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Welcome Wonkeratti to Super Tuesday! Are the birds chirping just a little bit louder? Is the exhaust in the air just a little more sharp? Is there love in your heart for all of your brethren?

Do you smell burning toast and/or holocaust victims being dead-baptized by Mormons? Well put on your Super Tuesday bonnet and get ready to partay: We have come to the time of morning in this, the Holiest of All Holy Days, where we exchange gifts of video of Joe Scarborough losing every last shred of will to live, and the blonde one next to him making Sympathy Faces. (You can tell she is new to sympathy, because sometimes it comes out as Cartoon Horror and other times as Bachelorette Dumb.) So watch through MSNBC’s eight-year commercial at the beginning, and enjoy this, our gift to you, with lurve! [MSNBC]

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