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Occupation Dispatch #5: Radiohead Unplugged & Massive Demonstrations

All Day / All Week / Occupy Wall StreetGreetings from Zuccotti Park, where everything is going apeshit crazy at the moment. We just returned from a march around Wall Street — the largest we’ve witnessed since Sunday. There will be an even larger rally and protest at 5:30 p.m. that will include members of the New York Transit Workers Union, which voted to support the Occupation at a meeting earlier this week. The park dwellers have raised more than $25,000 since September 17, and have received at least 150 packages since Wednesday. We watched some protesters as they gleefully opened their mail this morning — it was like Hanukkah Rosh Hashanah! Video and the latest Radiohead gossip-scoops after the jump!

As for Radiohead playing rock-n-roll songs at 4 p.m.: The group’s manager claims this is not true, but a park dweller spokesman says it is true, it’s just that they don’t want one gazillion people to flash-mob the park and trample all the sleeping bags and cardboard signs and so forth. But Radiohead will be here, this everyone can agree on. (If Radiohead does play, it will have apparently have to be acoustic, since the NYPD insist that megaphones/electronic sound-enhancement equipment is terrorism.) [Or on a flatbed truck a la the Rolling Stones in New York, 1975 — Ed.]

Do you want to send the park dwellers some hobo beans/love letters? Here is their mailing address:

The UPS Store
Re: Occupy Wall Street
118A Fulton St. #205
New York, NY 10038

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      1. Barrelhse

        Pyramid Patchouli- there was only one joker in LA sensitive enough to wear that scent, and I had to find out WHO HE WAS!
        -Nick Danger, Third Eye

  1. tcaalaw

    Radiohead?! The jackboots are now bringing in weapons of acoustic mass destruction to liquidate the protesters wholesale? Haven't these people suffered enough under the truncheons and pepper spray of the NYPD?

    1. DetectiveGrey

      And then later that night we can go get our ears plugged and discuss The Darjeeling Limited while our sleeve tattoos dry.

  2. SorosBot

    Why does the NY Transit Workers Union hate the secretaries, tellers, receptionists, mailroom guys, IT guys, and janitors who work for the banks, according to Mayor Bloomberg?

  3. Antispandex

    "…since the NYPD insist that megaphones/electronic sound-enhancement equipment is terrorism"

    This is just the kind of logic I expect when the elitte of our great finacial institutuions are being threatened….still kind of mildly ironic though that the woking class is protecting them from an imaginary mob of the working class.

    1. Sharkey

      Yes. Do any of the cars driving by have their radios or CD players going? TERRORISM!!

      Actually, Radiohead could (probably?) legally broadcast a low-power FM signal that could be picked up and amplified with nearby car stereos. That would, um, rock.

    2. zappadoo76

      Let's be clear. Cops are not in the working class. They are traitors to the working class. They "work" for a living, but their job is to serve as running dogs of the ruling class.

  4. Mumbletypeg

    The address Riley posted will take items for donations if you're too broke to send money or be charged for a cashier's check. They're requesting nonperishable foods, socks, sweats and I imagine, given a rain-potential forecast, whatever kinds of hats or raingear you can muster.
    My workplace is blocking this link but hopefully it'll take you to a list of other needs as expressed by those doing this on their behalf.

      1. GhostBuggy

        I don't know when it will happen, but can you imagine if Old Man McCain and the Grifta from Wasilla were in the WH? Those kids would all be dead or Gitmo'd already.

          1. NorthStarSpanx

            Kent State. . .shudder.

            I know cops don't have to take the Hippocratic Oath, but do they have to first do harm?

            "We are gonna hurt some people." Rep. Allen West will drive.

  5. DaRooster

    "As for Radiohead playing rock-n-roll songs at 4 p.m…"

    Rock N Roll was the furthest thing of my mind when I have heard Radiohead…

  6. chascates

    Wonkette and DemocracyNow are about the only sites even covering this. Although Fox Nation has: Culture Radiohead Playing at Wall Street Protest?
    But their leading hede is:
    HILARIOUS: Rush Pokes Fun at First Lady's Trip to Target

    1. smokefilleddoommate

      Haha–in culture. How dismissive. Like, "those crazy liberal kids what with their sit-ins and love-ins, it's just part of our culture". Meanwhile, Limballs spews forth something about Flotus shopping at Target– now that's fucking newsworthy!

  7. DerrickWildcat

    Dear Radiohead,
    You are my most favoritist band in the world and I fully support your cause against America's general malaise.
    I was wondering if you could wait to start playing after Kitchen Nightmares because that is my most favoritist TeeVee show.

    Thank you.

    Derrick Wildcat
    5th Grade
    PS 128

  8. SarahsBush

    "If Radiohead does play, it will have apparently have to be acoustic…"

    Well, if there's a way to make Radiohead more boring, I guess that's the way to do it.

    (Sorry, guys. I'm glad they're doing this, but they just put me to sleep.)

  9. Jukesgrrl

    Those dirty hippies need soap, and combs, and lice spray.

    At least that's what I remember people saying when I was one.

    1. Ken Layne

      What would be better is Springsteen and the Radiohead guys and Patti Smith and every other Big Name in town would simply wander around encouraging people and handing out bottles of water and apples or whatever. And maybe sit on the curb and play a song or two on a guitar. So maybe that will happen!

      1. Radiohead

        Cracker, Wilco (the American Radiohead, btw, but not so mopey), Pearl Jam, Green Day, et.al. have all crossed swords with their labels or my favorite sanctioned monopoly, Ticketmaster. These dudes, as much as anybody, have seen the dark underbelly of our precious capitalistic "system." I'd go to that show, unplugged or otherwise. Wall-a-palooza.

    2. An_Outhouse

      Steve Earle. And what's up with XM/Sirius. They're right there in NY. Can't they send a correspondent or three?

  10. El Pinche

    Meanwhile, Elmer Dinkley Jr. and his Freedom Kazoo will be playing in front of 5 teabaggers at Shoney's in Buttfuck, Iowa. CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NYT will be there in droves.

  11. Negropolis

    If you can get a flatbed truck into Lower Manhatten in this Age of Terror, well, it will have been a miracle.

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