There’s important new polling data about the power-worshiping misogynists who make up the Republican base: It doesn’t matter if Herman Cain constantly used his executive job as a way to sexually harass all the women unfortunate enough to have to work for him. Doesn’t matter a bit! Herman Cain is still the greatest Republican candidate ever, possibly since Reagan or Hoover.

USA Today reports:

Seven in 10 Republicans in the ABC News/Washington Post survey say the allegations of misconduct stemming from Cain’s tenure as head of the National Restaurant Association do not matter when it comes to picking a presidential candidate.

And even if Cain is guilty of constantly harassing women and then paying off those women and then being a total liar about the whole thing when he’s running for president and otherwise being a total pig, it’s the fault of liberals for hating black people. [USA Today]

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