'Heh heh heh, plenty of pork chops right over there in the next room, Governor, heh heh ....'OMG you guys, Mitt Romney has a Flickr account. It is incredible. Here’s one of the very first pictures that “caught our eye,” oh lord. Mitt Romney, everyone! He has a Flickr, just like that Barack Obama did, back in 2008.

We were reading this Mother Jones thing about Romney’s alien strangeness, and were wondering where these amazing pictures came from, and how this vicious photographer somehow kept getting so close to Romney. Because anyone as “image conscious” as Mittens is not going to let some mean liberal news photographer keep hanging around when the pictures are so awful …. unless, of course, it’s Romney’s own photographer.

'I gotta go right now; someone is videotaping me In my spaceship.'“I wish I could leave my spaceship and breathe the air of the Earthlings.”


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