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So did you all like Game Change? Well Sen. John McCain simply did not care for it, despite having not seen it, from what he heard! Speaking to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, he reiterated the cold FACT that half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin was the best-qualified candidate for vice president on his team of mavericks, mostly because of her ass. But Chris Wallace pushed back! What would you say to campaign strategist Steve Schmidt, who babbled to anyone who’d listen that Palin “had trouble with the truth,” henghhhhh, John McCain? Henghhhhh? McCain then dropped a positively chilling, “I regret that he would make such a statement.” In other news, Steve Schmidt was found murdered in his bed last night by person or persons unknown.

But even more important to McCain than defending Sarah Palin’s honor is, naturally, defending his own. McCain had issues with being portrayed as having a salty mouth! And guess what! He denied it! “I don’t use coarse language very often,” he sniffed, right before snarling offstage at his wife, Cindy, calling her a trollop and a cunt.

For what it’s worth, regarding Game Change, your editrix found Julianne Moore’s depiction of Palin completely overrated and the worst part of the film; it was a Church Lady stick-up-ass persona totally lacking Sarah’s earthy sensuality and Burger King appetites. While your mileage may vary, Palin is a woman men respond to, as seen here:


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