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Rush Limbaugh’s Hot 35-Year-Old Fourth Wife So Mad You Guys

I take thee, PorkyTrouble in heaving-fat-goat paradise? According to Your No. One News Source for Political Marital Disharmony and John Edwards Babymama Travesties, yes! RUSH LIMBAUGH MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS modestly whispers the National Enquirer headline on its miserable website. And insiders inside it say beloved bride Kathryn is ready to walk! Oh nooooo, Rush! Oh nooooo!

It seems Kathryn Rush is not taking too kindly to being snubbed and lambasted by everyone she’s ever met for being bound in holiest matrimony to a sweaty, loathsome, snorfling, terribly inelegant and not-nice! person like Limbaugh, who of course apologized for “those two words” — slut and prostitute — but not the idea behind them, namely that every woman to come of age since Griswold v. Connecticut is doing sex for money, on her back. (Perhaps in Rush’s experience this has been true?)

She’s furious at the 61-year-old con­servative firebrand and threatened to walk out of their marriage if he keeps up his trash talk, say insiders.


Rush’s big mouth has caused a rift in his fourth mar­riage, and sources say he’s now running for cover from 35-year-old Kathryn, a Florida event plan­ner.


“Kathryn is fit to be tied,” said a pal. “She feels as if she’s be­ing tarred and feathered with the same brush that people are using on her hus­band. She really let him have it.

“She said she’s become a social pariah because of his hot-headed, heedless comments and warned him in no uncertain terms that he’d better keep his trap shut and stop using words like ‘slut’ for any woman!”

Oh, well, Rush. You’ll always have that lovely money to keep you warm.

[National Enquirer]

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  1. Madfall

    Ungrateful person. She gets a ton of money and all she has to do is be a faithful wife to Jabba the Hutt.

    1. actor212

      In truth, I have zero sympathy for her. She had to know what she was getting herself into yet she either blinded herself with denial or willingly jumped in to support and co-depend him.

      So fuck her. Let the ninny from Wisconsin lecture her about "remembering the good things he done for you."

    2. Omophagist

      Kathryn, mah bukee, keel-ee caleya ku kah. Wanta dah moole-rah? Wonkee chee sa crispa con Greedo?

    3. KennyFuckingPowers

      She's probably a pretty good slice, but el Rushbo ain't been takin' it.
      Then again she is 35 and not Dominican. I'm in baseball. He was in
      baseball, but he couldn't sell enough tickets for the Royals. You're fired!

  2. Lucidamente1

    “Kathryn is fit to be tied,” said a pal. “She feels as if she’s be­ing tarred and feathered.”

    OK, who put the webcam in the Limbaugh bedroom?

    1. memzilla

      "OK, who put the webcam in the Limbaugh bedroom?"

      The same person who put to bomp in the bomp-shu-bomp-sha-bomp.

      1. unclejeems

        Personally, I'd go with the ram in the rama lama ding dong. Since we're speaking of big fat greasy human dongs.

    2. actor212

      “Kathryn is fit to be tied,” said a pal. “She feels as if she’s be­ing tarred and feathered.”

      Well, considering all the cosmetic surgery Rush bought her….

  3. Maman

    Imagine being the childless wife of a woman married to the turd that calls women using contraception "sluts and whores"… yeah, I would be mad too

      1. unclejeems

        I'd guess Rush himself serves as her own personal contraception device, and he's 100% effective.

  4. memzilla

    The p***y boycott will have no effect on Rush unless the Dominican Rentboy Union joins, too. UNION FOREVER !!!lebenty11!!

  5. HempDogbane

    Rush believes in marriage, and he could probably find another wife, so this doesn't seem like a very big problem.

  6. annettaj

    Now was this "insider" friend of Mrs. Limbaugh's being sat on and prompted by Lush–I mean Rush– when all of this came out?

  7. LesBontemps

    “Kathryn is fit to be tied,”

    Okay, but just make sure Santorum doesn't find the pictures.

  8. MrsBiggTime

    I wonder if there's any nice divorce lawyers (from Georgetown, for example?) who might want to take her case?

    1. Lizzietish81

      Wife's Attorney: "Just look at this man, listen to what he has to say, being married to him must have been a nightmare!"

      Rush's attorney: "Just look at this fat pig of a man, with no social grace or any redeeming characteristics. Surely she knew what she was getting into!"

  9. Native_of_SL_UT

    I was almost starting to feel sorry for what this woman is going through. Then I remembered that she is a slut.

  10. iburl

    She needs to take that mustachioed Wisconsin lawmaker's advice and remember why she got married in the first place: He's wallowing in a pigsty of moolah.

    1. Terry

      If she goes back to him, she really only has two options. One, make sure he eats lots and lots of processed meat products at every meal, then occasionally give him a good scare. Two, start waxing the bathtub.

      1. iburl

        I bet he'd find a shelf with a toaster oven over the tub quite handy, for frequent snacking.

  11. JackDempsey1

    Hey, I believe Paul Harvey had 8 or 9 wives, too.
    There's something about AM radio frequencies that turns women on.

    1. Terry

      A bunch of young, female lawyers are very likely to offer to help her break the pre-nup. Pro bono, too.

  12. SorosBot

    Shouldn't she have become a social pariah the moment she married that bloated, misogynistic, racist turd and blight on our public discourse nearly twice her age?

    Any woman willing to fuck that Hutt deserves no respect, or sympathy.

    1. Dumbedup

      now wait a minute. Say under the pre nup she gets 20-30 million. Would you let Rush grunt on you once or twice a week for that bread? Honestly. Let's say it's 10 or 50. Everyone has their number.

    2. Steverino247

      Hutts need love too, brother. Who knows, maybe her rubbing on him stopped so he decided to be a dick to Ms. Fluke to get even with women in general. I've seen a LOT of dumbass guys who are all sweetness until the girlfriend says, "no" once and then it's a scream fest about "How all you bitches," etc. etc.

      My advice to anyone early in a dating relationship is to say "no" once and gauge the reaction. Don't pick her mom's funeral, but something small that should not be a big deal. If you get a Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction reaction, it's time to end the relationship. Quickly.

  13. Baconzgood

    4 marriages? So sanctimonious. I had one marriage and I told current my lil' lady. "Why get married? I screwed up the first so aparently I'm just not good at it. Why go through all that crap with court? When you split you'll only have to fill out a change of address card."

    1. SorosBot

      Four marriages, no children – and he thinks it's OK to call all women who use birth control sluts and prostitutes.

  14. Terry

    "She’s furious at the 61-year-old con­servative firebrand and threatened to walk out of their marriage if he keeps up his trash talk, say insiders."

    Didn't she have a clue before she married him that he might occasionally engage in trash talk? Didn't she listen to his show?

  15. thefrontpage

    Does this mean that Rush and Kathy won't be hosting their annual cocaine- and tequila-fuled Felching and Dirty Sanchez Parties any more? Because those were a lot of fun–especially the ones attended by Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, who each took about 20 minutes to lose their clothes and walk around naked! Those were great parties!

  16. bonghitforjesus

    "she’s become a social pariah"… So she isn't upset about the content of her husband's hateful rants, she's upset that it has interrupted her social life. I guess that means no more tractor pulls or meth lab soft openings?!?

  17. Sue4466

    To paraphrase, she knew he was a fat bloated lying misogynistic snake when she picked him up.

    Though, if she didn't know all of this when she married him, then she is a stupid as we'd expect anyone who'd marry a fat bloated lying misogynistic snake to be.

    Either way. Or both.

    1. unclejeems

      Toad. The snake reference is appropriate, but I think toad conjures up a more vivid image. Fat bloated lying misogynistic toad.

  18. gullywompr

    I feel so sorry for this woman who was tricked into marrying someone who turned out to be completely different than the sweet, warm, teddy bear she thought he was.

  19. Toomush_Infer

    No sympathy – just the idea of lying in a bed as Rush sets his huge sweaty ass on the side of it should have been enough for her to make a critical economic judgment….that she didn't just clarifies the lack of consciousness she's clung to, until her friends started calling her a slut…

  20. SoBeach

    Maybe she forgot to include "no public, embarrassing expressions of misogyny and bigotry" in the pre-nup. Bummer.

  21. Callyson

    Not sure who the hell she thought she was getting for a husband–feminazis, anyone?–but I guess it's a good thing she is waking the hell up now. Welcome to the reality – based community, Kathryn…it'll be alright, lots of women have made romantic mistakes and survived…

    1. Terry

      Naw, he's too fat to have sex. Just the idea of getting around that stomach, let alone any question of ability to perform. She's a combination of beard and nursemaid.

  22. WeHaveIssues

    There is no such thing as a "social pariah" in the state of Florida, nice try.
    [Sleeping around with the Cuban gardener?]

  23. Wilcoxyz

    You know what they say: if your 4th marriage to a much younger woman doesn't work out, your 5th probably won't either.

  24. SolitaireRose

    The important question is: How long does she have to put off actually divorcing him for the payout. Wife number 3 pretty much filed immediately after she hit the 10 year payout clause.

  25. Not_So_Much

    She's probably just (understandably) upset that her hips have been permanently dislocated for bearing weight they were never designed for.

  26. Manhattan123

    Go ahead and leave him, toots, there's a 10-year-old Dominican boy just standing by for a night of Viagra-fueled comfort sex for Rushbo.

  27. Redhead

    Hypothetical question – purely hypothetical.

    What makes a woman more of a slut and prostitute – expecting that if her insurance policy is going to cover boner pills, it should also cover the birth control that she has chosen for herself, as a responsible adult? Or marrying a disgusting, old, fat drug addict who runs his mouth in a vile way because he has lots of money?

    1. Pop_Socket

      Purely hypothetically, how much money are we talking about? And was that before or after all his sponsors starting treating him like something they didn't realize was on the bottom of their shoe?

  28. DCBloom

    I hope it's a really nasty divorce and all the secrets come outta the closet.
    Who's making popcorn?

  29. Limeylizzie

    , namely that every woman to come of age since Griswold v. Connecticut is doing sex for money, on her back. (Perhaps in Rush’s experience this has been true?)

    I am usually on my knees if I am trying to get MrLimeylizzie to buy me something.

  30. KotBR

    She said she’s become a social pariah because of his hot-headed, heedless comments

    Actually, I think she became a social pariah when she married the odious fuck.

  31. HistoriCat

    I can't believe some of the comments here – absolutely shocking! This woman has done nothing – NOTHING – to make anyone call her a slut. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

    Now if you want to talk about her whore diamonds, go right ahead.

  32. chascates

    Each of Rush's marriage ceremonies gets more and more elaborate. The last one had a military honor guard so the next one will have to take place in a football stadium with a circus parade complete with steam calliope.

  33. Millennial Malaise

    Methinks the comments about being a slut and a prostitute hit a little too close to home for the Mrs. Limbaugh the Fourth. Seriously though, who needs society when you've got access to the checking account? Kathryn, take a cue from your husband and just buy some idiots to hang out with you. Worked with you, right?

  34. DaRooster

    Poor Rush. I really feel for him as he is such a caring guy that wears his heart on his sleeve. All he tries to do is good and then he gets mistreated like this. This is the exact type of thing that hurts a man so much, probably enough to go as far as to abuse her physically.

    Fuckin' Maggot!

  35. FakaktaSouth

    She married Rush for all the PARTIES and FRIENDS? I know this bitch can at least read – even I know that Rush's parties are all about other dudes and being on an island somewhere, and here she thought she was going to be the American "Kate Whatever her name is now that she's married to William." ? Good lord she IS dumb enough to have married someone like Rush Limbaugh after all.

  36. Guppy

    "Pariah" implies that the treatment is through no fault of your own, and you chose to marry him, honey! I'm willing to bet you chose to sign that prenup as well.

    Will the uniformed color guard be present in the divorce court as well?

  37. owhatever

    Callista? You paying attention? Rush has more money than the Newt, and is just as respected among the knuckledraggers. Maybe you could jump from being wife number three straight to being wife number five. Interested?

  38. Exhausted66

    " Kathryn, a Florida event plan­ner."

    Florida event planner?

    "Keg's over there. Yayo's on it's way. That'll be 2 thousand dollars."

  39. elgin_pelican

    Hey, you stay married to the bombastic prick you have, not the one you wish you had.

  40. ElPinche

    Oh ! Was it because what he said?
    I thought it was because she suffocates in Rush's rank-ass oxicontin and coffee breath piled under his sweaty stinking fat rolls while getting swine-banged. She must curse the big pharma every fucking night.

  41. Gopherit

    Money might not keep you warm, but underage dominican boys will if you pile enough on you, eh Rush?

  42. ttommyunger

    Of course, Rush scraped this one off of the bottom of the Internet Barrel, too, so you know it's a marriage made in Heaven. Stay classy, Limbaughs!

  43. DahBoner

    Wait! She is pissed because he called a woman a "slut"?

    For a minute there, I thought she discovered the trunk with the bodies of the underaged Dominican cabana boys…

  44. poncho_pilot

    "Rush’s big mouth has caused a rift in his the fourth mar­riage the fabric of space and time."

  45. Rotundo_

    And in other economic news the Dominican Republic peso has achieved parity with a penny, a nearly two thousand percent increase, on word that Rush Limbaughs marriage is in trouble and the market value of dominican boys had gone up spectacularly.

  46. Mondo_Cane

    I hope you gayz are proud of yourselves – another sacred union on the ropes, wounded by your desire to change the marriage ideal –

  47. CessnaDriver

    Is there anyone out there who didn't think this to be a marriage like "Michael and Lisa Marie"?

  48. mosjef

    Wait til she finds out their 15-year-old Dominican pool boy has been draining Rush's pipe for downers.

  49. Negropolis

    Wait, so the alleged split would be due to not what Rush said about Fluke, so much as it would be that it's keeping her from fancy cocktail parties? Yeah, that sounds about right. These two are made for each other.

  50. MyOwnPlanet

    I haver never believed that this was a real marriage. I believe that Kathryn is just a beard.

  51. Smithboy

    I imagine spreading her legs and then having a two ton slab of fat crawl on top of her is not a day in the park.

  52. joeytranchina

    What's the definition of an "honorable politician?"
    That's one who once bought stays bought.

    It's not like she did not know who she was going to marry.
    Rush Limbaugh is not an unknown commodity.
    His grotesqueness preceded even his belly.

    Could it be that the push-back against Rush intruded
    even into their small circle of uber-rich Republican friends?
    It would be encouraging to think that but I don't.

  53. kathop53

    personally, i'm impressed with the level the Lush's subtlety: all this time, and he never revealed his true self to his wife…it took OTHER people to clue her in…

  54. garryboldwater

    What other than money and status would a hot 35 year old chick want with a hyprocritical, laird ass, cigar smoking, balding, GOP pantywashing, obese, sweathog?

  55. Terry

    "She’s furious at the 61-year-old con­servative firebrand and threatened to walk out of their marriage if he keeps up his trash talk, say insiders."

    Given that he's been trash talking for years and making a very comfortable living at it, I would suggest she start packing immediately.

  56. mosaickmind

    uh, didn't she ever listen to his show before deciding to marry him? I guess love is blind…and deaf – thank goodness for her.

  57. dzweifler

    I feel really bad for her because there was obviously no way she should have known that this side of Rush existed before they married. I mean, could ANYONE have seen this coming?

  58. greencar

    oooooooooooo, Rebecca, you little gossip girl. Does your mommy know you are misbehaving writing these rediculous articles? Find a new job with some redeeming value, because there is none here.

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