Glen Shulfer is an authentic, honest-to-god supporter of Wisconsin Governorish Scott Walker, but he is a musician first, and by first we mean, Oh my word, this guy has written songs: “Dog Bone Blues,” “You Never Do What I Say” and “Hidden Princess” are the titles of just three of Shulfer’s too, too many compositions, many of which sadly are not available on his website except in title form. What better way to honor victim of justice Walker than to write the man a song? Shulfer, in a local Wisconsin radio interview, says he’s been a fan of politics since he was “a young little boy,” and considers himself like, a hipster Scott Walker supporter: he was a fan of the guy before anyone else seemed to be, and endured a lot of adversity in showing his support. He was heckled and bullied by Walker haters “almost to the point of touching,” he says. The horror. This song, “Stand With Scott Walker,” should teach ’em.

Shulfer’s Muppets/Journey/Manilowe-eque ballad of course has a video of boring pictures of Scott Walker existing and sporting dyed hair the color of eggplant. It also features some serious vocal runs, a reference to Sisyphus, elementary rhyming (“Scott Walker”/”not a big fancy talker”) and pushy declarations like:

We got to keep moving ahead
All the way
With Governor Walker

By the second verse, he’s already lowering expectations:

He took on the deficit
And asked the union folks to pay
Just a teeny tiny bit
To make it fair in every way

Just a teeny tiny bit. If this isn’t enough to get you in the spirit, there is another, better/worst of all and thematically similar number called “Union Man.” [AV Club]

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