The hundreds of hardcore Occupy Wall Street protesters are getting a whole bunch of new moral and physical support support starting today, as all kinds of big unions and professional liberal groups finally start showing up. The AP reports:

The protests on Wall Street, the fabled center of American commerce, are expected to swell with reinforcements as more groups head toward lower Manhattan Wednesday.

Among those planning to join the clamor are the liberal group and community organizations like the Working Families Party and United NY. The growing crowd will also include members of the Chinatown Tenants Union and the Transit Workers Union, signaling that the protest is showing no signs of losing steam. Meanwhile, organizers have called for students at college campuses across the nation to walk out of class in protest at 2 p.m.

This is another good day to go downtown and see what’s happening and flip the bird to the stock exchange or whatever you feel like doing. And if you see another asshole CNN reporter, well, just make your demands simple enough for a brain-damaged cow to understand. [AP]

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