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Liveblogging What Mississippi, Alabama Think Of 4 (Still 4!) Guys In Ties


Hi. Tonight we are reminded that this country has 50 states and even some territories, and each must have her chance to say, “Ahem” regarding positions of power. It’s time for us to tune in to Mississippi and Alabama (and later, after this Wonkette has gone to bed at 8PM PST or so, Hawaii) and see to what degree its people enjoy the last four lemon and orange Starbursts left in the package, as it were. Already John King is pressing rounded red squares, which means “N/A” in terms of actual information. So far we know that Romney is leading is Miss. and Santorum is leading in Ala. But do stick around, stay awhile! Look at the percent signs on your screen so long that they start to look very strange!

8:01PM — John King, squared, red, data, thing. Romney has 459 delegates right now, so goodnight.
8:02PM — No, wait, stay.
8:04PM — An unhappy former spokesperson with a decent tan, for this time of year, is convinced that someone will go away after tonight. But whooooooo? (Gingrich.)
8:07PM — A Gingrich spokesperson said, “We’re not even halfway through” this campaign season, which is just really an eighth wonder of the world, as sentences go. “We’re a credible candidate,” this man (who is also wearing a tie) added.
8:11PM — A lady in the Rick Santorum camp is reminding us how terrible Romney is at success, this decade and the previous one.
8:15PM — “It’s gonna be Rick and Mitt,” predicts this woman.
8:17PM — Meanwhile the New York Times offers “a complete breakdown” (indeed, NYT, indeed) of Alabama’s exit polls. BTW, Newt Gingrich is doing quite well there, so the lady from 8:15PM may want to watch herself!
8:19PM — “Look at that battle that’s going on,” says Wolf, and he is talking about exit poll numbers from Mississippi, where Romney, Santorum and Gingrich are littrully neck-and-neck.
8:21PM — Some inmates in Birmingham, Alabama, instead of doing “hard labor,” for a change are going to help people put ballots into a scary room. Certainly we trust criminals with ballots more than we trust potential future criminals with ballots, yes we do.
8:26PM — Wolf Blitzer wants his man in Mississippi to find out, “What’s inside those bags, if you don’t mind?” NO NO NO, do not open the bags! Fine, the bags just have some absentee voter information in them. This is so unnecessarily confusing, thank god we are not voting tonight, we might just vote for “Nice CNN guy finding out about some bags.”
8:29PM — TRICKLAGE of Alabama information.
8:32PM — According to Mr. King, some percentage of another different percentage, which is in turn another percentage of both, people think that Romney is not conservative enough, but is also vastly more likely to beat Barack Obama, which does not mean they have even voted for Romney. Ornery, people are.
8:35PM — Banter, chuckles, not important.
8:37PM — Santorum does not have a Woman Problem in the South, obviously, but nor does Romney.
8:40PM — “It is a lifetime between now and the election” — CNN woman, heartbreaker.
8:42PM — Here are some tiny things about Mississippi, with less than one percent reporting. Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, Paul, Uncommitted (George W. Bush).
8:45PM — Here is how a Palm Pilot works — CNN ballot guy in Pascagoula, Miss., who is going to completely fuck up these results because CNN’s Shannon won’t leave him alone.
8:47PM — What! Now Gingrich is leading in Mississippi, still with only >1%. Things are starting to get…to be happening.
8:50PM — Wait, wait, waiiiiiiiiiieeeet. Rick Santorum has taken the lead again, but Gingrich is still in second.
8:51PM — VERY, VERY CLOSE, says Wolf Blitzer, which is how you would describe these results if you were a professional hired to explain it.
8:52PM — John King is committing voter fraud on his touchscreen device, BECAUSE HE CAN.
8:55PM — Newt Gingrich stunt double in Harry Potter glasses is explaining numbers on a sad, old, gray screen. Basically Rick Santorum is having a moment, it feels so long.
8:57PM — Switching to Fox News for a second, for the joy of it.
8:58PM — A lady is talking in place of O’Reilly about PINHEADS. Never mind, back to The Most Trusted Name In News (maybe? Who is that again?)
9:00PM — “We’re going to be bringing you all the numbers first before anyone else.” — Wolf. But um, back to the inmates for now.
9:02PM — Oh look, a thing: Romney says that while he’s down here in the South telling lies to tradition folk, he might as well say that he wants to end Planned Parenthood completely forever. Oh, just in case that wasn’t enough, there is also “The National Endowment for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Humanities” to be incinerated. W@@T.
9:05PM — Cheek implants, live.
9:09PM — The discussion right now is about at what time to the second Gingrich will drop out, IF HE EVEN EVER DOES.
9:11PM — Oh, Intrade, we forgot about you. Intrade knows the future and in the future, Santorum wins Alabama and Romney wins Mississippi.
9:13PM — But how can that gypsy website really know? Especially since here we have Santorum winning Mississippi, too, right now, right this second.
9:18PM — “Sixteen percent — that’s a significant number of votes,” says Wolf, who thought he was losing you. And so with that, Santorum is indeed “winning” both states by quite a lot!
9:21PM — CNN would like to declare that it is the only network in the ballot bunkers in Mississippi, confusing the heck out of old ladies by uttering lots of numbers while they’re trying to sort and COUNT!
9:25PM — “Fellas” are “updating these numbers every second…and that’s why we’re getting these numbers.” Whattttt.
9:28PM — Ha, so Romney is now in third place in Mississippi. But WILL HE STAY this bad? Or will he become two percent or so less bad?
9:29PM — Does anyone care about Alabama? It has not been mentioned in 18 minutes. But here’s what we “know”:

9:30PM — And more knowing: Santorum exceeding others by 4% in Alabama TOO. For now.
9:33PM — Mitt Romney is on now, not giving a concession speech or two in one, but rather answering probing questions about Afghanistan, and he is repeating his usual message, which is that it is not the president’s job to decide what to do with guns and missiles, really, or anything, except buy and sell parts of America, just buy and sell, until there is no deficit left in one’s offshore Federal Reserve, there is one of those, isn’t there?
9:38PM — Romney has perfected the televised fake delay, and has also stolen all his lines from Jon Huntsman.
9:39PM — “I know you have a limited amount of time…” Wolf tells Mitt. More soothsaying from a master of the form.
9:46PM — “They keep happening, and they keep mattering,” Rachel Maddow says re: primaries, which is a bit too sobering and real for this small-percenty time of night.
9:48PM — Not a compliment, but CNN is just so dynamic compared to this serious discussion about variables.
9:50PM — A recap courtesy Maddow, 72% of the vote is in in Mississippi, and yet it is firmly and undeniably and evening-ruiningly a “three-way.” Race. Less of the vote in in Alabama, and yet the deal is the same.
9:53PM — NBC is calling it: SANTORUM “WINS” ALABAMA with 35% of the vote even though Mississippi is way ahead. Oh well.
9:56PM — Haha, back to CNN where despite having “all of the” numbers “before” “everyone” else, no determination has been made about the fact that Santorum has won and has winnèd Alabama.
10 Freaking O’Clock — “It couldn’t be much closer than this” in Mississippi, that is. But but but but and there is 79% of the vote in, and technically nobody is in first place, but will Gingrich resign from life before bedtime? It could happen!
10:08PM — WHAT JON HUNTSMAN. Has 61 votes somewhere in this land.
10:11PM — “This is changing every single second” and the technology is “amazing” according to CNN, which has never encountered e-mail, lamps, telephones, EZ-Pass, or any other form of instantaneous electronic thing.
10:14PM — In case you were wondering, Rick Perry is at SXSW grooving out to, I don’t know, GRIMES, and talking with a guy who “makes water fun,” which means he fills old water bottles with vodka and walks around, listening to bands.
10:20PM — And because stats are fun, you could fit all of the people who voted for Santorum in Alabama into the Rose Bowl. Here they are.
woooooo zygotes
10:22PM — And Politico is so weird now that it doesn’t even put the results in the subject of its Breaking News e-mails. “Breaking: Results.” Thanks. Also, NBC? Was doing this a long time ago, and definitively.
10:25PM — We are now waiting for Rick Santorum’s spirit to soar verbally.
10:28PM — Romney guy Eric Fehrnstroum is talking about how Rick and Newt can’t get enough delegates, which is funny because can Romney at all either? This guy is also clarifying about the Planned Parenthood thing (see 9:02PM). Planned Parenthood “does not meet Romney’s test” in terms of funding, but the organization will still exist. It just won’t have a lot of money to screen women for breast cancer, oh. That’s OK, yeah, fine. No.
10:31PM — Santorum will now speak, from not even either of the right states (Louisiana). Someone has declared Santorum an “honorary cajun.” Er…
10:33PM — “Who’d have thought” that someone with no money could give a bazillionionononaire a run for his — literally — money, translation.
10:35PM — Haha, Rick Santorum looked us right in the eye, and said, “Bless you, I love you,” even though we did not sneeze, because he was talking through us to Bella. Meanwhile other daughter Elizabeth is getting bombed on a beach in Hawaii, for spring break! No, a political event!
10:37PM — Obama or somebody is “irresponsible” and “irresponsive.” GOOD ONE.
10:38PM — We are in the heart of gas. One of the sons is rolling his eyes in overwhelming fatigue, or hatred.
10:40PM — Oh my god, Rebecca Blackdaughter and geeky young son want to smash fists to faces over who loves faith MORE. She is so into it. “YEP,” she cries, beaming and clapping. (There was a word about faith spoken — “faith” — and it was a BIG HIT.)
10:42PM — These people just LAUGHED about the fact that the Santorum campaign is “heading to Puerto Rico next,” which…what is that all about, you crazies?
10:43PM — OH MY GOD DRAMATIC DEVELOPMENTS. While we’ve been on air, Santorum has won Mississippi or something. Karen just mouthed “WE WON” and away they go! Thank god, different god.
10:44PM — We are watching this veeeery veeeery cautiously.
10:49PM — OK, nine years later, Rick Santorum has also/still/again won Mississippi, so this yearbook photo ended up having a purpose after all, great.
10:50PM — So, delegates, anything, anyone? Nothing, but we are being told that this is very “dramatic.” So, well, there is this, from the NYT, which shows Romney a million (more than 200) delegates ahead, even after all this. BAH!
10:54PM — Anyhow, tonight is also Hawaii, later on, because they are just waking up over there. Now Callista Gingrich is here telling us that “We are committed to removing [Barack Obama] from the White House.” Sounds mean. The Gingriches believe that their message is the reason that this week, Obama “stepped up the rhetoric.” Uh.
10:57PM — Suppose it’s worth noting that Newt did come second in Mississippi.
10:58PM — The question is, wha? A “substantial number of delegates” which Newt describes as “greater than what he had yesterday” has been acquired, and “thank you.” Technically all this is true.
10:59PM — Some Romney heckling. “You’re not a very strong frontrunner.” Much turning head to the side and looking down at the podium, which is Newt’s way of saying, “I have just made a funny.”
11:02PM — Since none of these people are going away, why should we go away, or eat ever, or sleep? So we’re still here, making you WORK at that scroll mechanism.
11:05PM — Newt says it turns out we have 1600000000% or something more oil than we thought we had, and it’s all under North Dakota, home of the, ahem, Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Do you remember, Newt, or anybody else, what that was all about? That guy with the tiny glasses who liked trees?
11:08PM — “If you will Twitter” then Newt can remain alive forever. Goodbye, he is not dropping out, but he is walking away from this night to the cool sheets of a Best Western bed.
11:13PM — So. There is really nothing more to say. Because elitist Mitt is in New York, one of the two evil cities of America where real Americans do not really live, according to Santorum, trying to raise money, money that may as well be injected into Planned Parenthood or Charity:Water or the FED, for Fed’s sake, because a lot of good it is doing for this “frontrunner.” GOODNIGHT!
11:16PM — Wait, back for one more sec just to say that John King just said, “If Romney can pull off American Samoa…” Yr moment of Zen, as it were. Bye for real.

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    1. C_R_Eature

      He looks like the kind of guy that the neighbors tell the News Crew "But he was such a nice, quiet boy…"

        1. C_R_Eature

          "He did spend an awful lot of time in his basement. And he mail ordered a case of skin lotion."

          1. C_R_Eature

            "And one day i heard him muttering 'It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.' under his breath. I still don't know what that means."

  1. bumfug

    We'll see how effective Romney's latest pander was: "I'm not a fan of slavery but I have some very good friends who are owners".

  2. Harry_S_Truman

    They'll each win one? And the qualitative difference between Mississippi and Alabama is what again?

    1. littlebigdaddy

      Miss. is cooler and more decadent, in the William Faulkner sort of way. Alabama has given us nothing in 200 years,

    2. Negropolis

      Well, the latter actually has a moderately-large metropolitan area and a number of other fairly significant cities which tends to moderate its conservatism. Mississippi, on the other hand, is still just Post-Reconstruction in culture.

      Basically, Alabama is Mississippi if Mississippi had an actual manufacturing sector.

      Okay, okay. All of you Alabamans and Mississippians can take me to task, now, for my snark.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      Seriously, I have to admit that that might have been the only thing Mittens said that I have ever agreed with. I mean, if he had said it sincerely.

    1. Designer_Rants

      Yeah, but I was surprised to hear both his parents worked all their lives for the gubbmint, and his dad was a psychologist (!) for the Veterans Administration. You'd think there would be some empathy or something worthwhile that coulda rubbed off. It's not like he grew up the son of a moonshiner in the Smokies (despite that he tries to put that out as his image).

      1. Geminisunmars

        Well perhaps Santorum Pere was an acolyte of BF Skinner, and kept little Ricky in a baby box.

      2. Negropolis

        That really drives me mad. He keeps talking about his grandfather, but his own nuclear family had long since been assimilated. Their is nothing ethnic about Santorum left. Hell, even his brand of Catholicism seems to have a heavy WASPy tinge to it.

  3. FakaktaSouth

    Ugh I can't do this. Y'all are hurting my feelings. We deserve it, it sucks in Alabama, but we are not ALL stupid fucks like Alex Pelosi said we are. I ain't about to defend a damned thing about the people in these polls or who have voted for the people running tonight – but I don't wanna read a bunch of shit about how we are all stupid without exception. I can't take that today. Y'all do have fun – and I hope one day to be somewhere that I can say I am better than all of you. Fuck this place. (my state, not y'all) I'm out.

    1. BerkeleyBear

      I saw the piece where Maher read her apology about how she didn't try to make Mississippians look like toothless dumbasses, they just come that way. It wasn't Alabama, if that helps even a little.

      Mississippi reminds me a tiny bit of the theory that Russia and Spain thwarted Napoleon because they both were poor countries that clung to religion over reason in dire times. Too stupid to do what is rational, in other words.

    2. gullywompr

      From one southern liberal to another – some of the people I love most (intelligent, beautiful, educated people) hail from Alabama. I'd love to visit there someday, I bet it's nice country. Keep on truckin', baby.

    3. Doktor Zoom

      We Liberals in Red States need to stick together and support each other.

      At least, when we're not laughing and mocking the latest idiocy perpetrated by one of you OTHER guys' asshole legislatures.

    4. Jukesgrrl

      Of course Alabama is not without people to admire. Zora Neale Hurston, Jesse Owens, Walker Percy, Hank Aaron, Helen Keller, Ralph Abernathy, Truman Capote, and Morris Dees, right off the top of my head. Unfortunately, they did not spawn often enough, if at all.

    5. Limeylizzie

      Oh dearest FakataSouth, if all of the South was like you it would be a paradise, don't hate us.

    6. fuflans

      fakakta, you make alabama the place to be.

      hang in there sweet thing.

      besides we need you to report for us.

    7. cheetojeebus

      I have this old album of Faulkner reading As I lay Dying etc.. It's a tonic or more like a fifth of bourbon.
      As a expat Texan with ancestors who reach back 150 years along the Gulf Coast it does rankle when regional prejudices get applied.
      To hear an example have a listen to Terri Gross' interview with Tommy Lee Jones. Quell fukkin idiot.

        1. Loaded_Pants

          I've met someone who remembered him from his days as Writer-in-Residence in the late 1950s at the University of Virginia & they told me the same thing. Not a very pleasant person.

          When it comes to Southern Lit. I'm more of an O'Connor person. "A Good Man is Hard to Find" never fails to produce chills in me.

          1. Loaded_Pants

            I used to read a lot of horror fiction back in the day. The more descriptive the better. Some of it was very gory stuff.
            But none of it produced such a feeling of foreboding like O'Connor's stuff which I read many years later (I hate to admit that I didn't actually read her until I was in my 30s).

          2. Jukesgrrl

            I think the people above are talking about Tommy Lee Jones and not Faulkner. Jones owns a ranch in Texas. I don't think Terry Gross ever interviewed Faulkner; she was only 11 when he died. As to his friendliness, I cannot say.

    8. C_R_Eature

      Awww, Fakakta, please don't go! I don't hate Alabama or the South – I just hate deliberately ignorant fools. I've met them everywhere.

    9. Fare la Volpe

      Hun, please stay. Tennessee would be so lonely without our gentile neighbors to the south (Seriously, you expect us to hang out with Georgians? Puhlease.)

      1. tessiee

        "Tennessee would be so lonely without our
        neighbors to the south"

        I ordinarily try to avoid spelling nitpicks, but it did make me smile to see someone whose screen name starts with "Fakakta" called "gentile".

      2. Nothingisamiss

        Ok, WHATEVER, Fare. But really, I'm not sure I like hanging with my neighbors, either, truth be told.

        Thanks Wonkette for providing sanity in insane places.

    10. Designer_Rants

      My "Conservative Facebook Friend" that I often respect his reasoned opinions the most (of conservative opinions) lives in AL. Also, my liberal old poli-sci professor was from there. All several times that I was about to post "MS & AL People Are Ignorant, And Here's Why" on my fb page today, I stopped and thought of them, and felt too lazy to type out the responsible disclaimer that it's not ALL residen…. laze… meh..

      I'm surrounded by politically ignorant people who aren't from AL or MS. Plus, I live in Iowa, and I hear about how stupid and backward we are a lot. fuck 'em.

      1. FakaktaSouth

        Oh my gosh, this was great, and crazy. And you know I love you. I didn't mean to be such a whiney baby, I just get overwhelmed and so so so embarrassed sometimes. It is wretched the way these people have been talking in these polls – just appalling. But it is also having an effect – I am feeling more "called to action" than ever – all this women-stuff added to the laid bare horrible-ness of some folks around here has me fired up. i think I might do something for real for once. (and around here I will get to at least)

        1. proudgrampa

          Oh, honey. Don't you worry. We all love you, too!

          Believe me, I think I know something of what you feel, living in Utah. I get so frustrated sometimes, but then I realize that the rest of the world is just a little bit saner than here.

          That gives me hope. And the martinis help!

          Love, proudgrampa

        2. LemonySnicket

          Sympathies from over here in FL… I know what it's like to come from an embarrassment of a state.

    11. MosesInvests

      Hey, FS, I grew up in North Florida (aka South South Georgia) and I live in Texas now (Austin, thank God). I feel your pain. That being said, I take some comfort in the idea that maybe some of the crazy-ass answers to those polls has to do with the perverse tendency of a lot of Southerners to pretend to be stereotypes. You know what I mean-"I bet that dumb-ass Yankee thinks we want to bring back segregation! Let's tell him we're against *abolition*! Haw, haw!"
      Of course, there are also a lot of mean, iggernant rednecks out there, too. Also.

    12. Local_Mojo

      Well, I like living in Alabama. Every morning I awaken and feel exceptional.

      Only in Alabama could I witness the President of the Hank Williams International Fan Club (from Pine Apple, Alabama) accidentally tump a gravy boat of I-talian dressing into the benumbed lap of the late, unlamented, George Wallace.

      My trillium and azaleas are all beautiful this spring. My bluets are covered with blossoms. I'm planning my next trip to Italy in October. Whoo-ee, life is good.

      Oh yeah, I got to cross over and vote for Dale "Brokeback" Peterson as a Gingrich delegate.

      PS – The Alabama Shakes will kick the butts of any Yankee bands.

      1. FakaktaSouth

        Maybe if I had seen Lurleen's hubby sitting in some dressing he couldn't get out of, I would have a better attitude as well. Did he leave a trail behind him as he rolled away? What a terrible, terrible man George was. I have said before that I do like feeling smart and thin here too, I just wish there weren't so many righteously ignorant lunatics running around and being so stupid out loud.

        1. Local_Mojo

          Hey, remember that Califrnia has its Issa, Minnesota has its Bachman, and NY has its King. We don't have a corner on the market for stupid.

    13. Words

      Amen, sister! I am in shock that Roy Moore ("Let's put up the Ten Commandments in the State House, and by God That will change everything!") will once again be the Chief Justice… I cannot believe how the people in this state consistently vote against their own interests.

      Voting in this state is an exercise in futility. There ARE educated, smart folks here; I'm not sure why they don't vote.

      1. FakaktaSouth

        The Roy Moore nonsense has freaked my husband completely out. He just yelled down the stairs "WE HAVE GOT TO GET THESE KIDS OUT OF HERE!!!!!!" Looks to me that if 200,000 out of 9million are all they got, (8 in 10 were evangelical too, I mean, just ew) we certainly should be able to do SOMEthing. My mom went and voted for Pres O today, she said she just couldn't look anyone in the face and say she was a Republican – even to screw with Mitt. We'll see what happens I suppose.

    14. MilwaukeeKent

      Hey, I live in Wisconsin and lately feel like I got hit by a bus, a dimunitive bus. The difference between here, NY and Alabama is maybe 10 or 20 degrees of awareness one way or another. That's in good times. Stupid is everywhere, no?

    15. Words

      Replying to your comment to me:

      I voted in the Repub primary to vote against Mittens, to dilute his delegate vote, I hope. My entire voting area is prime Rep. territory; we have been inundated w/negative sh*t from all 3 major guys… Amazingly enough, only a couple of ads for that as*h*le, Moore. Definitely thought he'd not be on the scene again. HIS Own men tried to frag him in 'Nam for being such a jerk… sigh.

      I keep trying to make a difference.. It's a lonely job.

      1. MilwaukeeKent

        Rough terrain, so these were open primaries? I wonder how many other non-GOP voters got in there and diluted the vote. I'm thinking even if this goes to a brokered convention (pipe-dream a month ago, looking more and more like an even bet) the ticket will STILL be Romney/Dangerfield 2012. Dude can't get any…Romney Dangerfield…Hmmm.

    16. Negropolis


      You do know Alex Pelosi's piece was on Mississippi, right? Everybody makes fun of Mississippi. Hell, even Mississippi makes fun of Mississippi. That said, your governor is one IQ point away from being required to wear a helmet.

  4. RadioStalingrad

    Romney really is a failure. He's not even a quarter billionaire. Do we really want some second rate capitalist as POTUS? Only the BEST for this great, blessed nation.
    Zuckenberg/Buffett '12

    1. tessiee

      Honestly, I'm shocked that he'd be popular anywhere.
      Everytime I look at his whiny little puss, I wonder how he got even one vote from anyone.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      It's pronounced "pooters". And yes, although the electricity needed to power them is spotty.

      1. Loaded_Pants

        Hehe. Late grandmother Loaded Pants used to call them "pooters". After she went to her bank, her doctor's office, or the local office of the SSA, she'd say things like: "The young gal workin' in front got on her pooter & pooted around & pooted out how much I owe/had in my account/how much my benefits will be."
        To be fair, she was born in the 1910s & had only a elementary school education so computers totally perplexed her.

        1. Designer_Rants

          I like that story. Crazy how much the world's changed in a century. You could've told her exactly what it would be like in 70 years when she was younger and you'd have been wasting her time with nonsense.

          1. HistoriCat

            It spawned several increasingly awkward knockoffs (Frontier House, Colonial House, etc.) but the 1900 House was really good.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      Yeah, these primaries are nearly enough to make me resort to a bottle of Thunderbird, too.

  5. Gleem McShineys


  6. Generation[redacted]

    Due to my scientifically proven liberal intolerance, I will not be watching this.

  7. C_R_Eature

    I just have no tolerance for this anymore.

    I am looking forward to Rachel Maddow reducing James Inhofe to a superheated, vitrified glassy residue.

    1. tessiee

      When I was just a tiny Tessie, one of the cartoons I used to watch (don't remember which one) had a song spelling Mis-sis-sippi. I've never had any trouble spelling it since.

  8. Chet Kincaid

    Alabama has black people in uniform with guns, and convicts in orange and white stripey jumpsuits guarding the ballots. What has happened to the south!?

    1. Designer_Rants

      I heard they help move a lot of things, like tomatoes (since they scared off all the illeegulz). Brokeback Alabama sez: "Slavery… I wish I could quit you."

    1. littlebigdaddy

      I have never been able to figure out that team name. It does seem to imply either something out of the Vagina Monologues or a red tide, which kills all the shellfish.

      1. anniegetyerfun

        My 4-H leader hailed from Alabama, and the first time I heard her twang about the Crimson Tide in her heavily accented… English?… I actually thought it WAS a Southern euphemism for her menses.

  9. rocktonsam

    I'm Intolerant of at least 3 if these assholes and some of the people in the south,

    There i said it.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      I was going to say that she first needs to accept the debate challenges from those high school kids, but then I remembered that was Michele Bachmann.

      But, yeah, the President regularly accepts debate challenges from private citizens who just want to show him how wrong he is.

      1. C_R_Eature

        I love that The Prez debates the occasional private citizen (unlike Our Previous Boy-in-the-Bubble CIC.

        But there have to be Standards. Sarah Palin? That's just Cruel.

      1. C_R_Eature

        I remember Biden V. Palin and Biden kicked her ass.

        Also, I'm pretty sure he went easy on her. Easy for him.

      1. tessiee

        Or just change the word "debate" to a different verb, and it would be more accurate, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

    2. tessiee

      I immediately thought of the line from the Pogo comic strip where one of the characters said, "Never fight anyone smaller than you. If you win, you're a bully, and if you lose, you're a bum".

      If this ever really happened, Silly Sarah would burst out crying the first time Obama looked at her urbanly or some fucking thing; and it would forever go down in wingnut history that "Obama was mean to our fap target"; just like "Al Gore said he invented the internet" and all the other bullshit stories that they repeat ad infinitum.

  10. anniegetyerfun

    Read this. Make sure to do so in the most exaggerated Southern accent possible. Then weep quietly to yourself.

    But seriously. If you didn't already have a fucking stroke listening to this this morning on your commute into Oakland, then you will when you read the transcript.

    1. chascates

      I even sent that in as a tip! The lady who said of Santorum "he wants to bring God into everything, and to me and my Christianity, that's what I needed to hear. You know, that's what we need" made me want to start planning my extended trip to Europe right away.

      1. anniegetyerfun

        I mentioned it on Facebook this morning, and my Newt Gingrich-fan friend was all, "I don't know any Republicans that believe any of that" and I was, like, "Yeah, well, you're a shut-in."

        Oh, and then I unfriended her, natch.

        For me, it was the "Muslim leadership" guy. As if Southern Republicans aren't EXACTLY like the fucking mullahs in Iran.

    2. Monsieur_Grumpe

      I heard that this morning on the way to work. "The Constitution doesn't say that" should be repeated often.

      1. anniegetyerfun

        I fought with a guy about that once. In the end, he knew he was beat, because I disproved EVERY SINGLE THING HE SAID, so he was all, “Jerome Corsi's book will be the final verdict!”. You can't argue with logic like that. Really.

    3. C_R_Eature

      As a Liberal, I have no more tolerance for sending these Moochers any more of my hard-earned tax dollars.

      1. MilwaukeeKent

        Think of it as mercy — these states can't survive without Federal dollars, the whole South gets back more than it pays in. Shit, take the Federal dollars out of Huntsville (where they actually do the rest of us some good) and the average IQ in Alabam' would drop 10 points easy.

        1. C_R_Eature

          I'm a Merciful Sort and I don't mind kicking in for the Marshall Spaceflight Center but I'm getting to the end of my rope with the Aggressively-misinformed, Christian Dominionist Wipe the liberals off the face of the Earth attitude we get while we're shoveling money down south.

        2. Words

          Actually, that's not true.

          Please be aware there are people in the South who are trying to make a difference.One major problem is some of the states (AL a prime example) do not want to fund education, which is the key to arming my people to do battle w/these idiots. Our constitutions give power to what has quaintly been known as "the Big Mules" who wrote the constitution in 1912.. it keeps the powerful white guys and their friends, US Steel, Southern Power Company, and all the Mining companies in charge; our property taxes are some of the lowest in the country, especially in the Black Belt, which is populated by poor blacks and poor whites. The Big Mules are not interested in educating these native folks, because they might have a chance to vote against the BMs…

          This has been going on since Jesus was a twinkle in His father's eye… whoever that may be….

    4. Loaded_Pants

      Oh, for fuck's sake:
      "When people read the Constitution and say, 'Oh, we get our rights from the Constitution,' that is wrong," he said. "The Constitution does not give us rights. It recognizes rights that are written on our heart because we are a creature of God. That's where we get our rights from." (that was Santorum speaking)

      Romney is a Mormon, an unfamiliar faith here. But his religion didn't come up among the dozen attendees I spoke with. Instead, for people like Judy Sellers, it was Obama's faith that was an issue.

      "I really don't think that a nation that falls on Muslim leadership, potentially, is going to be a nation that's going to survive," she said.

      And it's not the only topic that made a return appearance last night. John Gentile of Crossville, Tenn., still doesn't believe Obama is allowed to be president because his father was born in Kenya.

      "I just don't like the directions that he's headed in, and personally I don't think he qualifies to be president under the 'natural born citizen.' In the Constitution it states that you have to have two parents that were born in the United States, so that there's no alternative allegiance by any member of the family," Gentile said.

      And these stupid fuckers are allowed to vote? Fuck. We don't need Voter ID laws. We need Voter IQ laws.

        1. Loaded_Pants

          The very basic reason they don't think Obama should be President is because he's not white. Of course, they at least know that this is not an acceptable thing to voice out loud to reporters who work in the liberal-controlled media. But they think spoutin' off all the birther BS makes them look like they are well-informed? Gah!

      1. tessiee

        "I just don't like the directions that he's headed in, and personally I don't think he qualifies to be president under the 'natural born citizen."

        Translation: I just don't like the color of his skin, and personally I don't think he qualifies to be white.

        No matter how much they try to dress it up, that's what that really means, and that's what I hear every time they open their big, ignert mouths.

    5. BigSkullF*ckingDog

      I started reading the quotes in a southern accent but halfway through I started twitching and my eyes rolled back in my head. I think I may have done permanent damage.

      1. anniegetyerfun

        I'm sorry – I guess I should have specified that you need to be extremely high, or drunk, or both, first. I just assumed that that went without saying.

    6. Doktor Zoom

      Does it make me a shallow person that I'm kind of excited about having the 4th-most recommended comment on that NPR story?

      More to the point, can I I sure am glad I figured out how to de-link my real name from that NPR account…. ?

    7. Negropolis

      After reading that, I'm smelling burnt toast…

      You know, after reading stuff like that, I remember why people on the outside looking in are sometimes confused and horrified by what we project. Here we are a technologically advanced superpower, where if you look on the surface, we can look relatively First World (though, with our physical infrastructure, even that's getting harder to fake), but you talk to some random American out on the street, and it's beginning to be a 50/50 proposition that you're going to get some bat-shit crazy viewpoint on something, eventually.

      I've had that experience. You know, where you're talking with just the nicest stranger in the world on a park-bench or waiting in line, and they just casually throw into the conservation that the president is a Muslim, or something, and for a moment you're shocked at this well-dressed, well-spoken person, and then it switches to horror and/or anger.

      1. anniegetyerfun

        I know what you mean. Also, I'm beginning to think that we have just as many horrifiyingly backward fundamentalists as any idiot Islamic theocracy (or nominal democracy). When I used to argue with my husband about this, he would point to, say, some nutjob in Florida saying something stupid about women, and I could say “Yeah, well, 70% of the people in Islamabad think that.” And now, honestly, I don't know – it's entirely possible that much larger segments of our population than I realized WANT a theocracy in this country. They WANT the death penalty for abortionists. They WANT to prevent women from taking birth control. There's just so many more of them than I had imagined.

  11. BarackMyWorld

    Is Kristol on Fox News tonight? If so, what predictions is he making so the we'll know the opposite will come true?

  12. BarackMyWorld

    Thanks to the miracle of touch-screen maps, Jennifer Granholm really looks like she is doing a weather report right now.

  13. Limeylizzie

    The woman I would choose to go full lesbian with is on now, my GF Rachel Maddow…sigh.

          1. Steverino247

            Ve haff veys of making you kum, fraulein! You vill moan und you vill like it!

            I forgot. Is this session to be with or without light spanking?

          2. Limeylizzie

            Sorry, baby, but in “our” fantasy I am an agent in Occupied France and wouldn't wear a dirndl, I would be in some Frenchy ensemble.

          3. Steverino247

            Did I hear something? Is there someone else in ziss room? Uberschtuppenfuehrer Steverino orders you to leave this fantasy at once!

          4. C_R_Eature

            I'm going to steal Uberschtuppenfuehrer, because it's just that good.
            I'll credit you when I use it though.

  14. user-of-owls

    Third place in both Mississippi and Alabama? Shaping up to be a bad night for Prof. Vituperative Sea Cucumber.

      1. user-of-owls

        I meant to do that, dear thing. Just two birds on a wire are we. Hop a little closer, will you old girl?

        1. C_R_Eature

          Never mess with anything that has teeth in its Anus and can hurl out all its internal organs out at you (i.e.don't go to any hotel room parties at CPAC)

    1. NYNYNYjr

      Awesome– I didn't notice that until just now. I've been out drinking. I think I'll wait a min to make sure he's in third and then continue. HA HA Mitt. Mormons. Northerners.

  15. rocktonsam

    "Alabama, you got the weight on your shoulders
    that's breaking your back
    Your Cadillac
    Has one wheel in the ditch
    and a wheel on the track

    Oh Alabama"

  16. Jukesgrrl

    Here's what I want to say about Mississippi: BLUES. Would we have any without it? I mean seriously, Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, Muddy Waters, Willie Dixon, John Lee Hooker, Son House, Sonny Boy Williamson, Arthur Crudup, BB King, Albert King, Elmore James. All of them went down to the crossroads in Mississippi. Never ceases to amaze me.

    Even that white boy named Elvis. Mighta lived in Memphis, but he was born in Tupelo.

    So, thanks, Mississippi. Even if the majority of your voters are assholes.

    1. chascates

      I wanted to get out of Mississippi in the worst way. Go back? What I want to go back for?
      Muddy Waters

    2. Monsieur_Grumpe

      I'm not sure that being a state that inspires the blues is a good thing.
      But still, it is an impressive list.

    3. littlebigdaddy

      Yeah, you find yourself in one of those rural blues bars–there's a great one about 15 miles south of Oxford–and you are listening to the best music in the world, drinking dog knows what–and of course eating BBQ. The south is not good on rational or progressive things, but can produce ecstatic experience. Sort of like our own third world country.

    4. Blueb4sunrise

      Used to be 'Mississippi water tastes like turpentine….Michigan water tastes like cherry wine…'
      Sometimes you hear the reverse….

  17. NellCote71

    Rachel maddow asked Steve Schmidt how he would advise the candidates to conduct their campaigns. It worked out so well four years ago.

  18. BarackMyWorld

    I love Rachel Maddow's show because she usually talks about things I didn't already know, or offers a different take I hadn't thought of.
    Tonight is not one of those nights.

    EDIT: I take it back. Now she's getting excited about Alabama house races and how Bachus is being challenged. And Roy Moore is trying to get elected back to the Alabama Supreme Court.

    1. chascates

      Roy Moore rode his horse to the polling place today. He wants to turn back the clock 150 or so years.

      1. Blueb4sunrise

        but the best thing on that page was 20 Spankers………and one WTF Air Supply……

        1. C_R_Eature

          It's a helluva fun band. And…Air Supply? what kind of bizarre algorithm put that in there?

  19. Come here a minute

    Thank the FSM that it is a "lifetime between now and the election". Are you promising I will die first, CNN woman? THANK YOU!

  20. littlebigdaddy

    OMG, WaPo actually used the phrase "three-way" in their headline. There are some 20-something newsroom workers laughing their asses off right now, while more mature people are blowing chunks.

  21. Come here a minute

    WIth "just a little bit" reporting, I am officially calling it!

    1. Rick
    2. Newt
    3. Mitt

    The winner is the Wonkett!

  22. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    Two papists, a mormon and Ron Paul. Those poor, dumb evangelicals must be so confused. Wait, that reminds me of a joke. Two papists, a mormon and ron paul walk into a bar …

    1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

      I'm still working out the middle part but I can tell you guys the punchline.

      "No don't worry, she's my wife!"

      1. C_R_Eature

        "That's like predicting a Republican will turn out to be a rich white Christian guy."


        1. DarwinianDemon

          "That's like predicting a Republican will turn out to be a rich white Christian "Straight" *wink wink* guy"

          1. C_R_Eature

            That's like predicting the "rich white Christian 'Straight' *wink wink* Republican guy " will turn up in the 3rd stall of the Men's Room of the Butte airport with a serious case of epididymis lips.

  23. imissopus

    The test is pretty simple. Is the program so critical, it's worth borrowing money from china to pay for it? And on that basis of course…Planned Parenthood, we're going to get rid of that.

    Oh Mitt. Nobody panders like you when you run your PANDER.EXE file.

    1. littlebigdaddy

      That was one of the big upgrades with Mittbot 2.0, along with regional voice emulation software.

  24. chascates

    WashPost: Approximately eight in 10 voters in today’s Alabama and Mississippi presidential primaries identify themselves as evangelical Christians, according to preliminary exit polls, the highest percentage of evangelicals in any early voting state to date.

    After the Rapture both states will be pretty empty but still not worth repopulating due to how fucked up the aforementioned citizenry made the place.

    1. gullywompr

      Say 'que' again. Say 'que' again! I dare you! I double dare you motherfucker, say 'que' one more Goddamn time!

  25. Maman

    Watching Rev. Al on Rachel. Very subtle Georgia. You can use your college id for voting but not if you go to a historically black college.

  26. chascates

    "I ran into Ku Klux Klan and the threat of hurricanes, and those two things made me decide not to build on the Alabama coast, so we came back to Memphis."
    –Shelby Foote

  27. chascates

    I think some Republicans (Gingrich for a start) believe we should think of leaving Afghanistan just so we'll have the manpower to start a war with Syria or Iran.
    Can't we fight someplace nicer for a change? Bermuda maybe?

  28. Steverino247

    Well, so much for squeezing Newt out of the race if he comes in second. What a mittastrophe, though, it is for Romulan to come in third.

    Oh, and Ron Paul remained flat.

      1. DarwinianDemon

        I vote next Tuesday in IL. I'm torn…on the one hand I'd love to cast a vote for Frothy. On the other, as we have a semi-open primary here it would be on record FOREVER and I might have to kill a hobo and steal her identity then

      1. C_R_Eature

        I think I like them because of the character and story development. And the fact that I don't have to live there.

        1. Designer_Rants

          We're working our way through the second season right now. It's better than most of the popular drama shows, IMO. I'm comparing to "Walking Dead" and "Sons of Anarchy". We sent those back after the first couple episodes.

          It reminds me of "Dexter" and "Burn Notice", in that all the central characters are complicated crime fighters.

          correction edit: Just dawned on me that we DID watch the first season of the zombie show (6 episodes?). 50/50 we put the next one on the queue.

          1. C_R_Eature

            I got caught up in the 2nd season 1/3 of the way through and had to catch up with the 1st season via streaming. It was worth it.

        2. Geminisunmars

          I love the good, honest violence.

          And Quarles having a captive rentboy, while looking republican.

          1. C_R_Eature

            Yes, that Quarles captive slave beating really creeps me out. It makes me think that Santorum's into some really indescribably sick shit.

  29. Steverino247

    The only good things to happen in Alabama were the conception of my older son and my winning a small claims court judgment against a Huntsville furniture store that thought it was going rip off yet another soldier.

    1. Limeylizzie

      I had a boyfriend form Alabama when I first moved to the States and we drove from Houston to Monroeville and it was very scary as people were really staring at me, he was black, , until people heard me talk and then they were all "Meh, she's foreign and not one of our women".

      1. Steverino247

        Yup. I was in Huntsville in 1976 and the black troops couldn't play golf off the base. We beat the shit out of their semi-pro football teams, though, because they were afraid of our guys. Needless to say, we had to play all our games at home.

  30. Doktor Zoom

    "We have a real barn-burner here in Mississippi!" sez the guy on MSNBC.

    Anyone else here just want to throw a Faulkner anthology at him?

    1. DarwinianDemon

      WGN is really pushing Romney as "the guy" with "I can't believe how awesome he is doing in the South! WOW! He's going to win this! They haven't counted the rich areas of Mississippi yet!"

      I haven't heard someone try and sell something this hard since my mom was trying to unload those psychic friends network videos my grandma bought.

  31. Chet Kincaid

    CNN's Black Guy in Mississippi is hiding in a broom closet while doing this update!! He's afraid the old white guy behind him is going to rat him out!!

        1. Fukui-sanYesOta

          Invitee: You can make all the invitations you want, and I'll go the the parties I want

          John King, pussy: Fair enough

    1. C_R_Eature

      It's just too bad he didn't stick closer to Church-Oriented Activities.

      And stopped listening to that Music.

  32. fuflans

    we watched the last (season 1) game of thrones tonight.

    arya stark would TOTALLY kick mittens' ass.

    hell any lannister would kick mittens' ass.

    1. NellCote71

      Thank god. I thought all of us liberals were supposed to just love Terry Gross by default. And all along I thought it was just me. I love it when Fresh Air has a substitute host.

  33. DarwinianDemon

    Was it just my imagination or yesterday were people predicting Romney was going to take both of these states?

  34. Doktor Zoom

    Santorum's talking. But you know what, he'd have to piss me off one hell of a lot to get me more angry than I was while trying to navigate the voice-activated menu on Sallie Mae's customer service line earlier today…

  35. Doktor Zoom

    One might almost think that BP also had something to do with the damage done to the LA economy.

    1. glamourdammerung

      Thankfully, Republicans will put up with any horrible behavior by their own so Joe Barton's seat should be safe and he can apologize to BP in case anyone hurt their widdle feelings.

  36. Chet Kincaid

    Oh, the Prussian Blue/Taylor Swift Twins girls were going up onstage with their guitars right when the Santorums were walking off. Why does the liberal media hate faux-country music?!

    1. NellCote71

      Oh, now I get it. It's a band. Someone on another thread mentioned how much they hated Prussian Blue, and I had a sad that someone could hate such a pretty color so much.

        1. horsedreamer_1

          They have disavowed their meth'd out mom & stepfather's disgusting politics, though they're still fuzzy on the Holocaust.

          1. NellCote71

            Y'all couldn't just leave me with my innocence could you? As I said, I just now figured they were a band, and now I have to go google them. Sigh.

  37. chascates

    Since Newt won second in both southern contests he can claim he'll stay in now. And Ron Paul wants to stay in just to irritate people get his ideas across.

  38. chascates

    The eventual GOP nominee might do OK in November if there are 3rd, 4th, and 5th parties fielding credible candidates.

  39. Barrelhse

    "Rick is high on the real thing: a clean windshield, a full tank of gasoline, and a shoeshine!"

    1. Fukui-sanYesOta

      Rmoney third in both states, by the look of it.

      And so the clown jamboree glitter-buckets its way forward.

    1. NYNYNYjr

      "When everyone else had given up on me, Jabba said, well, I guess I'll take a chance on this little bounty hunter. I'll never forgive you Hut. You're what Alabama is all about."

    1. FROTHY

      Where the FUCK did the Republizard Parteh find two actual live Knee Growz? You sure those doods ain't, like, taxidermied and stuff?

  40. Loaded_Pants

    Obama's having a very good night.

    That's all I got, people. See all y'all tomorrow! I'm off to view porn & then it's sleepytime for me.

  41. Barrelhse

    I wonder if I put all my faith in Jesus if I could become president.
    But why the fuck would I want to do either one of those things?

    1. Designer_Rants

      When Newt's wife went out whorin' and came back with a hundred dollars in $1 bills and quarters, a bemused Newt asked "Who gave you quarters?"
      Newt's wife replied, "All of them, Newtie."

  42. gullywompr

    Note to future campaign managers looking for a southern strategy – nobody's ever heard of a grits cook-off. That shit's almost as bland as Romney.

    BBQ, man. BBQ…

    1. chascates

      I'm pretty fond of grits but the accepted method for the uninitiated is a casserole mainly of grits, cheese, and jalapenos or serranos.

      1. gullywompr

        Grits are as lifeless as a conservative woman's koochie-snorcher unless combined with something else. Butter, cheese, shrimp, something….

  43. Doktor Zoom

    "It's not what he doesn't know that bothers me, it's what he knows for sure that just ain't so"

    Will Rogers, actually. Reagan never said it, although, hey, Walter Mondale DID say it, of Reagan.

    And Mondale cited his source.

    1. DarwinianDemon

      Unless they live in Louisiana in which case He loves grits, he loves to hear you say grits, can he get you some grits? He will make sure there are grits in every house as president.

  44. bitchincamaro2

    Newt on MSNBC, humbled by a poor slob willing to borrow a couple of bucks to donate to this grifting weanie. Go Rick.

  45. chascates

    Next up on the calendar is:
    Missouri on the 17th, Illinois on the 20th,
    Louisiana and Puerto Rico on the 24th,
    DC, Maryland, and Wisconsin on April 3rd,
    Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Delaware on April 24th.

    So it may be another 6 weeks with this group of stooges trying to knock each other off!

  46. FakaktaSouth

    AAAAAAAAAACK – just changed the tv from where I had been catching up on Raising Hope – and googling "most liberal places to live in the US" Good. Lord. I can't say I am surprised, but I have to DRIVE on the same streets as the 200K+ people who voted for these guys. Scary scary. I TOLD you Miitt would never make it here.

    I appreciate you guys for being so kind to me after my come-apart – I really do love and desperately need you all. Thank you for giving me something to cling to, somewhere sane to turn in this sea of utter bullshit and madness.

    1. Jukesgrrl

      If it's any consolation, you could fit all those people in the Penn State and Ohio State football stadiums and have room left over for the people who still like Sarah Palin.

    2. C_R_Eature

      Welcome back! You know you've found safe harbor here with us.
      If it's any consolation to you at all, I'm from New Jersey. People from other states tend to step back a little when they hear that. And I've had to listen to some horrible, horrible things.
      It's really not all that bad, just like all the other places I've ever been that's had a bad rep. There's good things everywhere, too.

  47. weej_bain

    The streets of Salt Lake City are strangely silent, 'ceptin' the OWS camporee. Do feel like a stranger in a very strange land. Way to go Frothy, six moar weeks of stupidity.

    1. C_R_Eature

      I've always wanted to go there for the palolo swarm.
      Guy I used to work with did a Peace Corps stint there & he had pictures. Awesome.

      1. Chet Kincaid

        To what do I owe this pleasantry, asshole? Since we're being cordial, my 121p tells your 109 to go insert itself up your rectum. I will now go back to never noticing you.

  48. littlebigdaddy

    OK, here is more evidence of 20-something newsroom interns. In the NYT, the Santorum counties in Miss and Ala are color coded brown. Get it?!

      1. Negropolis

        To be fair, these kind of places have called themselves, really. Romney seems to be the default candidate in all of the obscure, far-flung uncontested primaries, mostly because he's the only one with any kind of recognition having been running for president forever.

          1. BarackMyWorld

            (That was kind of the joke, guys. After hours of "nail-biting" contests, no one gives a crap about predictable Hawaii…)

  49. obfuscator2

    the delegate math remains essentially unchanged. mittens is still mostly inevitable, but tonight santorum can strut and preen, presenting his sweater vest plumage. finishing second also allows the doughy faced beady eyed whore diamond collector to continue to be pulled forward in rick's frothy wake*.

    *with his creepy billionaire benefactor's help

  50. littlebigdaddy

    Haha, Mittens "Cheezy Gritz" Rmoney finished a distant third in both states. Does this mean he has to wait for a judicially-contested pardon from Haley Barbour?

  51. proudgrampa

    Well, my guess is that it is probably still Romney. The only thing is that tonight will turn Santorum into an insufferable asshole for awhile.

  52. MadBrahms

    NYT: While voters in the two Southern states were divided on their preferred Republican presidential candidate, they found more agreement on the top quality they were looking for: the ability to defeat President Obama. In both states, exit polls found, Mr. Romney had a strong electability edge. (See also Liz at 8:32)

    If he had such a "strong" edge, why did he come in third? This leads me to two conclusions: polls are unreliable bullshit (see also the majority of americans supposedly opposing insurance coverage for contraception), and the New York Times is inching ever-closer to being a fish-wrap.

    1. DustBowlBlues

      You made me very sad, thinking about all the fun times I could've had with the wonkeratti tonight.

    1. gullywompr

      A lesser person could not have survived the first few minutes of the onslaught. But out of the billowing smoke and dust of tweets and trivia emerged… GINGRICH!!!

  53. Negropolis

    Well, I got my jollies in, tonight. Romney was polling first or second in both of these are recently as yesterday, and came in third in both. That's all I really ever ask for.

    That said, I find it bizarre that a someone like Ron Paul — someone that would have easily been an acceptable president of the Confederacy, or at least a Jim Crow governor — couldn't even muster up double digits in the secession states.

          1. Negropolis

            Thanks for clarifying. All I heard was that Romney had won the AVIs, and figured it was the popular vote.

    1. DarwinianDemon

      Yes, Romney declaring he was going to win Alabama and the media following suit made this night that much sweeter. I love gorging myself on the tears of moderate Republicans everywhere.

          1. Fukui-sanYesOta

            "Do you smell that scent? That's money. Inhale hard, my friend, because you'll never smell it again."

      1. NellCote71

        The moderate Republicans, both of them, deserve this for letting their party devolve to this level.

  54. smokefilledroommate

    Strangely enough, I'd rather see Romney against Obama than Santorum… Santorum's just too damn religious and podunky not to win a majority of votes in the south (as we're seeing). Romney is seen as an elitist (I wonder why?) but so is Obama. Obama vs. Moral Orel could be a bad thing–they like Rick's Jeebus Love and his special needs kid. He seems down to earth to them; the religious underdog in a secular world, plus it's the right kind of religion, not that batshit Mormon crap. Barry would look like a big know-it-all elitist meanie when he wiped the floor with Rick's misogynist Catholic ass in a debate. IMO, these people feel sorry for Santorum, not to mention he's probably viewed as the last of a dying breed of unabashedly religious candidates, and that's why they vote for him.

  55. DustBowlBlues

    I was so tired tonight that I watched Game Change with my husband and didn't have energy to type. But knowing that the santorum is flowing in Miss and Ala, I had to pop in and say: Yay, Santorum, he'll be easier to freak-afy and beat! Boo, Bad. Just read a monito story about the strengths of a Mittens/Icky Stuff ticket.

    Campaigns are fucking roller-coasters, even to those of us whose only connection with it is when we scream especially loud at the teevee machine.

  56. DustBowlBlues

    The only "brokered" convention I remember that was worthy entertainment was JFK in 1960, when I was 12 and convinced John Kennedy was Jesus, only better looking than the first incarnation. RFK hopping around the floor, making deals as the votes went on. Robert Kerr, our great earmarking senator, was our favorite son. A giant white paper ball was passed around by people holding it over their heads and passing it on to another person with their arms up. It was Stevenson's people, promoting the snowballing support for Adlai to get the nom.

    My mother, evidently convinced that the third time is the charm, was pulling for Stevenson, our family's Democratic Saint Reagan, so revered was he by–us. I was for Kennedy and my father was torn between the two.

    Nitey, all. I'm going to have to quit holding my breath because by November, I might have given myself a stroke from intermittent oxygen deprivation.

    1. BarackMyWorld

      He still has a bunch of delegate-heavy, big state primaries he'll probably win (states Obama will carry in November, such as California, New York, Illinois).

    1. Fukui-sanYesOta

      "Who amongst us didn't feel that was an ailing oceanic liquid transfer, um, brah? Let us hang loosely"

  57. Fukui-sanYesOta

    Looks like Rmoney takes Hawai'i with an awesome 1700 votes after 70% complete.

    And not a single fuck was given by anyone

  58. Jukesgrrl

    I've been doing some reading this evening about voting in Alabama. It seems there are six counties in the state where the number of registered voters exceeds the number of adults in the county of voting age. Census statistics for 2010, however, reveal that 30 counties LOST population and much of new added population is Latino immigrants, people who are unlikely to be registered to vote. Reader comments under the articles about this phenomenon blamed it on ACORN. But funny, these voters overwhelmingly choose Republican candidates. What were those ACORN folks smokin'?

    Even the most cursory look at statistics points to the fact that something funny is going on. Alabama happily announced just recently that it had registered its three millionth voter. Seems like a lot given census statistics list the total population of the state at 4.7 million. Their Abortionplex must be HUGE.

    1. Negropolis

      This is actually pretty common, particularly in places losing population at a steady clip. I know that as later as last year there were more registered voters on the rolls in Detroit, for instance, than there adults in the city after the 2010 Census came out, with the problem being that it's hard to keep up the rolls when people are moving out so quickly, and sometimes not registering in their new community for months, and that's even if they stay in the state to begin with.

      We have an antiquated way of doing elections in this nation to put it kindly. If anyone ever really did want to do mass voter fraud, they could certainly get away with it in a lot of states.

  59. finallyhappy

    Call me when the GOP comes up with something to pay attention to for this thing. I'm going to see fish today. Pretty sure, most of them have IQs higher than yesterday's voters(and I'm not talking the dolphins -who are much smarter than the GOP candidates)

  60. tessiee

    "An unhappy former spokesperson with a decent tan, for this time of year"

    Is he unhappy because he's afraid that someone will interpret "decent tan for this time of year" as "blah"?

  61. ttommyunger

    "What Mississippi, Alabama Think Of 4 (Still 4!) Guys In Ties." Don't know about that, but since I'm tapping this out on Thursday afternoon, I can tell you what they think of one dork in mom jeans…

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