Big DaddyTake out your wallet, Tim Geithner, and send nice Breitbart protege James O’Keefe all your money at once! Young master O’Keefe has really upped his game this time, and is currently doing the Lord’s Work exposing murderous African dictators nice Vermont poll workers who don’t ask him for ID, because that is not the law there. OUTRAGE! TEARING OF HAIR AND GNASHING OF TEETH! How dare these Communist Socialist Kenyan Vermonter poll workers just totally follow the law? What is even going on here, SHEEPLE! More importantly, what will O’Keefe expose next?
* People writing checks at the grocery store.
* Dads who take the kids to school instead of the moms.
* Somebody watching HBO instead of TV.
*People not being total dicks.
Your turn (and better, we hope), plus WORLD-CHANGING video, after the jump!


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