All Newtron stars must die one day too, you know.

New poll proves it: the unwashed schizophrenic GOP primary voter hordes in Iowa are growing bored of saggy fat suit Newt Gingrich. Oh sure, DETAILS, Newt Gingrich still has the upper hand in the state’s angry clown knife fight FOR NOW, but his new numbers (22%) are down from previous weeks, i.e. looking as winded as Newt after a few flights of stairs. He is leading the race by a mere point over r<3LOVEution (oops, we have already forgotten the Paultard spelling for this thing?) sex god Ron Paul... which means according to standard-for-this-election-cycle prediction models, Ron Paul will be next week's President of Iowa Polls, at last?

No one is yet willing to conclude anything as “weird” as a Ron Paul win at the Iowa caucuses owing to his massive organization in the state, but… oh well, hooray for the daft conglomerate of indecisive Republican idiots turning against famewhore megalomaniac Newt Gingrich, from Public Policy Polling:

Gingrich has dropped 5 points in the last week and he’s also seen a significant decline in his favorability numbers. Last week he was at +31 (62/31) and he’s now dropped 19 points to +12 (52/40). The attacks on him appear to be taking a heavy toll- his support with Tea Party voters has declined from 35% to 24%.

Aaaaand another University of Iowa poll piles on:

The Iowa poll suggests that Gingrich’s lead in that state could be fading.

It was conducted over a weeklong period in which another conservative candidate, Herman Cain, suspended his campaign amid allegations that he had a 13-year extramarital affair.

In the early part of the polling period before Cain dropped out on December 3, Gingrich was receiving 37.7 percent support. After Cain’s exit toward the end of the polling period, Gingrich’s support was down to 24.4 percent.

It is apparently as difficult to get even a third of the Republican electorate in Iowa to agree on a candidate for more than two consecutive weeks as it is for Kathryn Jean Lopez to find a boyfriend. Good job, GOP! [PPP/ Reuters]

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