Why Is Mitt Romney Recycling a KKK Slogan In His Campaign Speeches?

Who needs speechwriters when you've got old racists you can quote all the time?

People who apparently actually read transcripts of Mitt Romney’s as-brittle-as-they-are-vacuous stump speeches noticed that he has been promising lately to “keep America American,” which is a creepy enough little nonsense phrase on its own presumably meant to ingratiate good ol’ boy Mittens with the feverish crowd of wingnut olds whose general political philosophy rests on the willful insistence that enough twangy repetitions of the word “MURIKA” will convince the Good Witch (Jesus) to magically transport them back home to a nice movie version of pre-civil rights Kansas. But because he is Mitt Romney and he isn’t quite creative enough to come up with these sorts of pandering slogans on his own, he seems to have “borrowed” it from some old KKK campaigns.

From Booman Tribune:

Here’s the title of a pamphlet published in 1920 by the United Klans of America, as found in the catalog of Yale’s Beinecke Library:

Why you should become a klansman : of interest to white, protestant, native born Americans who want to keep America American.

And on the eve of World War II, a group called the American Coalition, using the slogan “Keep America American,” pressured the U.S. government not to admit Jewish refugees.

AMERICABlog also notes that Mittens has been using the phrase in campaign ads.

We would “hope” that Mitt Romney used this terrible phrase by mistake, but last we heard “hope” died somewhere in the course of 2009, so… probably not. [Booman Tribune/ AMERICABlog]

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    1. Extemporanus

      Ya know, RedneckMuslin, I've been patiently waiting all fucking year for the absolute perfect post to appear on which I could unload a "YES WE KLAN!" comment, and then you just cold flip open yer handy ol' Kloran there and go all caganer on my dream right outta the goddamn gate.

      Hope you're happy — my Christmas is now officially fucking ruined.

  1. MOG2410

    Hey, it was good enough for them! And really, why spend time creating your own slogan when this one was just lying around, not being used.

        1. dadanarchist

          Look, after so many facelifts, the skin is stretched to a translucent hue.

          That's how they made vellum in the medieval period – you stretch and scrape an animal skin until its white and translucent.

          Newt should know these things – he's an "historian."

  2. GregComlish

    Idiot. Romney could go burn a cross on the White House lawn wearing tidy white sheets ironed by his Mormon wife, and Southerners still wouldn't vote for him.

      1. LettucePrey

        Does he still have to wear the magic underwear under the robe? I am curious about the interfaith sartorial etiquette.

    1. chicken_thief

      So, there is hope for them? I mean, pink dildos, tranny porn, anddddd they hate Romney? That's all cool.

    2. hilbillyheroine

      Oh, but the stiff, fake, waxy, shifty, flakey, fake, lying, motherfucker still BETS they will.

  3. hilbillyheroine

    Joseph Smith, the MASTER of a "good con", is turning over on his "planet" (or in his dirt nap spot).

      1. chicken_thief

        After the embarrassment of that last debate, the next time he makes a public bet he'll do so in French and bet Euros.

  4. Callyson

    From the America Blog link:
    Keep in mind, that even Romney is now claiming, between the lines, that President Obama is a socialist. So why shouldnt' America be asking if Mitt Romney is a Klansman?
    Mittens: Klansman…or SATAN?
    We report, you decide…

  5. bureaucrap

    Keep American American — Paleface go home! If your ancestors arrived in the US after 1491, you don't belong here!

  6. paris biltong

    It also sounds like a rewording of the Monroe Doctrine: keep the Americas American. How does he plan to do that?

    1. chicken_thief

      The same way Newt plans to "fundamentally restructure entitlements". That is, he doesn't have a fucking clue.

  7. prommie

    Well, the Mormonians didn't allow Blacks to be full Mormonian Gods until the 1970s, so the Mitt-ster is probably fondly remembering those days when Amurrika was 100% white Amurrkan. BTW, all Mormons become Gods of their own universe upon their death. I should say 'all Mormon men," sorry for the mistake. Women get to be cum-dumpsters and baby-factories.

    1. dadanarchist

      Yes, their Sky Pop-pop was bestirred not by issues of morality or racial justice, but the threat that the (all-white) BYU basketball team was going to be expelled from the NCAA.

  8. bureaucrap

    Also, Mittens, while you're at it, don't forget "One People, One Government, One Leader" (translated from the German).

    1. chicken_thief

      Mittens will be swaddled in the sheets with the off the chart thread count – I'll betcha $10k on that!

    1. dadanarchist

      Let's keep lemon aid lemon.

      It's government regulation like that which has made Amurikkka double-plus-un-good.

  9. SorosBot

    How shocking; I mean it's not as if Romney's "keep America American" is a phrase obviously designed to pander to the racists who currently are directing most of their hatred at two other minority groups, Latino immigrants and Muslims.

  10. Allmighty_Manos

    "But because he is Mitt Romney and he isn’t quite creative enough to come up with these sorts of pandering slogans on his own, he seems to have “borrowed” it from some old KKK campaigns"

    It is called working the base.

  11. Extemporanus

    "Keep America American," says the former resident of France and future god of an alien planet with the Mexican father and Welsh father-in-law.

    1. SorosBot

      The only better way to pander to the overt racists would be to launch your campaign with a speech on "States' rights" in a town in Mississippi where three civil rights worked had been murdered just sixteen years before.

      1. Negropolis

        Reagan was an evil, venal motherfucker, wasn't he? But, all anyone ever seems to remember is a smiling, grandfatherly figure. That was a mean, petty little man-like creature, that Reagan.

  12. SayItWithWookies

    To be fair to Mitt, he was talking about European socialism — so his usage isn't racist so much as it is xenophobic, in that he's stoking fear of white foreigners too.

  13. Mumbletypeg

    "Keep America American"

    I could swear Ricky-Rick Santorum marched his campaign kickoff around a similar bleat.

    Zero points for creativity Mitts, and -1 for copying a competitor, -2 for thinking it worthwhile to copy, and – infinity for redundancy.

    ETA: Santorum's original slogan was abandoned when someone pointed out that the "make America America again"imitated a gay poet's titled work.

    1. Negligently_Joe

      So Mit gets one point back for actually managing to plagarize an appropriate ideology for th intended message at least, right?

  14. bureaucrap

    Keep America American, because even though we have 20% unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, massive layoffs, pathetic educational institutions, prisons filled to overflowing, massive gun violence, shrinking pay and eroding standards of living, it's important to keep our eyes on the real issue of… "American-ness."

  15. Doktor Zoom

    One odd bit of my own family history touches on this: my adoptive father, who was born in Texas in 1899, apparently belonged to the local Klan for a time in the 1920s. He died when I was 10, and I learned about his Klan membership when I was in high school. My mother didn't know much detail about this; from what he'd told her, it was sort of like a racist fraternity where they'd drink some beer, complain about how the Catholics were taking over, and burn a cross–to the best of her knowledge, he never did anything violent, and in later years, even converted to Catholicism when he met her. On the other hand, he always called Brazil nuts "nigger toes" and thought that Martin Luther King was a communist. One of these days, I should probably do some reading on the 1920's incarnation of the Klan–from the little I know about it, it had a broader membership than the more paramilitary version of the KKK that we know of in the 50's and 60s, and while it was certainly involved in lynchings and other violence, it also functioned like a kind of racist Rotary Club–just something that young white men joined as a matter of course.

    We live in a pretty weird country, is what I'm getting at.

    1. Monsieur_Grumpe

      I remember back in Michigan, where I went to high school, I had a friend of a friend that I would occasionally hang out with. I barely noticed he often used the word nigger. My upbringing did not allow me to say the N word without punishment, but what the hell, I didn’t think too much of it. One day the kid told me that his dad was a leader in Battle Creek's local KKK. I decided to avoid him after that. That was probably one of those incidents that set me along the liberal path. Thanks KKK!

    2. real_dc_native

      My Mom's family was chased out of their DC neighborhood by the Klan in the '20s for being Catholic. Must have made quite an impression on her. We could never drive past the Washington Monument without her remarking that it reminded her of a Klansman.

      My dad was Jewish and now I'm an atheist. If these people get into power I'm fucked.

    3. mayor_quimby

      Yes, that is true. We are basically one generation removed from some really fucked up shit.
      My mid-30ish GF's parents were part of a program where a large, evil chemical company sent her dad to the south so the employees could get used to having black managers. IN THE 1980's!!
      And the white chick I used to date in high school gave me one of these in key chain form: http://i.imgur.com/yRZGY.gif

      I have to find that damn thing, it was an awesome gift she got me while her mom and redneck boyfriend took her to a roadside klan museum.
      So, yeah, very weird country in very many ways.

    4. Negropolis

      The Nazi had their own social clubs, too; that's how these hate-filled ideologies sustain themselves, you try to normalize it. People are people, even when they try to deny other people the recognition of being people, too. They'd go home and read bedtime stories to their children, and have barbeques…Doesn't make them any less evil.

      1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

        And today is Empire Day, when we try to remember the names of all those from the Sudbury area who so gallantly gave their lives to keep China British.

        1. Extemporanus

          Keep Mormo Mormon!

          [Note: Though completely unrelated (??) to your cockamamie comment, I nonetheless thought that you might enjoy the link.]

  16. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    But how does one keep America American? Based upon Romney's political records, it is by increasing taxes, offering up health care for everyone, and being better on gay rights than Ted Kennedy.

    Mitt Romney: Secret Klansman or Secret Obama sympathiser? Who the hell knows anymore.

  17. Crank_Tango

    You know who else…

    anyway, is this where I complain about Olivia Munn not being naked enough? Because she is not naked enough, and I would like a full refund of my subscription price for this month.

    1. ttommyunger

      Didn't even click on it. Want to, but I have enough disappointment in my life without going out of my fucking way to find it.

    1. BaldarTFlagass

      And his dad, who was CEO of American Motors from 1954-1962. Truth is stranger than fiction. Mitt certainly reminds me of a Rambler.

  18. LiveToServeYa

    Poop-bucket is full of poop.

    OT, but the Donald has decided he'll be better off not murderating the next debate. To keep his options open for a 3rd party run and not at all because most dropped out.

  19. Eve8Apples

    Foolish white man. Who will build the Romney palace, tend to the Romney garden, watch the Romney offspring and wipe the Romney ass if he doesn't let the Messicans in?

    1. NYNYNYjr

      "Keep America American" says anchor baby Mittens W. Romney, son of Mexican immigrant George Romney. George's nickname with the Los Angeles Mormons was "Mex" .

  20. orygoon

    But what about the honesty? Somebody ought to point out that Americans are just not up to the tasks of roofing houses in broiling hot weather, or picking strawberries in any weather. (In fact, they are already noticing this in Alabama.)

    I just especially hate the demagoguery of this issue every goddamned election. It's phony and it's tiresome and it's racist.

    1. elfgoldsackring

      No, no, you misunderstand. He doesn't want to get rid of the illegals doing shit jobs, Moroni forfend, he just wants to make sure they and their children never gain any rights or services.

    1. MissTaken

      Does homer have anything to do with a naked Brad Pitt in that movie about Brad Pitt's naked ass? The war over Trojan condoms, right?

      1. ThundercatHo

        Is that the one where Brad and Orlando Bloom part their leather split skirts and make hot, sweaty man-love on a balcony and then a war is blamed on some chick who had nothing to do with it? Cuz that movie really, really, really sucked.

  21. Negligently_Joe

    Rather off-topic, except for the whole "hey fascist assholes" factor, but behold the trailor for the new Rainbow Six game.

    Honestly, it shouldn't surprise me that the rest of Clancy's stuff is pepperred with wingnutty fever-dream crap, given that the antagonists in Splinter Cell: Double Agent were randomly called "John Brown's Army", but this in particular seems… unsubtle.

  22. rickmaci

    I don't for a minute think that Willard is a KKK symp. But this is what comes from idiotically and uncritically dipping into the slop bucket of Christo-fascist RepubliKKKan Pandering. His campaign is now officially a rotting heap of elephant s***.

    1. yyyaz

      Not to quibble, but a rotting heap of dung, any dung, is pure gold in its fecundity and usefulness. Mitt's campaign is more akin to M. Creosote at the moment of truth. If, that is, if M. Creosote were a bloated pus sac rather than merely obese.

  23. Poindexter718

    Keep Kommander-in-chief Kenyan, you fekking Moroni-worshipping, scratchy skivvie-wearing, fudge-fingering Klantard!

  24. DerrickWildcat

    Since Corporations are people, Anheuser-Busch should probably pack their bags and leave since they're owned by INBEV which is a Belgian/Brazillian conglomerate.

    Oh yeah, Miller is owned by SABMiller (South African)

    And Coors is owned by Molson.

    Outta my country shitty beer!

    1. dadanarchist

      Tis a great, irony, really: eating and drinking locally is denounced as pointy-headed gay elitism, but drinking shitty beer made by a foreign conglomerate and eating mass-produced hamburgers with foreign-raised beef makes you A-Real-Amurkin.

    2. elfgoldsackring

      Yeah, we had the media trying to inflame a bit of patriotic outrage here in Australia when SABMiller took over Fosters recently. Um, yeah, we live in an age of global capital, brainiacs — it's fairly irrelevant which continent the executive washroom is on. And Fosters is a shitty beer, also but.

      1. Biff

        But those Foster's oilcans are a brilliant marketing tool.
        I must say I was a bit cornfused when I saw Jim Beam livery on Aussie V8 Supercars, which are awesome, btw.

        1. elfgoldsackring

          Are you kidding? Bourbon-n-Coke is like mother's milk to the mouth-breathers down here. Hell, they probably put it in babby's bottle to pacify it.

        2. mayor_quimby

          Finally, the other person in the US that has seen V8 Supercars. They are awesome, and you can buy something that they are sorta based on, unlike fucking NASCAR (by stock, they mean non-stock)

          1. Biff

            Until 2013 when the “Car of the Future” takes over, anyway, and I predict it'll be like what the “Car of Tomorrow” did to nascar. Other than the V8's actually turning left and right, that is. And the Pontiac G8 was built by Holden on the Commodore chassis, pretty cool car for a sedan. But I'm a FPR guy, true blue…

      2. Generation[redacted]

        After you've had a few cans of Fosters, it becomes extremely relevant which continent the executive washroom is on.

  25. GOPCrusher

    BREAKING NEWS: All 12 members of an evangelical group have announced their endorsement for Michele Bachmann to be the Repuliklan nominee. They stated that Michele is the only candidate "Biblically qualified" to be President of The United States.
    I guess this campaign is officially over.

    1. BarackMyWorld

      What they means is Old Testament, real wrath of God type stuff. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes! The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

      1. Generation[redacted]

        It's like the constitushun sez: "There shall be a religious test for president."

        That's what it sez, right? Cuz that's what we've been doing for the past two centuries.

        1. BarackMyWorld

          You're quoting the Constitution and I'm quoting Ghostbusters, and we're talking about the same comment.

          Only on Wonkette.

  26. Rotundo_

    WIth Newt chewing at his behind and the rest of the pack trailing, the poor bastard has to try to appeal to a base that is so rabid that fascism is middle of the road. But he actually is a *rich* bastard and comes off as sincere as a Miss America pageant runner up's peck on the cheek of the newly crowned winner. Face it Mitt, you don't have any shit on your boots or blood on your hands, the bubbas ain't buying. Newt can at least confuse or bore them into a semicoma, Mitt doesn't have the authenticity to be inauthentic. He's like Dan Quayle if Danno had better impulse control over his mouth.

  27. OneYieldRegular

    Whether or not that phrase had been used by the KKK, it's offensive on its face, and comes replete with racist, xenophobic overtones and undertones. One would have to be either evil, or a moron, or both to live in this country and not understand that.

      1. OneYieldRegular

        When that term ceases to be the name of a cabinet level department, maybe then I'll start to feel like the U.S. is on the road to regaining some respectability.

    1. yyyaz

      Plus, we've already had (and were had, in the process of appointing) an evil moron as "leader of the Free World." Mittz proves again that there is no direct correlation between brains and munniez.

    1. Negligently_Joe

      As a verile 20-something, I have basically never encountered this phenomenon in person. Is there something wrong with me? I mean, other than the long-term dry spell, of course.

      1. mayor_quimby

        You're missing out dude, I look askance at any more than some peach fuzz on the vagiins that I encounter. This thread branch is rapidly approaching TMI territory, isn't it?

    2. horsedreamer_1

      Caitlin Flanagan, Sandra Tsing Loh, & Megan Mc Cardle could slather their shorn Mons Venus in guacamole, but I still wouldn't go near.

    3. Nostrildamus

      The Atlantic editors are totally up this waxing trend. Look for celeb snatch pix of Cullen Murphy and Andrew Sullivan in the next issue.

  28. real_dc_native

    "but last we heard “hope” died somewhere in the course of 2009"

    Thanks to our president, hope is a four letter word.

  29. DahBoner

    Keep America American means…

    …we shouldn't dilute our "brand" image with un-american connotations, so that, after the next Republican-induced GlobalMarket Crash, we can get a slightly higher prices for our assets, when selling off to Foreigners…

  30. Jukesgrrl

    I don't think the Republicans want pre-civil rights Kansas. I think they want pre-Civil War Kansas. When wimmens weren't allowed to vote, the darkies didn't even have last names, only robber barons sent their chillun to college, and nobody ever heard of no dam computer.

  31. DaRooster

    "Why Is Mitt Romney Recycling a KKK Slogan In His Campaign Speeches?"

    Uh… 'cuz he really is out of touch and stupid?

  32. Tommmcattt

    Ah, they are defeating themselves, aren't they? Which is good, because I loathe them and wish them all nothing but misery.

  33. fitley

    That's the problem these days, we can't let racists be racists. You have to dog whistle everything just to get your point across. Inbred racist hillbillies can barely remember if they crapped today let alone knowing the latest phrase that substitutes for Ni@@er. C'mon give a tard a break already.

  34. BarackMyWorld

    A Romney defender might say that there's no way Romney would've known the racist origins of that phrase, or that he's talking about "America for American values" and is not really peddling xenophobia.

    And that Romney defender would be a gullible idiot.

    1. rickmaci

      He is either ignorant or evil. No two ways to cut this one. Either way, he is a giant FAIL as presidential material.

  35. LowProfileinGA

    In fairness, whatever that means in 2011; pre-Civil War Kansas was a Free State and a hotbed of abolitionism. Its previous liberalism and the sorry state it's in now are the basis of the book "What's the Matter with Kansas." (What's the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America, by Thomas Frank – 2004 – ISBN-10: 0805073396
    ISBN-13: 978-0805073393)

  36. DustBowlBlues

    This being the season and all and PBS running the first Mormon Tab Choir special I've had the chance not to watch this season, you know what I want for this and many more Xmases to come? A production of "The Book of Mormon" performed by the MTC. Awesomest Xmas, ever. And fuck me, they're semi-dancing in old timey Mormons crossing the frontier clothes.
    Makes me wonder what they've got under there.

    Anyway, fuck the Mormons and fuck Mittens and fuck Newt and fuck Rove. Fuck the whole bunch of them. Ho-Ho-Ho. To all a good night. (Because if I don't get away from the keyboard, now, I'll be adding to the fuck them list all night. I've already gone back and added to it twice already.)

  37. mayor_quimby

    In the words of Dave Chappelle " Take it from somebody who says nigga a lot, Trust me that motherfucker says nigger every day!"

  38. user-of-owls

    Ahem, missy. AHEM. You lift darling Lizzie's scoop on this from last night without so much as a by your leave.

    Well that's just not cricket, young lady. Not cricket at all is what that is. Harumph!

  39. ttommyunger

    AMERICA!!!! Always on the cutting edge, that Mitt. Next he's going to come out in favor of the Flag, then Apple Pie, then prolly motherhood. He's out there all by himself, he's is own man, a leader, innovator, risk taker…..sorry, can't tap this out while laughing….

  40. Negropolis

    Forget about the Klan connection, the slogan is truly terrible, generalist, nativist bullshit all by its lonesome. The Klan connection just makes it worse. I wish that I thought Mitt Romney was self-aware enough to be willfully racist. Hell, I wish that he wasn't an alien.

    Bless his heart, he's just trying to find his way back home. And, the only way to do that is to become president so that he'll have the clearance to access the saucer that crashed at Roswell.

  41. Negropolis

    I agree; let's keep America, American. That means all of you that aren't Native American get out. GET THE HELL OUT!

    This reminds me of Sarah Palin's "Real" America bullshit. This is what happens when your party's built around fear and blinding ignorance. They can't but help pull this out of the hat of pre-packaged GOP talking points.

    A Mormon using fear of others to garner support? Why do they keep beating the corpse of irony?

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