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Mark Oxner, a Republican running for Congress in Florida’s brand new 27th district, which will include parts of Orlando, just released this ad, which he promises to be the first of many. It depicts President Obama as a pirate who enslaves children to row his ship to its demise over a waterfall. Former Florida Representative and generally not-to-be-out-sassed Democrat Alan Grayson, who’s running again this year after losing his seat in 2010, plays the role of Obama’s parrot. “I just love this ship,” says some delusional Obama supporter as the boat makes its way to the edge of life and Oxner’s brilliant videographer Vernon Furniss fades out the sinister circus music and fades in some hotel lounge piano jazz, just because. THERE IS EVEN A WE-SLEEP-IN-SEPARATE-BATHTUBS CIALIS AD REFERENCE.

Weird little Obama balloons that look like Easter eggs floating in space hover around the U.S.S. Obamaboat (CLEVER) while people aboard the party cruise marvel at all the perks Obama’s given them, like “free health care for life.” Then cut to the miserable rowing children, whom Oxner depicts as being saddled with the debt from all the wonderful perks of Obamacare. Vernon Furniss certainly learned from the best (the Taiwanese). Too bad this isn’t as fun as any of the things that come out of Alan Grayson’s mouth, ever, in ads or otherwise. [Slate]

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