Rick Santorum was on the right track, aesthetically, when his ad people put a poop gun in the hands of a savage Mitt Romney impersonator and had him shoot hot poop at a Rick Santorum cut-out. It was completely insane and gross and off-putting, but it was hilarious, and that’s more important than winning elections. Now what is this new follow-up ad! A boring thing that just copy-pastes a bunch of terribly damaging Mitt Romney quotes onto a black canvas and then calls it a day.

Isn’t this all you really need to do for any anti-Romney television ad? You just find whatever thing he’s been saying in his stump speech or at debates recently, do a quick google search for a 5-10 year old quote of him saying the exact opposite thing, and then copy-paste it into the campaign ad. Also, scary sounds.

[Sigh] When can George W. Bush be president again?

[The Hill]

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