Fearmongering terror toad Joe Lieberman is the worst person in the Senate — not because he’s the dumbest, or the most personally repulsive, but because he has spent the past decade using his supposed “credibility” as a Democrat senator to wage domestic war against the American People. His latest attempt is an Internet Gulag for anyone who types “like a Muslim.” Vinegar Joe wants some button on every blog so all the assholes like him can “flag” and presumably remove anything on the entire Internet that offends Lieberman’s two interests (invading/destroying Muslim countries and bombing all individual Muslims).

The Verge reports:

[Lieberman has] written a letter to Google asking that its blogging platform Blogger be equipped with a flagging feature … for terrorists. This is largely because Jose Pimental, a man suspected of attempting to build a pipe bomb to attack the US military hosted his blog on Blogger.

It was Lieberman, you may recall with the usual intestinal gas produced when thinking about Lieberman, who proposed a “kill switch” for the entire Internet, in case anyone did anything that “sounded Muslim.” Joe Lieberman should be jammed down a pit toilet at a rest stop in rural western Connecticut. [The Verge via Cryptogon/TPM]

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