Andrew Breitbart Drops Dead

Breitbart and Waggaman, in happier times.American blog owner Andrew Breitbart is dead. He was 43 years old, and reportedly died of “natural causes” in Los Angeles early this morning. We knew Breitbart — “we,” meaning many of us who have written for Wonkette, including young Riley Waggaman, pictured above at left — and he was a pleasant enough goofball in person. Breitbart was also a talented writer of headlines (it really is an art!) who worked anonymously for many years as Matt Drudge’s assistant on the West Coast. What he is known for today is the vile collection of websites that includes “Big Government,” and his rambling, slurring appearances on broadcast media.

Breitbart leaves behind a wife and four children, along with hundreds of idiotic half-literate bloggers for his various websites who share his zeal for mindlessly attacking every non-wingnut aspect of life on Earth but lack his amiable personality. [Los Angeles Times/CNN]

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    1. Dashboard_Jesus

      oh thank gawd I finally turned to the Wonkettez for comic relief on the Breitfart (ok so they wouldn't post ANY of my comments on HuffPo, seems that bitch Arianna actually LIKED the asshole…who knew?)

    1. actor212

      Breitbart's last tweet:

      I called you a putz cause I thought you werebeing intentionally disingenuous. If not I apologize. @CenLamar @Dust92

      Apparently, it really DID kill him to apologize

      1. BerkeleyBear

        But that was a non-apology apology, so it should have only half-killed him. But when you are half a human (or less) to begin with, maybe that is enough to be fatal.

    2. FraAnima

      Behave yourself! BeHAVE yourself! BEHAVE yourself!

      (Gee, my arm feels numb.)

      Behave yourself! BeHAVE yourself! BEHAVE yourself!

      (My chest hurts…)

      Behave yourself! BeHAVE yourself! BEHAVE y- URRRRKK…..

    3. redarmyzombie

      I think we should wait until the ball gag and the tranny hooker comes to light before passing judgment.

      Too soon?

      1. LagunaB

        OT. This is where I think you will be. Leeward side if Tahiti Nui in a petite hotel looking out to the small motu in the bay. Earlier you had gone spear fishing and presented madame with the fish which she made into poisson cru. It was perfect with a baguette and a bottle of Hinano beer. Serenity never felt so good.
        To be continued.

        1. HistoriCat

          That's what you're supposed to think. You could be told the real story but then you would be extraordinarily renditioned.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      But from Wonkette Jr, not Ken Layne. That's kind of like Reagan sending the Secretary of Commerce to attend Brezhnev's state funeral.

    2. Lascauxcaveman

      "A fun loving goof who made his money as a cheerleader for the forces of evil. We'll miss him. Yeah, right."

    3. ruperto32

      There's the part where you say it, and the part where you take it back.

      — J.L. Austin.

  1. memzilla

    I'm sure his family will eschew any gummint benefits to which they may be entitled, on principle.

    1. orygoon

      You know what? The conservatives I know in such situations collect away. And if you ask them about all that shit they preach, as they are doing so? They tell me "well I paid for them, so I'm going to collect them". If they just weren't compelled to PAY for them, THEN they'd take the high road.

      OTOH, the OTHER people who collect benefits or food stamps are total pond scum.

    1. bikerlaureate

      There will definitely be snark later. This is a supremely difficult day for his kidlets.

        1. CZL

          What do I care about what right wingers did to one of their own?

          Hitchens might not have believed in god, but he was a tool of the right.

    2. Dashboard Buddha

      Agreed on the kids and wife. Also, he was a youngish dude. Who knows, maybe he would have found personal redemption in time. It can happen. I had a landlord that was vehemently homophobic until one of his kids came out…he then did a 180…plus, it caused him to rethink nearly all of his previous beliefs. He was still kind of a dick, but a much nicer dick.

    3. Omophagist

      Well said. That's why I'll only use the terms that he tweeted regarding Ted Kennedy in the hours immediately after his death since it has Breitbart's endorsement as appropriate. Breibart was a “villain,” “a big ass motherf@#$er,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” Mr. Breibart you said it right, you truly were "a special pile of human excrement.”

      1. Chillwillard

        And while I'm not trying to play "Moral Police" here, that's precisely my point: I refuse the go down to the level of nastiness and hate that is often displayed by Wingnuts across the web.

        (And yes, we do inappropriately snark here and there, but this is different).

      2. GOPCrusher

        While it is not good to wish ill of the dead, I sincerely hope that the Shirley Sherrod lawsuit goes forward and his wife and children end up penniless and living on the streets.
        This fucker showed no mercy to the people or the families that he set his eye on, he doesn't deserve any.

        1. finallyhappy

          I don't want to penalize his wife and kids- they suffered enough while he was alive

          1. Jukesgrrl

            Yes because if nothing else, this man was a raging alcoholic. Kids of alcoholics have a rough life. They grow up never knowing which one of their parent's personas is going to come through the door. Even if they live in material comfort, they have zero emotional stability. I know some who have grown up stronger and wiser for the experience, but they had to work damn hard to get there. I hope his kids make it and if SS disability will help them, I hope they get it. I have no idea who could have married Andrew Breitbart, so I won't comment on the wife.

          2. HempDogbane

            According to a description of his death (posted on Sullivan) his father-in-law was Orson Bean.

    4. Ruhe

      We can hope it's peace he finds. I'm picturing him sitting across a desk from Jesus enduring a very long silence, perhaps days long. Finally Breitbart looks up and says, "I was wrong about everything wasn't I." More silence. "Well, shit."

      1. Doktor Zoom

        For me, this works even better if instead of Jesus it's Lord Vetinari, his fingers steepled on the desk in front of him.

      2. FROTHY

        With any luck, he'll be sitting across the desk from our very own Biel_ze_Bubba, the li'l devil. You *know* Biely favours the painful learning of lessons. Repeatedly.

    5. Lascauxcaveman

      I'm thinking of that scene in It's A Wonderful Life where George Bailey is thinking about jumping into the icy river, contemplating the fact that because of his insurance policy, he's worth more dead than alive.

      Although Andy was pretty much the polar opposite of George Bailey, for his wife and kids, I'm hoping he had a good insurance policy.

      1. BerkeleyBear

        Given how irresponsibly he behaved on a regular basis, I'd be surprised if he had that much foresight and consideration for his offspring. But yeah, you'd hope so. I know I keep paying my outrageous term premiums because I have a family history of shitty health and premature death, but I'm also a neurotic type.

        1. finallyhappy

          yup, I knew someone who was irresponsible in life and the same in death- no insurance for his stay at home wife and two kids

    6. Dashboard Buddha

      Now…if the childless (thank GOD!) Rush would keel over, you folks in DC would be able to hear my peals of laughter.

      1. NellCote71

        Yes. I am saving all my snark for that day. And maybe for Cheney's day, too, although I suspect he is already dead.

          1. poorgradstudent

            Andrew Sullivan for me. I'll be the first in line to drive a stake through his body and cut off his head, just to be absolutely sure.

          2. Dashboard Buddha

            That reminds me of a boss I once had. She had taken very ill and was actually at death's door. Now, you have to understand that there was no love lost between the two of us. A co-worker was surprised when I asked to kept in the loop about the death and funeral. She wondered why I would go to the funeral – simple, how else could I confirm she was dead? Hell, I'd even bring my own mirror to be sure. Plus hammer and stakes, of course.—

          3. poorgradstudent

            True, although most of his comments to that end ring as pretty hollow. Like: "How was I supposed to know that George W. Bush would support homophobic policies?! It wasn't like he was the governor of a state before his presidency!" Plus I don't think he should ever be forgiven for his infamous "fifth column" remarks or for trying to revive scientific racism (and recently acting hurt that Te-Nehisi Coates might object to it!).

          4. Chet Kincaid

            You're right about both of those things. But at the same time, he hits the wingnuts as hard as anybody on the left. At this point, I don't understand why he bothers to pretend to be a Catholic and Conservative anymore.

    7. OneYieldRegular

      Thanks for that. My father could be an asshole too, but that didn't lessen the grief I felt at his death. My condolences to Breitbart's family and friends.

    1. BerkeleyBear

      Suing Current TV for calling him a convicted felon and accused rapist, when he's just a convicted misdemeanant and accused attempted rapist/unlawful imprisonment/sexual harasser. Good luck proving damages, pimp master.

      1. SorosBot

        Yeah, how dare someone call him a felon when he was merely charged with felonies that he later plead down to misdemeanors.

    1. FROTHY

      You mean all those times I screamed, "DROP DEAD, Breitbart, you fucking piece of shit" at another article — you mean those WORKED?

      (Begins screaming "Drop DEAD, Limbaugh! Drop dead, Boehner! Drop dead, Santorum! Drop dead, Mitch McConnell. Drop dead, John Cornyn! Drop dead … damn, this is a long list.

  2. FNMA

    Can't help but think of the Bard of Baltimore's obit for William Jennings Bryan: "But what of his life? Did he accomplish any useful thing? Was he, in his day, of any dignity as a man, and of any value to his fellow-men? I doubt it."

    1. TanzbodenKoenig

      "He seemed only a poor clod like those around him, deluded by a childish theology, full of an almost pathological hatred of all learning, all human dignity, all beauty, all fine and noble things. He was a peasant come home to the dung-pile. Imagine a gentleman, and you have imagined everything that he was not."

    2. carlgt1

      that was a great find – these lines from the obit really sound like they applied to Breitbart: "The Bryan I shall remember is the Bryan of his last weeks on earth — broken, furious, and infinitely pathetic. It was impossible to meet his hatred with hatred to match it. He was winning a battle that would make him forever infamous wherever enlightened men remembered it and him. "

  3. SexySmurf

    Today Andrew Breitbart is dead and Justin Bieber turns 18. Why hasn't Obama declared a national holiday?

    1. bureaucrap

      If Justin Bieber is 18, that means he now can be tried as an adult for his crimes against humanity.

    1. gurukalehuru

      Seriously, I think that episode might have had something to do with it. Whether as an actual cause, or just as an indication of symptoms, I'm not sure.

    2. Jukesgrrl

      When he appeared on The Young Turks to justify that noxious display, he looked absolutely terrible. I thought to myself, there's a rehab stint in this man's immediate future. He LOOKED like he was reeking of booze smell.

  4. BaldarTFlagass

    Can we repeat the comments we already made on the previous thread about this?

    "Now there will be BigFuneral."

      1. BaldarTFlagass

        I'm just going to wait until someone else posts something funny, then copy it and post it as if it were my own comment.

        1. Chichikovovich

          I'm just going to wait until someone else posts something funny, then copy it and post it as if it were my own comment.

          1. tessiee

            We should come up with two or three comments, and then just post them over and over again. That would be funny.

    1. Chichikovovich

      We need a ruling from Soros Central's Payroll department and the Wonkette-Posting-Etiquette tribunal. If an earlier comment was an off-topic remark about which there is now an actual article, is it acceptable posting form to repeat comments? And more importantly, do we get an additional $50 for the second comment, or do we just get paid once?

      1. BerkeleyBear

        I wouldn't be surprised to find the makers of Goliath (TM) caskets already have it. Goliath – when you're too big for a normal casket, but too small for a shipping container.

      1. BaldarTFlagass

        Wasn't he the kid in The Great Santini and Caddyshack that ended up banging Bonnie Raitt?

    1. BerkeleyBear

      Watch out, or HBO will have that in turnaround as a Game of Thrones spinoff. Protect your rights.

  5. SpeedoFart

    Is it bad that I laughed? Like only a little bit. More like a "ha!" really. Then I felt guilty afterwards.

    1. redarmyzombie

      Whatever you did, it pales in comparison to my sense of schadenfreude this moment.

      And yes, I'm a bad person in case you were wondering.

    2. extreme_left

      i laughed, laughed again, felt a euphoric joy, then checked to make sure it was true, that april fools day hadn't been switched under sharia law or something. There are billions of people on the planet, life has value but only in the way that life is lived, not intrinsically otherwise we would weep over every mosquito as it is life as well and humans are nothing more than another vestige of life. Any other valuing of human life is symptomatic of delusions of grandeur, a signifier of mental illness.

      In short one less loudmouth arsehole who made life hard for others is a great thing, remember life is short and not be wasted on flights of fancy and social rules developed to protect the legacy of the Breitbarts of this planet.

      i too, like redarmyzombie am a bad person.

      i hear the arguments already, lol, what if charles manson escapes and the choice is do i run over a cat or him? laughing boy gets it every time.

    1. Generation[redacted]

      He never got enough credit for his participation in avant garde drum circles like that.

      1. WunkRocker

        Shut up! Shut up, you American. You always talk, you Americans, you talk and you talk and say 'Let me tell you something' and 'I just wanna say this.' Well, you're dead now, so shut up.

    2. Dashboard_Jesus

      sweet holy jeebus, thanks for reminding me what a complete drunken fool/ tool he was…no sympathy for this mentally ill sociopath from me (I do however feel sorry for his wife and kids for having to suffer this man's presence for ANY length of time)

  6. Texan_Bulldog

    Since I don't like to speak ill of the dead, all I can say is he was someone's son & he managed to get someone to marry him & spawn offspring. RIP you odd, angry, drunken little man.

      1. Generation[redacted]

        Your standard human is 60% water, but he had a 0.1% impurity, and that made him special.

    1. Mojopo

      It is a shame he didn't love his wife and kids enough to put down the hate, and maybe take a walk around the block now and then.

        1. Mojopo

          Really? Wow. He couldn't even get around the block without dying? He wore himself out faster than Rush Limbaugh?

          Everyone, please take care of your heart. Not all of you can afford to be Dick Cheney.

    2. OneDollarJuana

      Why is our initial reaction to news of the recent demise of any person the inclination to hold our tongues? I suspect it's because we wish others to speak well of us after we are gone, no matter how ill-serving we were in life.

      1. UW8316154

        After getting over the initial rush of giddiness, I felt a guilty about it, I mean, it isn't like I wanted him DEAD.

      2. Lascauxcaveman

        Meh. Once I'm dead, I don't think I'll give half a shit what people say about me.

        I want to be good enough so people can say nice things about me while I'm still alive.

        1. actor212

          I want to be good enough so people can say nice things about me while I'm still alive.

          I'm not even that committed. I am who I am. I try to be nice and kind, but fail and often. I'm good with how people perceive that.

        2. BerkeleyBear

          There you go. Whereas Breitbart wanted to be nasty enough that people cursed him long after he was gone. I'm all but certain he'd be pissed by any "libtard" struggling to find something nice to say about him.

          1. redarmyzombie

            Well, in that case, here's my attempt:

            He was, ah…well, um…he was, uh…a real person after all?

      3. Fare la Volpe

        The difference is we didn't make our livings slandering people and destroying their lives.

      4. tessiee

        I fully expect that if I die, there will be some people dancing in the streets and singing, "Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead".
        I also don't give the tiniest shit.

    3. extreme_left

      "don't speak ill of the dead"..so you got nothing bad to say of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Jesus.?

        1. extreme_left

          more people have died due to the ravings of jesus than any of those other chumps, where do you think hitler got the idea to slaughter joos from?

          1. Dashboard_Jesus

            hey now, 'ol Adolf didn't get that from the Jesus, nor did any of the other phony 'Christ' stains across human history…what I said was LOVE your neighbor and then THEY somehow twisted it around to mean "KILL anybody you want in my name so you can take their stuff"…I'd say that's a pretty serious misunder-interpretation of my words (just ask that stupid Bush fella)

          2. extreme_left

            yo scrot, don't want to be the first one but seems there is call so i'm sorry to say you just got a case of what we call mental illness these days, talking with a invisible person in the sky and blaming your bads on a invisible underground person with a pointy tail is just schizophrenia 101.

          3. Dashboard_Jesus

            yo moron, what you need to understand is that your delusional narcissism is just symptomatic of an underlying mental illness that even the strongest anti-psychotic medications probably can't help…the only reasonable solution to your EXTREME case of mental retardation/ genetic deformity is to kill yourself, STAT…oh, and FUCK YOU asshole. also…too (srsly you are the most ignorant troll I've seen here in some time, and that's sayin' sumthin' moron)

          4. Dashboard_Jesus

            srsly you have GOT to be the smallest penis I've seen on Wonkette in years, maybe you can just keep pullin' on that tiny penis hopin' it will bring you to some self-masturbatory level of retardation that you aspire to, also…too

          5. extreme_left

            *buzzer sound*

            ad hominem is last refuge of the lost argument, note I engaged in no ad hominem just a simple explanation of how Religion is mental illness.

            Your overly excited response suggests you know what i say to be true but seek to avoid it via tantrum.

      1. Texan_Bulldog

        Andy was odious but hardly deserves to be included with these folks. Lighten up, Frances.

        1. extreme_left

          know what a reactionary is?

          the example of these chumps is to show the concept of not speaking ill of the dead is apologist.

          that you think Sarkozy is extreme left just shows how far right the US is.

          1. Texan_Bulldog

            When did I mention Sarkozy?

            'Lighten up, Francis' is a quote from Stripes. (I misspelled 'Francis' the first time.) Chill out–we're not that hardcore over here. DailyKos is probably better suited for you.

          2. extreme_left

            quoting from stripes, lol… what next, good morning vietnam? try apologism for dummies.

          3. Dashboard_Jesus

            yo dood, NOT a good idea to start insultin' beloved Wonketters like the Texass Bulldog (and she bites!)

          4. extreme_left

            .. still waiting for this fearsome reply.

            stripes is just military propoganda scrot.

            ps scrot is a quote from Idiocracy….now that is a comedy, vastly underated.

          5. Dashboard_Jesus

            srsly you seem to be the embodiment of Idiocracy come to life, good luck fuckin' THAT chicken moron…and you might ry trollin' on some other web site more suited to your IQ, maybe the morns at Red State are the kinda retards that will appreciate your ignorance

  7. Barb

    "Death" is so impersonal. Let's come up with some better terms:

    At room tempreture
    Gotten his 15 minutes of flame
    Checked into the "Wooden Waldorf"
    Promoted to "Sunterranean Truffle Inspector"

    1. FNMA

      Actual conversation with a friend:

      HIM: Did you hear (name here) died?

      ME: Really? What happened?

      HIM: He stopped breathing.

        1. actor212

          Thanks for the reminder!

          It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet its maker! This is a late Breitbart! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! If you hadn't nailed him to the barstool, he would be pushing up the daisies! Its metabolical processes are of interest only to historians! It's hopped the twig! It's shuffled off this mortal coil! It's run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible! This…. is an EX-BREITBART!

          1. onemoretime79

            That quote made me laugh all over again, without the guilt.

            I'm not laughing at a dead man, I'm laughing at the pet store owner who refuses to refund my money.

    2. redarmyzombie

      He's run down the curtain and joined the choir invisi-aw, crap, somebody beat me to it!

      He's in the, uh..,the, um…six-foot-under club?

    3. Doktor Zoom

      shuffled off this mortal coil
      turned his body back to soil

      (adapted from Loudon Wainwright)

  8. SorosBot

    The Yahoo thread on his death has some truly insane conspiracy theorists claiming that Obama, George Soros or some other enemy must have taken him out. I tried copying and pasting some of the nuttier ones, but apparently they were too nutty as it was auto-deleted by the administrator, so just check for yourselves:

    1. OhHellToTheNo

      Max Read of Gawker has been retweeting conspiracy theorists. it's ridiculous.

      @Max_Read is his handle.

        1. glamourdammerung

          And nothing of his unnamed sponsor that would be publicly known really soon since that Sherrod trial was moving ahead after Breitbart's lawyer ran out of stalling options.

    2. Doktor Zoom

      I liked the guy who suggested that Obama had Breitbart murdered "as a warning to Sheriff Joe."

      Because, yeah, we totally live in Uruguay or something.

    3. ingloriousbytch

      Please. I only wish Obama was that hardcore and if he was, why would he start with Breitbart instead of Boehner, McConnell or Cantor? Come on people, THINK!

      1. BerkeleyBear

        Or a little lower and further to the right to get Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts. I mean, if you are going to have a secret covert domestic hit squad, might as well take out the guys who have life tenure, right?

    4. widestanceromance

      There will be nothing said here today, admin-deleted comments included, that will out-crass the instant conspiracists' theories.

      I didn't even like the man, but I'm still above poking a corpse with sticks.

      1. UnholyMoses

        I don't recommend sticks.

        You might pop it, and you'll never get that smell out of your clothes.

        Use a club instead.

        1. redarmyzombie

          I myself recommend throwing bricks at the thing.

          God DAMN, I'm all kinds of malicious today..

    5. HELisforHEL

      I should go over and confess. It was me, all of you, George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Bo the dog, Michelle Obama & the girls, blah blah blah blah.
      Seriously, who are those people?

  9. noodlesalad

    Do drug dealers usually get such nice obits in the LA Times? Oh, wait, do we still not consider pure uncut hatred peddled over the airways a drug?

    1. GOPCrusher

      I hope they are going to keep the burial site a secret. If not, expect it to become an EPA Superfund cleanup site shortly.

  10. el_chupacabra

    I've already learned to distrust anything written on his site…so…i call bullshit.

    1. Isyaignert

      It's true – Just as I was reading the headline on Wonkette, my husband was looking at another (legitimate) site on his computer and said, "OMG, Andrew Breitbart dropped dead at 43."

      Karma's a bitch, ain't it Andy?

      1. TomAmitai

        If he had died slowly and painfully I would have credited karma, but he seems to have lucked out and checked out quickly.

  11. MittsHairHelmet

    The last thing Breitbart would want now is a bunch of insincere tributes, but I will say this: The man was good at pissing off people like us. And he was clearly on drugs.

    1. SolitaireRose

      Nah, he was just an angry boozer. Kind of like your brother in law when he gets too many Coors Lights in him.

      1. MittsHairHelmet

        He had a distinctly cokehead vibe, in my opinion, but no doubt he was also visibly drunk most of the time.

      2. BerkeleyBear

        Anyone who can get drunk enough on Coors Light to be an angry drunk either has some metabolic disorder or one hell of a bladder.

    2. TomAmitai

      I wouldn't be at all surprised if he died of the same "natural causes" as Amy Winehouse.

      1. redarmyzombie

        True story, I was making jokes about Amy Winehouse three seconds before the Telly flashed news of her death.

        Unlike this <CENSORED>, I actually felt bad for making fun of her that day.

    3. Negropolis

      The man was good at pissing off people like us. And he was clearly on drugs.

      Now that's a eulogy.

      1. tessiee

        Ha, I'll send a picture of *somebody else's* crotch and just say it's mine!
        *That'll* show 'em!

  12. neiltheblaze

    Aw. How sad – another lying, propagandist ratfucker has died.

    And poor James O'Keefe is going to have to find a new cock to suck.

      1. neiltheblaze

        I'll bet he leaves his complete dildo collection to Jimmy, though – so there's that.

    1. Fare la Volpe

      Considering how much he smoke, drank, and made a mess of himself both inside and out, living to 43 for Breitbart is downright old.

    2. OhHellToTheNo

      Perhaps the good die looking young.

      Whitney Houston had her demons but she didn't bad for 48, all things considered. She looked bad compared to how she'd look if she'd been in better shape.

      1. Biff

        I used to live by the creed "live fast, die young and leave a good looking corpse". Until I realized I was never gonna leave a good-looking corpse. That is what morticians are paid for, and I'm looking forward to some really good work from brightfart's mortician.

    1. Tundra Grifter

      I think the Hogwarts tie colors are purple and gold. I actually own one – bought it at the Halloween Store several years ago. It's very short but still fun to wear.

      I'm just too lazy to get up, walk to my closet and check.

  13. Respitetini

    Oh, the humanity! The guy's dead, couldn't you wait until his body is cold before…

    Huh. But the wingnuts said we were going to be all mean-spirited and stuff. Meh, maybe you're still drunk from last night or something.

    (Also: Really, wingnuts? Wouldn't defecating on a dead man's legacy be the best way to honor your boy?)

    1. actor212

      I think of his family, his wife and four kids.

      And then I think. Shirley Sherrod has a family that she was happily supporting doing her legitimate job and not clowning around with someone else's life.

      Fuck him. And fuck them for staying with him.

      If you can't recognize evil in your own house and you have the ability and facility to get the fuck out, you don't deserve anything but my contempt. His widow was the daughter of Orson Bean. It's not like they were living in a trailer in rural Alabama.

      So fuck 'em. Fuck 'em all.

    2. LadyWisdom

      When Edward Kennedy died, Breitbart tweeted "Rest in Chapaquiddick" and called him a "special pile of human excrement". I would say the posters here have been relatively restrained.

    1. jqheywood

      …Come sit next to me.

      Or as Bette Davis said on hearing that Joan Crawford was dead: "My mother said to only speak good of the dead. So Joan's dead. Good."

  14. coolhandnuke

    Look on the bright side hate-mongers, slanderers and wingnuts–Breitbart died just after midnight, so instead of getting to mourn his passing once every four years if he died a few minutes earlier on leap day, you can grieve year in and year out.

  15. AngryBlakGuy

    …we all know "natural causes" for a conservative means, asphyxiating on a ball-gag while strapped to a basement wall with electric nipple clamps and 12 in steel studded dildo stuffed up his ass!!! Too soon?!

    1. KeepFnThatChicken

      Not soon enough. I'd like to think we can revive him right now. Get out those nipple clamps and get me a 440 circuit.

    2. Dashboard_Jesus

      wow that's almost EXACTLY word for word what I posted on Yahoo early this morning (ok yesterday now) I'm not allowed to be on the Wonkettes at work

  16. natoslug

    I guess this is one way to get out of the Sherrod lawsuit. These weaselrapers will go to such extremes to avoid personal responsibility.

    1. BerkeleyBear

      No such luck for them. It wasn't just a suit against Breitbart, but his organization. And while they may not have deposed him, they can still pursue the action against the org and his estate.

  17. Mort_Sinclair

    Gee. I'm heartbroken. What a load of shit. He was a lying, dishonest zealot who contributed absolutely nothing meaningful to political discourse in this nation. But get ready for the ensuing hagiography. Have an emesis basin on standby–you'll need it.

  18. Blendergoathead

    Some hack on NPR just described him as a "fearless journalist." Okay, I'm over feeling guilty for laughing about his demise. Fuck that guy.

    1. ElPinche

      And NPR knows fear, they're a bunch of pussies afraid of angry callers. Breitfart's entire legacy was built on lies and hoaxes.

    2. HELisforHEL

      And that's just another reason NPR is still on my shit list. Non-reporting the easy-to-find-facts-if-you-actually-try re: Sarin/WMDs before the 2 fake wars (helping fan the flames to invade), Mara Liasson's obvious & insistent Republican bent, and their casual leaning to the right as if that will make them appeal to wingnuts.

      Fuck that guy indeed. He was no more a journalist than the man in the moon.

    3. Chichikovovich

      "fearless" in the sense that he had what used to be called "Dutch courage" perhaps.

    4. anniegetyerfun

      Dave Weigel. He stuttered his way through that fellating interview; I had no idea that he was such a pussy.

    5. WhatTheHeck

      He is now working on his next “fearless” exposé: Why his new boss changed his name from Lucifer.

    6. BerkeleyBear

      Romney called him both a fearless conservative and a great entrepenuer. Who knew being a dick was also a business model (other than Donald Trump and all of Wall Street)?

    1. DustBowlBlues

      Damn. I got to this thread 12 hours after you made this comment, but I just wanted to say FU for stealing my first though. I didn't hear about this until Evening Edition was on the car radio on the drive home. My exact words were, "I wonder if you can choke on your own bile."

  19. Goonemeritus

    I rarely take pleasure in anyone early death and Mr. Breitbart will not be an exception. In my mind his biggest contribution was to provide a meeting place where idiots could meet other idiots. While I am not a supporter of any form of Apartheid, in this instance I see real benefits.

  20. Mumbletypeg


    Someone in the last thread said "Hate kills." My reaction is after much thought upon absorbing this news: let hate not kill my buzz. For if hate kills, I am doomed for sure, being about Breitbart's own age, and spending enough time reading here about the low-lifes and blowhards and breitards that pollute enough of our populace's brain matter to raise my blood pressure and put an ulcer in my stomach lining… I loathe Breitbart's ilk yet while I ought to dance on his grave (isn't that how I'd envisioned receiving news of such an amoral poopsicle's demise? with mirth and derision?), I'm still hating that cocksucker and not feeling joyous — yet — not until I get home from work and put a cold drink in my hand with the residual 70-plus degree afternoon out my porch view.
    Or barring that — until I resume reading my fellow wonketeers' barbs and wit, usually the balm that tempers my flare-ups from boil back down to simmer.

    1. Z Crudmonger

      I thought of him as the loyal opposition- guaranteed to give voice to the idiocy whilst keeping the heads from rolling. The court jester…… Perhaps.

      1. Mumbletypeg

        court jester

        Plenty of room to diverge in assessment… I wanted to give him credit for the off-character moments… His willingness to be photographed alongside our Riley in mock-molestnig-stance: whether or not he was aware of it, that was an indicator to me of some level of self-awareness & self-humor (however black humor that is) that's missing among most of his comrades… Appearing drunk & disheveled in public, while his audience fawned all the more on him whereas such behavior would draw outcry & wreak havoc had it been a liberal? — nonetheless, again, made me wonder if there was a side to Breitbart that didn't take himself too seriously.

    2. SayItWithWookies

      It's sad, especially for the people who knew him personally and liked him.

      But I have no sadness for his loss in the public sphere, where he was an unrepentant lying bastard who tried to destroy the careers of lots of good people with baseless slander and ratfuckery. If Breitbart had devoted half the time and energy he spent doing that towards something positive and constructive, he could've been better remembered — but he wasn't thinking about his legacy, just the immediate gratification of a lab rat at a cocaine dispenser — so no sympathy there.

      Maybe it'll be different when the funeral happens — there'll be lots of people crying for him, I guess — and I'm sure he'll look better in death than he did in life — basted to a golden brown and with an apple in his mouth, I imagine.

      1. Mumbletypeg

        in the public sphere

        That's where I find myself conflicted in how to respond… The "time & energy" wasted are things I could also say while eulogizing Beck or Limbaugh – above, I tried to note exceptions in Breitbart’s case, based on my less-than-accurate perception, since I haven’t lingered too long on actual footage of the guy, just gleaned from his words & words written about him.

        Many sociopaths like Rush, Glen et al manufacture a tidal volume of fear & loathing, find it alluring to the point of addictive in how it reaps them fame & adulation (from sicko’s, to be sure) & even monetary profit – yet, to cultivate a detachment from the persona in private life indicates to me that person hasn’t gone completely over the deep end. I used to ponder this about Howard Stern, too – the outrage he peddles, yet (at one time) maintained a long marriage & 3 kids…

        Whereas recent boobs who betray their utter evil banality by no longer attempting consistency anymore (see any of the remaining 3 "credible" top candidates for GOP nominee) among their lies? or Glenn Beck types who cross the line not only for the sake of crossing it, but have turned their snake-oil messaging into a badge of honor? Breitbart had that badge thrust upon him by his followers yet I can’t quite believe he became *thoroughly* welded to his persona as did the others. Ergo, I’m saving my apple for their deaths, (most especially Rush whom I recall worming his way into my dad’s enamorment back in the early 90s).

    3. not that Dewey

      Me, too. Same age as Andrew, wife, kid. However, I saw that possible future, and I changed course. I didn't want to die drunk and angry at the age of 43, which was becoming more and more likely. It's too bad that he didn't see it, too. If he had, he probably would have had a change of character. It may not have been complete, or permanent, but if he had sobered up before he died, he might have adjusted some of his ways. It's always a shame. I have split loyalties — to the humans who want to treat each other humanly, and to the alcoholics who still suffer, as they say. It could have ended differently for him.

  21. hagajim

    Too bad for his wife and kids – but I feel the world is probably a better place with this turd taken from the punch bowl. However, I am waiting for the right win nutball machine to start accusing Barry of having a hand in this death in 3….2…..1.

    1. GOPCrusher

      Too late. And the Yahoo comments are ranging from Obama had him killed to liberals showing what real hate mongerers they really are by wishing this asshole rots in Hell.

  22. paulabflat

    balance in the universe. yesterday, the lovely davy jones, today, this vile piece of work.

    over on huffington, you'd think it was gandhi who died. no one's allowed to say how much they despised this bully.

    i'll say it. i despised him.

  23. BornInATrailer

    I'm sorry, after his Kennedy tweets, is this supposed to be one of those times when everyone acts all noble? I do feel bad for any mother of 4 that loses her husband. However, Andrew was an enormous douche.

    Again, I'm sorry, but an "amiable" hate monger does not cut it for me.

    1. Generation[redacted]

      I just googled that and holy shit. The man was vile in life. Now he's worm food. I'm only sorry he didn't live to see Obama's reelection.

    2. Advn2rgirl

      Re: living by the sword – From NPR: "Andrew Breitbart, …hours after the senator’s death was announced, posting a series of Twitter messages in which he called Kennedy a “villain,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.” "I'm more than willing to go off decorum to ensure THIS MAN is not beatified,” Breitbart wrote. “Sorry, he destroyed lives. And he knew it." "

      He was Not A Nice Man.

  24. horsedreamer_1

    Someone, get Bob Fiske on the horn! Assemble the Starr Chamber!

    I knew the liberals wouldn't rest with Vince Foster, Ron Brown, & James Mc Dougal dead.

    If I'm Tony Rezko, I'm getting a food-taster!

      1. Chichikovovich

        You can probably reverse-engineer SexySmurf's comment from my reply, with Baldar's hint.

      2. SexySmurf

        Either the mental picture was too vomit inducing or Papa John's complained again.

        (By the way, you can't be sued for defaming dead people.)

          1. BerkeleyBear

            Posted on the prior thread with no problem, interestingly enough. Our Wonkette editors are feeling touchy this morning. Mayhaps the man was less dickish up close and (way too) personal)?

          2. Man0nTheStreet

            Nuke the half of the comments that express any small bit of painfully-misplaced condolences for the deceased scumbag

          3. Man0nTheStreet

            What – are the editors here going follow the lead of the HuffPo Eds and start fellating the corpse, also?

  25. jus_wonderin

    I am flying tomorrow so I don't want to say anything that tarnishes my karma but…anyone want to help me out here in finding the right words to express my feelings on Breibart's dropping dead?

    1. HistoriCat

      I'm sad he died – he should have lived long enough to get his comeuppance.

      How's that?

  26. Jerri

    This is making saving my gravedancing for when Dick Cheney officially croaks really, really hard to do.

    Condolences to his family and other people who liked the guy.

  27. HistGuy

    My mother always said "If you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all. The rest of my post is dedicated to Andrew Breitbart.

  28. FakaktaSouth

    Wow. Stealing (again) from Dennis Leary, and please don't think I think the alcohol was the bad part about him…"I'm drunk. I'm nobody. I'm drunk. I'm famous. I'm drunk. I'm fucking dead."

      1. OneDollarJuana

        I liked the "cancer is not natural. Heart attack is not natural" tweet. I'm guessing that person's consciousness is not normal, neither, nohow.

    1. SorosBot

      I like this reply to some of the nut cases – "Look at video of Breitbart screaming at #OWS Obama didn't murder him, unless Obama is name of his coke dealer."

    2. Advn2rgirl

      My fave: "Was Breitbart's coke fueled death really a revenge killing by the black community for the murder of Whitney Houston? JUST ASKING QUESTIONS."

  29. PuckStopsHere

    #1 He was a bad man.
    #2 I'm glad he's dead.
    #3 Hell is a worse place now than it was before he died.

    Sorry about his wife and kids, but see #1.

  30. Doktor Zoom

    "All men have an emotion to kill; when they strongly dislike some one they involuntarily wish he was dead. I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction."

    –Clarence Darrow (not Mark Twain)

  31. Joshua Norton

    Of course, with wingnutz and teabaggers, "natural causes" usually involves wetsuit dildo asphyxiation.

    I probably should be more humble about his passing, but as Breitbart just proved, life's too short to pretend you're sorry there's one less vicious bigot to deal with.

  32. coolhandnuke

    The flag(s) at NewsCorp–the beacon of Fourth Estate fair and balanced reporting– will be lowered to half mast(s) to honor a fallen journalist.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      In a similar show of respect, the "journalism" at NewsCorp will continue to consist of half-truths.

    2. HogeyeGrex

      I don't think most of the "flags" at NewsCorp can get much better than "half-mast" without a prescription any time.

    1. Biff

      I'm far more concerned to see how this will affect gas prices. I'm on a fixed income, you know.

    1. Chichikovovich

      Is that right? Can't she continue the suit against his estate? Any lawyers able to chime in on this?

        1. SayItWithWookies

          It put an end to his criminal prosecution, which he had been appealing after being convicted. I'm not sure if civil actions would be moot, though.

        2. BerkeleyBear

          You cannot convict a dead man, and in Lay's case it nullified the conviction because he was on appeal. But you can sue their estates – and the organizations that they incorporated, and their business partners, and their families and just about anyone else who had a hand in the cause of action.

      1. Advn2rgirl

        She can continue the suit against his estate and the corporation he used to lie about her. Corporations iz ppl, too, remember.

  33. Limeylizzie

    Oh the comments are hilarious, I love the idiots who are going all Evangelical …he was Jewish .

    CYNICAL0995p · 1 hour ago
    Screw you illuminati. You could not handle some one trying to give the world truth. He dissed the anointed one Glenn Beck and outed Anthony Weiner. Just like JFK, Tim Russert, JFK Jr, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Jim Croche, John Denver, Abraham Lincoln, and many more they took him out. Jesus come quickly and stop these insaniacs. Thank you Andrew for your courage! God Bless your family.
    1 reply · active 1 hour ago
    mikemc1970104p · 1 hour ago
    Rest in peace Andrew. May God look out for your friends and family in your absence. You were a great warrior for the cause and you will be missed by those of us who must fight on without you now.
    veritasmamma84p · 1 hour ago
    This is heartbreaking. Andrew was our champion for freedom. The kind of hero conservatives needed, and the fearlessness with which he took on opposition was truly a sight to behold. Andrew steeled our spines, and faced those who want to destroy our country with truth and a video camera.

    R.I.P, Andrew, and God bless your family and friends. A bright light of hope has been extinguished, but fortunately for us, not before igniting that fire in hundreds of thousands willing to carry on the Breitbart legacy.
    Founding_Dad92p · 1 hour ago
    Say it ain't so………
    ILoveMyCountry106p · 1 hour ago
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    1. Guppy

      "Just like JFK, Tim Russert, JFK Jr, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, Jim Croche, John Denver, Abraham Lincoln, and many more they took him out."

      OK, give me a steady supply of black velvet and an artist willing to work for instant ramen and I think I can make a whole lot of money…

    2. UnholyMoses

      Andrew steeled our spines fed and stoked our fears about The Others, and faced those who want to destroy are trying to fix our country with truth and a video camera total lies and highly edited videos.

      There … all better now.

      1. HistoriCat

        Now that he's been converted to Mormonism, someone can posthumously convert him to being a gay Mormon. And now he can't threaten to kill anyone over it.

    3. HogeyeGrex

      and faced funded those-who-want-to-destroy-our-country-with-untruth-and-a-video-camera.


  34. rileywaggs

    Dear Andrew,

    You were sort of a jerk, but at least you had a sense of humor. And in a world full of jerks, that counts for something.

    The next pilsner is in your honor —

    Your former boy toy,

    Brno, Czech Republic

        1. weej_bain

          Riley, the ghost of Beitbart past wonders iffin' you are a gun runner now and you are over the the Czech Republic to score some of the good AK47s for #OWS?

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      If my time zone math is correct, it should be happy hour over there in CZ right about now.

    2. BerkeleyBear

      You can come home now, Riley. The bad man won't try to touch you any more.

      Oh, and drink up. Your pivo is getting warm. Na zdravi! (I have now exhausted my knowledge of Czech).

    3. Goonemeritus

      Riley you need to let him go, Andrew would want you to have a full life. I know you don’t want to hear this right now but life is for the living.

          1. paulabflat

            no. we can't.

            we can only react and be honest about what we think AFTER the fact. i know. bummer.

            he is now dead and he won't be hurting us anymore. he no longer exists.

            but we do, and that, my friend, makes us much more powerful.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      Yes. Obama is beginning to eliminate his most powerful enemies one by one so that he can ensure his coup d'etat is not reversed.

      Next will be some podunk county commissioner who sent a racist email. They'll die in a DUI crash, but will listed as part of "Obama's Circle of Death!!!!"

  35. BaldarTFlagass

    What's the over/under on how many comments we get to before they have to shut her down?

  36. SorosBot

    Fat, drunk, bigoted and angry is no way to go through life – in fact it tends to cut that life short.

  37. TheRiverCharley


    Andrew Breitbart had five children – He shit out the fully formed body of James O'Keefe several years ago.

  38. freakishlywrong

    Watch, it'll be a ruse to distract the masses, "squirrel!", off the racist, hateful Montana racist asshole judge.

    1. freakishlywrong

      Surely this is as valuable a contribution to journalism as anything Cronkite ever did?

  39. Dashboard Buddha

    Tell me he smoked and drank. I don't smoke, but I'm bigger than he was, plus I drink. I'm having a good day and I don't want to die tonight.

    1. 40 or 50 % McShineys

      Oh WHEW! That's a relief!

      I was praying it wouldn't turn out to be poisoned rat dicks, because, you know, I'd constantly feel responsible.

  40. L188188

    As someone who recently lost my closest confidante in the world, and as gleeful as I want to be for this sad event, I just cannot be. As big of an asshole as he might have been, his family and friends are hurting just like any of us would be. Sorry it happened.

  41. glamourdammerung

    I feel kind of bad wondering if there is going to be a mass suicide from his cultists since they all seem to lack any original thoughts. Then I remember how they tend to act.

    Also, hopefully Sherrod's lawsuit can continue. Leave to Little Andy to manage to find a way to wuss out of that too.

  42. mgardener

    I'm sorry for his family but I'm not going to feel sorry that he is dead.
    He was a nasty man that did not care about others. I don't care how fox news spins it. He deliberately tried to destroy Shirley Sherrod.

    1. OhHellToTheNo

      I always felt sorry for his family…

      Hope he was just a really great actor and not a complete asshole towards his family.

  43. Weenus299

    I don't know him, and when he came around I didn't pay attention to whatever it was he was saying. The only thing I take out of this is:

    Live your life. Cut out all the bullshit in your life, and live it. Love the people you need and want to love. Take care of your children. Laugh with them. Guide them. Earn some money. Pay your bills. You are a human being and I love you.

  44. Tommmcattt

    I imagine that choking on dog shit is quick and painless relative to other forms of death, so here's hoping that lil' Andy had a relatively quick and painless death.

    …And I'm sorry, that's about as generous as I can be about this. The man was filth and destroyed lives to serve his bloated ego. I'm sorry for the kids and his wife, but I'm not going to pretend I didn't loathe the man.

    1. Z Crudmonger

      I heard he died of acute gingivitis because he stopped raping people. That, or booze.

  45. SayItWithWookies

    Best gonzo Chris Elliott interpretation ever. Not that I knew we needed one until Breitbart came along, but there it is.

    Anyway, I hope he was nice to his wife and kids because he was a complete lying pigfucker in the public sphere, and at a dime a dozen he won't be missed for more than a day or so.

  46. rambone

    From Drudgereport:
    "DEAR READER: In the first decade of the DRUDGEREPORT Andrew Breitbart was a constant source of energy, passion and commitment. […] I don't think there was a single day during that time when we did not flash each other or laugh with each other, or challenge each other. […] MDRUDGE "

    Umm … what???

    1. SorosBot

      Well both were probably closet cases (well Drudge is definitively known to be one) and they worked closely together; this doesn't surprise me.

      1. rambone

        Well, I guess that would explain the sentence that followed:
        "I still see him in my mind's eye in Venice Beach, the sunny day I met him. He was in his mid 20's. It was all there."

  47. JustPixelz

    His death reminds me that America is like a big, awful family that argues for years about who was supposed to bring the cake to grandma's birthday party. We argue and would rather not sit next to Uncle Ralph who tells the same stupid stories all the time. And when something bad happens, all that arguing seems unimportant.

    But when some of Breitbart's acolytes talk about our politics like it's a war, then it doesn't feel like that big, awful family anymore. It feels like what they want to make it: war by other means.

    1. SayItWithWookies

      Verily, he's looked like shit over the past year. He could've learned something about maintaining, but that would've involved a) knowledge and b) self-knowledge. Anyway — kids, stay in school and off the rock!

    2. glamourdammerung

      I still feel bad that Layne never gave us that promised video of Breitbart in some sort of nonsense from around last year's CPAC.

      Maybe he can finally do it. After all, kicking someone after they died is a fitting tribute to Little Andy's "legacy".

  48. Tundra Grifter

    I would ask my fellow Wonketters to show restraint and respect. When the Good Lord puts Her hand on someone's shoulder, I take mine off.

    Indeed, as BTF pointed out about Mr. Obama, he was a father and a husband.

    History will judge him soon enough. Let us offer our condolences to his family and leave it at that.

      1. Tundra Grifter


        Of course. We can stand on the sidewalk and gaze at the right wing nutz facedown in the gutter and thank our lucky stars that's not us.

        Or we can just get down in the mud and slop and dogshit with them.

        Have you read "The Art of War?" Never do what your enemy expects. Don't give them the satisfaction of meeting their low expectations. Sow confuse and doubt by taking the high road.

    1. IceCreamEmpress

      Fuck that shit. Of course I have sympathy for Breitbart's family and friends.

      But he was a toxic blight on public discourse and it would be the rankest hypocrisy for me not to acknowledge that I am glad that he will no longer be spewing his poisonous garbage.

      1. Tundra Grifter

        ICE, ICE, Baby:

        I don't think it is hypocrisy to not acknowledge something unless you are directly asked or need to speak up in someone's (or something's) defense.

        I'm not Sheer uh "Am i uh An idiot?" uh InSannity. I don't justfiy poor behavior with "other people do it." Particularly when those other people are folks for whom I have no respect.

        There's no reason to lie – and there are a great many lies being told about him today. That's not right either.

        All I have to read is what he wrote immediately after the death of Ted Kennedy, and it convinces me more than ever it's just a bad, bad idea.

    2. extreme_left

      he is a blight on his childrens life, if they live under any delusion he was not crazy then they are sure to catch the crazy as well.

      Crazy expands by denial.

  49. fuflans

    i actually feel bad when someone this young dies.

    he had something. he might have learned better if he'd lived longer.

    and i bet shirley sherrod is nothing but gracious.

  50. Neoyorquino

    I want Wonkette to eulogize me when the time comes. A recognition and commemoration of common humanity, yet intertwined with an honest, forthright "don't forget all those asshole things that he did." It's a very particular beauty, the truth is.

  51. SolitaireRose

    "In the hours immediately following Senator Ted Kennedy's death, Breitbart called Kennedy a "villain", a "duplicitous bastard", a "prick"[16] and "a special pile of human excrement."[17][18]"

    This is what Freud called "projection".

  52. SenileAgitation

    A devious dick is dead. Too bad if he's your dad or husband, but really, affability doesn't excuse amorality.

  53. proudgrampa

    You know, these things always happen in threes.

    1. Davy Jones
    2. Andrew Breitbart
    3 ?????

    Dead pool wagers, anyone?

    1. jus_wonderin

      If there is a pattern in the ages, it will be an individual that is, either, 89, or 20.

  54. FakaktaSouth

    Well I wondered – My biggest republitard wingnut that I know has posted "righteous indignation" and "andrew breitbart dies at 43? something is not right." The World Net Daily crowd smells a Kenyan conspiracy… I lurve it.
    And now I have to get on a plane. No one else die til I land please.

      1. BaldarTFlagass

        My standard response when friends tell me to "have a safe flight" is "thanks, but it's really not up to me. You mind giving the pilot a call?"

  55. OhHellToTheNo

    "Mr. President, we have to do something about these brave journalists exposing the truth."
    "Like what?"
    "Murder one of them?"
    "Okay, I'm listening….which one?"
    "Roger Ailes of Fox News?"
    "We'll never get into his secret dragon lair."
    "Rupert Murdoch?"
    "Wendy Deng ain't nothing to fuck with!"
    "Politicians, there are many of them."
    "Congress is already useless. I don't need a period of mourning."
    "The Weiner's Weiner guy? The ACORN nut job? The guy who is the baby daddy of James O'Keefe?
    "Yes, sir."
    "Yes, he is very threatening to me. Get rid of him!"

    – What Conspiracy Theorists Imagine Happened

  56. Doktor Zoom

    "I’m more than willing to go off decorum to ensure THIS MAN is not beatified. Sorry, he destroyed lives. And he knew it."

    –Andrew Breitbart, on the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy, 2009

  57. Chet Kincaid

    It's almost as if the decision to use the same commenting system as the Breitbart sites was in anticipation of this, so that we could return the sentiment of their troll invasions by expressing our condolences over there!

    But seriously, I have more self-respect than to donate my IP to those morons.

    1. mrblifil

      "I mean, you think of anybody out there who’s just more energy and just, you know, out there constantly, you know, driving and pushing.”

      OK Rick, what are you implying?

  58. heathenette

    If I was a jerk I would say something like “he was a jerk who fought against every organization trying to make poor people’s lives better”, but I’m not-so I won’t. Wonkette Jr. Is a better human than me, well said.

  59. Fare la Volpe

    I hold my tongue.

    May his family find solace in their grief and his victims find respite in their torment.

  60. Dumbedup

    It brings me no joy, personally. He was a drunken loudmouthed lout and now he's dead. Now, if Limbaugh dropped dead, that would make me happy. If he died of an overdose happier still. Overdose + underage Dominican hooker = priceless!

  61. elburritodeluxe

    It seems like every political blog has a photo of a pudgy Bb with a gaping mouth and pursed lips. Except for Wonkette. Stay classy!

  62. OhHellToTheNo

    I sure hope he gets into next year's "In Memoriam" at the Oscars. America just lost one of it's greatest fictional storytellers. His editing in that Sherrod video? Magnificent. He spun lies so well that people couldn't help but get lost in them, even after they were proven to be lies.

    Cirque Du Soleil has agreed to spin a web of lies through out the Brietbart Theater. I also think the Kodak Theater should be renamed the Breitbart theater since he captured the magic of Anthony Weiner's dick.

    Breitbart for Oscars In Memoriam 2013!

    (Will set up a Kickstarter shortly)

  63. lulzmonger


    Remember that he was "a pleasant enough goofball" whose anemic henchcritter O'Keefe kneecapped ACORN on his payroll & with his enthusiastic approval, making life that much more hellish for millions of those who can least defend themselves … that he viciously smeared a good woman's name & then doubled down on the smear right up until he couldn't keep the disgusting farce alive … & that his last "expose" – Teh OWS Rape List – was as much a pile of disingenuous sensationalist horseshit as everything else he pimped to right-wing lunatics for money.

    But perhaps it's best to let the man write his own epitaph:

    "I'm a clown."

  64. CivicHoliday

    Really gross quote from Matt Drudge about corpse Breibart from NYT article:

    "In the first decade of the DRUDGEREPORT Andrew Breitbart was a constant source of energy, passion and commitment. We shared a love of headlines, a love of the news, an excitement about what’s happening. I don’t think there was a single day during that time when we did not flash each other or laugh with each other, or challenge each other. I still see him in my mind’s eye in Venice Beach, the sunny day I met him. He was in his mid 20’s. It was all there. He had a wonderful, loving family and we all feel great sadness for them today…"

    So…they were lovers who often flashed each other and met naked on the beach? Ewwwwwww must scrub brain with bleach now

    1. James Michael Curley

      Matt – you were expected to take that up to Zuma Beach – on the north side of the rocks.

  65. UW8316154

    On the other hand, news that Ricky is "crestfallen" can only be met with delight.

    Rick Santorum said he was "crestfallen." "What a powerful force," Santorum said. "What a huge loss, in my opinion, for our country and certainly for the conservative movement."

  66. YouBetcha

    I will afford Breitbart the same courtesy he paid the deceased Ted Kennedy on the day of his death. Fuck that bitch.

    Also, my money is on cocaine-induced heart attack.

  67. el_donaldo

    A "pleasant enough goofball"?!? I'm sure Jesse Helms was a pleasant enough goofball in person, oh, except to black women, right? http://www.cnn.com/2008/POLITICS/07/09/roland.mar… Which may be why I don't recall anyone at Wonkette letting his corpse lie unkicked. I guess Breitbart's treatment of at least black women must have been better than Helms's if he's getting the nod. Oh, wait, it wasn't, was it. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2011/07/28/judge-allow

    Fuck Breitbart, and fuck anyone who speaks pleasantly of him.

    1. Allmighty_Manos

      Actually Jesse Helms was about as pleasant as a hedgehog lodged in your lower intestines. I heard that Pol Pot was a very charming fellow through.

  68. deanbooth

    RIP, my ass. He didn't give a second thought to all the innocent Iraqis whose death he cheered for, and maybe his death will postpone a few days the killing of a few thousand Iranians. Fuck him and all those like him.

  69. FraAnima

    I bet the democrats-communists-liberals-union thugs had him killed. Because these UnAmericans do not want the Truth to come out about the POS IDIOT obama.

    A Yahoo Patriot

    1. GOPCrusher

      Yeah, I like the ones that say that they hope that the secret videos on Obama come out too.

  70. GortRay

    I know this is very un-family-values to say but Breitfart was a human scum maggot and the world is a little less evil today. I can only hope that more of his fascist fellow travelers will check out early.

  71. mavenmaven

    Interesting obit by former porn columnist Luke Ford who knew Breitbart http://lukeford.net/blog/?p=41158 Best line:
    "What sticks in my mind about Andrew was how generous he was. For instance, he was always generous with his opinions. Our conversations were 90% Andrew and 10% me."

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      I liked Pareene's comment on the "rightening" of Breitbart: "Breitbart claimed to have been radicalized by the Clarence Thomas affair, but it was really his favorite radio station’s KROQ’s transition from late-1980s style post-punk (Breitbart adored The The and Echo and the Bunnymen) to early-1990s grunge that drove Breitbart to Rush Limbaugh, and conservatism. " http://www.salon.com/2012/03/01/what_andrew_breit

      1. mavenmaven

        Oh, you just killed Echo and the Bunnymen for me. But Luke Ford does add this:
        " I think the last time I heard from Andrew was via AIM on Dec. 30, 2010. He said this Die Antwoord video was the freakiest thing he’d ever seen."

    2. OhHellToTheNo

      What about Luke Russert? What does he have to say about this? His dad was an actual journalist who we all respected, so he should weigh-in and his opinion should be considered very valuable to our national conversation.

  72. onemoretime79

    Burning question: Will Westboro Baptist Church be able to make it to his funeral?

    RIP, loud mouthed dude. You made me laugh when you were alive.

  73. carlgt1

    How many lives did this jerk ruin? To paraphrase Mark Twain; I didn't wish his death, but I enjoy reading his obituary.

    Also don't forget his glee with hateful comments upon the death of Ted Kennedy, Dr. Teller, Whitney Houston et al…..

  74. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    I assume James O'Keefe is already preparing to sneak in and decorate Breitbart's casket with dildos and other sex toys.

    1. OhHellToTheNo

      Coincidentally, I've heard that off the bench, Clarence Thomas IS the nicest and coolest justice. Plus, he sleeps in Wal-Mart parking lots. And he can be credited with the "welfare queen slander revival" many years before this current crop of candidates.

    1. Man0nTheStreet

      Can we bring some portapotty trucks also? Those things must unload somewhere…

  75. Generation[redacted]

    One obit described him as a "happy warrior." Funny, I don't remember hearing anything about his military service. Tell me more.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      Maybe it was just a really subtle dig at the man, considering that the phrase was most commonly applied to the great Hubert H Humphrey.

    1. OhHellToTheNo

      At an Obama prison fundraiser and helping to organize a fraudulent voter registration drive. He'll still be able to vote though. He has ID. The real killers? They can't vote because they have not been IDed. Sorry, Real Killers.

      If the voter isn't fit, you still must count the ballot!

  76. OhHellToTheNo

    I don't care. I think that's the most offensive thing you can say for someone like Brietbart.

  77. walterhwhite

    My first reaction to the news of his (un)timely passing was "Good!" Then I thought it over and decided that was mean. So then I did some more thinking and changed my reaction to "Awesome!"

  78. Isyaignert

    You won't believe the gushing bullshit that's coming out of the Huffington Post; apparently he worked there once. The moderators are not letting anything through that is the least bit disparaging (or honest). Every fukkin' post talks about what a great man he was; a true gentleman (?), intelligent, articulate, family man, blah blah.

    Sorry, but the fact is that he was a fukkin' dickhead, lying corporate whore who destroyed peoples' lives for money. Rot in Hell you POS.

    1. OhHellToTheNo

      Once a married person dies, the dead person is officially single, right? If so, Arianna Huffington would like to know if it is illegal to marry a dead man for profit. Michelle Malkin would also like to know.

      This will serve as the basis for a Rom Com starring Kelsey Grammer.

    2. extreme_left

      puffington host has really gone to the squirrel-blowers, ever since google or whatever 0.01% ers bought it out, they also have heaps of j-lo blew a squirrel stories now, to give them hope i'm guessing.

      maybe time to get some wonkette futures in readiness of a 0.01%er buy out and i can finally get that collection of dinosaur eggs i've been dreaming of.

  79. Nostrildamus

    Didn't like Andrew's politics, but you gotta admire a guy who does what thinks is right in the face opposition from the left, established fact, common decency, the rules of hygiene and interspecies genetic incompatibility.

  80. Steverino247

    "…his amiable personality." This sounds like a hint from those who have met him as how he really was. An example: I was once asked by a friend if I wanted to appear on the Morton Downey, Jr. Show at the Apollo Theater. I was aware of the show, but thought, "I get a free trip to New York and go back stage at the Apollo." I arrived early and met the host who had just come in from an AIDS ward where he visited patients. He talked about his experience which had moved him. I came to the conclusion that the whole thing was an act. It wasn't what I found entertaining, but some folks did. The issue was "The Last Temptation of Christ" During commercials, he asked how we were holding up and got permission to stage something obnoxious. The audience was oblivious to the fact they were witnessing an act, which was fascinating. I hate the Breitbart "act" because of how it cheapens our debate on important issues and serves more to incite than to inform. If Breitbart was acting, he did it well, even if I didn't like the part he was playing. If he wasn't acting, fuck him.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be."

      Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night

    2. OhHellToTheNo

      I'm absolutely convinced that Michele Bachmann is the Andy Kaufman of political humor.

  81. ShaveTheWhales

    Whether he was a true ideologue or simply an entertainer, Breitbart voluntarily contributed his bit to the coarsening and cheapening of public discourse, and along the way caused bad things to happen to people and organizations that did not deserve such abuse.

    I am not happy that he is dead, although I am somewhat happy to think that I will never have to read about any more of his antics. I am not sad that he is dead, because I did not know him. I have sympathy for his family, but I also have sympathy for the families of all the other 43-year-old parents who died today, but who weren't nationally newsworthy. It is certainly the case that at least several dozen 40-ish parents die every day in the United States. Most of them lived their lives without trying to stigmatize or destroy the lives of others.

    So. The best argument for withholding snark is to show more dignity than the masses of Breitbart's followers. On the other hand, showing restraint will not have any effect on their usual level of vitriol, so snark/no snark is really matter of what one is personally comfortable with. I have gone through the deaths of quite a few friends and family, over the years, and therefore choose to refrain. Unless I happen to think of something really clever.

    1. Man0nTheStreet

      Reichfart's memory doesn't deserve any expression of mercy, dignity, or condolences. He chose to be a piece of human filth, spending his life attempting to destroy America.

      I say Fuck that Fucking Fuck – I wish that Satan would chew him up and shit him out in an unending cycle for the rest of eternity.

  82. carlgt1

    ok thanks, well Clarence Darrow was pretty cool, although he lost the "monkey trial" to William Jenings Bryan, who was sort of the Breitbart of his day?

      1. carlgt1

        well somebody posted H. L. Mencken's "obituary" for WJ Bryan, and it sounds like it could apply to Breitbart.

        But hell, WJ Bryan seems moderate by today's Tea Party "standards" – then again he was a Dem! ;-)

  83. imissopus

    If it hasn't been said here yet (I don't have the patience to wade through over 500 comments), I bet Breitbart would love the caterwauling his death has unleashed on both the right and particularly on the left. And though he may have died too young, the poison he spread and spread without an apparent ounce of shame will be with us for a long time. Which is not a legacy of which anyone should be proud, but since he was a shameless sociopath, he probably would be. So while I'm sorry for his wife and kids (who are very young), fuck Andrew Breitbart. May his name eventually return to the obscurity from which it should never have risen in the first place.

  84. SiameseCatLady

    Holy Crap! I thought at first this was a joke. I feel sad for his family (especially the kids). But I still can't think of anything nice to say about him. Can't wait to see what Keith Olbermann does with this tonight.

    1. Man0nTheStreet

      I thought it was a joke (HA!) also – it's been 200 years since a rich white man in his 40s has died of "natural causes" in this country, short of some congenital issue.

  85. MiniMencken

    Let's quote the great man himself, when he learned of the death of Ted Kennedy: "After Sen. Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts died in 2009, Breitbart tweeted, "Rest in Chappaquiddick" and called him "a special pile of human excrement." When critics questioned his tone, he tweeted they "missed my best ones!""

  86. ultraducharme

    When a man like this dies, I hope it is a true moment to say instead, "A worthy adversary," which he indeed was. For better or worse, America has become a land of dueling absurdities, of ever-more bombastic narratives, of middle school personality skirmishes, and much, much less. Breitbart rolled up his sleeves, jumped in, and made it his cottage industry, and in this he was greatly talented. But it is a website like this one that took the other side of his trade, met his faux-populist outrage with, albeit-funny, nihilistic snark. People reading this are more connected to this man than they would prefer to believe.

    May he, at the moment of his death, have had the epiphany of Lee Atwater: that he should have been building people up where he tore them down; that he owed many destroyed men an apology; that kindness and civility ought to have been his business where meanness and division reigned. And let this man rest in peace, to be judged only by the one who judges us all before sending us to our next place in the cosmos.

    1. Doktor Zoom

      William F Buckley was a worthy adversary

      William Safire was a worthy adversary

      Antonin Scalia, on his better days, is a worthy adversary

      Andrew Breitbart was a bully, a propagandist, and an opportunist who was bent on ruining the lives of people who had different political opinions. He didn't merely want to defeat liberals politically, he wanted to destroy the lives and careers of people working at ACORN and in the NAACP. Fuck him.

      1. ultraducharme

        Well, hard to argue with what you're saying here, in that the man was equivalent to rectal warts on the body politic. But still, I guess on the day of his death, I ask myself, how is it that we are engaged in debate with criminals and cranks? How is this the guy on the other end of the "debate?" Like it or not, this guy was the adversary. In another age, it was William F Buckley, who was not only worthy as an adversary but also as person. You could admire Buckley, and I still do; not so with Breitbart.

        The saddest thing, and most true, that one can say about Breitbart is that he was an man of his age.

        Jesus, pour me another five bourbons.

    2. OhHellToTheNo

      Whoa, whoa. It's not like he was Christopher Hitchens or even Andrew Sullivan. Let's not get crazy.

      He was a worthy adversary in the way that your drunk uncle is a worthy adversary at Christmas dinner.

    3. GortRay

      Are you on the pipe? Breitbart was a wretched pile of pus with absolutely no redeeming qualities. He'll be judged by the microbes that consume his pukebag body.

    1. Man0nTheStreet

      On Pay-per-View? I hope so – I'd *love* to watch O'Kweef's suicide! I'll bring popcorn!

    1. OhHellToTheNo

      Limbaugh isn't reading this because he's at the doctor getting refills for his special grieving pills. He hurt his back grieving and has to take this pills, you see…

  87. tessiee

    The guy in that picture was only 43 years old?
    Did he live on top of Chernobyl or something?

    1. OhHellToTheNo

      Of course not. He just drank a lot of vodka from the distillery underneath Chernobyl.

  88. arihaya


    ok now where is my "How to Pretend to be Saddened for Dummies" …

  89. user-of-owls

    You can't make this shit up. Banner above the Drudge headline…right now!

    I don't think there was a single day during that time when we did not flash each other … I still see him in my mind's eye in Venice Beach, the sunny day I met him. He was in his mid 20's. It was all there…. MDRUDGE

  90. voodooeconomics

    fucking 641 comments..how can i get my numbers up with this shitty statistics(who can spell this bitchy word).
    BTW, Breitbart..don't let the fires burn get your hair..
    sexysmurf..how bad can it be to be deleted by "administratoooorr"

  91. DrBobNM

    the wonkette crowd never fails to deliver on the idea that so-called 'compasionate, tolerant' liberals are a bunch of nasty SOBs. LMAO.

    1. ingloriousbytch

      Yeah, we aren't the "compassionate, tolerant" liberals. We're the liberals you don't want to meet wandering around L.A. at midnight.

        1. carlgt1

          He ruined lives, and now his short life is over. Perhaps his death was just a pre-emptive strike from Jehovah?

          Anyway, it's the Jeebus-freak reich-wing RepugliKKKans who are supposed to lead by some holy Christian moral example, right, so why expect it from us commie pinkos? I mean we saw the outpouring of sadness you hypocrites showed upon the deaths of everyone from Ted Kennedy to Whitney Houston!

    2. glamourdammerung

      How is randomly trolling a website while whining about how mean other people are working out for you?

      By the way, your master died wandering the streets last night. Just thought I would let you know.

      1. DrBobNM

        its not a random troll at all. wonkette is one of the top five websites I visit. I find the commentary irreverent and sometimes refreshing. It also reaffirms how nasty and Unevolved liberals can be.

        AB is not my master by any means, but he did uncover the hypocrisy of the liberal left. He took a walk in Brentwood. I'm sure you are familiar with that neighborhood. Hardly wandering.

        1. glamourdammerung

          I remember exactly who you are.

          The liar that threw a tantrum when I asked you to back up your claim that Breitbart released those "unedited" ACORN videos.

          AB is not my master by any means, but he did uncover the hypocrisy of the liberal left.

          He was a serial liar that catered to idiots that would repeat lies simply because it "confirmed" their own racism and general stupidity. And that is being far more kind than is merited.

          He took a walk in Brentwood. I'm sure you are familiar with that neighborhood. Hardly wandering.

          And walking at night is not as strange when you do not dress like you are homeless and scream incoherently for no apparent reason.

    3. Gainsbourg69

      I laughed my ass off when I heard Breitbart kicked the bucket. I guess I'm not from the compassionate and tolerant wing of the democratic party.

    4. SorosBot

      Oh, and I see from his comments over on what were Breitbart's sites that he's another one of the conspiracy theory lunatics that believes the racist fuck was murdered. Yeah, a secret hit with a drug that causes a heart attack makes so much more sense than a 43-year-old with a history of alcoholism and heart disease had a heart attack.

  92. jolpaj

    Its a difficult day, but if we all do our best to act with a just a little less civility, a little more dishonesty, a litte more alcoholism, accuse a few more people of racism, spread a little more racism, and little more sleaze, we can, together, make up for his absence.

  93. DrBobNM

    good comments

    I agree he screwed up with Shirley. But ACORN and Weiner??? Give me a break.

    Jeebus-freak reich-wing RepugliKKKans …count me out.

    ".you hypocrites showed upon the deaths of everyone from Ted Kennedy to Whitney Houston!…"

    Ted– hateful, hypocritical alcoholic, ask Mary Jo Kopechne what she thought of ole Teddy (you can't, she drowned at teddy's hands, conveniently I might add)
    Whitney–weak drug addict who threw her life and God given talent away (repeatedly) for basically nothing

    1. carlgt1

      In the grand scheme of things the ACORN & Weiner 'stings' were pretty lame. So offset that with the Shirley Sherrod butchery, and his numerous public rantings, and you're left with a jerkoff who's better off dead. But don't worry, there's plenty of other white-trash to take his place in the pantheon of conservative insanity!

    2. SorosBot

      It's kind of odd for someone who's defending the hateful, hypocritical alcoholic Andrew Breitbart to use that language against someone else.

    3. Nothingisamiss

      Dr Bob? In this one comment you showed yourself a hypocrite. Do you understand this?

      You see, you were talking about how evil we were for saying….oh, nevermind, not listening I see.

  94. Badonkadonkette

    Shirley I'm not the first/only one to think this could be total bullshit. We're talking about a guy for whom truthfulness is/was incidental to his life's pursuit of destroying the lives of anyone he felt strayed from his own ideology. I wouldn't put it past him to falsely report his own death just to generate controversy – some on the left will jeer, many on the right will insist Barack Obama killed him to silence him – with the goal of selecting some comments to use as evidence that the left is just filled with hate and intolerance (you can bet there will be many stories about the "left's reaction to his death" on his websites). Of course he'd have to contend with having conned his own adherents, but cognitive dissonance is a way of life for those people, so none of them would fault him for it.

  95. finallyhappy

    Most recently, my NPR radio station did not say he died of natural causes- they now say "unknown causes". Of course, a commie socialist station would say something like that about a national hero. I hear he died saving 3 puppies, a small baby and an elderly woman in a wheelchair.

    1. DustBowlBlues

      And the elderly woman has 46 grandchildren by her 12 kids and is a Mormon. His kid of person.

  96. C_R_Eature

    I'm not happy that Brietbart's dead. I'm sorry for his family and friends – I've gotten those kinds of calls and it's unimaginably bad, if you've never been there. I'm sad he didn't live to either realize the error of his ways and develop some empathy or, failing that, live to see the whole world transform around him into exactly the reverse of what he was fighting for. To sit, bewildered and fearful on the porch shaking his fist at the kids on the lawn.

    I am happy that his vile public persona, poisoned discourse and politics of personal destruction and win-at-all costs "enemies list" ratfucking is done with. He personally has done more damage to the national discourse than most media personalities and I'll miss him not at all, in that way.

    I think there will be time enough to shred the memory of his evil deeds and set them on fire. Not today. Today, I'll let his own words speak for him:

    [He was a] villain,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.”
    "I'm more than willing to go off decorum to ensure THIS MAN is not beatified,” “Sorry, he destroyed lives. And he knew it."

    In sum, I raise a glass and let's all drink to the Death of a Clown.

  97. Tundra Grifter

    Speaking of a death in the family, has anyone else noticed there are no more comments on Media Matters for America posts and blogs?

    Is this a reaction to Tucker Carlson's pathetic attack?

    If so, the terrorists have won!

    1. LetUsBray

      Yeah, I was wondering about that. My first thought was that they wanted to pre-empt any Nelson Muntzian posts about Breitbart, about whom they commented often.

      But I couldn't find any explanation in any event, which strikes me as weird.

      1. Tundra Grifter


        They still have to respond to Tucker Carlson's vicious butterknife attack. Have they decided to hunker in the bunker?

        I've been commenting there for several years. I'm "Newzhound." They would often edit and remove comments – more than any other site I've been on.

        Still, from time to time it was fun. Without that feature, I doubt I'll be a regular visitor.

        1. LetUsBray

          The comments are pretty essential to keep things interesting.

          Anyway, it looks like they're back today. I still can't find any explanation for why they were gone, though.

          1. Tundra Grifter


            There are some on-site comments speculating what you suggested – it was to keep the Brietbart comments out.

            I would have appreciated a notice. Which would only have made MM4A look that much better, at least to some people, if, indeed, that were the case.

            And that's enough comma's about that.

  98. Biff

    No matter what anyone here thought of him in life, he is now a dead, gay Mormon.
    You're welcome.
    What, too soon?

  99. DarwinianDemon

    Are we getting a preview of what will happen when Rush Limbaugh's slave girl finally strangles him with her manacles? A total whitewash of the vile and destructive things done because the individual is dead? Granted, you don't have to speak bad about the dead, but that doesn't mean you have to make up good stuff either.

  100. HarryButtle

    Well, probably nobody's gonna read this, but since I was stuck in a fucking hospital all day and unable to comment on this story, I'm dropping my 2 cents:

    The truth is that this ratfucker would have celebrated the death of any one of us, so I don't feel particularly beholden to the old tradition of offering up niceties for the dead in this case. He was a vile monster and the country is better off without him. I feel for his wife and kids, but maybe he shouldn't have been such a prick.

    Oh, and "natural causes?" Pull the other one.

    1. C_R_Eature

      "Natural causes?" If Andy hadn't died of booze, fat, coke and rage it just wouldn't have been natural.

  101. PhillipMarlowe6

    Sorry if someone posted this, but it deserves repeating.
    Breitbart on the death of Edward Kennedy:

    Rest in Chappaquiddick
    26 Aug 09 via web
    To which, Breitbart added as descriptors of the recently deceased Senator
    a “villain,” “a big ass motherf@#$er,” a “duplicitous bastard” and a “prick.”
    And finally, this attempt at a joke

    “I’ll shut my mouth for Carter. That’s just politics. Kennedy was a special pile of human excrement,”

  102. DustBowlBlues

    I would give St. Peter Anthony Kennedy [or insert your own favorite Repulitard to hate] in exchange for getting Breitbart (sp?who cares?) back, forever.

  103. DocChaos

    So Andrew Brietbart is dead, yet Phyllis Schlafly is still alive. That's pretty much all you need to know about the future of conservatism.

  104. KenLayIsAlive

    I would just like to add here that I'm glad he is dead.

    The world has had to suffer through the deaths of gigantic, heroic personalities like Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, Salvador Allende, Mathatma Ghandi, RFK, and countless others. People who died trying to build people up, not tear them down.

    Let's not forget that the soulless murderers who took these heroic personalities from us were people who shared that same ideology of hatred and meanness that Brietbart revelled in. Let's not forget that the murders who took our heros from us were encouraged and prodded on – no doubt – by the Brietbart's of their day.

    The world has suffered enough from deaths, so don't suffer about this one. Don't even feel guilty about feeling a twinge of happiness. If this pathetic imitation of a human is to give our world anything, it should fact that we can feel a bit justice watching this particular scumbag die – not by the hands of another – but from his own ugly bitterness.

    Also, you don't just drop dead at forty three. Bring on the toxicology report, please.

  105. Negropolis

    He died how he lived: full of shit.

    And, my poor fool is hanged. Good night, sweet prince. And, really, sad day for his wife and kids.

  106. LemonySnicket

    In the words of Mark Twain: "I didn't attend the funeral, but I sent a nice letter saying that I approved of it."

  107. C_R_Eature

    Somewhat OT: Hey, cool! I just read that Dinosaurs shared the planet with equally daunting parasites: blood-gobbling fleas that were up two centimetres (almost an inch) long.
    Here's the Photo!

    Blood Sucking Mega Flea. Another good Meme, Eh?

  108. comrad_darkness

    I have to say, Harry Potter rocks that little beard pretty well.

    Voldemort beside him is jealous as hell.

    Too soon?