Breaking, Bad.With her eyes bugging out of her head just so — that’s how you know when she means BIZNESS! — Gretchen Carlson took a whack or 40 at Eric Holder, the Justice Department, and anybody in the world who would, say, see terrible stories about 96-year-old ladies being denied the ID they’d need to vote because they were born before birth certificates or something, and think ‘Hmmm, I would not like that to happen to my own 96-year-old mother, and is voter fraud even really a problem anyway, it probably isn’t since James O’Keefe says it is.’ Hold it right there, SIR! Gretchen Carlson has a thing or five to yell at you!

Now why Ol’ Gretch is so hung up on Sudafed is anyone’s guess. She doesn’t seem like a meth monster to us, but maybe she don’t get high on her own supply.

At any rate, Gretchen and FOX would like to remind you, and remind you, and remind you that vote fraud is not at all a thing made up by Republicans to make it harder for the poor and minorities to vote — or, as rightwing sludgetalker Neal Boortz has it, “worms in a dog’s butt should not be voting.” (Okay, according to Tom Junod it was, “The situation in this country is like a dog with worms. You bring the dog to the vet to be dewormed, but the vet is Dr. Obama, and he says you can’t get the dog dewormed because the worms have a vote. And that’s the problem, folks: the worms have a vote.”)

Here’s Gretchen, for you to fap to.


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