Americans like these two patriots seem to be getting even dumber!What better occasion than the nation’s first caucus/primary thing of 2012 to remember that Americans are mouth-breathing idiots. The new Vanity Fair/CBS survey of U.S. dumbness has been released, and it proves that two-thirds of this nation’s adults have no idea that the population of the USA is approximately 300 million people. You didn’t even need to be correct, just approximate! You could round off the entire population of New York City, or the whole L.A. metropolitan area, and still be “close enough” for the Vanity Fair pollsters. Anyway, 28% of Americans apparently believe there are a billion of us, while 23% believe there are 500 million of us, and 5% live under the happy delusion that there are only 100 million awful Americans on the planet.

Any other telling replies in this latest survey? Yes: People in this country are at least vaguely aware of how much they’re lacking in the brains department. A full 75% of American adults say they would go back to school if the government paid for higher education. This is not a very Ron Paul-y freedumb type of answer, to be sure, but it may also simply reflect that sad condition of our people. Because whether it’s unemployment and struggle or a miserable job and struggle, it’s clear that 75% of our fellow citizens wish they could be doing something else with their lives, even if that means trying to learn to read at age 47. [Vanity Fair]

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