The monsters in those Twilight movies don't look like this, jeez!John McCain wandered away from the rest of his senior-housing group at the indoor mall and next thing you know he had wandered onstage with Mitt Romney, in South Carolina! Seems like a good opportunity to give Mittens an endorsement, right? Eh, or just endorse “President Obama,” maybe that guy can “turn this country around.” Will you laugh or cringe at this excruciating old-person video? Both? All of them?

The great thing is that Romney doesn’t even respond in a human way, because he’s not human. Besides, he’s probably thinking about something totally different. Probably counting money in his head. “And there’s a million over there …. and I can sell those extra mansions in Aspen or wherever, and then there’s some more money for that pile. Money money money! I’ve got a very large collection of money, don’t I?”

This is a good excuse to feature another classic John McCain moment on the YouTubes, from Campaign 2008:

[YouTube/Another YouTube]

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