How did we get this picture? We google-image searched 'Shit Pizza.' Try it yourself!He likes the Federal Reserve, still worships Alan Greenspan, took jobs away from tens of thousands of American working people, and wants to not only keep the hated Tax System but has new ideas for adding new federal taxes. Who is this pizza goblin? Herman Cain! For Republicans who’ve steadfastly “battled racism” by calling Barack Obama a “Lyin’ African” and mass emailing those “White House watermelon farm” pictures and yelling the N-word at civil rights hero John Lewis, there is something else about Herman Cain: Herman Cain is also technically a black person, which negates every anti-Tea Party fringe-right thing about him. He’s one of them, haw haw, call us racist now! And as of today, following last night’s delightfully unhinged table tennis debate, Herman Cain is the frontrunner in the GOP “race” for somebody to run against Obama.

You knew Herman was zooming to the top of a remarkable heap last night when Nutbar Michele Bachmann went nuclear and called him a Satanist. And now, according to some poll in some Murdoch capitalist-kleptocracy propaganda sheet that will be lucky to survive the year, The Godfather of Slashing Jobs and Crushing Dreams is ahead (by a few points) of Mitt “Poor Little Rich Boy” Romney, the unloved Martian Demon Worshiper from Moneyland.

But the Reuters poll says Romney is still the frontrunner, so never mind! And Ron Paul is in third place. GO RON PAUL! [NBC/WSJ Poll/Reuters]

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