'KENYAN SOSHULIST is a triple-wingnut-word score, probably.'It’s time to play Heartland Americuh’s greatest new game, and you sure don’t need some faggoty-ass iPad or ‘puter or ‘lectricity or no such thing. To play Roadside Wingnut Scrabble, you just need that U-Haul truck your common-law brother-in-law forgot to return. It’s still sitting on the property somewhere, probably by the road? You’re on your way to a Triple-Dingbat Score!

And there’s no need for the whole fancy liberal alphabet, neither. No sir, you just need the main letters to tell about how ‘Mericuh become socialist because of Wall Street and its gay-married Kenyan communist usurper, whatever usurper means. (Black?)

Those letters, obviously, are O, B, A, M, A and let’s see, what else you need to spell A-BOM-(Is)-NATION? Who knows, ask Cindy if she comes back from Bible Community College someday. Thanks to Wonkette spy “Vladimir B.” for documenting this important folk art somewhere on the back roads of Minnesota.

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