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Occupy DC Begins Saturday; Maybe Thievery Corp. and Fugazi Will Play?

'Magick is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.'First, it is absolutely true that Occupy DC begins tomorrow at 9 a.m. in McPherson Square. Second, it is time we engaged in magick of the Kesey-ian variety and began making things happen by invoking those things we wish to make happen. So, let’s invoke Thievery Corporation and some kind of epic Fugazi/Minor Threat/The Evens outdoor musical party to get the Occupy DC thing off to a good start. And request some drizzle or light rain, instead of a downpour. Magic isn’t just for Pat Robertson and Sarah Palin, right? (Later, we can use Magic to cause more Earthquakes and Hurricanes to strike D.C. and Wall Street, just like Pat Robertson always does on the teevee.)

The nice people from Occupy DC just sent us this note:

Hey jerks,

Just thought you might want to know that Occupy DC is happening tomorrow in McPherson Square at 9 am! The weekend after that, we are joining up with Stop The Machine’s protest in Freedom Plaza (starting October 6). There is much comical confusion over who’s going where and who organized what, but it’s really quite simple. Think Waggs will want to come home and visit us, or maybe one of you guys? Or whatever. Freedom!!

Love you,

We don’t know what happened to Waggaman! Last we heard he was palling around with our old friend and comrade from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the war/art photographer James Fassinger. OH ALSO we are doing video reports with your day editor starting this afternoon from New York. So, hooray for action!

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  1. Lionel[redacted]Esq

    I'm surprised they will allow a protest in DC tomorrow, after the hostage situation at the Capitol yesterday.

  2. edgydrifter

    You don't need magick to cause change in conformity with will, but most of the other quick and effective ways will land you in jail or get you shot.

    1. 102415

      Hey, I might be stuck in Richmond mid October at some undisclosed hotel unless I refuse to go. If you can wait a couple weeks I will stand around in front of the Jeff Davis Bank of the Confederacy and hand out socialist pamphlets with you. No? Okay.

  3. BaldarTFlagass

    Ken, you still out in the Mojave? Is there going to be an Occupy 29 Palms? Will Queens of the Stone Age show up?

  4. freakishlywrong

    Who is our screechy, strident, vicious female attack dog? Some bitch to go and "throw red meat" to the masses?

    1. Negropolis

      Meghan Fox? I'd nominate Drew Barrymore, but she actually have a vunerable side and cries at witnessed injustices.

  5. natoslug

    I'd offer to start an Occupy Arcata, but the Plazoids keep shitting around the statue of McKinley, and the constant demand for "spare buds" from the unwashed and chronic gives me a headache.

  6. Extemporanus

    "Occupy" is the new "Aid".

    (FYI: Occupalooza Aid '11 begins tonight in my pants, and you're all invited! BYOB.)

  7. Doktor Zoom

    Ken, could you please offer out-of-towners some suggestions on what Metro lines they should take? You know, so they don't have to come in contact with the "wrong kind" of people?

  8. Antispandex

    On a weekend, during football season? Who plans this shit? Come on, go ask your parents (or better, your grandparents), about how to bring down the beast. At the very least buy a documentary of the Chicago riots…or Woodstock. TRY!

    1. Negropolis

      It'd be nice to see on Lafayette Square, but if they chose that location, we'd all wake-up the next morning to find out that they had been "disappeared" to Gitmo…if they were that lucky.

  9. savethispatient

    I'm going to DC in a few weeks. If you're still protesting, I'll come and give you a cheer or something! That, and pose for the same stupid photographs next to the Washington Monument or whatever you do in DC.

  10. OneYieldRegular

    What kind of fresh hell is this, when Radiohead plays New York, Thievery Corporation plays D.C., and San Francisco gets Merle Haggard for the weekend?

  11. ttommyunger

    Holding out for an appearance by the Traveling Dingleberries: Toby Keith, Mike Huckabee, Ted Nugent and Lee Fucking Greenwood. What a great occasion for a surprise appearance by the "Obama Drone".

  12. Negropolis

    Are their any occupations planned for Michigan? If we got a big enough one in Detroit it'd make the CBC in Canada, for sure.

  13. Lazy Media

    "We share the same message, goals, and demands as Occupy Wall Street which are still being constructed and put together. Although there is no clear list of demands yet we are fed up with how the country is being run by our political leaders and the government."

    See, when you protest, it would be nice if the people you were protesting against knew what you wanted. Otherwise, you're just camping.

  14. 102415

    "1. Place fees on financial transactions and tax capital gains the same as income
    2. End corporate personhood and overturn the flawed Citizens United decision
    3. Get big money out of politics through substantive campaign finance reform
    4. Jobs through investment in the public sector and infrastructure, not tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations"
    That wasn't so hard to do Mr. Lazy. Straight from an actual Wall Street office.

  15. ttommyunger

    I'm holding out for a Prong Dance Demonstration by Victoria Jackson and Michele Bachmann; instrumentals by Toby Keith, Ted (Tiny Goober) Nugent and Michael (Lardass) Huckabee.

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