Fuck these people.It says a lot about the Internet that the first thing we saw about the November 5 Anti-Bank Action Day was a snide remark. Something along the lines of “Good job dumb hippies, banks are closed on Saturday.” First of all, not true at all! Bank headquarters are closed on Saturday, but most bank branches nationwide are open on Saturdays, at least until noon. And, for those who still have weekday work schedules, Saturday makes a lot more sense than, say, a weekday. Anyway, tomorrow — Saturday, November 5 — is Bank Transfer Day. If you’re still using a Wall Street Bank, meaning any of the big chain banks, it’s time to Occupy your branch office and close your account. And a lot of credit unions are staying open late, so you can go right to your new local credit union and deposit the cashier’s check from BofA or Chase or Wells Fargo or whatever.

Here’s some data from a new Harris Poll on America’s hate affair with Big Banks:

NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Big Banks may be vulnerable to losing customers to credit unions on November 5th, Bank Transfer Day, where according to social media, tens of thousands have signed up to drop Big Banks in favor of joining a credit union. While credit unions enjoy best in class customer retention rates (87% Extremely/Very Likely to Continue), the nation’s largest banks fail to engender the same degrees of loyalty from their customers. For example, only two in five of Bank of America’s customers are extremely or very likely to continue (40%), as are less than half of JP Morgan Chase’s customers (46%) and just over half of Wells Fargo/Wachovia’s customers (54%).

Not everybody can easily get out of the chain banks. If you’ve got a mortgage and credit cards and car loans and all that crap tied up with your checking and savings accounts and bill pay and etc., it is a pain in the ass to quit the bank, as it was intended to be. But even if you just close one account, like the Savings account with $42.09 that earns a few nickels of interest per year, go ahead and do it. Every little bit of business (and capital) you take away from a Big Bank will make a difference!

Here is a heartwarming story that will prove the point: Your editor’s first-grader took part in a school contest to see which class could collect the most unwanted Halloween candy, and the winning class would get a party. Being cynical about such things, your editor first suggested the crappy school’s idea of a “party” would be to just give the unwanted candy back to the “winning class,” and the second (entirely plausible) theory being that the fat teachers would just stash it all in their break room. Still, we rushed to segregate all the lousy treats yesterday morning — candy corn, hard sticks of gum, weird unmarked old-people candy, all the teeth-rotting sticky crap that never quite comes out with the flossing — and that last bag of unwanted treats took the class over the top. They won the party. (Still no idea what “the party” entails, although reports of the dismal letdown will be coming in shortly.) One kid’s shitty dollar-store candy did the trick.

So that $42.09 you take out of that savings account that, honestly, you kind of forgot you still had or otherwise you would’ve PayPal’d it to Babeland or something and gotten yourself a present, it could make a real difference! At the very least, you’re costing the bank that much just to hog the counter for 15 minutes and use that employee’s time and the real estate and the utility bills and the security guard’s hourly subcontracted wage and all the other “costs of doing business” the bank has to recoup by getting $700 billion bailouts from Bush and Obama.

Conversely, getting tiny worthless accounts out of the “consumer banking system” may also help big banks, by reducing the number of low/no-profit accounts they maintain — according to Rupert Murdoch’s journalism department, anyway. So by all means, close those accounts. If Rupert Murdoch says it won’t matter, you want to make sure to do it. And then make sure you take the time this week or next and shut off all your bill pay and whatever, and start your new Credit Union bill pay, and get all that stuff working so that you continue to hurt the banks. (They make a fortune on the “float” between debiting your account and “processing” the immediate electronic payment to your utility or credit card company, which is also a Big Bank, several days later.) Also, don’t borrow money. Just don’t borrow money. Do you know when you need a new car/house/diamond dildo/teevee? When you have the money. Or, when you take those things from The Rich.

Bank Transfer Day is also a great way to take part in the Worldwide Protests without camping out at an actual #OWS site, although we highly recommend you at least visit your neighborhood occupation and drop off some warm gloves and a sack of apples or whatever. Give a hoot! [Bank Transfer Day]

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  • chascates

    How can I transfer an overdrawn account?

    • chicken_thief

      Ask them to bail you out?!

    • Lionel[redacted]Esq

      Tell they you are are a friend of John Corzine?

    • Tommmcattt

      Ask the Gingrich campaign.

    • OneDollarJuana

      Ask the Prime Minister of Greece.

    • Negropolis

      Consult Donald Trump who is an expert on such matters?

  • Barb

    I've already done it, cross my heart. I am in a Credit Union now.

  • nounverb911

    I wouldn't be surprised if most bank branches took a holiday tomorrow.

    • OneDollarJuana

      I understand that BofA sez if any protestors (i.e., people who wish to close accounts) show up they will close that branch for the day.

      • emmelemm

        Wait, really? They ADMITTED that?

      • LesPaultard

        As if pissing off their customers is going to help.

      • tessiee

        No surprise there. They're cowards, like most bullies; only brave when throwing disabled elderly people out of their foreclosed houses.

  • nounverb911

    Mugging people on their way out of banks tomorrow could be highly profitable.

    • Dok-cupy Everything

      "Criminals Plan Day of Muggings On Liberal Website"– headline

    • flamingpdog

      Banks mugging people inside the banks, people mugging people outside the banks. Never a miscommunication.

  • Is it even necessary to go to a branch? Can't you just write a check to the credit union, and then call or go online to close your old account after it clears?

    • usernameguy

      I always had to write a letter to close an account, but no you don't have to visit a branch. This is also how you should cancel credit cards, because then you're not on the phone with "Steve" for 20 minutes while they try to get you to change your mind, and because you have a paper trail.

      Of course, that cuts down on the spectacle of Bank Transfer Day.

      • Redhead

        And send the letter certified mail, where they have to sign when they receive it. Worth the $1.50 or whatever it costs, so they can't say they never got it.

    • OneDollarJuana

      Only if you want some charges to accrue. Say you have $100 in your account. You write a check for $100 to the CU. Your slime bank then needs to charge you because you don't have the minimum amount in your checking account anymore, so you gotta deal with them anyway.

      Besides, it was way fun when the teller asked if there was anything she could do to keep us as customers and I just answered "No".

      • justkillmenow

        When I moved to a CU a few years ago the old bank wanted to know WHY I was leaving. That was a fun conversation. "Well, let's see. The president put his drunk, wife-abusing son in charge of a branch of your bank. That branch then failed. I'm pretty sure I don't want people that stupid anywhere near my money."

      • sati_demise

        ah yes, well I ignored a bill from a bank account I closed out for .01 cent. Really. for a year or so and they finally quit sending it.

        • Jukesgrrl

          Mine sent three pennies to me in the mail (no shit) with a handwritten note from the poor schmuck teller who had closed my account (following the usual begging) saying she had not calculated my balance properly when she cut my check. I wondered if they made her pay for the first-class stamp that was on the hand-addressed envelope. So it cost someone more than 40 cents to return my three pennies. The reason those crooks need a bailout … or performance art?

          • tessiee

            It was worth 37 cents to them to humiliate a low-level empolyee.

          • That was my suspicion, too. Really, I'm never rude to tellers (not even telemarketers) because I know they're just trying to keep a roof over their heads. And if the 1% have their way, those folks will be as unemployed as I am eventually. Well, OK, I AM rude to unrepentant stupidity and/or tea baggers.

    • bumfug

      When I opened my account yesterday with First City CU (only criteria for enrollment – live, work or go to church in L.A.) I saw that they will assist new members in closing their old account and transferring the funds.

      • Jukesgrrl

        When I took my mother to a credit union so she could close her B of A accounts they did the work to transfer her Social Security check to her new checking while we were sitting there. The bank in Ohio where her pension is was a little harder, but they gave her all the information she needed.

        And people say the Federal government can't run systems. Note, it took less time to call the SSA and initiate an account transfer that actually was completed in less than a week than it did to snail mail paperwork (their requirement) to a private bank that only has accounts in the thousands. Nice going, SSA!

  • orygoon

    Top o' the day to you, Ken!

  • Occupy V572

    Community banks and credit unions reimburse "foreign" ATM fees. What other reason could anybody have for staying with Chase or BOA or WF? Yes yes, on-line check writing and crap like that. Write a few checks once in a while! It's better than letting your cable company dip into your checking account whenever they feel like it.

    Oh, you didn't know they could do that? Once you give somebody the ABA and account numbers, it's like being married. They can take "your" money whenever they feel like it. But that's okay, if you think Comcast or Time-Warner or Cox are fine honorable companies that would never screw you, you'll find out!

    And don't worry: your big bank will be delighted to get your mortgage check every month even if you move your checking account elsewhere.

    • We should bail on the cable companies too, also.

      Wait, what? Oh yeah, Mrs. weej & I haz none cable to bail, or bale even.

      • Occupy V572

        Of all the annuities to evil ogre-like companies I have to pay – cell phone, condo taxes and fees, electric, car insurance, $4.10/gallon gas, 30 bottles of Pinot or Cabernet a month – the one that makes me the most furious is the stinking monopoly cable company and the idiot subcontractors they send around to “fix” things, who know less about RF engineering than I do.

        In a high rise cable's a regrettable necessity

        • snackypants

          I <3 you, Occupy V572, mostly because of your comments, but also because you drink 30 bottles of Pinot or Cab a month.

          • Occupy V572

            Wow, I love typographic funzies yet am baffled by “I <3 you.” Also think I’m flattered. Here:  ¶ § ¹ ² ³ ‡☞ ⁂ There’s plenty more where that came from.

          • snackypants

            The <3 is a sideways heart, which is probably a result of the half-bottle of Riesling I just consumed. Thank jeebus it's Friday!

          • Occupy V572

            Nice! Most of what I learn these days I learn @ Wonkette. And I have help with my 30 bottles/month so am only half the lush I sound like. Right now it’s an ’06 Fess Parker Rio Vista Vineyard Pinot Noir.

          • snackypants

            I too have help with my wine habit thanks to Mr. Snackypants, but the Wonkette habit is my own private drug. It's definitely one of the bright spots in my workday.

          • Occupy V572

            The Italian Princess (and advice from my cardiologist) converted me from a Martini drinker to a wine drinker. But no one comes between me and our Wonkette.

    • Oblios_Cap

      I always pay by check. I like the fact that the float time is considered a problem in banking circles. They've managed to reduce to the point that you really have a hard time kiting checks.

      • Occupy V572

        Be careful. The fine print on my cable bill says if you pay by check they’ll use your account and ABA numbers to “convert” your check to an EFT/ACH – that is, snatch your money immediately. Evil Kochsuckers. You have to “opt out” but I write DO NOT ACH! on every check.

        • ♪♫ ACH, du lieber Augustin ♫♪ The olde Austrian black plague song revised for the banking & billing plague?

    • Redhead

      I have a credit union account. Their "online check service" means that you go onto their website, fill out the amount, who to make it out to and their mailing address, and the credit union mails them a cashier's check or money order the next day, so it doesn't have your bank account number. You can set it up to save the mailing address of bill companies, but there's no automatic drafting unless you set it up for them to mail that cashier's check on the same day each month. They even pay for the postage and don't charge you for it.

      And for bill companies that do electronic payments, the credit union does the same thing – you enter the date and amount, and they submit the electronic payment, with the account number of your account with the company but NOT your bank account number. God I'm so glad I switched to the credit union almost 10 years ago.

    • tessiee

      "They can take "your" money whenever they feel like it. But that's okay, if you think Comcast or Time-Warner or Cox are fine honorable companies that would never screw you, you'll find out! "

      Some of my cool trendy friends…

      I have cool trendy friends!

      Anyway, some of my cool trendy friends say I'm just too "lame" and "out of it", because I don't do online bill paying. Aside from the fact that I don't think I'd like to check my balance and find out it's several hundred dollars less than I thought it was because of something I *actually owed*, I *really* don't think I'd like to find out it's several hundred dollars less than I thought it was because someone at the cable company was late on their Mercedes payment and figured I'd be glad to help them out.

      • Occupy V572

        Always knew you had cool, trendy friends, tessiee.

    • tessiee

      "Oh, you didn't know they could do that? Once you give somebody the ABA and account numbers, it's like being married."

      What, they can sit around on my couch and complain that I wear too much make-up, don't cook anything they like, get paid shit money at my piddly job, and don't clean the house?

      • Occupy V572

        I miss you so much…

        • tessiee

          I miss my piddly job and the shit money paycheck that went with it so much.

          • Occupy V572

            Ouch…I’m sorry. Freud tells us that, in dream symbology, shit = money. But everybody’s still got to have some.

  • chicken_thief

    Switched from BofA to USAA last month.

    • Occupy V572

      You won't be sorry. USAA Bank is the best bank there is.

    • jqheywood

      I switched from CapitalOne to USAA yesterday. When CapitalOne bought out Chevy Chase, the fees went through the roof. Of course, it is going to take a while to cancel the accounts while we wait for checks to clear.

    • HipHop0Potamus

      Welcome to the land of 25% off flower delivery.

  • Oblios_Cap

    If Rupert Murdoch says it won’t matter, you want to make sure to do it.

    Just don't phone anybody first to let them know, or Ole Rupert will overhear you and have the police waiting at your bank to arrest you on some trumped-up charge!

    • Lionel[redacted]Esq

      Worse, he might send Bill O'Reilly and the FOX police!

  • Since anyone can now open an account with USAA F.S.B., everybody should. They are the best bank in the world ever, so long as your comfortable with a wholly virtual bank with no bricks-and-mortar branches. And why wouldn't you be?

    The best bank in the world ever.

    • Occupy V572

      So true.

    • ShaveTheWhales

      You can also deposit checks by scanner, if you don't happenz to have a smartie phone.

      • orygoon

        "the administrator" is a fool–but yeah, I suppose–if you have a scanner. USAA is pretty amazing. A guy who studied business way back when business was young told me about the supposed ideal corporation–it has duties not only to shareholders, but to labor, to customers, to the community–there were five, maybe to "Mother Earth" was one of them. I don't know how USAA stacks up overall, but they are good to their customers. And in the zillion phone conversations I've had with reps, their workers don't sound to oppressed. They certainly KNOW their shit, anyway.

        • Guppy

          You can use a scanner, a smart phone, you can take it to a UPS Store and have them do the scanning for you, or you can go true socialist/Luddite and mail the check to them in one of their postage-prepaid envelopes.

    • I thought you had to have at least one vet in the family to get to use USAA. Have they changed that policy?

  • orygoon

    Your kids handed in their candy for a party with apples and raisins and other Michelle-Obama-type treats. Please take pictures of the disgusted little faces for us. Verbal ones, I guess, since we're a classy site and all.

  • Just try walking into the office of the person who runs a megabank. Last time I did so at my local credit union, Judy asked how my kid was by name.

    • Oblios_Cap

      Mine even gives me some free life insurance! They must be in cahoots with the wife.

  • Here is a heartwarming story that will prove the point:

    The little bag of candy corn that could.


    I'm all choked up now, Ken. Ya big lug!

    • kingofmeh

      it's like the end of "horton hears a who!" but with less seussian fantasy and more gritty, modernist tragicomedy.

  • YouBetcha

    I stuff it all under the mattress in the guest bedroom.

    • SorosBot

      Grandma, is that you?

      • Oblios_Cap

        You have bedrooms? Truly you are a 1%er!

        • YouBetcha

          To be fair, the guest bedroom is where I conduct business. So really, I'm an over-regulated small business owner.

    • Biel_ze_Bubba

      Why not? It's convenient, and your mattress pays a competitive rate vs. the big banks.

    • Woodshedding

      You've won a free gift! What was your address again?

      • YouBetcha

        6043 Hudson Rd, Suite 330
        Woodbury, MN 55125

        • Woodshedding

          ROFL!!! Thanks, Michele! BTW, if you'll be wearing that, I'll try to arrive when you're there, rather than after hours as I'd planned.

  • widestanceshakedown

    I went credit union pre-recession and have not missed a damn thing. Do it, people!

  • Tundra Grifter

    Next week we can all go into bank branches and make detailed inquiries about our account(s), account(s) we might wish to open, request change for $1 and count it several times, and generally stand in line (particularly in states where it's cold outside).

    I believe Saul Alinsky pulled this off (in Chicago?) a number of years ago. Hyde Park comes to mind…

    • SorosBot

      Let's try and cross holding $1000 cash, in ones, off our bucket list tomorrow!

      • north_of_moscow


        • Generation[redacted]

          "Give me five bees for a quarter," we'll say.

        • sati_demise

          Considering the metal in nickels is worth 6 cents, great idea.

    • Be super nice to the tellers when you do this! They're the first ones to get laid off, and they are no fans of management. Come the revolution, etc. …

      • Tundra Grifter


        Being a teller is not only the worst job in a bank – it's one of the worst jobs in the country.

        For a few bucks an hour you've got to perform hundreds of routine transactions without an error, try to sell customers products they have no interest in, be polite, and put up with the petty tyrants posing as bank managers.

        I agree with you 100% – "Be super nice to the tellers!" And everyone else we must deal with every day. It doesn't cost anything to be nice – and you just might make someone's day!

    • Terry

      This also plays out every single business day at any bank near a large retirement community. After having made a number of trips to banks and post offices near Leisure World, I am firmly convinced that the senior citizens do this sort of thing just to annoy the rest of us.

      • Tundra Grifter

        Years ago a bank SVP told his regarding senior banking "…or, as we like to call it, the entertainment business."

        Nothing like watching the geezers flirting with the tellers!

      • The pharmacies, too. I can't believe how many times I've watched some poor pharmacy clerk have to scream dosage instructions to a deaf old person who just doesn't get it. Another underpaid career.

  • Occupy V572

    Don't borrow money? How are you supposed to buy a house? Sure, you have to buy a house because real estate is a great investment and they're not making any more of it and you cannot lose!

    Until you do. Renting is shorting the housing market. Not a bad idea in light of recent events.

  • hagajim

    Have three different accounts – all at CUs! Fuck all ya big banks.

  • karen

    Been with a credit union since I was itty bitty, thanks to the mommers creating a savings account for me. The mom, sister, and I all have and maintain our credit union accounts.

    Though I'm surprised my sister hasn't switched to JPMorgan or something, seeing as how she's a psychotic fan of Glenn Beck.

    • SorosBot

      Does she have her investments in gooooooold?

    • Generation[redacted]

      Difficult to open a new account when all your money is in the form of gold bars and survival seeds.

      • Occupy V572

        Always wondered about how "liquid" gold would be after the economic catastrophes its adherents love to forecast. Do you take a big bar of it down to McDonald's and shave off enough for a Happy Meal?

        • HistoriCat

          No – you hand over the big bar to the nice person who is pointing a firearm at you so they won't blow your head off.

          • Occupy V572

            And that is why the 2nd Amendment is in the Constitution, praise Jeebus!

        • Generation[redacted]

          They'll do the same thing the Romans did when their empire fell. Bury the gold and go begging like everyone else. Just try to be satisfied knowing that some archaeologist will be very happy when they discover your buried treasure 1,000 years from now.

          • emmelemm

            Only if he's as hot/sexy as Indiana Jones.

        • tessiee

          "Always wondered about how "liquid" gold would be … Do you take a big bar of it down to McDonald's and shave off enough for a Happy Meal? "

          No, you trade it to me for these magic beans.

      • Tundra Grifter

        Or overpriced Swiss francs.

  • CapnFatback

    November 5th? The banks are going to get so Fawkesed up.

  • Lionel[redacted]Esq

    I understand that Herman Cain is transferring a lot of money…, just not to a new bank.

    • OccupytheDashboard

      I understand that douchebag is threatening to sue Politico. I lol'd.

      • Lionel[redacted]Esq

        For what? Reporting something he has confirmed is true? Dear God, only FOX News and other Murdoch holdings would be left. It is a cunning plan!

        • OccupytheDashboard

          I must have an illness. I check the yahoo news comments from time to time and the Cain fanboys are out of mom's basement in force today. Now they're calling the "please don't bring charges against me" payoffs, severance packages.

          "Dear employee,

          Since you were forced to see Mr. Cain's package, we are giving you this severance package as a thank you for not severing Mr. Cain's Package"

      • Tundra Grifter

        OTD: What a non-story! Some idiot is "reporting" that the Cain Campaign is considering suing. Big Whoop! They "report" that "the idea is being discussed."

        Like, "Why the Hell wasn't Herman ready for this one?"

        • Lionel[redacted]Esq

          Especially when Poltico contacted him the week before for comment.

          Of course, the answer is: He doesn't want to be president. There is no money in that. He just wants to sell books and be paid obscene amounts to give bad speeches. Of course, from that stand point, this probably just helps. As Sarah Palin has shown, there is nothing like the media reporting the truth about you to make you a victim in the eyes of Conservatives so that they throw money at you.

        • Jukesgrrl

          Politico said they even gave him a heads up of "we're going to print this so be forewarned." People who have donated to Cain should be suing him for stupidity.

          • Tundra Grifter

            Jukesgrrl: Exactly! Last night (Friday – 11/4) Shields & Brooks agreed. Mr. Cain had ten days' notice Politico had the story. Ten days! And he couldn't get his story straight even then.

            So far, my favorite right wing nut response has been Off-the-Mark Levin's. He compared Mr. Cain's faulty memory to knowing what brand of washing machine you owned 12 years ago. Says a great deal about Ole Mark's life, doesn't it?

  • HobbesEvilTwin

    haven't banked with a big bank since the days of Bay Bank, I mean BankBoston, er Fleet Bank, no, BofA. Ha, well I'm glad I got out when I did.

  • Lascauxcaveman

    If you’ve got a mortgage and credit cards and car loans and all that crap tied up with your checking and savings accounts and bill pay and etc., it is a pain in the ass to quit the bank

    Which is why my money (such as it is) is staying with US Bank. That and the fact that they're only semi-evil.

  • OccupytheDashboard

    I <3 my credit union…have done so for the last 25 years.

  • EatsBabyDingos

    Other ways to screw up big banks:

    Open a credit card with Biggie Bank. Immediately pay $1000 on the credit card while it has no balance-works like a free ATM, and the bank earns nothing on it. Overdraw by $10, you get a float until you pay another grand during the grace period.

    • Woodshedding

      Sorry if I'm just being slow, but why give the bank your $1000 up front? Why not just pay in full every month at the last minute?

      Also: as far as I can tell, my HSBC card does this egregious thing where they lump any overpayment I make into "pending transactions." My available credit, of course, is diminsihed by the amount of said pending transactions. Evil, pure evil. (I know, "so what else is new…")

      • EatsBabyDingos

        Instead of having a deposit and a credit account, because you only need one. Nationally, checking accounts with debit features average $37 per month in fees (this includes all users and includes all maintenance fees, overdraft charges etc), or over $400 per account per year. Eliminate deposit accounts.

        • Woodshedding

          Ah, I see, thanks. And Jeezus! AVERAGE $37/mo!?!? And they still wanted to charge an extra five? My credit-union debit card is refused at POS if there's not enough funds. Guess that simply never occurred to the innocent banks.

  • "…that earns a few nickels of interest per year…"

    Whoa there moneybags! My Health Savings Account — on which Chase charges me a $3 per month fee (!) — pays about 50 cents interest per month. On a $5K balance. It's almost impossible to transfer these funds. Fortunately my health is getting worse, so I'll probably spend it all soon and avoid those fees!

    • Blueb4sunrise


      Open Account
      Get sick

    • Oblios_Cap

      Some people have all the luck!

  • McRibzgood

    I have always had my money at a smaller locally owned bank. So I was doing this even before all the cool kids started to catch on. POSERS!

    • mrpuma2u

      Yup me too. I used to work at a small community bank until the shitbirds at the FDIC seized it and sold it to the evil scuzzwads known as US Bank. Now I bank at another small bank. When I am down @ Occupy Chicago I tell everyone to do this. Piss on the big banks. They have pissed on us for quite a while.

  • mormos

    already use a credit union. i don't like being charged to use my own money.

  • EatsBabyDingos

    I barter hobo beans.

  • coolhandnuke

    Account closed months prior, but I might just drop by some financial institution and dangle my eight inch life-like simulate of the male anatomy in their window.

    • Mom?

      • coolhandnuke

        Yes my son. But you can call me Chaz from now on.

  • Beowoof

    Went to a credit union 30 years ago and haven't looked back. Try to avoid those pricks at the banks as much as possible.

  • Come here a minute

    I've had a credit onion tied to my belt since high school, oh so many years ago.

    • When I was younger we called 'em fanny onions.

      • GhostBuggy

        "Give me five bees for a nickle," you'd say. Wait, what were we talking about?

        • Generation[redacted]

          So the 1%ers won the argument, but I walked away with the turnips!

    • tessiee

      I needed to buy a washtub for my turkey, which in those days was called a "walkin' bird".

  • Blueb4sunrise

    What are these so-called 'monies' or 'funds' or 'dollars' of which you speak?

  • Lascauxcaveman

    Just a suggestion to you who are closing accounts: while you're doing so, be unfailingly polite to the poor plebes in the teller window. They're not the cause of your problems.

  • BornInATrailer

    But I'm so happy with E*Trade….

  • ApplesauceRobot

    How about leaving about thirty cents in the savings account so the banks end up losing money every time they mail you a statement?

    • poncho_pilot

      don't a lot of banks charge you a fee if your balance is under X amount of dollars, though?

    • Terry

      When I paid off my credit cards with Chase and Citibank, I overpaid each one by less than a dollar. For several months afterward, they had to mail me a statement telling me that they owed me money. It was a petty thing for me to do, but it felt GOOD.

    • misanthrope

      Please don't do that, good idea in theory but one of big banks favorite last pokes in the eye is to charge a monthly service charge, let it overdraw yes even on a savings account, let that go on for a few months then close the account and report it to Chexsystems with a balance owed. It's truly artful scumfuckery.

  • Toomush_Infer

    Ha! Ha! Ha! I took all my money out yesterday and invested in Mount Gaye – I should be good through next week!…

    • LesPaultard

      mmmmmm…..Mount Gay.

      • tessiee

        Is that a brand name, or an instruction?

        • LesPaultard

          An unfortunately named, and fortunate tasting rum.

  • barto

    Actually, you should borrow money, if necessary, from the credit union. This helps them, and their rates are usually the best.

    Don't be afraid to apply to a credity union just because you're not employed in some large pool, credit unions have moved to community charters – that means they take on all comers, essentially.


    • Credit unions have always been one of the best places to get a car loan.

  • Woodshedding

    I have accounts at two credit unions and both of them have onine bill pay and make loans. Why do people think they don't, I wonder? Probably corporate media.

    I re-fi'd my house loan with the credit union and their costs were $2000 compared to the banks' $3000.

    Here's what I've been worrying about, though! It looks to me like there will be no choice but for the big banks to "forgive" ALL loans. Yes, I believe in miracles. This really will happen. But shit, I sure hope the credit unions don't say "sorry, doesn't apply to us! You still owe!"

  • Whoa, a post by Ken that makes me feel…what is this strange emotion replacing bitterness…happiness?

  • bloodandirony

    Better yet, start your own bank holding company, and you can get essentialy free money from Ben Bernanke, as well as accepting deposits from fellow liberals.

    Also, in what messed-up universe is candy corn one of the bad candies? WTF?

    • jqheywood

      Yeah, candy corn is one the FSM's finest creations…

    • tessiee

      I like candy corn (also those little mini-pumpkins made out of candy corn stuff), but I hate licorice with a burning passion. But the really worst candy ever *ever* is Necco Wafers. They taste like dust.

      • comrad_darkness

        I stopped eating dust because it tasted like Necco wafers.

  • Terry

    My accounts are already with a small to middling sized regional bank. What should I do to show support? Go to the lobby of a Bank of America or Chase branch and make a legal pain in the ass of myself? Hide all the forms they use for deposits or opening accounts, just leaving the withdrawl forms?

    I have to say that my bank doesn't have as many ATM's or branches as the big honkin banks, but the staff people are really nice to me and I've never had a single issue the bank.

  • Generation[redacted]

    Love the snide remark, and even snider comment:

    "And exactly who are these members going to be? If they’re bringing their $50 monthly balances, and their expectations of free checking with no fees (and refunds on out of network ATM fees), then how profitable are they going to be in the short-term?"

    Ha ha! Stoopid hippies has no monies!

    Like banks don't want $50. They'll deep-dive into the worst toilet in Scotland if they see a nickel down there.

    • OneDollarJuana
      • tessiee

        Needs moar ceiling babby.

    • sati_demise

      They can create $30 bucks for every dollar of deposits. Fractional reserve, baby. Thats how it works.

  • And don't forget — in contrast to what RadioTherapy said regarding TruckNutz earlier — feel free to shout "CREDIT UNION!!" in a crowded theater lobby of like-minded big-bank customers preparing to withdraw/ transfer.

  • zappadoo76

    Uh, Ken…if we hurt the banks, aren't we gonna have to bail them out again?

    The horror! The horror!

  • I would do all that if not for the torpor that has enveloped me.

    Actually I am opening a Credit Union account, for business reasons. Once I got that going I'll probably move a hunk of money from the chain bank. Would it "support OWS" to ask for my cashier's check while blasting Black Flag from a boom box on my shoulder?

    • Chichikovovich

      I would think an occasion like this calls for X's "We're Desperate".

      • I was thinking Gimme Gimme Gimme (not by ABBA):

        Gimme gimme gimme
        I need some more
        Gimme gimme gimme
        Don't ask what for

        Sitting here I'm a loaded gun
        Waiting to go off
        I've got nothing to do
        But shoot my mouth off

        I know the world's got problems
        I've got problems of my own
        Not the kind that can't be solved
        With an atom bomb

    • zappadoo76

      Nothing good ever comes from Hermosa Beach.

  • Generation[redacted]

    We're going to see a backlash of 1%ers moving their billions in offshore accounts out of locally-operated credit unions and into chain banks.

  • JackDempsey1

    Okay, I'm in.
    Do I have to return the toaster, too?
    It's only toasting on one side, now. Fine for bagels.

  • I just got back from meeting about our insurance increasing in cost and going down in benefits. We can save money (pretax) in an account to offset the pain of the increases. Guess who gets to keep all this money? Yup. Bank of Amerika.

    • HistoriCat

      So you're going to be on the "you're getting screwed" insurance plan …

  • OneDollarJuana

    The three little words that the CU whispered into my ear to get me to switch?

    "Not for Profit"

    • snoopyfan2010

      Really? For me it was "free post-its with our logo on them."

      • sati_demise

        For me it was 'Free Checking" and $500 overdraft protection. win/win

  • LesPaultard

    Time to buy some stock in credit unions!


  • emmelemm

    Well, I've done it too, but I had to leave $100 in my Chase account for a automatic debit that may come out of my new account on 11/5, or it may come out of the old account. Curses!!

  • comrad_darkness

    Candy Corn!?!!? God, I love Candy Corn!

  • DetectiveGrey

    Actually, maybe you fine fellows can give a debt-ridden 99%er some advice.

    I've been a member of a rather nice credit union for the last 24 years, but I've also managed to land myself an automobile loan with Chase, which I've been diligently paying off for the better part of a year now. Anyone have any tips on transferring that loan to my CU? What kinds of interest rates to look for, documentation to bring, and so on?

    • TitsOccupado

      My CU has always been happy to transfer my auto loans. Odd, they were never so eager to issue them to begin with, but once I had them established elsewhere, they wanted my bidness.
      Operating Engineers, represent!

      • My CU has ads for cars I might like to buy with one of their loans on every counter.

  • snoopyfan2010

    Snoopy's already done the bank transfer and it felt good to end the relationship!

  • BigDumbRedDog

    We had a B of A rep present at a "wellness fair" at work last month. When I informed him that I was already a customer but was planning to switch to a C.U. because of their new debit cards fees he literally stood up and yelled at me "Its going to be industry standard!" while frothing at the mouth. I laughed and asked him if their pr department told him to react like that. Then I took all of his swag.

    • emmelemm

      Marry me.

    • Negropolis

      Then I took all of his swag.

      Cold blooded. I like.

  • fuflans

    i don't have any money to put anywhere anyway.

  • sati_demise

    Credit Union member since 1997. They treat me right.

    Including – on line banking, free debit card, free checking and $500 overdraft protection.
    Yes, the grass is greener in a community bank, no doubt about it.

  • datateday

    Good – We can protest then picnic!

  • neiltheblaze

    I started a new account at a credit union about three weeks ago and feel completely virtuous.

    This is the only way I feel at all virtuous in any area of my life – so it's sort of different.

  • Veritas78

    I started my escape from BofA last February and completed it in July, to a credit union. Yes, it takes time to switch the automatic payments and all the stuff I'd forgotten about, but that was worthwhile doing (and ended up saving me money, too).

    It was a terrific feeling closing the account. I'd had it for 36 years, from back when it was the kindly local Coolidge Bank. Seven banks later, I loathed this parasitic blood-sucker that had enmeshed itself with my finances and nicked me at every chance.

    You should do this if you can. My credit union is occasionally inept but so sincere, and none of their employees have ever read a script to me, like the BofA wage-slave did when I finally closed it out. I encouraged her to join a credit union, and she quietly told me she recently had.

  • Guppy

    Whether closing an account with the Too Big To Fail Bank, Inc. hurts them or helps them, the important part is that they'll be hurt or helped without your money.

    • Well, without some of your money. Your tax money is a different story.

      • Guppy

        Alright, then at least the money you have control over.

  • sati_demise

    Sorry, but Murdock is fucking wrong.

    Every dollar deposited in any bank creates 15 to 30 dollars of money that can be loaned out. Hey Rupert, it is called 'fractional reserve' banking.

    What would one expect from a corporate cow but a kick?

  • Negropolis

    This is a very effective protest. You can tell with how nervous BofA got and changed their policy back, but it's way too little far too late. Keep this up. They haven't been this scared of their customers in a very long time if ever.

  • ttommyunger

    Being the sorry fuck that I am, I will do nothing until I am pushed by economic necessity. When Suntrust announced its proposed elimination of free checking for seniors I went to my branch to close out my accounts but they massaged the title of my accounts and kept me on a no-fee basis. I am too fucking lazy and worthless to change considering how long it took me to become comfortable with online billpay, etc. Sometimes I hate myself… most times, in fact.

  • tessiee

    Needs moar Jimmy Stewart.

    • Naw, he was a Republican. Seriously. IMDB claims he had to be convinced to support Reagan's bid for the governorship in the sixties; he didn't approve of Reagan's politics because he had once been a registered Democrat. But he got over it and became a rabid Reagan supporter.

  • ragnarok4msm

    It is simply false to suggest that OWS has ever disavowed violence, particularly that of the Black Bloc. Indeed, if you look at the original OWS poster ( from before the movement started on September 17th, the Black Bloc is actually featured in the background behind the ballerina and the bull, advancing on the ground in gas masks through either smoke or tear gas with one individual on the right carrying a weapon. The fact of the matter is that OWS has always been looking to provoke violence. It is a central part of their strategy. Because OWS approaches the world from an extremely anti-police, anti-authority perspective it assumes that if it provokes clashes with the police that everybody will be on its side because they assume everybody shares their warped perspective regarding law enforcement. Unfortunately, that perspective is wrong and will quickly backfire. The movement will fail because it does not offer solutions,

    • sati_demise

      orealy? proof or GTFO

      your link stinks

    • Negropolis

      approaches the world from an extremely anti-police, anti-authority perspective

      Bless your stupid, little heart. I think you've confused OWS with the gun-toting Teabaggers. Now, go crawl back into your asshole, troll.

      • ragnarok4msm

        I can't you're there.

        • sati_demise

          These tactics, including 'ketteling' have been imported from the IMF & G20 protests. All these new police tactics are meant to force peaceful protests to turn violent. Occupy is aware of it and condemns any vandalism or violence.

          • ragnarok4msm

            IF they CONDEMN it why does it still happen

        • sati_demise

          police foment violence, even at an anti police brutality march.

    • sati_demise

      When the police manage to arrest one of these Black Bloc guys I will retract my statement that it is the POLICE who are destroying property and trying to foment violence. Ever wonder why the cops are nowhere to be found? Because their undercover guys are the ones trying to start a riot.

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