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Chicago Board of Trade Princes Mock Occupy Chicago Protesters From On High

The Occupy Chicago protester-folk got this cryptic message from the mysterious cabal of mutant space hamsters inhabiting the Chicago Board of Trade. But, uh, maybe take heart Ocupados (?), the 1% does not even appear to have enough money to buy printer ink to run off a couple of window signs, so they will join you soon enough.


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  1. CapnFatback

    Actually, I believe that message refers to those Cubs fans who believe that the team will will a pennant in their lifetimes.

    1. CommieLibunatic

      Bullshit, there's a trickle down going on! The gold is slowly-but-surely trickling down, like a gentle shower. A golden shower, if you will!

  2. Arken

    Funny things happen when you don't listen to the lower classes. Remember what they did to the lady who said, "let them eat cake?"

  3. Mort_Sinclair

    Obviously they are not the 1% or they wouldn't be working in a concrete-construction building in downtown Chicago for a paycheck. Just sayin'.

  4. metamarcisf

    The Washington Post is reporting that bands of roving armadillos could be headed to the D.C. area. Where's Sara Benincasa when we need her?

  5. Blueb4sunrise

    Mssr. Robespierre to the white courtesy phone.

    Mssr. Robespierre to the white courtesy phone.

    1. LesBontemps

      Of course; that's the same principle that underlies all commodities and securities trading — make someone else take the risk.

    1. littlebigdaddy

      You betcha she knows Mittens has it all sewn up but she wouldn't not pass through a door that God opened for her, to get that Constitutional Christian message out to all her supporters for a third-party thingy also.

  6. Callyson

    That'll win hearts and minds…between this and the champagne – swilling group of Wall Street lackeys in NYC, this might be the best publicity yet for the movement.

  7. CapnFatback

    I used to teach at Columbia College Chicago, which is an arts and communications school located near the Board of Trade. I guarantee that the Occupy Chicago protests are going to serve as fodder for more than one student's final project in film, photography, and video classes.

    So they got that going for them.

    1. emmelemm

      This reminds me of a prank a former co-worker told me about: in the previous office he worked in (gov't office, BTW), pranks were de rigeur. And then someone had the brilliant idea to smear some tuna fish inside the desk drawer of someone who was on vacation. The smell never cleared. Eventually, he had to get a new desk.

  8. BaldarTFlagass

    Bruce Cockburn seems very appropriate right now.

    If I had a rocket launcher…I'd make somebody pay
    If I had a rocket launcher…I would retaliate
    If I had a rocket launcher…I would not hesitate
    If I had a rocket launcher…Some son of a bitch would die

        1. Beowoof

          HMMM sounds familiar as if I had heard this before. When people were upset with government and the military industrial complex.

          1. V572 Moon!

            And as a result of all that flapdoodle, it did get better for a while. Luckily Saint Ronnie of Santa Barbara saved us all.

  9. Beowoof

    Depending upon your point of view the Happy/Unhappy (unhappy at least for snarking) news is Lou Sarah is not running.

  10. OurHoboSenator

    I think their math is a little off. I believe the statistic is that sociopaths comprise 5% of the population.

  11. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    It's all right, after the Sirius Cybernetics Company, they will be the first against the wall when the revolution comes.

  12. fuflans

    remember when the joker overturned that one 18 wheeler in front of the board of trade?

    good times.

  13. Negropolis

    We are the 1%. Resistance is futile.

    No, but seriously, fuckers, all your bases are soon belong to us, so keep laughing. CBOT, you may physically be located in The Loop, but you've perpetually been outside the loop on just about everything else.

  14. not that Dewey

    My first job out of high school was a "runner" at the CBoT. My job consisted of waiting at the row of Telex machines on the trading floor for an order to come it, then "run" it to one of the asshole brokers down in the pit. The brokers, being assholes, would pretend that they didn't know I was there, waving an order in their face, then the desk managers would chastise me for taking too long.

    I got paid $3.35/hr. Assholes.

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