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Wingnuts Furious About … Fox News Going Liberal

Oh, all the time, probably?What are America’s old white racist exurban cretins on Medicare and Social Security upset about today? Oh, the usual: Obama, liberals, gays, sex, black people, youth, hippies, the poor, the rich, Mexicans, “the hip hop,” Iran, exercise, unemployment, unemployment benefits, vegetables, a talented black woman with addiction problems such as Whitney Houston, organic farms, birth control, people having sexual intercourse in general, solar energy, Mormons, national parks, public transportation, Europe, NPR, Media Matters, the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. WAIT WHAT IN THE ??? Yes, Fox News. The wingnuts have spastically lurched from one invented outrage to the next with such shallow furor that they finally wound up enraged about the very teevee channel that tells them what to freak out about.

Apparently (?), Fox News chief witch Roger Ailes made an executive decision to tone it down a year ago — after the awful shooting spree in Tucson that killed six people and badly hurt another thirteen, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. Between the election of Barack Obama and the Arizona mass shooting, Fox News had ramped up its crazy to overdrive, and that made the nation’s shrinking population of sociopathic delusional Hoveround trolls about as happy as morbidly obese lifelong racists can get.

In the year since Fox News made a mild shift in approach that would be utterly imperceptible to all but the most deranged orc, America’s wingnuts have begun abandoning the channel. What are they watching instead? Probably VHS home movies of lynchings, alternated with DVDs of gay interracial gangbangs.

As a white, male, middle-aged conservative talk radio host from Virginia, John Fredericks is something close to the Platonic ideal of a Fox News fan. And until last year, he was one. But then Fox’s treatment of the Republican primary race — the presentation of Karl Rove as a political analyst despite his having “thrown in for Romney” and Sean Hannity’s clear ties to the Republican establishment — began to grate on him. So he changed the channel ….

“To tell you the truth, a lot of conservatives see Fox News as being somewhat skewed on certain issues,” said Patrick Brown, who runs Internet marketing for The Western Center for Journalism, a conservative nonprofit that features stories questioning the president’s eligibility for office. “We actually did a poll recently that said, ‘Is Fox News actually conservative, or has it moved left?’ And some 70 percent of our readers thought it had moved left.”

This is from The Politico website, so it will be laughable to “normal humans” who were “born with a basic moral compass.” But, there you have it: The fringe racist right-wing extremist element of the Republican Party just can’t get enough crazy from Fox News anymore. Mass suicide is literally the only option left for these awful people — and it’s the only way they’re ever going to find out for sure what Allah has a-waitin’ for them! [Politico via ChasCates!]

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  1. Oblios_Cap

    Mass suicide is literally the only option left for these awful people — and it’s the only way they’re ever going to find out for sure what Allah has a-waitin’ for them!

    I doubt that it's 72 virgins of any species. Maybe 72 Rove clones.

    1. SorosBot

      Who would want 72 virgins, anyway? I'd rather have women who know what the fuck they're doing already.

          1. Generation[redacted]

            Tell ya what, we'll put my 72 virgins together with your 72 virgins, and they're not allowed out until they get it right.

    2. BerkeleyBear

      Well, there is that translation where it is 72 raisins, so maybe for them they can imagine they are 72 shriveled Rove turds.

    1. Maman

      I checked my sister's crazy ass website, she seems to follow Andrew Breitbart and Rush, The NRA, Project Veritas, and something called Reason TV. Maybe she is just crazier than most of them though. It is hard to say

    2. GOPCrusher

      I love my Mother, but I told her one day that she had to quit watching Fox News and she told me in no uncertain terms "I don't watch that shit. They spend all their time talking about that nigger, Obama."

      She got an internet connection and has The Blaze as her homepage.

  2. el_donaldo

    Excuse me. You forgot Muslims. America’s old white racist exurban cretins on Medicare and Social Security are upset about Muslims. And Mexicans. The rest of that stuff just falls out from those two.

    1. Eve8Apples

      I'm searching my Jim Jones cookbook for the recipe. I'll post it on Red State as soon as I find it.

    1. anniegetyerfun

      It's a weird question, because it implies that there may be a time in which I STOP thinking about it, and then have to start again.

      1. ItsMrTheOwl2You

        Ohhhh. I thought it asked how often I thought about touching others "gentiles". I was wondering how I stumbled upon so many goy and shiksa loving freaks . . .

  3. SolitaireRose

    Fox will combat this by giving a TV show to your asshole brother in law who thinks the government is spyin on him to disprove his disability claim and vaccines caused your sister to quit sleeping with him.

    1. ItsMrTheOwl2You

      Hey! She got that Gardsasil and went crazy, staying out all night, working out, dressing all nice. It was the vaccine!

  4. Hera Sent Me

    Meh. The Nazi Party had a "left wing" branch, too. It only wanted to pillage and expel Jews, but not necessarily to kill them.

    Roger Ailes used to produce off-color Broadway plays. In New York City! I wonder what Fox News viewers would think if they knew that.

    Admittedly, thinking is a stretch for many of them.

    1. doloras

      "The Nazi Party had a "left wing" branch, too."

      The Strasser brothers, what swell guys. Modern racists evoke their names if they want to get credibility with the Occupy mob ("but we're national SOCIALISTS, comrades!")

    1. anniegetyerfun

      Woah, woah, woah, Gingrich is nowhere NEAR nutty enough for these folks. After all, he said he didn't want to murder every American of Hispanic origin. He said it on TV, in front of everyone!

    1. hunnybee

      what has this post have to do with Whitney Houston? she is three days dead and still more beautiful than you will ever be.

      1. MrFizzy

        a. The correct diction is "what has this post to do with Whitney Houston?", although even that is fairly tortured.
        b. I was obviously referring to Eli Whitney, a notorious spliff-blower and inventor of the cotton gin.
        c. I am more beautiful than nearly anything that is embalmed – can't you tell from my picture?

  5. MissTaken

    I'm sure they are the ones watching the Glenn Beck TV channel and BYUtv my Roku stupidly thinks I want.

    1. SorosBot

      Are you sure the Roku wasn't made by agents of the Mormon conspiracy, trying to brainwash you into becoming the seventeenth bride of one of the church elders?

        1. SorosBot

          Although since the Mormons seem to have some weird virginity fetish they'll find they've made the wrong choice with you.

  6. Joshua Norton

    Maybe they're talking about "Glee", or "Raising Hope". 'Cause Fox "News" itself is still fill-tilt crazy!! With an extra side of 100 percent pure looney tunes.

    1. jus_wonderin

      I have often wondered how a show like "Glee" (which I watch and like, btw) can be televised on a network that has Fox "News".

      1. Fare la Volpe

        Both The Simpsons and Family Guy have noted that Fox broadcast channel and Fox News are about as ideologically different as Gandhi and Pol Pot. Don't forget that Fox's very first hit show was the decidedly unconservative Married…with Children.

        1. Negligently_Joe

          Ehhh. I do have a friend who argues that most of Fox's hit shows, while superficially unconservative or 'transgressive', still often operate in a framework that helps to reinforce a conservative narrative. MwC and Decay of the Modern Nuclear Family, etc.

          I don't really agree fully, but admittedly that's at least partially because that would imply that conseratives actually are capable of humor, and a lifetime of experience tells me otherwise.

        2. Jukesgrrl

          My theory's always been that Murdoch and Ailes don't even believe the crap they broadcast. They just do it for the money. They saw a batshit crazy population with no news network to reflect its world view, so they crafted FOX News. They don't care a whit that their creation is undermining democracy as long as the cash keeps rolling in.

      2. GunToting[Redacted]

        Completely different divisions. Fox Entertainment (or whatever the hell it is called) has almost nothing to do with the Roger Ailes Funtime Network.

      3. ItsMrTheOwl2You

        They also own FX which also has some decided non-conservative friendly shows., such as my favorite – Sons of Anarchy.

      4. Negropolis

        Ailes is an amoral money-whore. He divides his business and his pleasure, but all the money goes in the same pocket. It's always been a joke on regular Fox that the "News" component was bat-shit crazy.

  7. YouBetcha

    So now they're pissed at Fox News? What happens when they run out of objects/people/subjects over which to be outraged?

  8. meatlofer

    Chris Christie is always looking to get his hands on somebodys' Nuggets!(or thigh,or wing,or breast,or loin)

  9. Eve8Apples

    "Mass suicide is literally the only option left for these awful people.."

    If ya'll need help purchasing guns, bullets, rope, razor blades, etc. just let your Wonkette friends know where to send our contributions. We support you 100%.

  10. Pragmatist2

    The question is – are the wing nuts getting crazier or is Fox getting sane? Both options seem highly improbable.

    1. BarackMyWorld


      Kind of like how conservatives spent 7 years defending everything Bush did, until the final year when they decided he hadn't been conservative enough for them.

        1. Generation[redacted]

          True conservative policies were never given a chance to work. If they were, we'd all be bazillionaires driving Hummers right now.

          1. actor212

            How true! After all thirty years of tax cuts saw real wages decline and income inequality increase, but if we had. Just. Waited. One more year!

      1. Biel_ze_Bubba

        Conservative policies are wonderful, until the shit hits the fan, which only proves that whoever put those policies in place wasn't conservative enough, so the obvious remedy is to get even more conservative.

        It's a positive feedback loop of stupidity (aka "death spiral".)

      2. Loaded_Pants

        Yes. I always found it odd how none of the 2008 GOP candidates never mentioned Bush at all when they were running (& still don't bring him up this time around). I figured it was because they knew he was a colossal fuck up & didn't want to associated with him. But maybe you're right.

  11. chicken_thief

    "…And some 70 percent of our readers thought it had moved left.”

    Ya, right. A move the width of a red cunt hair doesn't count.

  12. johnnyzhivago

    You forgot CFL Lightbulbs.

    My mother (who does NOT listen to Fox) told me that her neighbor who DOES told her to stop letting me put CFL lightbulbs around her house, because if they break, your house will be condemned by the EPA and FEMA will swoop in and arrest you.

    1. JustPixelz

      Half true. If they break, mercury is released which should be cleaned up thoroughly.

      When the World Trade Center buildings collapsed, the one million florescent tubes that burst open added mercury to the concrete dust, asbestos and human ashes people breathed in that day. Firefighters — who stayed in the area longer — suffered long term health effects. Remember the fight over covering their treatment last year?

      However the EPA and FEMA don't swoop anymore, after getting arrested by the FAA for unlicensed swooping.

  13. SorosBot

    They're mad that Fox is still sticking to the dog-whistles about Obama instead of whipping out the n-word.

  14. SoBeach

    We should all bow our heads and observe a moment of silence for the 2010 version of Fox News. They were AWESOME!. The screaming heads on the network were in a competition to out-crazy each other, and you know who won? We did.

    That kind of entertainment only comes around once a generation.

  15. bumfug

    My loonier old high school friends have switched from Fox to these horrible "Wild Bill For America" videos on Youtube. One guy keeps forwarding them to me in emails – I watched about 15 seconds of one once, now I just delete them as soon as they show up.

  16. jus_wonderin

    I'd like to posit the converse argument. How often do I think about many, many other people touching my privates??? "Reach out and touch…somebodies……………………."

      1. NYNYNYjr

        Army: run by Obama, full of gays and Nazis.
        Bud: owned by a Brazilian-Belgian company.
        Cheetos: Owned by Pepsico, whose CEO is Indra Krishnamurthy Nooyi. Yes, that's a Tamil name. And she's a lady.

  17. CapnFatback

    There's a difference between Fox and its viewers, but Fredricks isn't quite homing in on it.

    The only thing about Fox News that is more to the left than its viewers is numbers before the decimal point.

  18. SayItWithWookies

    FOX is just laying low until they only have a Democrat to demonize — right now, having to choose among three or four Republicans is too distressing for their spoon-fed audience to handle, since they can't tell which one really loves America and which ones are the filthy RINO pretenders. In the Church of Instant Dogma, every decision is a hall of mirrors.

  19. cheetojeebus

    fukkin' veggies. celery, that's the worst, with that pink cheese stuff in the crack? Who eats that crap?

  20. HelmutNewton

    Not a surprise. After years of mainlining pure hate, they have become acclimated to Faux. The only thing that will feed their addiction now is televised executions and live torture porn.

  21. Wonderthing

    Why are these people even watching the TV? It's an instrument of SATAN and should be burned as the witch it is.

  22. ElPinche

    Aisles should throw those old racist fartbags a bone. How about "Tom Tancredo Hour" where Tom throws his poop at pictures of famous brown celebrities.

    1. GOPCrusher

      Or "Bum Fights" where they take two homeless guys and have them fight to the death in an Octogon. The winner gets twenty bucks.

  23. Indiepalin

    Wait'll they get a load of next year's Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. With Joe Buck on Troy Aikman.

  24. Goonemeritus

    Even without the reported shift Fox would lose viewers to phenomena akin to acquired drug resistance. Just as many porn aficionados may start off with a Sears catalog only to escalate to leather clad nun midget porn. Eventually Fox News just doesn’t give the same rush to the addict.

  25. MissTaken

    How often do you think about touching other people's private parts?

    If you never stop thinking about touching them it only counts as once, right?

    1. ItsMrTheOwl2You

      Doesn't Ann Coulter's mere existence oppress straight men everywhere? Or at least oppress their genitals?

  26. BaldarTFlagass

    This is just a bait and switch. Like ESPN did with ESPN2 and 3, MTV with VH1, and MSNBC with CNBC, etc. Pretty soon they're going to roll out the FOX Hate Channel, and the current Fox News will become their mainstream flagship.

    1. ItsMrTheOwl2You

      Oh, come on. They'll use a code word for hate. You know Fox is all about code words. It'll be "Fox Pure – As Honest as Fresh White Snow"

  27. Serolf_Divad

    Bah, let's face it: wingnuttia is populated by loonies who believe that a conservative is a guy who supports the current Tea Party nutjob alternative to Mitt Romeny, a liberal is a guy who supports Mitt Romney. And everybody else is actively in league with Alquaeda, working for the destruction of the nation and the imposition of a system of brutal Sharia law that differs from the jurisprudence they themselves actually and actively favor only in substituting the work Allah for God.

  28. bureaucrap

    Fox News isn't just the same since they stopped telling their audience who they should "express their 2nd amendment rights" at each day.

  29. littlebigdaddy

    How often do I think about touching other people's private parts, you ask? Well, when I do I imagine touching Ann Coulter's dick and that takes care of it.

  30. WhatTheHeck

    Biting the hand that spoon-feeds them.
    Well, even Pit Bulls forget who the master is and have to be put down.

    1. GOPCrusher

      I enjoy taking the anti-Muslim tirade e-mails, replace the word Muslim or Islam with Xtian or Xtianity and return it to the sender.

    2. Loaded_Pants

      "To those who have prayed for my death: Your prayers will someday be answered, as inevitably trumps probability."

      That's some Hitch-grade shit, right there.

  31. jus_wonderin

    There is a somewhat tried and true method to revive viewership once it is evident that the viewers are tiring of the same-ole same-ole. Bring in a precocious kid. Almost every stale sitcom has done this.

    I say hire Little Cousin Fox. That cute one with those big round glasses, the bowl haircut, that speaks with slight, but endearing, impediment.

    1. Eve8Apples

      Fox could also have attractive naked people jump up and down on trampolines. Then ask their viewers the creepy question about touching other people's private parts and see what kind of response they receive.

  32. Dashboard Buddha

    conservatives sane people see Fox News as being somewhat are you fucking kidding me skewed on certain issues,”


  33. Tundra Grifter

    This has got to be good news for Mr. Obama.

    If the FoxPAC isn't right wing nutty enough the GNoPee is gonna split for sure. Dr. Ron Paul's folks will fly off in one direction. Donald Chump will run third party because his boy (r)Money didn't get the nod.

    The few remaining moderate Republicans will just give up and not vote for anyone.

    Good times comin'! You betcha!

  34. anniegetyerfun

    I honestly have to say that this is the best article I have ever read in the world. No snark. I am going to be quoting from this for YEARS to come.

  35. Biel_ze_Bubba

    Next: Rick Santorum is denounced as too liberal, for admitting that Obama is actually the President. Newt is denounced for not owning a gun, or enough guns. Ron Paul is a dope-smoking hippie who won't keep the troops in practice by invading someplace full of brown people. That leaves them with nobody – and they'll have to just wait and see what happens at the convention. Que Sarah, Sarah.

  36. qwerty42

    O Wonkette, Jr, this is too, too … too …
    …there you have it: The fringe racist right-wing extremist element of the Republican Party just can’t get enough crazy from Fox News anymore. Mass suicide is literally the only option left for these awful people — and it’s the only way they’re ever going to find out for sure what Allah has a-waitin’ for them!
    Well, we've all been saying that they have drunk the kool-aid, so I guess this would follow.

    And "…The Western Center for Journalism, a conservative nonprofit that features stories questioning the president’s eligibility for office. " … is this the polite way of saying "birther"?

  37. Schmannnity

    This is just because they want their wingnut news for free. They could subscribe to Beck TV, but that would be like not getting the government handouts they so conveniently forget.

  38. whatupirondog

    Excellent news! Now the time is right for me to start my new "White People With Bad Hair Screaming At Minorities And Gays Channel" I've been developing . New to this year's WPWBHSAMAGC's Friday lineup: WHERE'S THE COLLEGE TRANSCRIPTS??? with Dick Morris!

  39. Tommy1733

    I like this part (from Politico article linked above):

    "After the Tucson shooting last year, when criticism rained down on Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck for their violent rhetoric, Ailes moved to lower the temperature, telling Russell Simmons, “I told all of our guys, ‘Shut up, tone it down, make your argument intellectually.’” A few months later, Beck and Fox announced they were parting ways. As early as last May, New York Magazine’s Gabriel Sherman was writing about Fox’s “move to the middle.”

    Two things stand out – when told to make the argument "intellectually", Beck moves on. Also, the "intellectual" approach is apparently the same thing as "move to the middle".

    1. ItsMrTheOwl2You

      What about the part that Ailes spoke with Russell Simmons? That stands out to me. Or am I missing something? Is there an evil Russell Bot at Fox?

  40. chascates

    The only place America's Death Eaters can get their fair and balanced news now is on the Stormfront web site.

  41. Mahousu

    John Fredericks is something close to the Platonic ideal of a Fox News fan.

    I've read Plato. Plato was a friend of mine (or at least he might have been if he weren't dead). John Fredericks, you are no Platonic ideal.

  42. rickmaci

    You forgot Sharia Law, Kenyan birth certificates, government regulations, school prayer and activist judges. Oh, and this year's William Ayers, Saul Alinsky. Only when you see a list like yours that you can get a sense of how freaking wacked the TeaTurds really are.

  43. a_pink_poodle

    They've moved so far left, what with their toleration of 'urban youths' sharing water fountains with hard working Americans

  44. MadBrahms

    They'll always have Politichicks to fall back on! Maybe if FOX News gives Victoria Jackson a job, they can bring back the shrillness that viewers are so sorely missing on Fox and Friends.

    The same is true of any writer for WorldNetDaily, but they might not be able to pull off the "The View"-knockoff set.

    1. Loaded_Pants

      "They'll always have Politichicks to fall back on! Maybe if FOX News gives Victoria Jackson a job, they can bring back the shrillness that viewers are so sorely missing on Fox and Friends."
      And there'd be a ukulele involved! Total win!

  45. lulzmonger

    Butthurt Freepazoids calling FOX liberal = world's tiniest violin playing the blues.

    Methinks any alleged "tone it down" edict had less to do with a certain headshot in Arizona & much more to do with their profit margin. Remember, peons & pols alike are interchangable & disposable, but PROFIT IS SACRED.

  46. reginagreene

    Thats right make this all a big joke but you know you know your regaling that fox is selling out. Fox used to tell it like it is so taht there is some TRUTH to help flush away all this stuff that you fokls and Obama and his rich girlfriend Peloosi dump out DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY!!! Im not saying taht fox was perfect (god that hannity has so much gross lose FAT on his neck and crap hair that I had to look the other way and just listen to what hes saying!!!), but most of thte time I think there was lots good points they made. Now youm might as well watch the lesbians and gays on MSNBS than watch fox cause theirs no differncec, just every one SELLS OUT!!! next thing they tell me is that Obama is on a valentines tranny date with rove and coulter, why not???

  47. MilwaukeeKent

    All our scheming has worked. They're turning on each other before they had time to discover that all Democrats vote twice and that we gay marry dead Mormons.

  48. ttommyunger

    Frankly, I've given up on all "news" channels on the teevee machine. If I can't pick it up on the internets from various sources I won't know about it; so I've got that going for me, which is nice.

  49. glamourdammerung

    Those poor teabaggers are too stupid to know that they could just start buying whatever racist newsletter Papa Doc Ron Paul is going to be doing after he loses this presidential race to satisfy their racism and love of improbable, nonsensical conspiracy theories.

  50. Biel_ze_Bubba

    Given their innumerable internal inconsistencies and logic fails, the pursuit of "complete purity on philosophical party positions" is going to be an ugly process.
    (See: Stalin, Joseph. See also: Zedong, Mao.)

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