Missing one apostrophe, but it's still a 4000% improvement.

WOAH HEY, how did an intelligible phrase sneak into the stream of notoriously incomprehensible re-imaginings of the English language that we are usually treated to on Senator Chuck Grassley’s Twitter feed? Did science up and find a cure for “teabagger?” Kind of! It’s known in this case as “hacking.”

A couple dozen tweets mostly calling out Grassley for supporting SOPA also made it up for a few hours before everyone began to deduce that Grassley’s account had been hacked because of the flurry of complete sentences that abruptly followed up this random sequence of letter and symbol buttons that Chuck’s thumbs smashed down on his Blackberry last Saturday:

Oh well, and now all trace of coherency has been wiped from Chuck Grassley’s Twitter feed, and the world is safe again. SRY EVRY1 NO WORRY @LL back 2 how it shud b! [Twitter]

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