Westboro's Kidz Got SingingYou’d think a guy in Rush Limbaugh’s currently rather unenviable position would take all the help he can get — but apparently he is turning down sweet sweet ad $$$ just because it comes from the patriots of the God Hates Fags Brigade.

Westboro spokesman Steve Drain told Raw Story that while his organization has had their differences with Limbaugh, they were on the same page when it came to labeling Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a slut.

“Even a blind hog can get an acorn every once in a while,” Drain explained. “We’re not aligning ourselves with Rush Limbaugh because as we say on our website about him, he wouldn’t recognize Bible truths if it were a bottle of pills sitting on his desk.”

OK, which of you guys infiltrated Westboro, married all of its daughters, and became hilarious spokesman Steve Drain? And who among you came up with this actually funny ad (and intentionally so???!!!1!) from Westboro?


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  • MarcelleMarceau

    There is always Goldline. Ask Glenn.

    • Tundra Grifter

      And Off-the-Mark Levin. Sheer InSannity said Alan Stanford's name was "Good as gold" – and now that scammer is headed for the Big House.

  • Barb

    Rush Limbaugh is nothing more than a dumb, fat DJ. He's addicted to painkillers and hoagies.

    • finallyhappy

      Subs or maybe grinders -leave hoagies out of it(Philly libel)

      • Barb

        I apologize, Finally Happy. You know that I love Philly. Go Flyers!

      • stncmchnc

        Hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders.

  • Monster Fornicate Fornicate Fornicate! Sunday Sunday Sunday!

    • Doktor StrangeZoom


      • Loaded_Pants

        Watch the Koran Krusher in full fiery action!

    • Kids seats just FIVE BUCKS!!!

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      U.S. Amphetamine Speedway!!!!!

  • Callyson

    Westboro spokesman Steve Drain told Raw Story that while his organization has had their differences with Limbaugh
    Differences? Such as what? Is the church pissed that Limbaugh merely wants to deny teh gayz equal rights, as opposed to mass extermination of them?

    • They won't let Limbaugh advertise on their website, either.

    • clblabin

      In all seriousness, yes, I think that's what it is. Westboro has never had any love for those phony conservatives who only want to take the country back a millennium or two–it's Stone Age or bust, with them.

      • Data Exactly

        Cavemen have their heads on tighter than the Westboro cultists. Gotta keep on going until you get back to some sort of insane rabid dinosaur era…

    • For a project a couple of years ago I spent many hours listening to Phelps' sermons on the GodHatesFags website. Not surprisingly, ol' Fred hates just about anybody who isn't a loyal member of his congregation. From Pat Robertson to Jerry Falwell to Sarah Palin, no right-winger out there in the world is right enough for Fred.

      Except one, apparently. For some reason he really likes Joe Scarborough. He mentions him more than once and at least once goes on at length about what a good ol' boy Joe is. I guess Scarborough had a radio show down in Florida once? Or at least Fred remembers him being on the radio back in the day. For some reason Joe tickles him, and he's pretty much the only person outside the Westboro Baptist congregation about whom Fred has only nice things to say.

      Maybe somebody can explain that to me.

      • I haven't read all the comments yet, in case this has been covered, but right about the time of their SCOTUS decision, NPR taught me a lot about Westboro, and how they're all a bunch of excellent … LAWYERS! It's like they're all very intelligent, but extreme assholes? And it was hinted that they've even pulled grifts where they go to cities to protest, they're well acquainted with said cities' local ordinances, and they practically DARE the city to deny them permits to exercise their 1st amendment rights. If this happens, they sue the city for enough money to at least cover the costs of traveling to said city, if not for much more.

  • And we
    Never thought we'd feel this way
    And as far as we're concerned we're glad we got the chance to say
    We agree with Rush they are sluts

    And if we should ever go away (not a day too fucking soon)
    Well then close your eyes and try to feel the way we do today
    And than if you can't remember…..

    Keep cryin'
    Keep lyin'

    Knowin' you can always count on me
    for sure
    that's what fiends are for

    In good times
    And bad times
    We'll be on your side forever more
    That's what fiends are for

  • Doktor StrangeZoom

    I particularly liked the unintelligible voice in the second ad. Limbaugh's show would be greatly improved if the entire 3 (??????!!!!) hours were run through that filter.

    • not that Dewey

      True story: Little Suzie and I were driving to Phoenix once, to catch the Cactus League games. On the way out of town, I found the local hate-radio station, while she watched Dora in the back seat, and I got to hear the entire famous "Rush Limbaugh CPAC Speech". By the time I got out of range of that station, the AM station in Show Low, AZ kicked in, on a 3-hour delay, and I got to hear the entire thing a second time.

      Then we pulled into Phoenix.

      • Doktor StrangeZoom

        By which time you were filed with Killing Rage?

        • not that Dewey

          Which is the baseline emotion in Phoenix. So, luckily, nobody noticed.

  • Lascauxcaveman

    After a long, heartfelt "discussion" with a group of Dominican cabana boys, Rush was convinced he just couldn't accept financial support from an openly homophobic organization.

  • Callyson

    Westboro releases ‘You Might Be a Slut’ ad
    "If you wear a dress that is strapless with a brassiere that isn’t, you might be a slut,” an announcer says. “If you are an anchor bimbo for Fox News and your name is Kelly or Julie, you might be a slut.”
    “If you think it’s OK to have sex with men outside the marriage bed, you might be a slut,” the commercial continues. “And if you fornicate your brains out and you think the government ought to pay to kill your baby, well, sounds like a slut to me — and God hates sluts.”
    OK, now I have the official guidance on how to conduct myself to earn the title of "slut." Being a FOX news anchor will be difficult for me to accomplish, since I like annoying things like logic, facts, and truth, but I'll do my best on the other rules…

    • Guppy

      "If you think it’s OK to have sex with men outside the marriage bed, you might be a slut"

      Marriage sofa? Marriage shower? Marriage kitchen counter? Marriage car hood?

    • Veritas78

      They're right, though. Look up "slut" in the dictionary and they've got a picture of that strapless dress/strapped brassiere combo.

    • doloras

      Sex with women outside the marriage bed is fine? WOO-HOO! God Hates Fags but Lezbos are SWEET.

    • fuflans

      today we are all westboro sluts.

  • memzilla

    "OK, which of you guys infiltrated Westboro…"

    All of us, Katie. Proof:

    Anagrams of "Steve Drain" include: Nerviest Ad, Averted Sin, Snit Evader, and RE: Deviants.

    • BornInATrailer

      see: VD train!

  • Callyson

    This gets better and better:
    Limbaugh recently insisted that the company had turned down offers from pro-adultery website
    “We do not [accept] sponsor companies that help people cheat on their spouses,” Limbaugh told his listeners last week. “We have not accepted [their offer]. We have never run ads from [them]. We never will.”
    No, of course not–adultery is a topic that Rush teaches free of charge…

    • Beowoof

      With Newt he leads by example.

  • smashedinhat

    Pigs at the trough.

  • veritass

    We’re not aligning ourselves with Rush Limbaugh because as we say on our website about him, he wouldn’t recognize Bible truths if it were a bottle of pills sitting on his desk.

    That's some high quality snark. I don't say this often (actually: ever), but kudos Westboro Baptist Crazy Assholes. Kudos.

    • DCBloom

      agreed. Almost Wonkette grade snark

      • UW8316154

        Is that what happened to "Ken Layne"?

      • Negropolis

        And, Wonkette-grade snark is weapons-grade snark, perfect for a war blog…we're enriching humor, over here, quicker than Iran can enrich yellowcake uranium…mmm…yellow cake….

    • nirrti_rachelle

      Oh wow. When the "God Hates Fags" folks are having jokes at your expense, you know you've hit rock bottom.

  • Doktor StrangeZoom

    Since the local affiliate's rebroadcast of this week's This American Life happens to be on the radio at the moment, I though I'd make a lame attempt to tie it to this post. Hey, Rush: This is what REAL journalists do when they realize they've screwed the pooch:

    For journalists, this week’s TAL episode was a pitch-perfect illustration of what to do when you mess up. In one hour of radio, TAL host Ira Glass owned up to his mistake, gave a platform to one good and resourceful journalist (Rob Schmitz) to show how he sniffed out a fake story, interviewed Daisey—with an amazingly deft touch but without pulling punches—to allow him to try to explain why he lied about having witnessed things he did not witness and why he still thinks what he does is okay in theater but not in journalistic outlets, and then brought a New York Times reporter into the conversation in order to hammer home the point that, despite Daisey’s fabrications, most of what he said about the factories that make Apple products in China is true.

    • AbandonHope

      That episode was almost painful to listen to at some points, as the editors let twenty or more seconds of dead air to just sit there while Daisey struggled to come up with the nerve to respond to some of the questions. My wife actually had to check her iPhone (oh the irony!) to make sure we hadn't lost the stream. But I agree, it was amazing to hear.

      • Doktor StrangeZoom

        What really ticks me off is the utter needlessness of Daisey's lying–it would STILL be effective theater–and accurate journalism–if he'd simply stuck to the facts–3 factories, not 10. 3 or 4 illegal union operatives, not 20. Poisoned workers at another factory, but no, he didn't have to personally meet them for the poisoning to be horrific. Suspicious political culture that puts union activists in jail, but no armed guards at FoxConn As both the Marketplace and NY Times reporters said, just about all of the stuff Daisey talked about has actually happened–but not to the people Mike Daisey met. By lying about witnessing it first-hand, Daisey undercuts attempts to get manufacturers to do anything about it.

        Meanwhile, James O'Keefe is a guerrilla journalist.

    • not that Dewey

      Not only did Ira Glass devote an hour to undoing a previous hour he had done, but Charles Osgood this morning spent 5 minutes on Ira Glass spending an hour undoing an hour he had done, thereby undoing a previous 5-minute Charles Osgood piece about the original Ira Glass piece. Whew.

      He (Osgood) also spent 5 minutes on the fact that Wall Street bankers are such big whiners, in that they have no problem name-calling others (e.g. Muppets), but prefer not to be name-called, themselves (e.g., amoral, sociopathic assholes). That, too, is how good journalism is done. (Some decent Muppet B-roll, too.)

  • BarackMyWorld

    I hate to defend Limbaugh, but even he's not as irrational and hateful as the WBC weirdos. They are the bottom of the crazy barrell, below even the KKK and the John Birch Society.

    • Doktor StrangeZoom

      They are not a church. They are a law firm trolling for assaults against them.

      • BarackMyWorld

        I believe I called them "weirdos," actually.

        • Doktor StrangeZoom

          Let us say that you are in the WBC. Now let us say that you are a litigious weirdo publicity whore. Ah, but I repeat myself.

          • BarackMyWorld

            I've heard that charge before, but Phelps family members who've left the organization still swear the WBC members really believe the garbage they spew.

    • Negropolis

      I don't know? In the past decade or so, I've gotten a kind of wink-and-a-nod vibe from them, particularly after there ABC interview. I think that they are probably both crazy and crazy-as-a-fox, if that's possible.

      BTW, Limbaugh is far more dangerous simply because of the size of his audience and range. I used to get really mad at WBC, but I've come to accept that they are far less dangerous to the nation's disourse than the likes of the Very Serious People the nation takes seriously (read: Rick Warren, Pat Robertson, etc…)

  • PuckStopsHere

    Yeah, but they are still going to picket his funeral, right?
    (Both feet are in bounds on this one so the catch is good, since I didn't say I hoped that said funeral will be right soon, or that Mr. Limbaugh would die a painful, lonely death, etc…)

    • Doktor StrangeZoom

      I sure am glad you didn't hope for anything more unpleasant to happen to Mr. Limbaugh than is already involved in the sheer hideousness of BEING Rush Limbaugh.

  • Crank_Tango

    Even a blind drug addict can occasionally find an oxycontin on the floor of his mansion.

    • Rotundo_

      Rusty "plays" crazy to froth the bubbas on radio, WBC are crazier than Rusty's target audience. WBC is the real deal. Makes Jim Jones look rational by comparison.

  • I give it a 3. Could use a more danceable beat, but the singer is just the best.

  • Monsieur_Grumpe

    I refuse to believe that Rush has developed some semblance of a moral compass. This has got to have something to do with money.

    • Thing is, not even fundies who really believe "God Hates Fags" like WBC. They go to troops' funerals and say they're going to hell, or god hates troops, and whatnot. Doesn't play good anywhere, including to those who cling to their God, Guns, 'n' Gold. (Rush's target demo).

  • SheriffRoscoe

    "[Rush] wouldn’t recognize Bible truths if it were a bottle of pills sitting on his desk.”

    Those crazy ass bitches at WBC sure can crack some good jokes.

  • facehead

    I remember reading something interesting about the Westboro Church (forgive me I can't remember the source). Anyhoo, the claim was that the Westboro Church is essentially run by a bunch of con men, and their main goal is to do outrageous shit (protest military funerals, etc.), in hopes that one of their members gets attacked. Then, once attacked, they sue the pants of the dude who attacked them, and that's how they make money/stay afloat.

    Neat idea, dunno if there's any truth to it, but that ad is so ridiculous, it feels right.

    • Hedley_Lamarr

      Quite true. He started his batshit insane sue-em-all attitude in 1974, when he sued Sears for $50 million for delivering his television set a few days late.

      • Redhead

        Wait, he did that and won? You mean I could have (quick calculation) about $120 million (plus inflation) today if it had only occurred to me that I could be a BIGGER asshole about my tv being late than just bitching to the manager?

        • Hedley_Lamarr

          Nah, the lawsuit dragged on for six years and Sears eventually settled for $126 (the TV was $180).

  • SolitaireRose

    Too bad. I'd love to hear an ad for a church right after an ad for

    • The fall from grace of Rush is exemplified by the list of publicity hounds willing to ride the coattails of his misfortune.

  • SheriffRoscoe

    I've always found the folks at Westboro Baptist Church to be an interesting lot. For all their insanity, they absolutely know from which they speak re: The Bible. This is quite useful when pointing out to a mainstream Christian just how utterly batshit their cherished scripture is.

    • DCBloom

      Well said!

    • It's that Excellent Lawyerin' in them. They can read the most ridiculous documents and find "the angles".

    • If you insist that the only way to read the Bible is the batshit fundamentalist way. I will give the benefit of the doubt to the liberal denominations who aren't trying to make everyone's lives miserable.

  • Schmegeg

    Idolatry. I think I can beat that charge.

  • I'm starting to respect the Westboro Baptist PR folks (despite hating them in a very un-Jesus-y way), because between the "bottle of pills" line and calling Radiohead "freak monkeys with mediocre tunes", they do know how to A) grab headlines and B) turn a memorable phrase. Well-played, crazy PR team, well-played.

    • Some of my best friends are freak monkeys with mediocre tunes.

      • I listen to Radiohead on an almost daily basis. I wonder if they wrote a song about WBC or spoke about them? I'm in the dark here and I'm commenting-before-Googling.

      • SheriffRoscoe

        Some of my best friends are bottles of pills.

    • nirrti_rachelle

      I think that the Westboro folks aren't as "crazy" as they want us to think they are, that their entire operation is one big attempt at real-life trolling.

  • NYNYNYjr

    They really seem to me to be political performance art, something thought up at Goddard College 20 years ago and secretly carried out by a few dedicated people to help make the world more liberal and tolerant. Steve Drain? But facehead makes a good point too, re: con men. Mob front?

  • Beowoof

    I am thinking the log cabin republicans have told Rush they will stop listening.

  • gullywompr

    Hey, a man's got to have standards. I'll let you know when I find him.

  • pinkocommi

    If God made those Westboro people in his own image, then he suffers from a serious self image problem because those people are complete jackasses.

    • redarmyzombie

      I have the strangest, strangest feeling that God is currently tied up and locked away inside one of these wackos closets. Probably by Rick Santorum.

  • AbandonHope

    I will go on record right here and say I do wish for the death of every single person at Westboro Baptist Church, except for the children who can probably be saved before it's too late. This isn't a threat of any kind, just a strong desire. I do believe each and every one of those assholes will die, and preferably in some extremely poetically appropriate way, such as a freak tornado obliterating the compound. There are few life forms on this planet lower than those scumsuckers, save for murderers, rapists, and James O'Keefe.

    • fuflans

      hey! we can't do this curse shit anymore.

  • not that Dewey

    The Hare and the Hound, or Why an Opportunistic Shitstain such as Limbaugh can Never Successfully Go Head-to-Head against True Believers such as WBC.

    The True Believers invariably out-crazy the Shitstains.

    • Doktor StrangeZoom

      I had no idea that Aesop discussed grifter shitstains.

      • not that Dewey

        They were called "Sophists" back then…

        • user-of-owls

          And they were pro-choice.

          • Doktor StrangeZoom

            U-S-A!! U-S-A!! U-S-A!!

          • user-of-owls

            In marble:

            V-S-A!! V-S-A!! V-S-A!!

          • Perfect.

          • not that Dewey

            Rush Limbaugh could say "fuck", but he could not do it.

          • user-of-owls

            George Carlin could do both.

          • not that Dewey

            Sure, but he wasn't Styron down the barrel at a full-on advertiser coup.

          • user-of-owls

            You're such a nat-picker.

          • not that Dewey

            I'll Turner round, sooner or later.

          • user-of-owls

            Hope so, cuz' cracks like that stingo, ya know?

  • ttommyunger

    "Steve Drain?" You're kidding, right? You just can't make this shit up…

    • Tundra Grifter


      His middle name is probably "Downthe."

  • Since Rush is a blind hog, the National Pork Board would be a natural as an advertiser.

  • user-of-owls

    Last week I tuned in to the local K-HATE affiliate during Limbaugh's 10am-2pm slot to see what was up. Dead air. Complete, total dead hair for four hours. Every single day. And you guys know where I live, right?

    It was the best thing I didn't hear in a long, long time.

    • Where do you live, owls?

      • user-of-owls

        Trees, mostly.

        • flamingpdog

          Are they Mitt Romney-approved trees?

          • not that Dewey

            Sure. They're just the right white.

          • Negropolis

            Which would make sense, since Mitt Romney's home state of Michigan has the White Pin as its state tree.

          • not that Dewey

            Snark + Serendipity = Snarkendipity ?

          • user-of-owls

            You know there's a reason why your types get strapped to the roofs of cars.

    • Negropolis

      An Arkansas without Rush Limbaugh, is like a West Viginia with teeth, or a Kim Kardashian with a sense of fidelity. That is to say, it's just about damn-near impossible to imagine such a thing.

  • Negropolis

    Westboro, eh? I've yet to see a more unintentionally creative use of mental illness than Westboro.

  • nirrti_rachelle

    Rush, why not take them up on their offer? After all, God hates fags, sluts, and blahs just like you do.

    Sounds like a sweet deal to me.

  • fuflans

    well they're right about one thing: america is doomed.

  • owhatever

    I hate to defend Rush, so I won't. It's like balancing a ten pound bag of shit on your right hand and a ten pound bag of vomit in your left. Both are equally disgusting.

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