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Guilt by guiltMove over, Derrick Bell! (Well, if you could move, since you have been “late” since 2011.) There’s a new wingnut freakout comin’ atcha! Let’s just crown Rick Santorum right now, y’all; no need for another election with this smoking gun! VIDEO! OBAMA ADMITS HE SHARES VALUES WITH COMMUNIST CONGRESSMAN, screams, er, “” But Bernie Sanders is a senator now. Whomever could they mean? It is “Rep.” Danny Davis — if that is even his real name! — and he received an award from the Communist Party USA! BURN HIM! Terrifying video after the jump!

The award, named for Chris Hani, an ant-Apartheid leader, and Rudy Lozano, a total ACORN!!!1!, was for “a lifetime of inspiring leadership,” and not only did Rep. Davis not spit in their faces, he did not even karate-chop them! Busted!

Barack Obama, who in a speech in 2004 said he shared the values of this terrifying US Congressman, has yet to denounce and reject his relationship with known Communist Davis, a total Fifth Columnist who actually sits on the House Homeland Security Committee. Barack Obama must be re-educated once. BUSTED!

[ExposeObama/Rebel Pundit]

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