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French Elle Praises FLOTUS for Being the First Black Woman to Dress Well


In an article in the French version of Elle magazine called — yes, really — “Black Fashion Power,” writer Nathalie Dolivo discusses Michelle Obama’s style and the fact that she’s allowing black women to finally dress well, godddddd, what took so long? The article, which appears to have since been removed from the Elle France website (clicking on the link now reveals an “OUPS!” message — “OUPS,” indeed), says that our FLOTUS’s sense of style means that “chic has become a plausible option for a community so far pegged to its codes [of] streetwear.” Lord.

Fond of puns and made-up words as well as racist remarks, Dolivo also invented the term “black-geoisie” for the purposes of this article to mean…well, black women coopting the style of the bourgeoisie. Because the bourgeoisie is white, duh!

After having a few more glasses of lunchtime wine and arranging her bangs just so, Dolivo also decided that Mrs. Obama retains elements of being black by including accessories like “a shell necklace” into her white bourgeois outfits. She also described Michelle Obama’s style as a “jazzy” take on Jackie Kennedy’s style.

Here is a vast portion of the diarrhea in one place:

In this America led for the first time a black president, the chic has become a plausible option for a community so far pegged to its codes [of] streetwear … But if in 2012 the “black-geoisie” has integrated all the white codes, it does not [do so] literally. [There] is always a classic twist, with a bourgeois ethnic reference (a batik-printed turban/robe, a shell necklace, a ‘créole de rappeur’) that recalls the roots.

Malheureusement, commentators across various fashion blogs covering this story have noted that this kind of stance isn’t really all that surprising in France (or, umm, the Netherlands). Says one commentator on Fashion Bomb Daily, an early Stateside reporter of this gaffe-within-a-gaffe-within-a-gaffe, “The saddest thing is that this stupid journalist thought she was doing something positive for us. And that’s what many French people would see in this article. I’m sure that even educated French people wouldn’t see any offense in this.”

As of yet, no apologies from Dolivo, but here’s her TWITTEUR for anyone who wants to send her pictures of Anthony’s Wiener schnitzel or people committing adulterous acts with baguettes. [Fashion Bomb Daily via The Gloss]

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          1. Advn2rgirl

            Actually, Hobbes is named after Thomas Hobbes, author of Leviathan. Calvin's named after John Calvin. The more you know…

        1. valgal2342

          Our FLOTUS is fabulous, Natalie Dolivo is a snot nosed twit, however, France was rather helpful in winning our Independence from the British so you know, there is that.

    1. MittBorg

      IRL, everybody is snobbish vermin to some extent or another. However, I am proud to announce I just went and kicked her ass on Twitter. Let's hope the bitch checks her timeline.

      Jesuz, these schmucks have NO shame at all.

    2. MosesInvests

      To be fair, I think it's mostly *Parisians* who are snobbish vermin-much like a certain class of New Yorkers vis-a-vis Les Etats Unis. Zut alors!

  1. HarryButtle

    After having a few more glasses of lunchtime wine and arranging her bangs just so, Dolivo also decided that Mrs. Obama retains elements of being black by including accessories like “a shell necklace” into her white bourgeois outfits.

    Yea, and that 12" lip plate just pulls the ensemble together. Fuck…just, fuck.

    1. BarryOPotter

      In response, I'd like to communicate the following to Mme. Oups: Qu'elle va se faire enculer, enfin, la salope!

    1. Negropolis

      Zut alors!

      Okay, shut down this thread. That's the winner.

      Damn you. I was going to make that comment, but I was five hours too late. lol

        1. MittBorg

          I was *trying* to take a nap, but I have a rescued cat who has a horrible history, and whenever he thinks I might get a little rest, he makes these loud yodeling Siamese-cat noises that could split your head open. He won't let me come near him but loves my partner, so I have to summon assistance to get him into the big bed so he can be "close" to me (three feet south with his back to me). I could kill him, but the poor li'l guy's had a hard life.

          I guess I should just be grateful I don't have a rescue *capybara,* or anything. Fuck.

          1. MittBorg

            Don't even start with me on that. Somebody's bound to turn up at the door with one, if you do. I ended up rescuing six possums one time, and racoons another time. Why would anybody want possums? Giant ugly rats.

            But they're harmless,and they were losing their habitat, and now I have six more than I used to. I really don't need a boa constrictor.

          2. V572 the Merciless

            Thank you for saving animals. It’s a wonderful thing to do. Send Barb a kitten, please.

          3. MittBorg

            It's wonderfuller for them than for me. Possums STINK.

            I would love to send dear Barb a kitten, but she's having surgery soon, so it might be best to wait till she is up and about and fully recovered. Kittens are *very* trying. (Looks over at currently sleeping but usually VERY naughty kitten)

          4. tessiee

            You might enjoy "Cats Kingdom" and/or "Rescue Ink". Both books are true stories of rescue operations in Japan and New York, respectively.

          5. MittBorg

            Thank you tessiee.

            It's all Dad's fault, really. He could never say no to any animal in distress, even though Mom regularly swore she would send us all to the abbatoir along with the animals. Our house was an awful lot like the Durrells', if you've ever read Gerald Durrell, which I'm sure you have, since everybody on teh Wonketz knows EVERYthing.

    1. Callyson

      I think most of the straight guys here would consider Michelle's wearing nothing at all even better.

        1. Chichikovovich

          What a shame that her clothes are opaque and we are transparent rather than the other way around.

  2. widestanceshakedown

    Factoid: In our house, we have a little nickname for Michelle, which is Blacquie O (it's a mixed-race household, so we're "allowed").

    We do not repeat this outside the home, because we have some sense, unlike this Strumpette.

    1. MzNicky

      [pouting] I wish I had a mixed-race household so I could call her Blacquie O. That's too great.

      Hey wait — see my doggy up there in the picture-window? She's mixed (and how)! Does that qualify? Eh, I guess not.

    2. real_dc_native

      I have often thought that we haven't had a First Lady as classy and stylish as Michelle Obama since Jackie.

      1. MittBorg

        Your grandmother is obviously far too nice a lady to be shown things like this that would simply needlessly distress her since she doesn't swear like me.

        I call it fucking outrageously cuntish, myself, but then, I have no class.

        1. Negropolis

          Oh, I was talking the "Blaquie O" thing, but yeah, Elle article would drive her up the wall, and she's got a bad heart.

          1. MittBorg

            Oh, OK. I went over to Elle to kick that woman's ass again, but can't find a contact. Looks like the article really is gone, for good. I hope the bitch apologized to our dear FLOTUS, who really should not have to hear all this crap about Negroid shit every day of her life.

            I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother's health. I remember you had to rush her to the hospital not so long ago. I hope you're not the only one taking care of her, sweetie. Kudos for being such a good grandson, she must love the bejeepers out of you.

          1. Negropolis

            It was some piece of art in some online magazine during the bitter 2007-2008 Democratic primaries.

  3. Veritas78

    Now if she had described Michelle as clean and articulate, we'd know she was pumping for Biden's slot on the ticket.

  4. chascates

    In spite of this American blacks have found far more acceptance and equality in France (predominately Paris) than in the land of their birth.

    1. Chet Kincaid

      Yes, if you want to go by the experience of talented, expatriate African-American musicians, entertainers and authors. However, if you are an ordinary African or North African, you are likely to be treated like le merde.

      1. chascates

        Well said, sir. The persecution of North Africans as well as the anti-Semitism of some in France would make them honorary Southerners. And my thoughts probably apply more to James Baldwin and Dexter Gordon than anyone else.

        1. Chet Kincaid

          The French have a cultural arrogance as strong or stronger than ours: they still see French Cultural Citizenship as the ideal for people from their former colonies, to the extent that they won't even break down the demographics of the country by ethnicity. If you can't study the problems, you don't have to acknowledge or do anything about them! And they wonder why kids start burning cars.

          1. doloras

            "The French have a cultural arrogance as strong or stronger than ours…"

            Yes, that's the real reasons les Frogs et les Yanquis hate one another so deeply. Both countries think that the rest of the world should be just like them.

          2. Negropolis

            Bingo! This is something that's always bothered me about Western Europe, and something that's creeped in, here, and it's the idea of "color-blindness." This is a very nice-sounding thing, but the result and true effect is ignoring hundreds of years of history to pretend that you can magically snap your fingers and then all of a sudden, everyone is at the same economic and social station.

      2. poorgradstudent

        To be fair, the experience of African-Americans, even the non-entertainment ones, who were stationed in France during the World Wars was generally positive. Not to say that it was peaches and cream and rainbows, but their accounts do suggest that overall, at least in the cities, they found a level of acceptance that didn't exist anywhere in the US.

        But you're still right, in that it was easy to be accepting of a social-ethnic group that had no historical baggage with them and didn't emigrate en masse. Muslim Africans from their colonies were a completely different story…

      3. Chichikovovich

        Absolutely correct. Though it's not just musicians/entertainers/authors, but African Americans generally, I'm told. An acquaintance of mine is an AA emigré (French husband) who has lived in France for a couple of decades. Her French is fluent, but since she learned it as an adult, there is a distinct US accent that she's never been able to lose. She tells me that almost every day, at least once or twice, she'll walk into a shop or a restaurant and sense a certain suspicious reception, until she opens her mouth to speak, and then they are all smiles and open welcome.

        (Thought bubble over their heads: Ah, she's not an *African* – African.)

        1. MittBorg

          Rest assured, that mentality exists here. I'm always treated with suspicion until I open my mouth. I don't have an "American" accent, and therefore I must be a Foreign N*****, worthy of being treated with respect, or at least a little MORE respect than my American blah brothers and sisters. It infuriates me.

          Angela Davis wrote about it in one of her books, how she would go into shoe shops with her sister and they would pretend to be foreign, and the same redneck dirtbags who would have kicked their pretty behinds into the dust were just grovellingly polite to be attending the pretty foreign girls "with a touch of the tarbrush."

        2. BarryOPotter

          I know that feeling/experience quite well. I have a Parisian accent, but, at times, I gently release them from their discomfort with an overly applied amerloque accent. Sometimes I don't, and rhetorically ask myself: "Who's the bigger asshole?" Them, clearly, they're Frenchies!

    2. V572 the Merciless

      During our long occupation of Germany (the country that gave racism a bad name) black American GIs were treated pretty well, maybe viewed as a curiosity but at least not burdened with the same stereotypes they encounter in the US.

      1. Negropolis

        I've heard quite the opposite, and it'd make since. I heard that things were far worse for American ex-pats in Paris during the German occupation than just under the French because the German's brought their Nazis ideology with them that pretty much relegated black people to something just above an animal.

        It is no doubt that African Americans could find more opportunity in France than they could in the American South and even parts of the North, but people shouldn't forget that insidious racism can be just as dangerous and damaging as the full-on blatant shit they practiced in the South.

        1. V572 the Merciless

          Yeah I was talking about the American Army’s occupation of Germany 1945-present, but have only anecdata to back up my hypothesis. Used to see black GIs with beautiful Jungfrauen on their arms strolling around Bad Kreuznach and Darmstadt.

          1. Negropolis

            Oh, after the war was definitely different than during the war. You are right about that. The general populace, when it wasn't forced to hate welcomed whomever came to save them, black, white or otherwise.

        2. MittBorg

          If you haven't already seen it, go see Mephisto, with Klaus Maria Brandauer. There's a brief vignette where he bids his black lover goodbye because he *knows* she's in danger of being … exterminated … by the Nazis.

          It's a brilliant movie.

      2. MittBorg

        They were *les Americaines,* my friend, not "les Negres" per se, and therefore the source of food to survive. It's amazing how a little hunger and military defeat can change the minds of the most stubborn. Before the war, they were not so kind to blacks, of that you may be sure.

  5. SexySmurf

    After writing her cultural insensitive article, Nathalie Dolivo went home and combed her armpit hair.

    1. tessiee

      Did she go home on a bicycle, with a grocery bag in the basket that had a baguette loaf of bread sticking out of the top?

    1. Preferred Customer

      I do not know who has the most unconscious racism, but I am going to go ahead and say France and the South are pretty much tied for the most conscious racism.

  6. MiniMencken

    An', az a Franch woman, she iz ver' 'appy that Les Americains 'ave un President avec le grande saucisse, which we all know les Negres 'ave. Tres chic!

  7. Pragmatist2

    Uh, the REAL question here is, who at Wonkette has a subscription to the French edition of Elle and why didn't that come up in the interview?

  8. GorzoTheMighty

    Honey, you should have other concerns. The Wehrmacht is on your border. France is in foreclosure and Germany wants it's money back.

    Might have to take your fashion sense to Algiers.

    1. tessiee

      Although you can't really give her *too* much credit for that, since that wasn't because of racism, it was because Nathalie Dolivo just happened to be standing near Naomi Campbell.

  9. Mort_Sinclair

    Actually, what they didn't tell us is that Nathalie Dolivo actually hails from a large and storied Bayou family of meth addicts from Paris, Louisiana.

      1. Mumbletypeg

        Likewise, M[mlle?]. Nicky — I enjoy your contributions here, bien sûr!

        Funny, now I'm wondering what the abbreviation really is for "Ms." in French…

    1. MzNicky

      And who can forget Babs Bush and her ubiquitous triple-strand pop-bead choker! Trés chic, non? I bet she wore that sucker in the shower.

  10. OneYieldRegular

    ‘créole de rappeur’? Now seeing Michelle Obama wearing Big Freedia around her neck really would be something.

  11. arihaya

    what I consider important for women, is not whether they dress well, but whether they undress well

    1. Tundra Grifter

      One of the two times in my life a young lady tried to slap me was when I told her I didn't want a woman with good taste, I wanted a woman who tasted good.

      Please don't ask – I don't remember what I said the other time…

      1. Chichikovovich

        Perhaps the second time you thought you had learned your lesson, and so told her that you did want a woman with good taste, and not merely one who tasted good.

    2. C_R_Eature

      "what I consider important for women, is not whether they dress well, but whether they undress well Fast."

      There. I fixed it for you.

  12. MittBorg

    You see what I mean, people? You SEE WHAT I MEAN?

    Every single day of his/her life, the blah person has to deal with this kind of shit. Every day. And sure, that doesn't happen *here,* but it happens everywhere else in this country and in all countries where brown and blah people are in the minority.

    Can't we all just get the fuck along?

    1. widestanceshakedown

      Some of us can, at least, some of us can. The rest? I fart in their specific direction.

      1. MittBorg

        Oh, darlz, you're always good for a hug. (hugs widestance, pats back) And for wise words. I join you in passing them a plate of air biscuits.

        1. widestanceshakedown

          So my Blacquie O comment did no harm? Of all the wonks in all the world to offend, I would hate to offend you especially. (awww/outta here now so will reply in AM)

          1. MittBorg

            Intent is everything, darls. (hugs you, you silly man)

            I know when you call our FLOTUS by that name, you're being snarky. When this stupid twat says things about Negresses and their penchant for ass-clingy skirts in loud prints, she's not being snarky. She really does think that way. *That's* what offends me.

            Did I earn a rep here as easily offended? Sheesh, I hope not. Other than a pollyanna tendency to believe the *best* of people, I'm actually pretty hard to offend. Hell, I have friends who are Republican.

          2. widestanceshakedown

            Very good to know, very good to know (hugs galore back, you wunnerful woman). It is a very provocative/offensive nickname, and not to be tossed about. You should know that when I tried it on my partner for the first time, he literally lost motor control and dropped to the floor laughing.

            I don't think you have any worries about a rep for being offended, since if this one did not do it, I don't know what could!

  13. Callyson

    It was already hard enough to be both intelligent and interested in fashion before this crap. Now, I may have to start dressing in burlap sacks just to distance myself from this idiot and asshole…

    1. mermera

      Well, I'm sure Rush would not agree that MO is the first well dressed black woman in America. He is not likely to relinquish that status.

      1. tessiee

        I was thinking, "Of course she dresses well. Why wouldn't she? The taxpayers are paying for it, etc.", but yours is good, too.

  14. MzNicky

    I've forgotten most of my college French, except "merde." That's the one that comes to mind, "merde." Elle est une merde-tete, is what I think I'm driving at.

  15. Steverino247

    OK, you've got this one coming…

    Why do the French line their roads with trees? So the German Army can march in the shade.

    Now, back to the Great Pie Fight!

    1. real_dc_native

      There is a story about a French general observing the British army in the 18th century. He asked the British general why the soldiers wore red uniforms. The Britsh general explained that is was so the enemy troops would not see them bleeding when they were hit. Upon the French general's return home he had the French Army's uniform pants changed to brown.

    2. littlebigdaddy

      I thought it was so you could be killed instantly while driving your 2cv into one after having had wine with lunch.

  16. Mojopo

    Have no black people lived in France since Josephine Baker or WHAT? I cannot wait to taunt my Obama-loving French friends about this.

    1. tessiee

      OK, it's been a long time since high school French class, but I'll give it a try:

      "Baiseur de votre maman, donnez-moi le the!"

  17. Guppy

    Hell, I didn't realize that the eighth-grade education we're all hobbling along with includes enough French to catch this "fox pass" to begin with.

  18. littlebigdaddy

    "A community so far pegged to its codes [of] streetwear.” You know Michelle is wearing a blue dress as a shout out to her Crips peeps.

  19. Harry_S_Truman

    Speaking of FLOTUS clothes, I'm reminded of a clean Barbara Bush joke:

    What does Barbara Bush do with her old clothes?

    She wears them.

  20. FakaktaSouth

    The racist-y-est of the racists here will even tell you that black people dress better than white people. For church, for school and at work, (and yeah, you may have heard it said in an ugly way once in a while as well) but nice, expensive clothes and killer fashion sense credit all goes to the black folks.

    Just as an aside, Jonathan Capehart on the msnbc wears better suits and wears suits better than any man on TV. But since he's black and his clothes are beautiful, I guess he can thank Michelle Obama for that.

      1. FakaktaSouth

        I wonder if his apartment, office, car, whatever is perfect. I find him snazzy and you can feel the whimsy used when choosing his pocket squares. Plus his tiny shoulders look like they are cut out of steel under that custom fit. Tight.

    1. MosesInvests

      I went to a mostly WASPy prep school (with a significant Jewish minority-when I was a kid, public schools in Jacksonville, FL sucked). The upper classes usually wore wrinkly khakis and Oxford shirts. The best-dressed kids were always the very few African-Americans. And I say that in the least ugly way possible.

    2. ShaveTheWhales

      I hate to say this, but I wish I looked as good in a suit as Michael Steele. Of course, I could make the same statement about, say, Robert Downey Jr or Sean Connery, so it may not be all about the blahs.

      1. FakaktaSouth

        Not all about the blahs, (nice shoulders on any ol kind of dude help though) A LoooooT about the suit. A good suit, especially one tailor-made-fitted or whatever, oh my gosh. Guys are lucky with the jacket thing. but I like wearing skirts. I would prob wear skirts even if I was a dude.

  21. barto

    You know I was prone to just put it down to her being all uppity and all but with this official endorsement from the masters of fashion I stand corrected. Merci, mademoiselle!

      1. Fukui_sanYesOta

        (Looks at the open beer in front of him. Looks at bottle of wine in the fridge)

        Oh, I don't need an excuse.

    1. Blueb4sunrise

      Gov. Jan Brewer

      "We don't like an ever-expanding government threatening our personal liberties," she said. "We don't like government living beyond its means and trying to be everything to everyone. "
      "Brewer called on the federal government to build "the I-11," an interstate highway linking Phoenix and Las Vegas. She also insisted that federal officials sign a contract for forest thinning and management to prevent another year of wildfire devastation."

      Warning!! Warning!! Large photo of the Governor. http://www.azpm.org/news/story/2012/1/9/141-brewe

      1. Fukui_sanYesOta

        Apparently Bammaz and Jan Brewer had a bit of a kerfuffle today.

        Supposedly the her book contained the following:

        She also described meeting the president at the White House in 2010 to talk about immigration. "I felt a little bit like I was being lectured to, and I was a little kid in a classroom, if you will, and he was this wise professor and I was this little kid, and this little kid knows what the problem is and I felt minimized to say the least."

        There's a photo of an agitated Brewer sticking her finger in Bammaz' face.

      2. Guppy

        "We don't like an ever-expanding government threatening our personal liberties,"

        Off-white people have been saying that about the state government there for how long now?

    2. rocktonsam

      some rascals shouted and got kicked out.

      begged small bidness owners to hire 1 person

      nice plan

  22. DerrickWildcat

    I bet there are some grainy black and white photos of this France lady naked on the internet! When France, German and Holland ladies see a camera they just take their clothes off right away!

  23. CountryClubJihadi

    I expected more from the love child of PePe Le Pew and Glenn Close. Off with her head, indeed.

        1. user-of-owls

          Bon soir, amis. Please don't worry about me, I'm fine and still healthy. Six months on Jan 31. For a host of reasons, my relationship with our Wonkett turned sour. So I'm on leave without snark. I hope to return some day, mostly to enjoy the deep friendships we've formed here. But alas I cannot say whether that will happen. I'm checking in on a fairly regular basis, but lord knows things fly away from you quickly if you're not on day and night. For now, you could do me an enormous favor by looking after my kid brother Dewey. I truly feel I'm letting him down when he needs me and it makes me feel awful. So please make a special effort, will you? Oh, and tell Dok Zoom or whatever he's going by now what's going on with me. Like Dewey…and you both…he's been a tremendous source of emotional support. So, dear friends, adieu. O en mis palabras, hasta la proxima. Abrazos profundos.

          1. Chichikovovich

            It's great to know you're OK – I really mean that because I really was concerned. But I'm – well, maybe "heartbroken" is too strong, but find some word intermediate between "very sad" and "heartbroken" – that you won't be actively with us. But I'm sure your reasons are good ones, so I'll just hope that you'll feel able to rejoin us soon.

          2. Nothingisamiss

            Lesser mortal that I am, I, too was worried. I'm glad you checked in to say you were doing well.

            Keep coming back.

          3. user-of-owls

            As I said to young Dewey once in resurrecting a beloved Walnuts meme, "No cry albino iz be ok."

            Sorry, one more favor: Don' let the old memes die. They deserve better. Especially Cow-Dog-Negro.

          4. Chichikovovich

            I had to sent the last message quickly because my son had just finished soccer practice [indoor facility 1/2 hour from our home] and I had to get him back home to bed quickly. [School night].

            But I wanted to return to tell you, though I'm sure you already know, that even in your absence you'll have many of the most sarcastic people in the world thinking of you and wishing you well. If it turns out that you have good reasons not to rejoin us, please remember from time to time to visit a dormant week-old message, and leave a reply – if, from time to time, a note that says simply "[insert number here] months" shows up in my mailbox from Wonkette, I can share a quiet celebration with you at a distance.

          5. ShaveTheWhales

            Well, merde. I hope it wasn't something we said. It's good that you're in good shape. Take care of yourself. You'll be missed.

  24. WiscDad

    Did she think all Black American women wear the Aunt Jemimah 'mammie' dress and head wrap? Which I find offensive btw as an advertising ploy.

  25. real_dc_native

    This is yet another reminder that there are three kinds of racists. There are racists like this trolup who are too stupid or ignorant to realize they are racists. There are the ones that are so stupid or ignorant that they are proud of their racism like East Haven Joe. Then there are the ones that realise that racism is wrong but you can't live in this society without absorbing some racism and fight every day to overcome thier racism.

  26. tessiee

    Ms. Dolivo obviously can't think straight, because she was so dazzled by the sight of Michelle Obama riding through the streets of Paris in her convertible with her pet cheetah by her side.

  27. DerrickWildcat

    here is a song we learned in school about france people when we learning about different cultures.

    French people suck
    I just gotta say
    Made the jet fighters
    Go out of their way
    Hating Yankees too much
    Those beret-headed nuts.
    They can stick the Eifell Tower
    Straight up their butts.

    Last time I flew Air France
    Played a tune on my Uzi
    And made the sissies dance.
    Killed a hundred or more
    And I had a ball.
    Those freakin' frog suckers
    Be the death of us all.

    French people suck.
    French people suck.
    French people suck.
    French people can suck my…

  28. tessiee

    Who cares what the French people think anyway? They don't even wear pants! Or so the song says, anyway.

  29. DerrickWildcat

    Off Topic (as Usual)
    But all this talk about France made me think of France's most famous export, Hilarious genius super pervert Serge Gainsbourg.
    Here is Serge Gainsbourg at his finest or perhaps most depraved with the song, "Les Sucetts" (The Lollipop) written and performed by the sweet, angelic and innocent France Gall. I think she was 17 at the time and was reportedly furious when she figured out the obvious double entendre of the song, which I find hard to believe that she didn't know it from the get go.
    This video is from a live performance of the song on French TV. See if you can figure out the subtle double entendre.
    Trust me, you will laugh…a lot! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-iysdFu_TQ&fe

  30. ttommyunger

    Mon Dieu! Certainmoi, I have a nose the size of a mango, bad skin, stringy dirty hair, a chronically rancid twinkie that would knock a buzzard off a gut-wagon, and eyes that look like two piss-holes in the snow-but I'm white.

  31. Negropolis

    Obviously, she's never been to a black church on Sunday, but since she is from France, she shall be forgiven for her rank ignorance. Now, can I make some comment about armpit hair and French hygiene? I mean, fair is fair, right?

    Ooo, honey-child. Someone get this baguette over to Harlem, and get her some motherfucking ice tea real quick-like.

    BTW, I love this excuse from Europeans when they do this that "you don't understand our culture/racism doesn't exist, over here" as if the continent never dealt in African chattel slavery. Then again, it doesn't help that Josephine Baker kind of help start this shit with the banana dress. We've been not much more than exotic animals over there for quite some time, kind of like how they paraded around Pocahantas like some zoo curiosity.

    1. Guppy

      Of course it doesn't exist over there: the slavery was implemented way out in the colonies for a reason.

  32. fuflans

    see here's the thing. as you all know (or should, as i admit it all the time), i am quite shallow. i love fashion almost as much as i love the wonkette. really really love it.

    and here are things i know:

    michelle is a fashion icon.
    elle magazine is like 'in style' only with a french name.
    Nathalie is in a world of internet hurt.

  33. ultraducharme

    Y'all apparently missed the commentary during French TV's coverage of the Obama inauguration when Aretha Franklin was singing. One of the knuckleheads from TF1 covering the event quipped, and I paraphrase: "On peut l'imaginer chanter pendant que les autres récoltaient le coton dans les champs," or "You can almost envision her singing while the others were picking cotton in the fields."

    Their race-dar is still on the fritz.

  34. WeHaveIssues

    Speaking of fashion, awkwardness and black First Ladies – did everyone see Hillary Clinton [the original black First Lady] at the SOTU speech? Quite the fright, I had to look away.

    1. shebeers

      Indeed, Madame Secretary was having a very bad hair day, kinda looked like she just got out of bed and only had time slap on a headband (I guess that is more dignified than a ponytail?) Then I remembered that Madame Secretary's schedule doesn't allow bedtime, so I thought maybe she's just sick and tired and doesn't give a damn. Next day after hearing about the rescue raid on the Somali "pirates? or just criminals," I felt kind of guilty for dissing her coif. However, the blame truly lies with Leon Panetta as he obviously kept her too long in the control room, leaving no time for hair and makeup! Of course since he had to sit by her at the SOTU he probably won't ever make that mistake again.

      HILLARY 2016!

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