And this is just how he behaves in a televised interview.

Oh good, the Family Values club of GOP politicians can finally add another tally mark to the heterosexual column on their crowded “hookers ‘n coke scandal” scorecard! It’s a lonely column, that one. What a marvelous lede has: “Bible toting Clermont County politician Archie Wilson surfaced from drug treatment Tuesday to answer charges he traded drugs for sex at a bed bug infested motel.” Sexy!

He showed up in court today to deny all of it:

Wilson’s troubles began in June when a female inmate at the Clermont County jail, Amanda Lay, saw Wilson’s photo in a newspaper and asked to speak with a detective. She told investigators that Wilson, over a period of several weeks, had paid to have sex with her in Erlanger motels and that he had provided her with cocaine and pills, according to court records.

Lay, locked up for using drugs while on probation for receiving stolen property, introduced authorities to a second woman who claimed she also had “performed services” for Wilson in exchange for cash and prescriptions. While authorities have not released the name of the second woman, they said she told them she would “engage in shows or sexual encounters” for Wilson, whom she first met at the Venus club four years ago.

We smell a congressional run! [; thanks to Wonkette operative “Scott H.”]

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