While #OWS protesters created a “weaponized drum circle” around Michael Bloomberg’s mansion over the weekend, the mayor’s attempt to get people to freak out about the terrorisms was a total failure. Not even the terror-happy federal government was convinced by New York’s lame-o made-up terror suspect. Reuters reports:

Federal authorities declined to join the local investigation of a suspected New York militant, saying he was not likely to carry out an attack, a law enforcement source familiar with the case said on Monday. Jose Pimentel, 27, a suspected follower of late Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, was arrested on Saturday in a New York apartment while assembling a pipe bomb, police said.

[…] The source said New York police investigators had asked the FBI to get involved in the case at least twice but it declined because Pimentel did not appear predisposed or capable of carrying out an attack.

Here’s Sam Seder calling Bloomberg’s terror scare a fake:

Here’s Keith Olbermann doing the same thing:

Great job getting #Occupy Wall Street out of the news, Bloomberg! [Reuters]

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