VENGEANCE IS MINE!What can America ever do to make it up to Michele Bachmann? She gave up the ghost on her presidential aspirations (THIS TIME) after voters in Iowa ditched her for a robot, a frog, a sweater vest, and a belt with an onion tied to it. Wouldn’t you take this insult to your grave? Bachmann certainly intends to, sure as you’re born, since by her own admission, “America had their chance with the perfect candidate,” i.e., Michele Bachmann.

Oh, you marvelous pile of hair! Keep doing this, please. And when the reporter follows up with “Who is the more conservative of these four candidates left?”, always INSTANTLY respond, “I was. I was the perfect candidate.” And be sure to remind everyone that this is how you are “remaining above the fray” of the “more than acceptable” candidates you are currently refusing to endorse. Perfect! [The Hill/Bloomberg]

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