'Don't care how, I want it NOW.' Ron Paul not-actual delegate (class of ’08) Garrett Quinn sends us this delightful Ron Paul promotional item, from the eccentric old man’s candy factory, which has been shrouded in secrecy ever since Ron Paul fired all his black workers, for stealing, and replaced them with hobbits.

It’s the GO RON PAUL! official chocolate bar:

Your purchase of Ron Paul Bars helps fund various grassroots projects. A portion of your purchase (20.12% net proceeds) is currently funding “The Ron Paul Super Brochure” project. Consider making bulk purchases to send Ron Paul Chocolate Bars to early & late primary/caucus states! The Ron Paul Chocolate Bar wrapper and custom made bar is an educational tool that has a “Wow” effect unlike anything we’ve seen.

Yeah, that’s kind of the usual reaction when Ron Paul supporters are offered free food. [Garrett Quinn’s Less Is More]

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