Why am I still holding this box upside down when there's no soap in it?

Look at Mitt Romney in South Carolina today trying so hard to operate a small container of laundry detergent like he knows how it works, AW. No no, Mitt, the machine does not have change for a fifty, QUIT jamming the bill into the coin slot. Sigh. What were the other candidates up to?

Here is Newt wedged into the order window at a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru trying to give some obese customers that final push toward a heart attack. Hope they voted first!

Rick Santorum is returning to invisible mode and polling in fourth place behind Ron Paul. This is how he is trying to remind everyone that he still exists on the front page of his campaign website right now:

Aaaaaaand he got caught trying to service his microphone, again, to console himself.

“Poor” Mittens, he better have sprinkled in some of his magic moon dust along with the box of Tide. After leading in South Carolina by a wide margin for weeks, NYTimes poll nerd king Nate Silver is now giving Newt Gingrich an 89% chance for victory tonight due to, uh, senile wingnut Chuck Norris’s endorsement or something. [Twitpic/ MoJo Tumblr]

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