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Hysterical Womenfolk All On The Rag Despite Gallantries of The GOP

Blessed Be the Fruit.You would think the women of America — particularly “right-leaning” women who voted for George W. Bush and John McCain — would understand when the great big strong menfolk tell them not to worry their pretty little heads about things like “their bodies” and “not being filthy whores.” But in a shocking twist that nobody could have predicted, it seems “women,” if there even is such a thing, are catching themselves a little case of the sulks! Ladies are now stealthily congregating at baby showers and beauty parlors and, we don’t know, shoe stores? and morphing into Obama-voting communists, just because the Republican party patiently explained to them that a man’s place is at the head of the household, and a woman’s place is in A Handmaid’s Tale. (“There is more than one kind of freedom. Freedom to and freedom from. In the days of anarchy, it was freedom to. Now you are being given freedom from. Don’t underrate it,” ladies.)

The New York Times talked to many right-leaning ladies who self-described as things like “retired schoolteacher” and “evangelical Christian” and oh, get this, “Rebublican strategist.” And they are all in a tizzy!

Even more than Mr. Romney, Mr. Santorum has made himself a champion of the traditional family with two parents, arguing in speeches that single motherhood increases a child’s chances of poverty and related problems.

The stance particularly vexes Meredith Warren, a Republican strategist in Andover, Mass. “Well, guess what?” she said. “There are a lot of single moms out there. That’s reality. I don’t think he does himself any favors denigrating that situation.”

What about you, one of several other ladies talked to by the New York Times? Do you perhaps need a Midol?

“Everybody is so busy telling us how we should act in the bedroom, they’re letting the country fall through the cracks,” said Fran Kelley, a retired public school worker in Seattle who voted for Senator John McCain over Mr. Obama in the 2008 election. Of the Republican candidates this year, she added, “They’re nothing but hatemongers trying to control everyone, saying, ‘Live as I live.’ ”

She continued, “If Republicans would stop all this ridiculous talk about contraception, I’d consider voting in November.”

Forget about women-loathed candidates like Santorum and Gingrich. Even supposed frontrunner Mitt Romney is now down 20 points among women (57 Bammerz-37 Der Mitt), despite not even having left his wife when she went and caught herself MS and breast cancer! (And despite how nicely he fills out that wetsuit.) What does Mittens have to do get your love, ladies? What do you want him to do? Pander?

In happier news for the GOP, recent polling suggests that fully one-third of women still want the Republicans to control Congress. They will get a special treat tonight. Maybe a new vacuum. [New York Times]

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      1. chicken_thief

        Clothes are probably a must for the womenfolk of the Santorum household – no slutty sexual creatures allowed!!! However, tampons, during "the curse" are surely verbotten because, you know, nothing enters the cooter except transvaginal probes and a woody for procreation only. Paper ponies only during the monthly wine flow. Jesus said that shit, either in the Bible or the Constitution, therefore it is LAW.

        1. SorosBot

          No Midol allowed, either; the blood and them cramps is a curse from god, those womenfolk have got to suffer naturally as the big man (and that's man, with a penis, the main patriarch himself) in the sky intended.

    1. el_donaldo

      Yes, and then complain frequently about how women don't know how to do it properly and how it's utterly wasted on them.

    2. Godlesspanther

      I responded to something that Ray Comfort wrote with, what I thought to be a joke, about repealing the nineteenth amendment.

      I then discovered that there are at least two right-wing nutcases who have spoken out in favor of repealing the nineteenth amendment. Seriously.

      Those would be Vox Day and Anne Coulter.

      They are parodies of themselves.

    3. horsedreamer_1

      Another benefit of voter ID laws is that recently divorced, married, & widowed women will not have ID to match the names appearing on their birth certificates; thus, they will not be able to cast a vote.

  1. orygoon

    Mittens or Rick or Newton will pick a VP with boyish good looks, like a Quayle spawn or something, and it will all be fixed.

    1. Limeylizzie

      Well, I hope it's that hideous, greasy-locked, pompous, vaginal probe-loving, ambitious cunt from Virginia.

          1. Loaded_Pants

            He kept saying how he was a "moderate" when he was running for guv. Enough people bought that line so he got elected in 2009. Afterward, people were surprised….hahaha…that he wasn't. For those who had been paying attention, who knew his background & his affiliations, it was no surprise at all.
            It was inevitable, I suppose. The Commonwealth has the trait of electing a governor who belongs to the opposition party of the current U.S. President. That's why we had 8 yrs of a Dem as governor under W's reign.
            Which means when Obama is reelected for a 2nd term, our next governor will probably be Ken Fuckinelli. Ugh.

          2. Terry

            The voters of Virginia should have had a slight clue when the learned McDonald earned a degree from Regent University back when it was called the Christian Broadcast Network University. The title of his thesis there should have been the second clue.

          3. Advn2rgirl

            We tried to tell 'em. They kept chanting "youthful indiscretion" which is Southern for IOIYAR.

            Our next governor is going to be Terry Mac, watch and see. Wimmen'z PISSED.

        1. Terry

          He probably start with Cluck-U as an appetizer, heading immediately into an ocean of chicken parm.

          1. FROTHY

            (dies larfing) Yaknow, it took me three reads to get this, and I'm willing to bet TEN THOUSAND (tenths of a penny) that most people won't.

    2. Fare la Volpe

      I hear Aaron Schock is free now that he's broken up with his boyfriend "campaign staffer."

        1. horsedreamer_1

          I know one Metallica superfan & mother of two who would vote for a tight ab'd closet case. & she's not from Peoria, but a decent analogue (the Dirty Stallis, Wes Allis, Wisc., "the Dirty Dirty"), so maybe it would play in Peoria.

    3. flamingpdog

      If it weren't for the fact that they're still too young, Mittens could double down on the Mormon thingie and select one of the Huntsman daughters for VP. Or all three of them.

        1. Negropolis

          Yep, otherwise, it's religious discrimination, just like forcing healthcare plans to cover birf control.

      1. Negropolis

        …to keep the mystique, though, people should refrain from asking him how many bodies he has buried in his backyard, 'cause that bastard has the stare of a serial killer.


    4. Terry

      There has to be a new twist. There was Quayle, a pleasant enough looking idiot. Then ther was Palin, a female pleasant enough looking idiot. Where should they go next?

      1. FROTHY

        Jezus, I hope Romney's not picking Seamus.*

        *his Irish setter wut went on a 12-hr trip tied to the top of a car. Seamus is *very* pleasant-looking. And setters are undoubtedly idiots.

        1. Geminisunmars

          Diego, the Chocolate Lab, for VP! Except he isn't a Republican. Wouldn't be caught dead sniffing a Repub's crotch.

          1. FROTHY

            (Hugs the gal)

            How can we lose with Diego? He'll have the Latino vote, the Brown vote, teh wimmenz vote (find me a wimmin who doesn't like chocolate — yeah, all three of them)? Surely he can fake Republicanism for a bit? Infiltrate the buggers?

  2. 4TheTurnstiles

    And that one third of American women who support the GOP, even now? That's the Bene Gesserit witches I've been warning you of. They use mind power for contraception and husbands merely as prana-bindu energy sources. You have to be in a cult and high on worm juice to vote Republican, that's my point.

    1. DCBloom

      I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.

      Just sayin…

      1. Angry_Marmot

        I know this place… the Bermuda Triangle, from which no hetero man ever truly escapes…

        1. C_R_Eature

          Yes, it's Ugly. For goodness's sake, don't tell any Republicans. We have enough trouble with them now.

          1. C_R_Eature

            *whispering* Sssshhh!! I think they're listening! Is that sound…them…Taking Notes!?

          1. FROTHY

            The sweetest meat in the Universe.

            I had forgotten (mercifully) about sligs till YOU reminded me. Don't think for one minute that that will be forgiven.

    2. Jukesgrrl

      That one-third of women who STILL support the GOP?

      Hasn't some Wonketeer named Rebecca Schoenkopf been lovin' herself some aging Mor-man right here in black and white? I await the day he's referred to as "Mit-tastic."

  3. Rotundo_

    Whoever decided to make this election a referendum on womens health, thinking that it would be a winner at the ballot box must not have been paying attention for the past 50 years or so. All this hysteria on the part of fundies about religious freedom is going to push the righties off into the ditch for another election cycle. I just can't help wondering if it is intentional, since they always seemed to understand pandering and race baiting and all the other "southern strategy" components and make them work to their advantage in the "good ol' days". Are the conservatives going from mere aging to senility?

    1. BerkeleyBear

      It is pathological on their part. The economics only message doesn't make the base tingle, so they wander off into this crap that is a consistent loser. Look at what the House did right after winning an all-economics backlash election – abortion, DOMA defense, and similar social boondoggles.

    2. C_R_Eature

      They can't help themselves.

      The Republican Party thought that carpooling with the Fundies was a fantastic idea and it really worked out great for them. They sped past all the other cars and then the Fundies were driving and going faster and faster and okay, you can slow down now and easy, don't pass this truck on the right and hey, wasn't that our exit? and, finally shit this is a dead end ahhhhhh!!

      The moral: Don't let the Crazy people drive.

        1. C_R_Eature

          Why, thanks! This metaphor has been kicking around in my head for a while and it's good to get it fully formed and out in print.

        1. C_R_Eature

          "…and what they don't know is the all the state SWAT response teams, as well as the FBI and the National Guard are waiting just down the road. Let's watch the fun!"

        2. flamingpdog

          Please tell me they have one of those buses that can't go over 50 MPH before it explodes!

      1. bagofmice

        I would assume its the whole ALEC org disseminating (heh) an agenda to keep the social policy wing of the party watching the base of boomers dying off, and using the in doctrinal methods of religion to justify their existence.

      2. Mort_Sinclair

        Completely and utterly quotable. Saved for future reference. And I'll even try to provide attribution whenever I use it. Great stuff. Thanks.

    3. SorosBot

      I want to thank the Catholic bishops for this – they really pressed the issue, going all in on the "right" of employers to force their employees to conform to their religious taboos, suddenly making birth control an issue nearly half a century after Griswold v Connecticut, and that forced the GOP candidates to circle the wagons and pander to the extremist woman-hating base.

      1. Z Crudmonger

        I've been wondering if this bishops' move has been in the think tanks' back pockets for an appropriate distraction.. Romney was getting hammered about Bain for a few weeks straight, taking him down several notches long before they may have expected such attacks, hoping it would be Obama bringing up his vulture capitalism. Since this contraception dust up, the heat is off Romney and he can go back to bland primary electioneering. However, much to my glee and chortles, Rush was able to up the ante making it a wimmenz rights issue. Yay and double yay. I've my nondrinking fingers crossed this female alienation strategy will force the R's to move to more centrist positions after this fall's hopeful rout. Perhaps then the left can move to forward more progressive agendas. This is my dream, and I'm burning meth flavored incense to the trailer park dieties until November in hopes of its materialization.

        1. tessiee

          "I've been wondering if this bishops' move has been in the think tanks' back pockets for an appropriate distraction"

          It would be a pretty decent strategy, if true, but I can't help thinking that you're giving them an awful lot of credit. One has to be clever in order to be Macchiavellian, and I'm not seeing a whole lot of clever with this bunch.

          Hell, Nigel Tufnel is more clever than this bunch.

      2. FROTHY

        I don't understand their woman-hatery. Is there a man on this planet who *doesn't* want to stick his dick in something or, preferably, someONE? Given that some 10% of the population is LG, doesn't that leave, you know, like 90% of the menfolks looking around for someone to play bumperoonies wiv? And wouldn't that 90% have SOME kinda liking for the wimminzfolks? Where is the hatey hatey coming from, and why are they so fucking prone (heh) to it? Me not gettee.

        1. Fare la Volpe

          Misogynists hate women because they can't control women. There is a reason the angriest misogynists out there are "nice guys" who have never been laid: they feel they are entitled to women by being their friends and buying them presents, but when those women rebuff their advances because women can, in fact, make their own decisions, the "nice guys" show their true colors as piggish, controlling dicks who can't get over the fact that they don't deserve jack shit, least of all a woman's submission.

          Republicans aren't terribly different: many women are (shockingly) turned off by a political belief system that encourages naked abuse of power and wealth by a privileged few (Surprise! Usually men), and so the Republicans get their underoos in a twist, yell "Fie! A pox on both your houses," and lash out against those women because they wouldn't fall in line with the party message. It's very similar to their attitude towards Blacks and Latinos: they won't obey us willingly, so we'll fix them!

          1. SorosBot

            Yeah, it's the "nice guys" and the so-called "mens' rights activists", who are mostly angry divorced men who are pissed off that their ex-wives, their property, were allowed to leave them. Many, if not most, of these horrific douchebags were abusers, and they're big on trying to claim that most victims of abuse were just making it up, and are pissed that the courts actually allowed "their woman" freedom and protects her from their psychosis. They're horrible awful people who really deserve castration.

          2. tessiee

            "There is a reason the angriest misogynists out there are "nice guys" who have never been laid: they feel they are entitled to women by being their friends"

            Dood (or doodette), do NOT get me started on Nice Guys [tm] (as opposed to actual nice guys), or we'll be here all day. Suffice it to say that all the Nice Guys [tm] whom I've personally encountered don't seem to grasp the difference between "women don't like nice guys" and "this particular woman is not attracted to you". Stupid is not an attractive quality, especially when combined with a sense of entitlement.

        2. Gainsbourg69

          Reactionaries are cowards first and foremost. Woman hating is their bread and butter.

        3. qwerty42

          I don't think it is hate (though that sure seems close to the surface). I think it is more a sort of contempt. I do not see this working out at all well for them. They are alienating pretty much every minority in the country; but women voters are not (last I heard) a minority. Why they would take off on this rant from the 1960's is beyond me, but I have to assume it appeals to the old white men who "run things". Or at least in their view run things. They would seem to be a bunch of crackpots.

    4. Chet Kincaid

      The fundies that the Conservative Establishment were manipulating thought they were serious about all the social issuses stuff. Now the Establishment is learning that you can't just turn these people on and off when you want their votes — they really want to be in charge and are as patient as their soulmates in the Taliban. There's a whole lot of chicken shit they need to clean up at the roost now!

      1. tessiee

        "Now the Establishment is learning that you can't just turn these people on and off when you want their votes"

        You mean, you have to be seen with them in public during the day? You can't just knock on their door when the sun goes down?

    5. Veritas78

      12 levels of chess: I am personally convinced that our President (yes, that one) decided this, and that it was another stroke of sheer genius on his part. (No snarks were deployed or harmed in this post.)

    6. FROTHY

      Try 100 years. 50 years ago, them wimminz bitchez were all out in the streets burning their underroonies and screaming and yelling about how we were supposed to listen to them, the sluts, the PROSTITUTES!! (Damn, it feels so good to say that, I just hope my sister doesn't find out.)

    7. tessiee

      Remember when John McCain made his concession speech, and we all wondered where that John McCain had been throughout the entirety of his campaign? And it turned out that he had a choice of running his campaign their way or not getting to run it at all? It's kinda like that.

      To say that there's no spectrum of opinion among the Republican Party nowadays is like saying that fire might be slightly warm. The Republicans have spent the last twelve years (at least) thinking and saying "whoever is not with us is against us", and trying to out-right-wing each other. They've thrown the moderates, then the center-right, then the right-right under the bus along the way, and now, all that's left is the ultra-right lunatic fringe.

      The problem (for them, not for us) is that in order to be loony-right enough for the present Republican Party, you have to be *too* loony-right for 90% of the population. Assuming they wanted to win and actually have to do something for once, they're not going to do it with 10% of their base.

      1. poncho_pilot

        i can only hope their arms race of crazy will end with them bombing each other back to the stone age some of them don't believe in.

        1. tessiee

          I think George Carlin said it best, as he said so many other things best:
          "Eventually, all that will be left is one guy with a crew cut… And then he'll attack the mirror."

  4. annettaj

    So . . . republican wimmuns are tired of bakin' pies for men who want to bind their feet and get up all into their lady parts? Shocking.

  5. KobayashiMaru

    Those poll numbers are despite Obama's bombshell display of HWB (hugging while black)?

        1. Negropolis

          Blackgate is so totally going to be the name of my bluff-top mansion overlooking Lake Michigan. It's going to come with a why butler and everything!

  6. BerkeleyBear

    So women (50+ percent of the electorate), Hispanics (15-20 percent), Blahs (5-10 percent, depending on who is counting), all overwhelmingly hate it when the GOP talks to its base? Well, I can only hope the stupid is as strong with them as it seems to be.

  7. Fare la Volpe

    Just follow the Newt Gingrich plan: when American women hate you, just leave them for newer women.

        1. Jukesgrrl

          The Bieb can't be president, he's Canadian. NO BIRF CERTIFICATE!!!!

          Christian Wild Girl Miley would probably qualify though. Daddy Bill Ray Cyrus performed at Sean Hannity's Freedom Concerts and has supposedly (I don't watch) been a guest on Hannity's radio and TV programs. I understand he gave McCain some songs to use in the 2008 campaign. You see how big a help that was.

    1. Swampgas_Man

      Or an older woman. Fully half the Sunday Letters to my local fishwrap were from an older generation of females writing in ALL CAPS about how Rush was right about that Fluke woman, that she and all the feminazis like her should be openly shamed and harassed because they're not REAL American women who keep their knees together. I has a sad.

      1. tessiee

        There does seem to be a disproportionately high percentage of senior citizens in general in the Anti-Sex League, doesn't there?

        1. poncho_pilot

          look for the sashes around their wastes and the pearls they're clutching. i always thought they had to still be fertile though.

        2. FROTHY

          I don't know how else to tell ya this, hon, but when YOU ain't gettin' none (due to advanced age, fleshly sag-and-wrinkle, and inability to run down those fleet young hardbodied stud/esses), you pretty much hate the fuck out of anyone who IS gettin' any.

    1. Veritas78

      Oddly, the same percentage as men. Who will be discouraged from voting this time because: Mitt. Strategery!

      1. FROTHY

        That's the whole thing, innit? The pretty LayDz, no matter how much one might like them, are really no better than the menz. And, as my vet used to say, why should they be? When women can be just as good or bad as men without it raising any comment, we'll have achieved true equality.

        1. tessiee

          There's a quote attributed to Gloria Steinem to the effect of, "We'll know we have true equality when a female schlemeil can be as successful as a male schlemeil."

    2. comrad_darkness

      5% of the female population is certified busybody, they would all vote republican. Then there are the 10% who are certifiably insane, Bachmann style, and believe god has a special plan, ditto them. That leaves 15% who are probably under the influence of a cult-like evangelical church and could be brought to their senses.

      1. Jukesgrrl

        You forgot the ones who still do what their husbands tell them. Of those there are two subsets: the ones whose entire lives are run that way (marriage as hostage-taking) and those who don't watch the news because it's "too depressing" and "you know, the kids," but they go to the polls because it's cool to seem civic-minded (marriage suburban-style).

  8. samsuncle

    The GOP is always looking for ways to make women's lives easier. For instance: repealing the 19th amendment so that they won't get all confused deciding who to vote for; requiring them to wear burkas so they won't waste time putting on makeup and styling their hair; and making all vaginal related decisions for them.

        1. commiegirl

          Looks like you can comment again? Good, it was scaring me when you said you couldn't. I don't know WHAT is up with IntenseDebate!

          1. Gunner Asch

            Yeah, the only comment I can remember making under this ID on a different site than Wonkette was some leftie blog where I wondered aloud about the possible Bad Results of Wikileaking all things from one side and none from the opposition. Unilateral disarmament and all. The hits I took from that one seem to have permanently anchored me at 86p.

          2. glamourdammerung

            Apparently, looking at the settings sometimes will make things work again according to something Layne mentioned before. But yeah, the system is screwy at times.

        1. horsedreamer_1

          Craig Vitter? You mean, the Frankenstein's Monster of Louisiana Senator Dave Vitter & Texas Senate candidate Craig "5 Hookers Murdered" James?

      1. NorthStarSpanx

        My elitist East Coast college sure put ideas in my head by putting Herland in my curriculum. May we all become Virgin Mary's and immaculately conceive, that way, conservative men won't be so disgusted.

  9. Callyson

    Ms. Warren said her job had not been made any easier lately. “A lot of my younger friends are Democrats, and it’s hard for them to understand how, as a woman, you can be a member of the Republican Party,” she said.
    Ding ding ding!

    1. Fare la Volpe

      It's always pleasant when a Republican has a momentary blip of self-awareness. It's like watching a dog walk on its hind legs.

        1. Rotundo_

          That has been more representative of their first few months this year. Only not a solo act, the whole darned lot has been draggin' away on the carpet and leaving big, big, big trails for the world to see.

    1. SorosBot

      Adams at that damned Mary Wollstonecraft, that shameless radical harlot. And her daughter basically invented science fiction, making her indirectly responsible for all us nerds and geeks.

          1. chicken_thief

            It's disgusting and elitist!!! Don't tell me nothing I don't already know… *hands over ears* lalalalalalalalalalala

          2. C_R_Eature

            Come over to the Dark Side. You have no idea how powerful you will become. Give yourself to the Dark Side. We have candy.

  10. Callyson

    About that 30% who stilllll support the Reeps: anti – depressants, self – loathing, or utter ignorance?
    …ah hell, can't resist: all of 'em, Katie…

  11. Blueb4sunrise

    GOP ladies. Listen up. Show your disdain for the current Republican candidates with liberal sexytime!

  12. ManchuCandidate

    Now we know the answer to the question: "Where the White Women at?"

    They're voting for Barry.*

    *Geniuz move, old crazy bible masturbating white guys. Some women do like tax cuts and stomping the shit out of the 99%

  13. Guppy

    “If Republicans would stop all this ridiculous talk about contraception, I’d consider voting in November.”

    Don't worry: all that troubling talk will go away after the convention, and our dutiful press will fail to remind voters of what's been going on since, oh, January 2009.

        1. Angry_Marmot

          That's why there are so many Dutchmen on the west side of the state– very short thumbs.

  14. Chichikovovich

    Of the Republican candidates this year, she added, “They’re nothing but hatemongers trying to control everyone, saying, ‘Live as I live.’ ”
    She continued, “If Republicans would stop all this ridiculous talk about contraception, I’d consider voting in November.”

    Because when hatemongers who try to control everyone and say "Live as I live" stop talking about controlling everyone and stop saying "Live as I live", it totally means they've stopped wanting to do those things.


  15. SexySmurf

    In the Republicans' defense, uteruses are the biggest threat to America. One of them even hugged Derrick Bell FOR 9 STRAIGHT MONTHS.

    (I'm only posting this comment as a shameless attempt to get people to put their cursors over my avatar and read my new description. I think it's pretty horrorshow.)

    1. RadioStalingrad

      Jim apparently does not read our descriptions….OR, teacher's pet, teacher's pet.

  16. Dashboard Buddha

    "She continued, “If Republicans would stop all this ridiculous talk about contraception, I’d consider voting in November.”"

    You may be too stupid to breathe. If they stopped yammering on about contraception right this very second , it would only be to get you back into the voting booth in November. Did you think that what was stopped at the mouth also vanished in the heart? You can't be that dumb.

    1. finallyhappy

      why yes, she can. the woman at the party last night says the GOP candidates don't care about these things- it is all made up by the media.

  17. SolitaireRose

    But Sarah Palin agrees with what the Republicans are saying, and she's everywoman, so these malcontents must be outliers. Or terrorist lovin' commie socialists.

  18. sezme

    If those ladies would just keep a Midol between their knees, or stay barefoot in the kitchen unless required to pop out unlimited babies, we wouldn't even be having this conversation. Amirite, boys?

  19. UW8316154

    I'm hoping with all the political focus on contraception, we can sneak gay marriage in the back door, and then double-around and handle birth control before they know what even happened.

    1. Geminisunmars

      Well, you know, being gay married means you are true religious observants, being that you don't use the contraception stuff (unless you have other needs for it).

  20. gullywompr

    As a Democrat, I have to concede that JFK, Teddy Kennedy, Clinton, and John Edwards have not done us any favors with the fairer sex either. As a man, I have to wonder how much longer women of either party are going to tolerate male politicians. How much you wanna bet that 2016 sees a woman front-runner for the White House in the GOP? Yeah, you're right – I wouldn't take that bet either.

      1. gullywompr

        I'm afraid we men have screwed ourselves. Dems latched on the the right's abandonment of women's health issues faster than you can say "skullfuck", but based upon the behavior of us men on the left, it seems as if we just like women to be healthy so we can fuck them.

    1. Guppy

      Democrats take advantage of women with low self-esteem. Republicans cause low self-esteem in women.

      It's really a choice between battery and codependency.

    2. Negropolis

      Well, yeah, with the difference being that Dems don't use government to control women.

      Being a Dem doesn't mean being perfect, what it means is offering everyone choices and allowing everyone their space to be themselves. Sure, we can make note of bad actors in their capacity as human beings, but in their capacity as politicians, this isn't even a contest, and that's what we're discussing, right?

      I tell you this, I'd rather have a horndog who legislates for the benefit of women representing me than I would the most faithful husband who is legislating to govern a woman's body as his own.

      1. gullywompr

        It is absolutely no contest, at least not this year. But outside of Wonkette and other such bastions, horndogs can lose Dems votes also too (see: Clinton, William J.).

        Anyway, I'm not really telling elected male Dems to keep it zipped (not really, OK, a little bit, but not really), rather I am wondering why female Republicans don't take over their own party? I know they won't, but shouldn't they? And unless Dem women are just into horndogs, why don't they as well?

        Vive la fem! Let's see more of them in politics.

  21. Limeylizzie

    OT but on Greet the Mess , that adorable Martin O'Malley D/ Sexypants, was excellent and so pleasant as he totally made Bob McDonnell (R-Cunt) look pathetic.

    1. C_R_Eature

      He's My Hero. Also my Governor, and You can't have him.

      He's pretty adept at calling bullshit on Republican nonsense. You should look up how he took bob McDonnell apart at the Governor's meeting. I think Rachel's blog has it linked.

      1. Limeylizzie

        He is wonderful and so calm and soft-spoken I hope he runs in 2016, O'Malley/Warren 2016 , or any combo of that.

        1. C_R_Eature

          He's smart, funny, well versed in the issues, a consummate politician, previously Mayor of Baltimore and led his traditional Irish bar band "O'Mally's March" on guitar.

          I am down with him running for Pres – as long as I don't end up with some nightmare Republican ideology-monster as Governor.

          1. flamingpdog

            Informed sources tell me that even as we speak the Koch brothers are cloning a former Republican Baltimore County Executive and Maryland Governor in a laboratory basement on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

            EDIT: But his DNA was damaged so they're having to insert some frog DNA to make it work.

          2. C_R_Eature

            Thanks, pdog! I've been monitoring the lab, but I wasn't aware of the frog DNA fiasco. Now I'm not so worried and will probably call off tonight's assault.
            Those Koch Industries scientists never learn. If they only had used bird DNA then the developmental rate would have been far greater and he would have been much more active.
            They essentially just repeated that Newt DNA fiasco in Georgia and we all know how that worked out.

          3. C_R_Eature

            The Brain Electrodes. But don't tell the Koch guys that. They're still using Frogs! Bwa haha hahahaha

          4. C_R_Eature

            Hey, Spiro's my Hero, you Nattering Nabob of Negativism!

            This flashback brought to you by Pat Buchanan, who's still off TV – yay!

          5. C_R_Eature

            "…Nattering Nabob of Negativism!"
            – Actual attribution was to William Safire.

            Now I feel better. Just typing out Buchanan's name made me a little sick.

            Proud member of the Effete Impudent Snob Corps, also!

          6. tessiee

            "his DNA was damaged so they're having to insert some frog DNA to make it work."

            It's OK; he'll never get out of the electric fence.

      1. Limeylizzie

        He is gorgeous and I would like to see him in a Waffen SS uniform, but shirtless would be alright as well.

          1. ttommyunger

            Ha, ha! Two hours alone with Lizzie and a cold glass of water would kill this old fossil deader than a wedge, Flame.

          2. ttommyunger

            I want to go on the upstroke; that would give me two more; one when I collapse and another when they pull me off.

          3. C_R_Eature

            "Noooooo thankyou!" *backs away slowly*

            "Man, Elephantiasis sucks! Do you use a wheelbarrow, then?"

          4. C_R_Eature

            On the Internet, No one knows you're a:
            a.) Dog
            b.) 14 year old
            c.) Slut
            d.) Cephalopod
            e.) All of the above
            f.) None of the Above
            g.) Spam

      2. Jukesgrrl

        Is that an undoctored photo?? I've only seen him with a suit on.

        Now I might have to cheat on the pretend-boyfriend (Sherrod) I'm cheating on my pretend-husband (Bernie) with. Could I be … a SLUT???

        Rebecca, please note he's too young for you.

        1. Limeylizzie

          Sherrod is one of my pretend bfs as well,that voice is so sexy, I would like him to say really, really nasty things to me.

    2. Lynne

      I had no idea who Martin O'Malley was, but now that I have read a long biography on him, I am stunned! I had no idea there was anyone like him out there. (And to think, we got stuck with Sarah Palin. I could just vomit.) Anyway, never mind that. He sure seems like a great person to look for in 2016. Whoever in these comments said O'Malley/Warren 2016, that sounds good to me. And he's Catholic too…creepy Santorum should take notes.

      1. Limeylizzie

        That was me, I think they would be a fantastic ticket, btw when you say "And to think we got stuck with Sarah Palin" I am assuming you are an Alaskan not a Republican?

        1. Lynne

          Yes, I'm an Alaskan, not a Republican (a committed liberal actually). Thanks for bringing O'Malley to my attention. It gives me hope for the future after Obama's next term.

          Regarding Sarah Palin, I was out of state and voting absentee that year. I didn't know who she was other than a Republican woman, and believe me, that was enough to make me run for cover. I still didn't know anything about her until she hit the McCain circuit. (I was away quite awhile). I was beyond horrified when she gave that first speech. I had to leave the room in the first minute or so. I've been appalled by her ever since, and it just keeps getting worse.

  22. trampndirtdown

    Mitt- All the women in ___ are just the right height.
    Mitt- I like women.
    Mitt- I had a woman for breakfast this morning.
    Mitt-Of course I like women I'm running for office for Pete's sake

      1. AlterNewt

        I believe with all my heart that the two of you are prepared to serve your country's brains out.

    1. Negropolis

      But, really, aren't all presidential elections a choice between a slut and a whore and the other slut and whore?

  23. BarackMyWorld

    This is just a Democrat Party conspiracy to draw attention away from the gas prices going back up to how hight they were under Bush. I bet those dirty liberals black-mailed Darrell Issa into holdin that anti-contraception hearing. And the liberal media's fault, too, for making Rush Limbaugh sound like he's a misogynist by accurately quoting him! I bet they even have a time machine to make him say all those sexist things for the last twenty years!

    Oh, well, time to put a woman on the ticket and make all our problems go away…

  24. JustPixelz

    All this talk of lady votes makes me want to google something:

    The kindly, gentle influence of the mother in the home and the dignified influence of the teacher in the school will far outweigh all the influence of all the mannish female politicians on earth. – opposing argument from 1911 California voter guide

    I never want to see the women voting, and gabbling about politics, and electioneering. – Mark Twain in 1867

    I would like to see [women] help make the laws and those who are to enforce them. I would like to see the whiplash in women's hands. – Mark Twain in 1909, oh my

    1. Negropolis

      So, what you're saying is that Twain was in to S&M? Clemens, you dirty, dirty boy, you. Dirtier than a Mississippi riverbottom/steamboat.

      Go look that at urbandictionary.com.

  25. Mumbletypeg

    I'd point out to these out-of-touch rightwing malecentrics that last night's SNL guest band featured enough women musicians to outnumber the men. The GOP will need to get on this! Of course by the time they figure out there exists a once-highly-rated sketch comedy show, like with most developments that break new ground and transcend established conventions, they will be about 35+ years too late.

        1. Negropolis

          Yeah, the whole show was unusually good…not like the week before when Lindsey Lohan murdered her dialogue.

          I can say that, right?

          1. Designer_Rants

            Murdered? If anything, I would say she machinegun skullfucked her dialogue.

            I actually didn't see it, I find myself fast-forwarding through most SNL eps, but sometimes they nail it. I was also happy to see my favorite SNL character, Stefan, on Update. I just wish Hader (that's his name, right?) could get through without cracking up, because it's SO much funnier that way. That's what used to drive me nuts about Fallon.

  26. littlebigdaddy

    Put Mizz Lindsey on the problem: she knows what it's like to be a lady surrounded by boorish men!

  27. The_Trainman

    "…morphing into Obama-voting communists…"

    And, you thought that the "turduckhen sandwich" was only the deus ex machina of an American TV show plot. Nope. Ha-ha-ha!

  28. ttommyunger

    I'm guess they'll solve the female problem by asking Liz Cheney to tape her dick up for the duration of the Campaign and run as VP on Mitten's Ticket.

  29. donner_froh

    Santorum and his two parent, wife stays home, husband works, kids are home schooled, is an ideal situation for him and he is welcome to it.

    An ideal situation for someone else–me for example–might mean bags of cash and all the p***y I could eat.

    Different strokes for different folks, Ricky.

  30. NYNYNYjr

    Pander? I'll pander. You women are just the right shape, here in Mississippi. I say that number 1 in obesity and number 1 in conservatism makes sense, they go together like gibblets and gizzards. I wish women were PMSing all the time. That's the truth. My dad was raised by 20 sister-wives in Mexico…so…well I used to hear him tell about this joint PMS thing, gee it sounds super.

  31. pinkocommi

    "…single motherhood increases a child’s chances of poverty …"

    The gender voting gap explained.
    Republicans read this sentence and want to outlaw single motherhood.
    Democrats read this sentence and want to ensure equal pay for equal pay for equal work and support structures such as flex time and childcare that allow women to work while being mothers.

  32. NYNYNYjr

    "The Romney camp has been trying to say since last June that I should get out of race. The fact is, Romney is probably the weakest Republican frontrunner since Leonard Wood in 1920," Gingrich told host Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, referencing the Army general who lost to Warren G. Harding.

    Newt Gingrich: History snob. My question: is this a kind of intelligence that conservative's admire? Pulling a totally undebatable turd of a history fact out of your butt to impress people? Or is it as annoying to everyone as it is to me?

    1. doloras

      The terrifying thing is that Leonard Wood sucked so much that Warren Gangsta Harding was nominated in a "smoke-filled room". How much and what kind of smoke would they need to nominate Newton Leroy?

      1. Negropolis

        Oh, you'd definitely have to have two, fattened hogs on a spit to make the smoke needed to obscure his ego. Scratch that; you'd need all of the mecury-laddend, coal-fire powerplants in China to produce that kind of smoke.

  33. LetUsBray

    It's the refrain from the Shrub years all over again: "No one could have predicted the inevitable logical outcome of our flagrant asshattery."

  34. ElPinche

    I wish these women would just shut their Snack-Well holes, mop up their menstrual puddles, and serve me up some pancakes barefoot-style.

          1. Designer_Rants

            That's why there oughtta be a law against wimmins readin. So they can't figger out which bottle is the poison. Their recipe books could jus' be piktures.

          2. Negropolis

            I don't know. Wasn't Mrs. Daniels the runaway bridge that ran back? She doesn't sound like one to take shit…she sounds like one that gives it.

          3. FROTHY

            Mitch Daniels' wife won the watermelon-seed-spitting contest at her state's Fair. I'm betting Mitch don't wanna piss HER off anytime soon.

  35. Wadisay

    The GOP must get past this whole silly business and onward to more serious initiatives, like, a new voter ID laws requiring:

    1. A subscription to Guns & Ammo, and
    2. Proof of never having used birth control.

    1. carolinaswamp

      You forgot 3. Making a transvaginal ultrasound mandatory in order to conduct voter registration drives.

  36. comrad_darkness

    ‘Live as I live.’ … ? Well, must have been a republican they interviewed because she hasn't realized it's blatantly 'live as I tell you to live. I'm an exception.'

    1. Jukesgrrl

      Republicans all despise abortion until they find out their grandchild is coming along ten years before they expected. Then the murder of Mozart becomes a "procedure that's between my daughter and her mother's doctor."

  37. comrad_darkness

    The right has always been about religious freedom equals freedom for them to force their religion on others. The freaking pilgrims they have wet dreams about did exactly that, putting their former torments utterly to shame back across the pond. Trouble for them now is they have grown too childish to feel like hiding it.

  38. comrad_darkness

    I will say, back when Reagan was successfully catering to the Hispanic vote, I thought the Democrats were doomed to permanent back bench status. Turns out the Republicans have no flipping clue what Reagan actually was about. (Or they have no self-control once they have power…)

    1. Negropolis

      I don't think even Reagan knew what Reagan was about, you know, forgetting all about what he knew and all.

      I always like to make it clear that were it not for the Democratic House during the Reagan years, we'd be even worse off, fiscally and politically, than we are, right now. Reagan got away with what he could get away with…and would have gotten away with much more.

      1. comrad_darkness

        Someones in the Reagan era had a vision for the republican party and that was to grow it. Someone keeps losing that memo because they can't bear inclusiveness.

  39. randcoolcatdaddy

    “If Republicans would stop all this ridiculous talk about contraception, I’d consider voting in November.”

    If Republicans don't stop making me think about Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and the concept of sex in the same sentence, I'd consider giving up drinking.

  40. NYNYNYjr

    I think women should have to get a transvaginal ultrasound and permission from two male relatives before they can buy a political blog. Then we wouldn't have had all these problems over the years.

  41. OurDailyBread

    I was gonna a say something snarky about how "A Handmaid's Tale" is a dystopian nightmare, and not a political action plan. Then I realized that the GOP sees it as a dystopian nightmare AND a political action plan.

    I now have a drinking problem.

    1. LetUsBray

      I don't think they see it as a dystopian nightmare. I think they see it as fucking awesome fap material.

    2. SorosBot

      They read both it and 1984 as instruction manuals describing their ideal world. (Not Brave New World though; too much fucking, not enough suffering).

  42. SayItWithWookies

    Of the Republican candidates this year, she added, “They’re nothing but hatemongers trying to control everyone, saying, ‘Live as I live.’ ”

    So go out there and steal from the poor and fuck some boys, ladies! Also, did anyone else notice that the middle girl in the second row looks like Paul Ryan?

  43. chascates

    The pregnant-and-barefoot crowd will always do what the Man of the House says (just as he obeys the Man of the Clouds) but it appears some of the women of the right are having a bit of cognitive dissonance, yes? Abortion was always bad, they knew, (even though they had friends and relatives who had them–possibly even themselves) but now birth control is evil? And being a single mother, regardless of how she got there? Obviously any one using food assistance or SCHIP is hell-bound trash but not being to take BC for non-reproductive maladies doesn't seem quite right no matter how loud the man on the teevee is.
    They might end up telling their husband, father, or older brother they'll vote the straight GOP ticket come November but they may just stay home. Where they belong according to the current doctrine.

    1. DemmeFatale

      The one time I sat on a jury, I was astonished to see how weak some of them were. All the other jurors deferred to this old guy who was a pompous, opinionated ass. They were mostly other women, (of my mother's generation), that were happy not to think for themselves, and voted with him every time, no matter how wrong he was.
      After the trial, I discussed this with one of the attorneys, and he was not at all surprised. He knew I would figure out what really happened, and said I was the "brain anchor." (But I'm just a girl.) So much for the truth.
      What a case of "Man of the House" syndrome!

      1. chascates

        Jury dynamics are always a hoot! Right after the 2008 election I was in voir dire and a guy answered an attorney's question by starting out "Well, I listen to talk radio…" as if it was some sort of badge. Later on in the lounge I heard him tell someone that "we'll become a socialist country while Obama was president but we would survive."
        He wasn't picked for jury duty, I was. I was the 'food anchor'; any of the jury meals left I volunteered to 'give a good home to.'

        1. C_R_Eature

          Wow – an improvised lever! Archimedes would be proud.

          You never learn these things in College, when you could really use them.

  44. Doktor Zoom

    Every Sunday I have breakfast at a local bagel place, and sit and read for a few hours. It's a great little ritual. I'm making my way through the 2011 Best American Essays, and as it happens, one of the pieces I read this morning was Bridgett Potter's "Lucky Girl," an account of her "successful" illegal abortion in 1962.

    Read this. Send this to anyone you know who you thinks that fetuses matter more than women. We cannot allow this shit to return.

    1. Dudleydidwrong

      Thanks, Dok, for posting that. it will be disseminated more widely. The comments following the essay are also worth reading. I'd love to force Ricky Shitdribble and The Newt to read that. "Here's your Good Old Days, you bastards!"

    2. Designer_Rants

      Just got done reading it. Wow. Even contraception was illegal to single ladies, cuz: sluts and prostitutes. And there's still 30% of women that will vote for these Neanderthals?

    3. tessiee

      Roberta Gregory has a very good, and very dark, cartoon about an illegal abortion she had while still in her teens.

      1. Doktor Zoom

        No kidding. Why didn't the selfish slut give up the baby for adoption? Why didn't the slut think about consequences before having sex?

        Clearly, the problem in America isn't patriarchy. It's sluts.

          1. Doktor Zoom

            Oddly enough, and probably evidence that I need to Go The Fuck To Bed, the notion of a slut shortage reminded me of a passage from a 19th century satirical novel by Marietta Holley, with a bit of old-timey slang:

            I found when I went to light the lamp, that the kerosene was all gone, and bein' out of candles, I made for the first time what they call a "slut," which is a button tied up in a rag, and put in a saucer of lard ; you set fire to the rag, and it makes a light that is better than no light at all, jest as a slut is better than no woman at all.

            Incidentally, Ms. Holley was none too keen on the patriarchy, either.

    4. Geminisunmars

      Oh, is the 2011 edition out now? Jeez, leave it to Wonkette to find another Best American Essays reader. I thought I was the only one who got those things. I have them going back into the 90s. I love the form.

      1. Doktor Zoom

        Heh–yeah, they actually start hitting the stores in the fall, and I buy 'em when I have a bit of extra cash…and then take entirely too long to get around to reading 'em. I was feeling flush this year, so I got the usual short stories & essays, plus the comics and the "Nonrequired Reading"

  45. WiscDad

    It IS fact that women on their periods are more susceptible to left wing liberal extremist bull shit, no matter their political bent, than those that are PMS'ing. Even left wing chicks PMS'ing have been known to swing right (usually a right cross). I'm pretty sure Nov 6th falls in the 28th of somewhere, and Obama will win the rag vote.

  46. Monsieur_Grumpe

    There is only one solution. Pay attention Republicans.
    Rush Limbaugh for president.
    You are welcome.

    1. Jukesgrrl

      A great idea if anyone in the GOP had a braincell. But when it's discussed, someone will bring up her fatal flaw (which is not piano playing) and Liz Cheney will look all the better to them, even if promoting economic investment in the Near East is about fifty steps down the ladder from Secretary of State. Liz does have the proper hair color for a GOP woman. Not to mention the magic number of kids. Five. (Seriously, can anyone imagine being her husband?)

  47. doloras

    Have to say, though, the movie of The Handmaid's Tale was dumbed-down shit compared to the book.

    1. Designer_Rants

      I got to where he starts listening to the show and figured I'd better go have a smoke first. I've never listened to more than soundbites and a few minutes. I'll be back.

      1. tessiee

        Anybody who's listened to the shit they talk about the President knows they don't really crave authoritarianism. They THINK they do, but what they really want is to live in some impossible fantasy world where *they're* the sovereign ruler. Since they're as fucking stupid about math and logic as they are about everything else, they can't figure out that only one person at a time gets to be the ruler; and since they have entitlement mentality, it never occurs to them that they wouldn't be the one to make the cut.

    2. flamingpdog

      Sometime in the mid-nineties, when I was out on the road and the music on the car radio sucked, I tuned into Limpballs out of boredom. It was the only time I ever listened to him for more than about 90 seconds. He was going on and on about how he might have to support Hillary for something or another, I don't remember now. He was getting frantic call after frantic call from listeners pleading, "Oh, no, Rush, you can't mean that, supporting Hillary" and similar sentiments. He just kept on leading the dittoheads on, torturing them with what to any marginally sensient being was an obvious con job. That was the day I realized that Rush not only hates minorities and women, he hates his own freakin' listeners.

      1. BarackMyWorld

        I will admit, after I was discharged from the Navy but before I started college, I started listening to talk radio and was duped by Limbaugh's fallacies for a while. But after a while I started picking up in the holes in his reasoning and his self-contradictions. What conservatives who defend Limbaugh DO NOT GET is that it isn't necessarily his conclusions that are wrong, but how he arives at those conclusions…the red herrings, the ad hominems, the ad populum arguments, the cherry-picking…that make him not just incorrect but someone who should not be listened to or taken seriously by anyone who is genuinely interested in moving the country forward and fixing problems.

  48. Come here a minute

    Do you perhaps need a Midol?

    This sounds like a terrifically magnanimous question, yet I never get so much as a "thank you" when I ask it.

    1. Biff

      It's all in the delivery. Next time, perhaps, try "Pardon me, but may I offer you a Midol for your obvious distress?"
      It could work.

    2. ThundercatHo

      My husband just buys me good chocolate, sets it on the counter and doesn't say a word. Sometimes, he will ask me to join him in a shot of brown liquor.

      1. FROTHY

        Clearly a brilliant man and your marriage is destined to last. As my ex used to say, "There are only three words you will need to memorize. They are 'Yes,' 'No,' and 'Dear.'" Worked till she dumped my ass.

  49. NYNYNYjr

    Rick Santorum today: "This is my first trip to Cape Girardeau, Jo Ann's been bragging on you a long time. It's good to be in the hometown of Rush Limbaugh, which some people see as a trip to Mecca."

    We will win this war on women.

        1. BarackMyWorld

          I know you are just kidding around, but Mormons really do believe it is the site of Eden and the place Jesus will return. You should see some of the churches and shrines they've built there.

    1. ElPinche

      They say if you look hard enough, you can almost see the skidmarks in the Limbaugh sacred toilet where He floated

    2. Negropolis

      You know who else likes to make trips to Mecca?

      This dude is so unaware of himself that it'd be funny if it weren't so sad.

    1. ElPinche

      " I said this before, and I'll say it again. The GOP calling women and single mothers sluts may affect how women vote. Back to you Kingster. "

  50. tessiee

    "morphing into Obama-voting communists, just because the Republican party patiently explained to them that a man’s place is at the head of the household, and a woman’s place is in A Handmaid’s Tale."

    Yeah, well, you know how it is with us dames: You teach your pet monkey to walk and talk and do tricks, and pretty soon, she starts to think she's human.

  51. BigSkullF*ckingDog

    The fact that men's gonads are on the outside and available for kicking makes them so unbelievably insecure.

  52. Negropolis

    What?! You mean to tell me that most women don't like being preached to that all that they are are made for is to be child-rearin' baby factories?

    I tell you, this world, this crazy, effed-up, 3,000-year-old world that the sun revolves around. First, they came to tell us that the clitoris existed. And we said nothing because we didn't care. Then, they came to tell us that the wimmenz like to be treated like everybody else…and, well…I don't know what to believe, anymore.

      1. Designer_Rants

        If the current pace continues, Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue is on track to become perhaps the best-selling nonfiction book ever.

        I stopped reading after the first sentence as it upset me. That they consider "Going Rogue" nonfiction.

  53. tessiee

    “They’re nothing but hatemongers trying to control everyone, saying, ‘Live as I live.’ ”

    With all due respect to Ms. Kelly, she's wrong. The last thing the Republicans want is for everybody else to live as they live. They're hatemongers trying to control everyone, saying, "Do as I say, not as I do".

  54. tessiee

    "single motherhood increases a child’s chances of poverty and related problems"

    This outnumbers the sentiment "deadbeat fatherhood increases a child's chance of poverty and related problems" 100 to 1.

  55. tessiee

    So, the takeaway I'm getting here is that, "We've turned the country to shit, and we hate all of you bitches, but will you vote for us anyway?" doesn't seem to be working.

  56. SorosBot

    Who wouldn't want to be associated with sexual deviance, abortion and atheists? Those are all good things.

  57. Designer_Rants

    So, about the sluts and the prostitutes… Bill Maher apparently did (I didn't see the show) what I've noticed a lot of conservatives doing lately; trying to defend Rush on constitutional free speech grounds. That's not what this scandal response is about, because no one is calling for censorship. It's about not wanting to subsidize hate speech as consumers. And it's getting to the point where mainstream advertisers don't want to be associated with ANY right-wing radio hosts, not just Rush. I'm loving this. http://bit.ly/yiF4th

    1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

      Never assigned. Read it on purpose. When your done with it read "oryx and crake". Margaret Atwood is the shit.

      1. HistoriCat

        Where does The Blind Assassin fall in the spectrum? Because I was profoundly disappointed by that book.

        1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

          The blind assassin is a totally different kind of story. Atwood doesn't consider herself a sci-fi writer. I enjoyed the blind assassin but I can see how someone would be dissapointed and expecting a different kind of book.

          1. HistoriCat

            I was disappointed by the big reveal – I found it so obvious and that just led to me feeling let down.

      1. BigSkullF*ckingDog

        It's mostly about uteruses and stuff. Like who owns them? The ladies in who's guts they reside in or the men who control them?

      2. ThundercatHo

        One of the most disturbing books I've read but still recommended. I'm not sure how it would be to read while gravid but definately not a book for post-partum depression.

    2. Geminisunmars

      I was told that you had to have read a Handmaid's Tale in order become a Wonketeer. You mean I read it for nothing?

  58. BarackMyWorld

    I am watching the replay of "Meet the Press," and Bob McDonnell is on backpedaling. THE DEMOCRATS ARE THE ONES THAT WANT TO TALK ABOUT SOCIAL ISSUES, NOT ME!

    1. Negropolis

      I love watching a good self-dstruct, and someone schading their freude. Couldn't have happened to a better guy. So ambitious he thought he thought he could say and legislate anything and get away with it.

      Well, Icraus, you done did flew too close to the sun. Now, if only Cantor can get caught in some ridiculous sex scandal.

      1. ThundercatHo

        I wouldn't mind if (not literally, of course!) Eric Cantor got caught in a hay baler.

    2. SudsMcKenzie

      I love watching a Bob Jones education speak for itself.

      ps, the Romney\McDonnell ticket would put robots back a thousand years,

      Bender Libel!12

      1. Negropolis

        A Regent University education, actually, though, it probably doesn't make any difference.

        BTW, just found out he was Catholic. I shouldn't be shocked, but I am. I used to be able to distinguish between Catholics and Evangelicals, but they are totally breaking my Catholic radar nowadays since they started speaking in the same tongue.

        1. HuddledMass

          This is the thing! Catholics I knew worshipped St. Kennedy and were philosophically between Vatican II and Liberation Theology – WTF?

    1. Limeylizzie

      It's long been a theory of mine that we should have those huts and men could come and visit us and throw in pretzels and chocolate.

  59. HistoriCat

    Too brilliant – that usually means I copied it from somewhere else. Only problem is, I have no idea who should get the attribution.

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