And boy is he hard to flush.

Irate constituents are just the worst, aren’t they? Republican lawmakers in the Wisconsin state Assembly are grown weary of all this recall mischief, and they refuse to be victimized by voters any longer. Why do Wisconsinites fail to understand how governing is very difficult work, like for example how you can develop carpal tunnel syndrome copy-pasting the seventy hundred ALEC memos that David Koch poops out to his spam list each day into the draft legislation template to send over to the Capitol? IT IS TOUGH. But since you jerks refuse to chill out, the Wisconsin state Assembly has passed a bill proposing a constitutional amendment banning recall elections unless an elected official has been “charged with a serious crime or if there is a finding of probable cause that they violated the state code of ethics.” Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

The bill will probably never pass, and even if it does the voters of Wisconsin would have to approve it, which they won’t, but the point is, whining:

Republican supporters, including the amendment’s sponsor Rep. Robin Vos, R-Caledonia, argued changes are needed to limit recalls given the flurry of such efforts over the past year. Republicans have said Walker and the others are being unfairly targeted simply for doing their job.

So LIGHTEN UP, Wisconsin. It’s almost like you people don’t want Republicans doing their jobs or something, sheesh. [AP]

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