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Mean Buzzkill Obama Cancels Beloved World Leader Costume Party

Photo from when fun was still legal.Joyless schoolmarm Barack Obama unceremoniously decided to axe murder history’s last remaining awesome thing, the “ha ha, look at all the heads of state dressed up as goofy commoners” party time photo-op traditionally held each year for leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. But this year’s meeting is in luscious Hawaii, which makes aloha shirts and coconut bras officially too much sexy fun to appear to be having while Earth’s various economies burn. Of course the President of Serious couldn’t just say this, so he announced instead that he is Too Cool for silly shirts.

From the LA Times:

“I got rid of the Hawaiian shirts because I had looked at pictures of some of the previous APEC meetings and some of the garb that had appeared previously, and I thought this may be a tradition that we might want to break,” Obama said. “I suggested to the leaders — we gave them a shirt, and if they wanted to wear the shirt, I promise you it would have been fine.  But I didn’t hear a lot of complaints about us breaking precedent on that one.”

GAH, evil peer pressure! Poor Hu Jintao, he packed his grass skirt for nothing. [LA Times]

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  1. MaxNeanderthal

    I don' like you laughing at my Bush, ya see, he get's the crazy idea you're laughin' at him……

  2. prommie

    That don't impress me; you want to impress me with your acts of ostentatious faux-austerity, you hold your fucking meeting in the Cherry Hill Travel-Lodge Conference Center. You can have the banquets at the adjoining China Buffet. There are plenty of hookers to be found, in bad weather, they gather under the I-295 overpass.

      1. prommie

        I don't know, but at least we all know what an assemblage of pedophiles would be called: a Sandusky. And why wasn't Pedo-Bear there at the epic showdown saturday between the Cornhuskers and the Cornholers?

    1. Terry

      How about the Cherry Hill Conference Center in the Maryland suburbs of DC? It's part conference center and part RV park. Nice enough place but staying in double wides will certainly induce a bit of humility in the attendees.

    2. Guppy

      Yes, let's have dignitaries from a bunch of Pacific nations fly to the Atlantic coast for their meeting.

    3. Crowe2011

      I'd like to officially invite Barack Obama to sleep on my couch during his next state visit to the UK. There – saved you a few $s.

  3. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    Just another case of Obama imposing Sharia law on the rest of the world. What's next, no drinking at summits?

  4. McRibzgood

    "I thought this may be a tradition that we might want to break,” I would like to see a tradition broken. The tradition of having multiple wars every generation.

  5. SorosBot

    No Hawaiian shirts? What's next, will Obama discourage the world leaders from also wearing pastel shorts, white kneesox pulled up all the way with sandals, and fanny-packs?

  6. Tundra Grifter

    Today, we are all swag-less, non-Hawaiian shirt wearers not having our photos taken, and not headed out to a Vegas junket.

    Who knew Barack would be such a buster?

    I was going to go with "Today they came for…" but I happen to agree with Mr. Obama on this one. After the way they went after Harry S Truman for wearing his aloha shirt down in Key West – and that was before party photos surfaced on Facebook – ya just can't be too careful!

    1. unclejeems

      Well, maybe they could just sit on wicker chairs, like Harry and these other two guys, and soak up some of that Hawaiian sunshine.

      Or they could sit and play the piano at a nice south-sea-themed bar, and stare at Lauren Bacall's gams, like Harry here in that other picture. http://www.otrcat.com/harry-s-truman-speeches-p-4

      When you're a bona-fide World Leader, there's no limit to the fun you could have on your day out with the guys.

      Speaking of Harry, sometimes I wish he'd come back.

      1. CessnaDriver

        Harry was over at the Senate getting his drink on when he ascended to the Presidency.

        May have been the only President sworn in with a snootfull. They sobered up Andrew Johnson before Lincoln died.

  7. chascates

    The standard Republican uniform of dark blue suit, white shirt, red tie, and flag lapel pin should apply.

  8. Sue4466

    Obama mocks nation's unemployed with brightly colored vacation wear at economic summit.

    Obama alienates world leaders and puts American textile jobs in jeopardy.

    1. OneDollarJuana

      There aren't any American textile jobs.

      (correction: I did just buy some US made sheets, so there is a glimmer of hopey)

    2. anniegetyerfun

      I think the official try-out forums for Fox Editorials are on Red State.

      Oh, you're applying for a Daily Show writing position? Carry on.

  9. Goonemeritus

    Without Silvio Berlusconi it just won’t be the same anyhow. It’s not like Angela Merkel is going to step up and be the new class clown.

      1. Negropolis

        He'll probably be out of a job on the next go-around, I hear. Too bad it won't be Segolene replacing him.

    1. b[redact]opple

      This is all because Merkel refuses to wear anything that's not 100% velvet. (Really, go check — this is literally true.)

      The Germans believe inter alia that a well-upholstered chancellor is their best defense against hyperinflation.

  10. littlebigdaddy

    What's next? A ban on red reindeer sweaters with little gold jingle bells at the WH War on Xmas party?

    1. anniegetyerfun

      It's terrible. It's not like they have food stamps in China to fall back on. I mean, it's good. We should be like them. I think?

  11. slithytoves

    Wow- he has just turned around my wavering support for him. Those of us who believe world leaders should try to tone down the "I did bong hits in the limo" look salute you.

  12. Mahousu

    I am all in favor of the APEC leaders having to wear heavy wool suits the whole time they are in Hawaii. Perhaps they can all go for a walk on the beach, Richard Nixon-style.

  13. samsuncle

    What a bummer! Now the wingers won't be able to forward emails of Obama partying in a Hawaiian shirt when he could be cutting taxes, creating jobs and nuking Iran.

  14. Antispandex

    I'm sorry Barry. I can take a lot and put up with all of the, "you're just supporting him because he is a Democart", crap I get from the in-laws, but this is the last straw. Anyone who won't wear an aloha shirt is just a dick, and doesn't deserve my vote.

    1. Biel_ze_Bubba

      Eggzactly why Obama wants to kill this tradition. Next meeting might be in Saudi Arabia, India, or some other place where headgear is traditional, and the racist mouth-breathers will go ballistic as soon as the photos come out. (The dumbfuckwingnuts can't tell one turban from another, and don't much care what religion a "raghead" actually subscribes to.)

  15. Devilette

    Thanks for making me google Ed Hardy. Funny, I asked 19 y/o son if he heard of Ed Hardy, and his response was "hu'h?

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