What are the jabbering fascist insects at Fox News saying about the school cops viciously attacking America’s college students? Oh, you know, pepper spray is just a “food product,” right? And college kids are often liberals, so … totally warranted! And harmless! So we guess Bill O’Reilly and his vapid hair product sidekick are saying is this: Get your “food product” and head on over to the Fox News studios and prove them right! Hell, it hardly hurts to be pepper sprayed in the face. Professionals actually like it.

Max Read at Gawker writes:

Tonight, Fox News hosts Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly got to talking about a UC Davis police officer’s appalling use of pepper spray on nonviolent protesters over the weekend. Guess what direction the conversation took!

If you guessed “needlessly deferential to authority and dismissive to the suffering of protesters,” you guessed correctly!

You know what else is a “food product,” technically? Wet paper sacks of dog shit. Make sure to throw a couple at Bill O’Reilly for Thanksgiving! [Gawker]

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