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Paul Babeu Allegedly Slept With Student At Reeducation Camp He Ran

Thanks for the visual, CNN.

Every inhabitant in the entire solar system and possibly as far away as the alternate universe where Rick Santorum becomes the American president has now heard the story about wingnut Arizona sheriff Paul Babeu trying to deport his secret illegal Mexican gay lover, but did you know that this was only one of two insane stories about Babeu’s serially creepy, unethical behavior that reporters were learning about at the time? ABC15 in Arizona was also about to out Babeu after they spent five months digging up dirt from court documents in Massachusetts alleging that Paul Babeu’s 1999-2001 tenure as the evil headmaster of an unlicensed private reeducation camp gulag for troubled teens included the use of punishments that amounted to physical abuse and that oh yeah, his sister says he was shacked up with one of his male students. Paul Babeu sure does seem to enjoy the secretive sexytime with members of vulnerable groups that he treats like shit in his official capacities! Where else has Paul Babeu worked? Nevermind, we don’t actually want to know.

Really, what is it with Arizona sheriffs and sadistic torture camps?

The state documents obtained by ABC15 also reveal students “strip searched” each other and “routinely took group showers”… “leading to sexual abuse.”

Being “cornered” was considered by many students to be the worst punishment.

That meant sitting, facing the wall for hours, days and sometimes weeks.

“You have to sit like this with your feet flat on the ground. You can’t cross your legs,” said [former student Holli] Nielsen. “From 7 in the morning to 9:30.”

In one case, records show a student with bi-polar disorder, ADHD and impulse control disorder was “cornered” for “weeks on end.”

The student’s medication was not monitored properly. He began to “urinate and defecate” on himself. He was also taken to the hospital for pneumonia.

Days later, that same student was returned to DeSisto and sent back to the corner.

We asked Nielsen if Babeu was aware of students being “sheeted’ and “cornered.”

Nielsen replied, “He was there for that. Yes. He was certainly aware of that. There were a lot of things that happened there that probably shouldn’t have.”

Aaaaannnnnnnd then there’s this detail:

Lucy Babeu told the ABC15 Investigators she confronted her brother after finding a student from DeSisto school living with Babeu.

“I said what is this student from Desisto doing here? He says, ‘Lucy, he’s my boyfriend. I love him’.”
Lucy Babeu told us her brother was having a relationship with the male student.

“I said Paul get a hold of yourself here,” said Lucy. “You were his teacher! You were his Executive Director! You can’t do this.”

(It is admittedly mysterious as to why Babeu’s sister told this to a news team, years later, instead of to, you know, authorities or parents or really just anyone else at all, when she found out about it.)

Anyway, Paul Babeu should go back to running for Congress, immediately. [ABC15; thanks to Wonkette operative “Mookey”]

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  1. Pragmatist2

    Of course he did! He's a Conservative Republican and favorite of the Tea Party. What else could he do.

    1. actor212


      TO: Paul Babeu

      FROM: Actor212

      RE: Sexing Underage Boys

      PROTIP: You're supposed to have the sex scandal AFTER you win the Congressional election, or else no FOX News gig when you resign.

    1. FROTHY

      Um, Baconz? I don't think nobody told you this, but Babeu is GAY??? And a GUY???

      I know you like the LayDz, dood. You SO do not want to be (on your) back on the Babeu. I'll tell him you said to call it off.

  2. actor212

    The student’s medication was not monitored properly. He began to “urinate and defecate” on himself. He was also taken to the hospital for pneumonia.

    We asked Nielsen if Babeu was aware of students being “sheeted’ and “cornered.”

    Really? Sheeted?

    1. smokefilledroommate

      They had to disrobe in front of everybody and wear a sheet for the rest of the day or something. (You know, run-of-the-mill humiliation and psychological abuse tactics which serve as great forms of punishment for troubled kids..)

  3. Baconzgood

    "It is admittedly mysterious as to why Babeu’s sister told this to a news team, years later, instead of to, you know, authorities or parents or really just anyone else at all, when she found out about it."

    It's called Happy Valley Syndrome.

          1. FROTHY

            And overfed nutbags rioted and attacked cameramen, and the vast Mighty Wurlitzer of the Pox Ooze-led pack of media jackals screamed and whined about the Dirty Fucking Hippies of #Occupy instead.

          2. horsedreamer_1

            The riotous PSU students were a case study in the theory of he greatest thinker of the 20th century, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross. So, the even was stupid, violent, & wrong, but explicable. & PSU is still only just bargaining.

    1. sati_demise

      She finally got tired of Babeu's boyfriends coming to her in commiseration. Seriously, one of them ended up moving in with her!
      this same sister outed him on line in Chino and Pinal County blogs. She said he treated all his boyfriends like crap.

      1. Jukesgrrl

        I read her remarks online not long after I moved to Arizona when I was trying to find out who the hell this Babeu is and why does he, as Sheriff of Pinal Not-on-the-Border County, have so much to say about what happens on the border. Her remarks were so over-the-top, instead of immediately believing them, I wondered if it was a hoax. But it did make me start to look at him in even a worse way than I did before. I didn't think anyone with his militaristic outlook on life could possibly have a healthy sex life, no matter what his orientation. A need to draw inordinate attention to oneself, humiliate others, and own a law-enforcement helicopter don't usually exist in a vacuum.

      2. FROTHY

        Thanks for this sliver of inside knowledge. Is this the sister that he has alleged has "mental health issues," i.e, "is a crazy lying bitch"? Doesn't one of his brothers also live with him? Straight dude implicated in some of Babeu's shenanigans — financial stuff.

  4. edgydrifter

    Obviously, Lucy couldn't report this to the police for fear of jeopardizing DeSisto's legendary football program.

  5. SorosBot

    There is something about this vile creep running a teenage sex torture camp that makes this one a little hard to snark on.

    1. flamingpdog

      Amen. I posted one snark earlier and came back to post another and had the same thought. I had a teenage daughter with mental health issues who could have ended up in a place like this. Fortunately, we were able to find her a much better situation, but she did spend four or five days at a place where she was inappropriately treated, although not outright abused. This strikes too close to home. Babeu belongs out in the Arizona desert, headless.

      1. FROTHY

        (Hugs the pdog) Geez, dood. I'm so sorry about your little girl.

        The thought of creeps like this getting their hands on my favourite kid just makes me see red.

    2. Chichikovovich

      Yeah, this is over the snarkline for me. The kids would have been either sent there by judges who liked to puff themselves up over what they liked to call their "tough love" approach and then didn't bother to make even the most rudimentary inquiries into what was happening to the kids they sent to be mentally, physically and sexually abused on the state's dime. Or they were sent there by decent, but rather dumb, and very desperate parents who really believed the sales pitch "some discipline" would help the kids. ("Now Tod here was one of our residents – liked to set barns on fire – and he's now a thoracic surgeon in space for NASA, and his pyromania is a thing of the past. And of here's Mort, Dolores and Cassie, they'll tell you how this camp helped them stop taking drugs and cutting themselves. Now they're in good colleges and working here as counsellors!") Now on top of everything else, the children are worse and the parents have to live with what they did to them. Or the parents are sadistic petty power-addicted domestic tyrants for whom the camp was an extension of the kids' home life. And that just makes me depressed.

      Naw, I've got nothing.

      1. not that Dewey

        Or the judges may have been profiteering from the prison camps, not unlike that judge in PA who received kickbacks from the private prison industry in exchange for damning the lives of children. There is no bottom, really, to the depravity.

        1. FROTHY

          It makes me so sick to think of that. He will not suffer anything like the torments he inflicted on those poor children. But 28 years of prison is not too light a sentence for this guy.

        2. Gainsbourg69

          This shit is rampant in Florida. The bastards that run mental health facilities for children are making vast amounts of cash and the kids are treated like animals.

          1. flamingpdog

            The Southern Poverty Law Center has gone to court in the past to fight this same kind of shit in Mississippi. I'd give them Ameros for that alone.

      2. SorosBot

        Some parents are truly sadistic. We're one of the only nations that hasn't signed the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, along with Somalia; and it's because the right-wingers have blocked ratification in the Senate. One of the main justifications that conservatives give against it is that it's again parental rights – that is, the right of parents to fucking beat their children. Which these shitheads think is perfectly OK if they call it "discipline". Fuck this makes me angry.

        1. FROTHY

          Don't let it make you so angry that you become an ineffective advocate for the rights of the oppressed. That is all I have to say on that subject. (Extra hugs — take as needed)

      3. LagunaB

        And then the delayed discovery bill was passed allowing people who had been beaten, raped, tortured and threatened with death if they told, to sue the be-Jesus out of the fucker and in the process ruining their life. And for the abused, fInding strength and courage they never knew they had, taking that message onward to help others.

        1. Chichikovovich

          I'm really overjoyed to hear this. One of the reasons I was despairing was a sense that these camps had been able to operate with impunity, moving to a new state when they were chased out of the first, and spreading themselves in complex webs over many states to avoid being sued. But there is nothing that would make me happier than to be wrong about this – to learn that these places are being shut down through the legal system and being forced to compensate the victims of their sadistic abuse.—

          1. LagunaB

            Each state has different laws but you can pick either where you are or where they are or where the abuse took place.

          1. LagunaB

            It was a landmark legal litigation.
            I kicked Larry the litigators ass.
            When you are being deposed the stenographer only takes down words. Not volume or intent. Knowing how to swear in Hindi helps.

    3. HempDogbane

      Me too.


      Santorum tomorrow will be blasting "leftists and their 'consensual sex' " for ruining America !

      1. SorosBot

        Maybe you can use the PMS rage in a constructive manner – here's a rusty pair of garden shears, I think along with Babeu there's a few other guys who run these gulags for teens whose testicles you could use them on.

    4. Negropolis

      Honestly, these "rehab" camps they have around the country for troubled children are one of the biggest unknown rackets this nation has seen in a very long time.

      This stuff happens in local communities all of the time, but there is a code of silence around it. Even here in my area one of these was shut down some years back because of alleged physical and sexual abuse.

  6. Hera Sent Me

    Isn't this the plot of one of the more regrettable BDSM DVDs?

    Mistress Babeu And Her Brother (Or Vice Versa) Discipline Naughty, Naughty Boys.

    1. FROTHY

      It sounds like Lucy Babeu was caught in the crossfire rather than actually involved in any way. He basically mounted an unending campaign to discredit her (and pretty much succeeded) when she first complained after discovering his student staying in his house when she dropped by for a visit.

      It sounds as if there is no love lost between this brother and sister:

  7. SayItWithWookies

    Finish the danged fence already — so we can keep the children on one side and Republican pedophile predators on the other.

  8. edgydrifter

    This guy planned his whole career around having easy access to handcuffs, bizarre physical punishments and a transient population of exploitable youths. It's like he got his degree in criminal justice from the Marquis de Sade College of Bulletheaded Creeps.

    1. FROTHY

      You know, de Sade was all about vicious parodies of those in power. Naturally, because he was a young (read: horny) man in prison without access to those things young men desire (read: LOTS of HOT HOT SEX), he interlarded his work with anger, sex, pornography, and violence. But he doesn't deserve to be pilloried (so to speak) in any way.

  9. thefrontpage

    According to ABC News, here is just a partial list of past leadership posts held by Sheriff Paul Babeu:

    1. President, Late Night Shots, Washington, D.C.

    2. Chief Speechwriter and Idealogy Adviser, Pat Buchanan, Inc., Washington, D.C.

    3. Chief Speaker Booker, CPAC, Washington, D.C.

    4. Political Adviser to Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, Phoenix, Arizona.

    5. Dungeon Master, Bob's S&M Dungeon, Lower East Side, Manhattan, New York City.

    6. Chief Recruitment Adviser, Cub Scouts of America, Austin, Texas.

    7. Chief Recruitment Adviser, Boys Clubs of America, Peoria, Illinois.

    8. Chief Hygienist and Medical Adviser, Boy's Town, Flanagan, Massachusetts.

    9. Chief Gym Locker Room Monitor, Greenville, Kentucky.

    10. Spiritual Adviser, Office of Sen. Larry Craig, Washington, D.C.

    11. Personals Advertisments Adviser, Craig's List, Los Angeles.

    12. Chief Recruitment Officer, Scientology Religion, Los Angeles.


  10. Mumbletypeg

    Too sickened to snark.
    There are conserva-wingnuts out there flogging the same tired message about fetus' rights and ghey=aberration, yet kids who are most in need of prudent, capable care instead get tended by prurient, capricious wolves in their clothing.
    Even if the occurrences don't always fall within the same party frequency, enough stories about the conditions of troubled youth care facilities (I've seen two in the past 1 1/2 months, one online & one broadcast on tv) that still don't prick enough consciences among the holier-than-thou's should see them STFU until they're willing to watch for the red flags among their own (including this perv's sister).

    1. kissawookiee

      They reserve metaphorical flogging for the fetuses, unfortunately, leaving the literal floggings for actual breathing children. Remember James Dobson's recommendation that parents use PVC pipe instead of wood for beating their kids?

      1. FROTHY

        How do these fucking TROGLODYTES EVER ever ever end up in a position where ANYONE can take their advice about ANYTHING seriously? PVC pipe? Jesus fuckaduck. I'd like to ram an entire lorryload of PVC pipe right up Dobson's flabby saggy wrinkled ancient hairy ass.

    2. FROTHY

      Well, it's not easy worrying about actual living breathing children when you're being symbolically raped by being forced to extend abortion to sluts whose aspirins fell from between their knees, yaknow.

  11. kissawookiee

    Babeu's spokesman's official statement, via the ABC15 story:

    DeSisto Private School's mission was to save troubled, yet talented youth in a therapeutic environment. The Sheriff served three years and was recognized for helping restore financial stability of the school.

    Well then. Financial stability, people! Babeu's just a big ol' bottom… line kind of guy.

  12. WinterOuthouse

    Republitards and authority. Bad mix. Sheriff Joe, Mormon camps, Santorum, Cain, Newt, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, now this fuckin' freak sons of bitches all

    1. James Michael Curley

      The distinction between your comments and similar comments about democrats and liberals is that the right wing nuts are complaining about democrats doing something FOR someone and we are complaining about the republican right wing nuts doing something TO some one.

    1. GOPCrusher

      Oh cmon now. You just know that this will get spun as part of the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy to make this poor man look bad because Liberals are afraid that he'll bring his "Tough Love" agenda to Washington.

    2. Jukesgrrl

      Don't make assumptions that his candidacy is over. He hasn't withdrawn from the race and this state is loaded with people who think his behavior has an up side.

    3. James Michael Curley

      He is in a primary against a standing Republican Congressman in a district reconfigured after redistricting. The sitting Congressman will be going into the primary holding a lot of his previous voters but gaining a lot of sparsely populated western Arizona Gila Monsters. "Sheriff Paul, (As in Call me Sheriff Paul son.) is being pushed by the tea party element. Especially those who McCain sucked up to to get through the primary he had to survive and the right swinging electorate he was faced with in 2010. I'm sure Sheriff Paul though he had a lot of chips in the game and was calling them until the ol' trouser snake got in the away.

      1. FROTHY


        I suspect the visceral hatred for the ghey that his RWNJ supporters are filled to the brim with will outweigh their desire to see some other addlepated teabagger in authority.

  13. CapnFatback

    Being “cornered” was considered by many students to be the worst punishment.

    That meant sitting, facing the wall for hours, days and sometimes weeks.

    “You have to sit like this with your feet flat on the ground. You can’t cross your legs,” said [former student Holli] Nielsen. “From 7 in the morning to 9:30.”

    Recovered from 2001:

    6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.: Strip Search Breakfast
    7:00 a.m to 9:30 a.m." Glory Hole Structural Check
    9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Group shower fight!
    11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. "Who has the sausage?" Mock Investigation Scene/Lunch

  14. HarryButtle

    This guy's become a walking punchline here in AZ, I don't think that even IOKIYAR is gonna save his ass here.

    1. Jukesgrrl

      No, but the meme about him having been abused by a priest when he was growing up in the Evil Liberal Land of Massachusetts might. "It's not his fault he's gay," is a sentiment I've heard expressed here. A significant number of jerks think people are "made" gay by some negative force. And Catholic priests fit that bill. Which also are the grounds on which they accept "Marcus Bachmann-style cures for the ghey" as being a viable course of action.

      1. FROTHY

        Yeah, but if you've ever spent time around these RWNJs, you'll notice that the hatred of the GHEY is visceral and deep. Personally I think it's because they're dying to suck on some man-meat but can't admit it. But I think their hatred for teh GHEY outweighs their survival instincts, it's that deep-rooted.

    2. James Michael Curley

      I understand from one of my friends out there that Sheriff Paul isn't too bright either.

      I don't know enough about where everybody lives but who will Babeu be up against. It looks to me like it could be Jeff Flake. Then it looks like either will be up against Pastor.

  15. Callyson

    Aaaand Arizona officially grabs the lead in the never – ending race for Batshit Craziest State. Will Florida re – claim the lead? Is Alabama positioning itself to surge forward? Will dark horse Virginia surprise everyone with a sudden sprint? Stay tuned…if you can stomach it…

    1. unclejeems

      For god's sake, don't forget "rub two cells together and you've got a human" Oklahoma. I predict a top three finish.

      1. Callyson

        You're right, I should have included not – OK on the list. So hard to keep track of the wingnuttiest of the wingnut states.

      1. James Michael Curley

        And Rick Scott transferred ownership of the only Florida company certified to do state drug testing to his wife a few months before Florida passed the law requiring drug testing for state medicaid and other state aide programs. The law also requires that the state take $30 out of the recipient's check to pay for the test.

      2. Callyson

        The chairman of the Alabama Senate Health Committee said he doesn’t see a conflict of interest between his support for a bill that would require physicians to perform ultrasounds on women seeking abortions and his company, which sells the type of equipment the bill would require.
        Breaking news–Alabama just took the lead!

          1. NellCote71

            Sigh. Do I have to remind all of you that Texas passed that sonogram thingie when the year was yet young. Or is Texas just so out front that everyone else is vying for second place?

  16. BaldarTFlagass

    I thought gay people were nice funny witty people with good fashion sense, and usually smarter than average. The ones I know are. But maybe these Republicans are right to fear them.

    1. FROTHY

      Well, if you're Repuglycunt, fashion sense must just be *terrifying.* I mean, these are the guys who hoick their asses out to the golf course in white polyester doubleknit sansabelt stretch pants, right? Or knee-length plaid shorts with those dreadfully tacky alligator shirts?

      1. banana_bread

        I know, right? I was reading that stuff for a good hour last night and I literally was sick to my stomach.

          1. Beowoof

            Same here, I lasted about 10 minutes and can't believe the stuff I was reading. Parents often seem to miss the idea that kids have to go out and learn about life without being dictated to by authority figures. You have to let them make their own mistakes, you have to be there to help them when things go badly or the life lesson is harsh. If you do this well your kids will generally turn out well. And the best thing I found with my kids is to always let them know that you really love them.

    1. PubOption

      These are the people that believe that salvation is by faith alone, and, therefore, good works don't count in their favor, nor bad works against them. Reddit details some very bad works.

  17. gullywompr

    He's a Republican. All he has to do is deliver a remorseful speech in which he recounts having since been washed in the blood of the lamb, and it's OK.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      Or, alternately, he can do with Diaper Vitter did and refuse to admit being a complete asshole. Worked for him!

  18. iburl

    Man, this guy is SO ready to be a Christian-Sharia mullah.
    He's like a cross between a Republican Senator and the Archbishop of Boy's Town, but with more guns and tazers.

  19. Eve8Apples

    And yet Republicans can't understand why voters don't want perverted Republican sex offender, pedophile candidates passing laws governing Americans' sexual behaviors.

  20. kissawookiee

    And you know several thousand assholes up in the East Valley are dusting off their favorite homos = pedophiles arguments that they save for occasions like this. Well, actually, "polishing" is probably more apt than "dusting" since it's not like they ever put those damn things away in the first place.

    1. Jukesgrrl

      Yes, other than the lives of thousands of children and thousands of illegal entrants being destroyed, that might be the worst fallout from Sheriff Paul's behavior.

  21. Mojopo

    This is hurts my heart. It's never new, it's always a predator getting a job where he can find his prey more easily. He is filth.

  22. Penis_Vagina

    Sigh….I was actually sent to a similar place in the mid 80's by my idiot parents. This is not surprising news. The teen gulag industry is rife with corruption and abuse. And nobody seems to give a shit. But I am glad ol' baldy here is getting it in the end. Or is he giving it? Anyway…fuck that guy.

      1. James Michael Curley

        And in the '60's they called it the draft.

        " … I'm sittin' on the Group W bench with father rapers!"

  23. BigDumbRedDog

    In his defense, when your head looks THAT MUCH like the head of a penis, its hard not to sleep with other dudes. Oh, and kid dudes too.

    1. James Michael Curley

      I'm often reminded that Lennon (John not Vlad) said it best;

      "All American Bullet Headed Saxon Mother's Son."

    2. FROTHY

      Other doods is fine. I don't care if he frequents every fucking gloryhole in the city.

      Kids I gotta draw the line. Gay or straight, kids are off limits.

  24. WiscDad

    You can tell who wears the pants in THAT family. I'm sure sis is just laying down a little CYA for when the feds come around and start asking questions about who knew what when. Too bad it'll look twice as bad on her now.

  25. Rotundo_

    Life in prison should do well with this fellow. It would seem they have the goods on him for several felony grade excursions outside the law. The rape in prison probably won't bother him too much, but I have a feeling that the endless beatings and shiv attacks may get old fast for him. Couldn't happen to a more deserving former public servant.

    1. Ike75

      I don't wish for harm on others. I'm against the death penalty. I don't think prison rape jokes are funny.

      But, as a father? Yeah, there won't be many tears when this guy gets shanked. It's the one thing that murderers, drug dealers, end everyday citizens can all agree on.

  26. elburritodeluxe

    The National Sheriff’s Association has got to be pretty proud of giving him its 2011 Sheriff of the Year Award!

  27. Antispandex

    Of course he did this stuff! He's a Teapublican, he isn't soft on crime…and he definately wouldn't be soft around an under aged offender.

  28. Biff

    Wait–Wonkette operative "Mookey"? Isn't that the name of Barb's excised ladybits? They have become self-aware?

  29. Lambchop66

    "(It is admittedly mysterious as to why Babeu’s sister told this to a news team, years later, instead of to, you know, authorities or parents or really just anyone else at all, when she found out about it.)"

    Actually, she did. And for the last couple of years, she's been screaming it from the hilltops. Turns out that when you scream scream from the hilltops that your brother, a famous and widely admired tough-guy lawman, fucked a teenager from the cultish school for troubled boys that he formerly ran, most Arizonans think you're crazy.

    1. FROTHY

      I remember hearing that he claimed he had a sister with mental health issues. And that would be THIS sister, who had complained about the fact that he was engaging in illegal and abusive acts with children?

      1. Lambchop66

        Yep. Never mind the steady stream of former students who attest to the relationship, Babeu wants to change the subject to his sister. She may well have problems (it runs in the family, evidently), but she's far from the only one who's saying it.

  30. Biff

    I feel pretty fortunate to have been "sentenced" to a camp based on A.S. Neill's Summerhill School. I was never molested by staff, ever, whether I wanted to be molested or not. The 60's were a better time.

        1. FROTHY

          I know. That's why I'm glad no *other* abusive swine got their filthy mitts on ya. It's bad enough getting it in the neck from the people who're supposed to love and care for ya.

  31. Jukesgrrl

    A snarkless comment: No one is challenging the notion that Paul Babeu worked at the discredited and out-of-business DeSisto School in Stockbridge, MA, and was well aware of, and possibly involved in, abuse of the students enrolled/incarcerated there (take your choice of terms). But the claim that his position as "headmaster" means he was completely in charge of running the place is erroneous.

    Other people employed there insist that controversial founder and unlicensed therapist Michael DeSisto was always the person who managed the school. Being named "headmaster" of DeSisto was akin to being a "vice president" at Bank of America. Or maybe "headmaster" is just a favored job title for sadists. Of course the fact that Babeu was not the Headmaster of Headmasters does not excuse him of responsibility. But it does add the interesting detail that he has at the very least exaggerated/padded (take your choice of terms) his resume. Yet another qualification to be elected as a Republican to the U.S. House, representing Arizona!

    1. Negropolis

      Well, yeah, all of that and then allegedly taking on a former student as a partner, which implies that shit was going on while the kid was still enrolled in the "school."

      Forget whether he was an actual head or a titular one. He obviously used his position of authority for nefarious means, which is really all that matters in respect to him in particular.

  32. LagunaB

    I get mad and then I plot to get even using my wizard chess master cap. Also I take it out on my local us state rep pig repub. The local office is close by Whole Foods, so I saunter in for a chat on my current grievances. Hi Ladies! Remember Jon lost by only 6000 votes. Hey, he is suppose to represent me and all of us in his district. I use charm.

  33. Naked_Bunny

    Now we know why McCain moved to Arizona. He has Stockholm Syndrome and sympathizes with people who run horrible torture camps.

  34. OneYieldRegular

    I can see why Republicans are always clamoring to end public education and put kids in privately-run schools.

  35. FROTHY

    WTF is wrong with these people? Teh overarching theme seems to be forcing themselves on unwilling/unable-to-consent persons who are somehow in their power. Bonus points if force or drugs are involved.

    Fucking sick. And I'm sure a lot of the wingnut anger that will be generated by this guy's crimes will be redirected at LGBTQ folks so we'll pay twice the price again for this closeted asshole and his bullying ways.

  36. James Michael Curley

    As a former military member who did not hate it enough to go AWOL (well, only twice) I barely tolerated my time after being drafted but reading his bio I always wonder what happened when some guy says he served 18 years when there were only two left and he had a pension coming. Did he get outed during the years of DADT?

      1. James Michael Curley

        Haven’t followed that much. One could start with the analysis that when a member gets that high up the number of slots for each rank is tightly controlled by the Pentagon. Sort of like this issue is like the volume control but terminating someone’s career is the one/off switch.

        1. FROTHY

          Several people have said that when you've been in the service that long, the promotions are pretty much automatic, which means that there must have been SOMEthing in his personnel file that kept him from getting promoted.

          1. James Michael Curley

            I just looked up Babeu’s Wikipedia page and it says he was in the Mass National Guard and the Arizona Air National Guard for 20 years. That gives him retirement benefits but I don’t remember what.May check up on the issue of rank but not that interested. I get weekly emails from a few service organizations and one advocacy point they are pushing is to reverse a House resolution which would eliminate automatic grade increases if a retired service member is called back. IOW, he would not get bumped up a rank if he retired and gets called back which applies to officers only.

  37. glamourdammerung

    This is obviously the media's fault and not Babeu's for raping a minor. At least that is what the "party of personal responsibility" crowd is pretty much obligated to scream at this point.

  38. owhatever

    Pedophile Express now leaving on track nine, destination Sheriff Joe's gulag where everybody wears pink.

  39. Negropolis

    Camp What-What-in-the-Butt.

    Mammas, don't let you sons grow up to be Republicans. Really, I'm begging you.

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