Hey those flags look AWESOME together.Pissing on the corpses of your victims is so last year! These days, hawt Marines sent to Afghanistan to kill random peasants and/or kill each other have a new prop to show how Xtreme they can get! It’s the Nazi flag used by the Nazis who had the mission of “exterminating the Jewish race.” Eh, Jews/Muslims, same dif?

The Telegraph reports:

A photograph leaked onto the internet showed the heavily-armed troops crouching in front of the banner as it hung below the American flag.

The lightning symbol, once worn by the unit tasked with the extermination of Europe’s Jews, sparked immediate outrage and put the Marines back on the defensive just weeks after an online video showed troops from a different unit urinating on the bodies of dead Taliban fighters.

Did the Nazis give up after Pearl Harbor? NO! [Telegraph via Cryptogon]

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