Americans are so bored with the assortment of bargain bin feces-flingers running for the GOP nomination that — several thousand blathering news cycles and millions of dollars in campaign spending later — only 28% of people can even identify the existence of best-known Republican candidate-clown Rick Perry, because he is terrible and nobody cares about his plans to invade Mexico and dismantle Social Security. A new poll shows that after less than a month of protests and “not millions of dollars,” 23% more Americans have heard of the Wall Street protests than can remember Rick Perry’s name. Plain old popular recognition is not the be-all-end-all of the protests, but still, HA HA:

An ORC International Caravan Poll released Monday indicates that 51% of Americans say they’ve heard about the Occupy Wall Street movement, with 49% saying they haven’t heard about the demonstrations, which started in New York City 24 days ago and have spread to cities across the country.

According to the survey, 27% say they agree with the movement’s overall position on the financial system and social change, with 19% saying disagree with Occupy Wall Street on those issues. Fifty-four percent of those questioned have no firm opinion about Occupy Wall Street – consistent with the 49% who say they have not heard of the movement at all.


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