We don't need no education.

“Evolution is hogwash” will be the winner of Tuesday’s Mississippi Republican primary, followed by “Barack Obama is so a secret Muslim” according to this exciting new PPP survey. Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum will all run a pathetic third through fifth place with only around 30% of the voters’ nods each. But try to feel a little understanding for these voters, really now. When was the last time anyone spotted even a tiny shred of evolution lurking anywhere in Mississippi?

No, nevermind. No sympathy. They are monstrous idiots.

And you, Alabama?

Mississippi is still better, at being vile bigots! This must be their prize, from Jesus, for that time the state won the “Most Google Searches of ‘Free Gay Porn’ Contest” last year. [PPP; thanks to Wonkette operative “Thomas H.”]

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