Picketing Banned in Georgia.Crossover Day! Crossover Day! A day when every possible batshit mean curbjob-the-welfare-Cadillac-Queens bill simply MUST get passed in order to avoid NOobAma’s death panels. What delights does Newtonia have in store for us, as it gets all slick and sweaty trying to catch up to your Floridas and Mississippis and good ol’ AZ’s? Let’s round them up and hoe them down! Piss-testing those on gubmint relief? Check. Banning union pickets in labor disputes (except for teachers and cops) — d/b/a your First Amendment right to assembly? But naturally. Letting the little Hitlers* of your neighborhood homeowners association ban yer dirty hippie solar panels? FUCK YEAH, COMMIE, GET OUT. Turning into hysterical ninnies about that other part of the First Amendment, religious liberty, as defined by the Founders’ Stated Intent of putting all the single ladiez under Sharia? What do you think?

That’s not even mentioning making sure state employees can’t abort their Precious Bundles, because duh, and outlawing assisted suicide, on which well-meaning people can disagree. So did the Georgia Lege pass anything good for Crossover Day? Hmmm, let’s check.

No. The End. [Rome News-Tribune]

*As described by beloved megachurchillian Whatshisname, the one Bammerz sucked up to, Rick Warren, him.

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