case, that river would be de Nile.

      • Tundra Grifter

        In your case, Son, that river would be de Nile.

        • Warwhatgoodfor

          What exactly are his parents going through? If you think he did right, then they're dealing with their poor innocent son being pilloried by the evil media. If they accept that he killed an unarmed person, then they must be really, really embarrassed they raised such a person. Either way their son is alive and the other guy is dead. So… – "now you say you're lonely, for being so untrue (such a brave guy, killing an unarmed man)well you can cry me a river". Or two" my brave son is basically Cleopatra, Queen of Denial". Whichever works. And, "son?". Nice try at playing the dad correcting the wayward child, but that guy in my avatar spent his time on Saipan, in 1945, and isn't impressed.

          • Tundra Grifter

            You are going to have to work out your Daddy issues on your own.

            It's obvious you are not a parent yourself. It shows.

          • Warwhatgoodfor

            The amateur shrink thing has gotten out of hand. I have both children and grandchildren. I'm a thirty year veteran pediatrician who over the years has had to first hand assist a number of parents deal with the intolerable grief of the death of one of their children. In the past three months alone i've had two sets of parents deal with their children being shot to death, so yes I know what's it's like. As to the Daddy crack, it is both not relevant and not understandable. Even if it were relevant, it would be NOYB. Since you persist in bringing it up, perhaps you should look in the mirror.

    • Negropolis


      • Negropolis


        I hope I'm understanding your post wrong, but I'd like to make crystal clear that at this point in the story, the president needn't to offer a damned word to Zimmerman's family, and I'd be offended if anyone truly thought that. If even one is to concede that there are multiple victims in a single murder, let us be clear, here. There are levels of victimhood, vastly different levels, in fact. First and foremost (and ONLY, at the moment), there is a dead kid and his family that I'm concerned about. Zimmerman isn't even in jail yet, he's not even been convicted, yet, and he will always have his natural breath and his family will always be able to visit a living son if he's convicted. To even suggest that Zimmerman's parents need to be mentioned in the same breath and speech by the president, at this moment, is insane and appalling. In fact, the only we've heard from either of Zimmerman's parents thus far is his father defending him from charges of racism, as if that's the only problem with this story. If we find out later that the family is truly remorseful for their son's actions and broken by them, then we can judge them as victims, though still nowhere near the victim as the kid laying in the ground, and the family that will have to visit them there..

        • Tundra Grifter

          Empathy and sympathy are not wins in a zero sum game. Offering condolences or kind thoughts to people in very difficult spots doesn’t diminish in any manner those same gifts offered to others. Grief shared is grief divided.

          There are more facets to this than who is the victim. I will agree that’s young Mr. Martin. There isn’t any confusion about that.

          Mr. and Mrs. Zimmerman didn’t ask for any of this, either. In my experience almost all parents do the best they can. Sometimes parents don’t have a blueprint from a successful childhood. Many parents do everything possible and the kid just doesn’t turn out right. Particularly single parents, who must also make a living – and frequently have more than one child to take care of.

          I’m prepared for the fact that some folks won’t agree with me on this. I’ll get over it. Some people will, however, see my point. A horrible event such as this one is a tragedy precisely because it ruins so many lives.

          • Warwhatgoodfor

            I noted the you removed your last comment directed (I believe) toward me, and have in return removed my reply. I have also given the issue you raised considerable thought. Since there is at present no evidence that Mr Zimmermans parents are bad people, let us assume they are not. Even if they are bad people, it doesn't appear relevant. We have no say in our choice of parents &/or grandparents. My father was not a bad person, but he was totally detached from any involvement in raising his children. When my brother once asked him why he never talked to us, he replied that it had never occurred to him the he had anything to say.
            OK. The question at hand. On a personal level I most certainly have compassion for Mr Zimmermans parents. They are in a terrible situation. However I also feel that compassion is a private thing, and the president had no reason to express it in public.
            I hope that in the future any commutation between us should be on the same kind of level.

          • Tundra Grifter

            Well said.

            In the full spirit(s) of Wonkette – I'll drink to that!

  • Barb

    I agree, so heartbreaking.

    • horsedreamer_1

      Pat Tillman.

      • Yusef Hawkins (anybody remember?) I was the same age at the time and it really haunted me.
        Also Emmett Till. I wasn't alive at the time, but the mere thought of him and the true horror he faced wells me up inside. Probably sounds naive, but it chills me to the bone to think of the pure evil that exists in this world.

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